In Nizhny Novgorod, launched a large hydrographic boat

The large hydrographic boat (BGK) of the new generation project 23040G, being built in the interests of the Russian Navy, was launched at the Nizhegorodsky steam-ship 27 in June 2018, the Information and Mass Communications Department of the Russian Defense Ministry reports. By order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, the boat was given the name “Alexander Evlanov” in honor of Rear Admiral Alexander Evlanov, an outstanding hydrograph.

In Nizhny Novgorod, launched a large hydrographic boat

BGK project 23040G "Alexander Evlanov" is the first production and the second in a series of six boats, ordered by the hydrographic service of the Russian Navy. The head boat "George Winter" was launched in May 2018, then the third and fourth boats of the 23040 project of this series were laid, respectively, named after Vladimir Kozitsky and Boris Slobodnik. The construction of boats comes with a slight delay, the reason for this is not known.

The 23040G boats are a further development of the 23040 project integrated emergency rescue boats and are designed for surveying the bottom relief and surveying navigational hazards at depths up to 400 meters, as well as shooting a relief with a single beam echo sounder at depths up to 2000 meters. In addition, they are used for the delivery of personnel, food, spare parts and repair crews to the coastal navigation equipment; navigation and hydrographic support for rescue and search operations; pilotage and lead of submarines and large-tonnage ships in basing sites and on approaches to them.

Characteristics of the vessel project 23040G:

maximum length: 33,04 m; width: 6,8 m; average draft: 1,6 m; total displacement: 192,7 t; travel speed, near: 12,7 nodes; power of main engines: 2х248 kW; Draft average 1,6 meter; The speed of 12,7 + 0,3 knots.

  • Russian Ministry of Defense
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  1. +4
    28 June 2018 13: 55
    Why doesn’t anyone rejoice? Another “unit” in the fleet .... Are you rushed to rejoice at the explosion at the nonsense? Or is the event of launching a boat, a Karl-boat, so insignificant that I don’t want to write or comment on it.
    1. +2
      28 June 2018 14: 07
      Hi Dmitry hi And why there is no news about the transfer of the Ivan Crunch reconnaissance ship to the fleet?

      1. +3
        28 June 2018 14: 12
        When we will lower the destroyers, otherwise all kayaks and kayaks.
        1. +1
          28 June 2018 16: 08
          turned to Asia - on mountain rivers
      2. +1
        28 June 2018 14: 16
        Lord Sith (Sergey) Today, 16: 07
        And why there is no news about the transfer of the Ivan Crunch reconnaissance ship to the fleet?

        Why not? She was still on June 25: The communication ship "Ivan Khurs" leaves for the Black Sea Fleet.
        1. 0
          28 June 2018 19: 08
          I apologize, apparently earned)
      3. 0
        28 June 2018 14: 22
        Sergei hi This news was a few days ago. It will go to the Black Sea ..
    2. +2
      28 June 2018 15: 37
      I don’t feel like writing or commenting.
      Especially against the backdrop of news such as the new Virginia class submarine, etc. And here we have: "the further development of raid boats." The theater of the absurd also begins with a hanger, but this is the lobby.
  2. +4
    28 June 2018 13: 56
    I’ll call my boat “Medvedev” ... two oars and a television set there is a connection ...... Glory to the MF
    1. +3
      28 June 2018 14: 01
      I have a boat in the country - the Enterprise. laughing Also with oars ... feel
      1. +5
        28 June 2018 14: 15
        carrier group will be! I have a quadrocopter laughing
  3. +4
    28 June 2018 13: 56
    Hydrographic vessels are also needed. Good service to the boat, it’s a pity they didn’t indicate to which fleet they would be assigned.
    1. +1
      28 June 2018 14: 01
      You can’t send a hydrographic vessel to protect interests and you won’t send
      1. +1
        28 June 2018 14: 34
        Yeah .. and you’ll be scared on the submarine of each shadow, not knowing the topography of the bottom .. but it changes quite intensively ..
        1. +1
          28 June 2018 15: 39
          Yeah .. especially in the raid. Boat ... he's a raid ...
          1. +1
            28 June 2018 16: 30
            That's it .. the fairway there needs to be constantly monitored ..
  4. +1
    28 June 2018 14: 00
    I’m waiting for Kuptsov to tell us that bad admirals “uncle” are cutting the budget and the Russian Navy does not need such boats
    1. 0
      28 June 2018 14: 11
      Such boats are redundant, but they should be built in dozens and put into operation on time, And it looks like bantustan - fireworks on the occasion of the introduction of a six-oar sloop ...
  5. +1
    28 June 2018 14: 25
    Hmm, soon they will write about the launch of a new boat
  6. BAI
    28 June 2018 19: 09
    Soon we will celebrate the manufacture of the boat.
  7. +1
    29 June 2018 00: 15
    I agree that a hydrographic boat or vessel is no match for corvettes, frigates and destroyers, but ...
    Without measurements, maps, navigation aids, navigation support - destroyers, frigates and corvettes
    they won’t even be able to move away from the pier ... And for a hundred years, we have not built anything for Hydrography.
    Without the development of the domestic hydrographic service, our fleet simply cannot exist ...
    The USSR - was the only country that had a collection of maps for the entire Sharik, so ships could go everywhere. And now - to buy from the British, Germans, Americans, Japanese ???
  8. +1
    29 June 2018 14: 47
    What is the essence of these ships?
  9. exo
    30 June 2018 00: 10
    Previously, such shells were not even given a name. About times, about manners!

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