The big game among icebergs: a new level

Pentagon chief James Mattis announced that Washington should "take the game in the Arctic to a new level." To achieve this, according to the head of the US military, you can, in particular, by increasing the presence of the coast guard in the region.

This statement by Mattis is not a surprise. Recently, a number of US officials and prominent political scientists have been talking about the need to confront Russia in the Arctic and create a powerful military group in the region that can defend Washington’s interests in this area.

Recall that during the Cold War, American strategists laid the shortest route through the North Pole for delivering nuclear strikes on Soviet territory with strategic aviation USA, and then intercontinental ballistic missiles.

In response, the USSR began to create infrastructure in northern latitudes to counter American plans. A network of military bases of radio engineering troops, air defense, airfields was created. The main task of the Arctic grouping of Soviet troops was military space defense, as well as providing the Northern and Pacific fleets.

After the collapse of the USSR, the Arctic group collapsed, parts were disbanded, airfields abandoned, equipment left.

Today, our country's military presence at the northern borders has been restored.

Russia has established six military bases here, 13 airfields and 16 deep-water ports. In 2018, the construction of the infrastructure should be completed, as well as the equipment for the bases and equipment. In the Arctic, Russia has deployed C-400 air defense systems, as well as Bastion anti-ship missiles. Creates a powerful icebreaking fleet.

The reasons for this are obvious. In addition to the "old" defensive tasks, new ones also appeared. Thus, in recent years, the confrontation in the Arctic has increased significantly. There are several reasons for this, the main one is the uncertain status of borders in this region, its importance in strategic terms, as well as the wealth of natural resources. Of great importance is the Northern Sea Route (NSR), which is a promising alternative route from Europe to Asia.

Some experts even talk about the inevitability of a military conflict in the Arctic.

However, fortunately, stability in the region is ensured by Russia's obvious superiority in the Arctic. This fact is forced to admit and our opponents. In particular, the Commander-in-Chief of NATO forces in Europe, American General Curtis Scaparotti, acknowledged that the bloc is not yet able to maintain a balance with Russia in the Arctic.

At a recent hearing in the US Senate, he acknowledged that the alliance does not have time to respond to the challenges of Russia and that Russia will soon be able to control the Northern Sea Route, including by military means.

Recall that the requirement that unites almost all members of the Arctic Council, except Russia, of course (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Norway, USA and Finland), is international control over the Northern Sea Route, passing through the territorial waters of our country.

And, as we know, today, after the international legal system through the efforts of the United States and its allies is in collapse, the country owns only what it is able to protect.

And it actually recognized Scaparotti, stating that in the near future, after the security of the NSR will be reliably covered by the Russian Armed Forces, the claims for its international status will be irrelevant.

Mattis spoke about the increase in the presence of the US Coast Guard in the region by chance. Since it is precisely within the framework of this structure, construction of icebreakers is planned, with which the situation in the US is not very good today.

The big game among icebergs: a new level

What to oppose the Russian icebreaker the fleetwhich has 40 ships in its ranks (at the same time, an active construction of a new generation icebreaking fleet is ongoing)? The states have at their disposal only three icebreakers. And the commander of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Zukunt, is actively advocating "ambitious" plans for the construction of three heavy and three medium-sized icebreakers. The first of which the Americans intend to lay at the end of 2019.

It is noteworthy that the same admiral Paul Tsukunft, who recently gave a press conference, told journalists that, although the United States believes that the Northern Sea Route should be a transport corridor open to the entire world community, “there is currently no plan aimed at to conduct exercises to ensure freedom of navigation in the Arctic. "

In this application there is not only a not too hidden threat (there is no plan yet, but it may appear), but also an indirect recognition that there are certain problems with the realization of this threat.

However, with all the foresight of our leadership, who started the development of the Arctic program in advance, there is no reason to rest on our laurels.

The fact that the United States is inferior to our country in the conditions of the Arctic itself means that the Americans will try to make the main theater of operations the region where they have a great resource.

Recall that in early May, it was announced that it would restore the Second Fleet disbanded in 2011.

The reason for this is the growing confrontation with Russia and the need to restrain our Northern Fleet.

This was officially announced on May 4 at the naval base in Norfolk, which will become the center of command for the Second Fleet.

“Our new national military strategy makes it clear that we are back in an era of competition between great powers, as the number of challenges grows in our environment, it becomes more complex. Therefore, today we are setting up the Second Fleet to respond to these challenges, especially in the North Atlantic, ”said Admiral John Richardson, Commander-in-Chief of the US Navy.

The Commander-in-Chief confirmed that the new Second Fleet will take over the former region of responsibility: the North Atlantic to the North Pole and the US East Coast. The admiral did not specify the structure and composition of the naval grouping of the fleet.

Thus, there is every reason to believe that the “battle for the Arctic” should be considered only as part of a global confrontation. And thanks to the measures taken in due time by Moscow, it is far from being the most basic. It is unlikely that the Pentagon will soon be able to fulfill Mattis's wish to bring the Arctic rivalry to a new level. Major events will take place to the south.
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  1. +1
    28 June 2018 05: 48
    Given the current energy prices ... Mining in the north is not profitable ... We need to think about how to increase the price ...
    1. +4
      28 June 2018 07: 13
      The groundwork is being done for the future. Proven and easily accessible deposits are not eternal. Not to flatter the moment and ensure the security of our northern territories and the exclusive economic zone is the main guarantee of dominance in the north in the future when energy prices become suitable for profitable production.
      1. 0
        28 June 2018 14: 13
        Quote: Vard
        Given the current energy prices ... Mining in the north is not profitable ... We need to think about how to increase the price ...

        Welcome to the site of the leading specialist-analyst-economist-oilman on the site !!! love
        Please think about her lol laughing (price) increase. And then, damn it, a complete stupor.

        ps And its (price) needs to be increased? Otherwise, the seam?
    2. 0
      28 June 2018 12: 21
      at a price of 35500 r per tonne of oil on the market, is production not profitable? (For reference: Transneft price tag for pumping a ton of Purpe - Ust Luga oil gives 1850 r per ton.)
      1. 0
        28 June 2018 12: 44
        This refers to what is mined in the Arctic Ocean ... And by the way about Transneft ... They save a lot on salaries ... it’s just not a lot of decent ... The bosses still get ... but there are no hard workers ... and an idiotic rule specifically in the evenings, in due time, she got tired ... The work experience in this organization is five years ...
        1. 0
          28 June 2018 13: 41
          Yes, many people sit, I didn’t go home before 20-15, but I had to come by 09:00 in the morning.
  2. +2
    28 June 2018 06: 20
    Thus, there is every reason to believe that the "battle for the Arctic" should be considered only as part of the global confrontation.

    There is every reason to believe that the generals on both sides of the ocean have a supernatural flair for grandmothers!
    1. 0
      28 June 2018 13: 53
      Quote: Deck
      Thus, there is every reason to believe that the "battle for the Arctic" should be considered only as part of the global confrontation.

      There is every reason to believe that the generals on both sides of the ocean have a supernatural flair for grandmothers!

      I agree, but in this case, all these generals are simply the talking heads of the American military-industrial complex, since the supernatural flair for the headstock of the "generals" of the military-industrial complex is simply beyond.
  3. +1
    28 June 2018 07: 03
    Yes, how many such "dreamers" in our North remain and, apparently, there will still be quite a few ....
    Better let the rod to their historical homeland, some to Africa, some to small-shavens ....
  4. +1
    28 June 2018 07: 18
    There is no icebreaker fleet and therefore:
    Major events will occur south.
  5. 0
    28 June 2018 09: 16
    Are the Panama and Suez Canals common too? If not, then you need to somehow solve the issue.
  6. 0
    28 June 2018 09: 24
    After the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (oil spill), a number of currents changed their direction. As a result, there were prerequisites for increasing the volume of transported goods through the Northern Sea Route (it became warmer there - it freezes worse than before). The most ambitious task: to make this path on an ongoing basis year-round. There are ports in the Far East - they will pass for transshipment bases + we will develop them if necessary. The northern sea route is almost half the length of the southern one (looking at the map in the article, consider that the earth is a ball;)) Accordingly, this is a very significant income item, therefore it is envious to leave such a piece of cake to our "partners" with us)
    1. 0
      28 June 2018 14: 05
      There, long before the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it became warmer and the navigation lengthened.
  7. +1
    28 June 2018 09: 55
    There were 150 airdromes in the USSR in the Arctic, 13 were restored. In the Murmansk region there were 38, only 2 are now in operation. Here is your labeled and drunk.
  8. 0
    29 June 2018 12: 43
    Probably the Pentagon knocks out billiards from the Congress for fur sulfides for service in the Arctic ... (inspired by "72 degrees below zero")
  9. The comment was deleted.

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