The Central Military District received the fifth-generation radar 59NE “Opponent-GE”

The air defense unit deployed in the Samara region of the Central Military District received the universal mobile fifth-generation three-generation 59NE Opponnik-GE mobile radar station, the district press service reported to the Military Survey.

The Central Military District received the fifth-generation radar 59NE “Opponent-GE”

According to the press service, mobile 59H6E “Opponnik-GE” radar with digital phased array and digital signal processing is able to track air targets of all classes, perform their identification as part of the air defense system, as well as automated command and control air defense systems and air forces. The locator is capable, under conditions of intensive radio-resistance, without additional specifications, to issue information simultaneously for targeting fighters and targeting anti-aircraft missile divisions. The height of the viewing airspace - to 200 km. "Opponent-GE", in addition to the three coordinates, determines the fourth parameter - the radial velocity. This allows you to cut off false targets. Total locator accompanies up to 150 air objects. The radar is capable of detecting subtle fifth-generation fighters.

All equipment "Opponent-GE" fits in two cars. Developed by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering", produced by JSC Concern PVO Almaz-Antey.
  • JSC Concern air defense "Almaz-Antey".
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  1. +10
    26 June 2018 20: 22
    Finally, the correct article is made in essence ...
    the troops received real equipment and not its virtual wish.
    At what distance can the Opponent = GE can give target designation to an air target with an ESR of 0.01 m ... roughly speaking to Tomahawks and F-22?
    1. +5
      26 June 2018 20: 44
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      At what distance can the Opponent = GE can give target designation to an air target with an ESR of 0.01 m ... roughly speaking to Tomahawks and F-22?

      Hardly in time ...

      Detection range without interference of the target with an EPR of 1,5 m²:
      40 km - at an altitude of 100 m
      100 km at an altitude of 1 km
      240 km at an altitude of 5 km
      340 km (at an altitude of 12-80 km)
      1. +7
        26 June 2018 21: 17
        Succeeds, and EASY.
    2. +1
      27 June 2018 07: 55
      The enemy only gives TsU at the air defense system, does not engage in missile guidance
  2. +2
    26 June 2018 20: 23
    Specialists, explain about the radical speed .. Is there a selection in the target group?
    1. +4
      26 June 2018 20: 55
      Quote: 210ox
      , explain about radical speed

      standard from 0 to 60 m / s sets manually or automatically, + ILC if necessary.
      Quote: 210ox
      selection in the target group

      in accordance with the resolution, generally below average. At Gamma-C1 this indicator is many times better.
      1. +5
        27 June 2018 23: 54
        Quote: Vita VKO
        in accordance with the resolution, generally below average. At Gamma-C1 this indicator is many times better.

        ... and what place two radars different frequency ranges ... here you deigned to compare ?! ... 64L6 “Gamma S-1” is a centimeter range, and “Opponent-G1” is a decimeter range ... Naturally, the resolution will be different ... laughing ... I guess Kazakhstan missed me ... laughing ... well, but in fact we turn to Authentic, but Open Sources ... as in the Military Review from pokon centuries, but very sour in his Modern time:
        The radar antenna largely determines the effectiveness of the radar and allows you to put it in one transport unit. The size of the antenna is 5,5x8,5 m, rotation speed is 6 or 12 revolutions per minute. This corresponds to the data output time after 10 and 5 seconds, respectively, which is enough to work on high-speed and highly maneuverable targets. Stealth aircraft with EPR less than 0,1 sq. m., the station discovers at a range of up to 200 km.

        The antenna of the station forms 10 identical beams in 20 blocks. The radar provides automatic adaptation to the state of the station: if one unit fails, the coefficients change - the rays expand slightly and 45 ° of airspace is viewed not by 20, but by 18 rays. The entire field of view is preserved, but the accuracy of measuring the coordinates of the target is slightly reduced, and the side lobes increase within the acceptable range. The combat work continues. Source:
        ... Sincerely, Honest Community! ... Always yours Inok10 ... hi
    2. 0
      27 June 2018 07: 57
      Here most likely about radial speed it is said
  3. +14
    26 June 2018 20: 34
    "The fifth generation radar 59NE" Opponent-GE "entered the CVO ..."
    The title "Y" at the end is missing. Tolerant and polite.
    1. +3
      26 June 2018 21: 51
      On the first modifications, when the radar was turned on the monitor screen appeared the inscription "Opponent-YYYYYYYYY ...." good
    2. +2
      27 June 2018 07: 59
      Done the algorithms, technologies of the last century, what fifth generation are we talking about? The digital headlamp, well, amused the diamond, they do not have a single radar with CAFAR, everything is the old fashioned way, only relatively recently began using solid-state transmitters
      1. +1
        27 June 2018 09: 13
        These radars are already outdated, and Russia only takes them into service.
        1. +3
          27 June 2018 12: 20
          Quote: Vadim237
          These radars are already outdated

          Unfortunately, coastal defense missile defense and missile defense radar are now in priority. Electronic intelligence tools are usually funded on a residual basis,
          Although there are completely new, unique developments! For example, the creation of systems of a hidden radar field of an active location based on a correlation-based radar. But such systems do not have their own transmitter, they use the surrounding energy such as cellular signals, TV or GLONASS / GPS. Therefore, such developments are several times cheaper than conventional radars with their own transmitter. And everything cheap is naturally not profitable for industry. Therefore, so far everything at the level is at the level of not implemented research.
      2. +7
        27 June 2018 12: 10
        Quote: Dagon
        Digital HEADLIGHT, well, the diamond made fun

        What do you mean by digital headlight? All headlamps have digital bottom control. If there are modules with solid-state transmitters, then we made and tested them 10 years ago in the Gamma-D radar. Unfortunately, the series did not go because of the high cost. In addition, the efficiency of the solid-state module is not more than 40% (for currently used klystrons, it reaches 90%). Naturally, with such huge power, the antennas require serious cooling, so dust and heat become very critical for reliability.
        Quote: Dagon
        Solid State Transmitters

        The first solid-state transmitter was used in the Casta radar about 30 years ago.
        For almost 20 years, solid-state transmitters have been used in various modifications of the “Sky” meter radar.
  4. +6
    26 June 2018 20: 40
    Well, finally, iron, not cartoons and stories! Pleases the soul.
    1. +6
      26 June 2018 21: 01
      Quote: NordUral
      finally iron

      not the word, with the need for several dozens a year, troops enter the troops, and then they brazenly lie to people about continuous RLP, though with a slight reservation “over large cities”, which is essentially pointless in principle. There is simply not enough time to make a decision and repel a sudden blow. To do this, the removal of radar from the defended object, i.e. city ​​should be at least 1000 km.
      1. 0
        26 June 2018 21: 54
        His there bombs with an EPR of 0,0015 drones to smithereens.
        1. +12
          26 June 2018 22: 21
          Have you raised your hands up or are you still sewing a white flag?
          As me ... fucked by these lovers of duel comparisons ...
          A lonely, defenseless radar against a heavily armed with bombs with zero ESR UAV, which has a squadron of invisible penguins on its tail ...
          Well, where are we going to catch our wolf calves ?!
          1. +4
            26 June 2018 22: 44
            Unfortunately, the experience of using aviation shows that it succeeds in counteracting anti-aircraft defense of at least 50 to 50 shot down attacking carriers and destroyed targets, US and NATO aviation have anti-aircraft defense systems, including unmanned aerial jammers. Believe in air defense, but don’t condone yourself - the 41st believed that our army was the most unbeatable, the outcome of that summer was disastrous.
            1. +1
              26 June 2018 22: 59
              Speaking of the 41st year .. you obviously flatter the American sun comparing them with the Wehrmacht ..
              1. +2
                26 June 2018 23: 32
                IV Stalin believed in Moscow air defense. And did not lose.
                The Americans did not believe in Vietnamese air defense in 68. Ask McCain, while alive, what he thinks about it.
                The Israelis in the war with Egypt and Syria also reacted to air defense at first as a trifle. It cost them dearly. Although, I must admit - everywhere the air defense was good, where were our specialists.
            2. +2
              27 June 2018 04: 20
              Quote: Vadim237
              Unfortunately, the experience of using aviation shows that it succeeds in counteracting air defense of at least 50 to 50

              Name at least a couple of examples of the massive use of aviation (well, to speak about the experience gained) in the area of ​​operation of a modern, at the time of conflict, layered air defense system (as an option to create such a system in the area of ​​enemy aviation), operational and containing both ground systems and aviation component. An important criterion will also be the level of training of personnel, command, as well as the ability to strike back at the territory of the attacker
              1. 0
                27 June 2018 09: 06
                As an example, Israel’s constant raids on Syria, a minimum of downed planes and a maximum of destroyed objects - and there was the duty of Osa, C 125 of the latest modification, C 200, 50 Armor, two divisions C 300, C 400 from our base.
                1. +2
                  27 June 2018 12: 41
                  Vadim237! Israel launches missiles from someone else’s airspace - Lebanon and not at Khmeinim airbase ... all the more, there is an agreement with Putin. Therefore, the S-400 and S-300 remain fun! And Syria lacks the range of systems! That's the whole layout!
        2. +2
          27 June 2018 02: 50
          Quote: Vadim237
          His there bombs with an EPR of 0,0015 drones to smithereens.

          Finish reading comics, get down to business.
        3. 0
          27 June 2018 08: 03
          With such an epr, a fist-sized bomb
          1. 0
            27 June 2018 09: 20
            A larger diameter - but small and dangerous
  5. +3
    26 June 2018 23: 05
    Target designation for axes and raptors will depend on their flight altitude. If below 100 m, then within the radio horizon. It all depends on the terrain, you can’t argue against physics) With a more or less even terrain, axes will detect 30-35 kilometers if flying over the sea for all 40. In mountainous or very hilly terrain, the detection distance will be less. However, for such cases there are AWACS aircraft. With an average speed of an ax of 800-850 km, it will cover 35 km for about two minutes. During this time, the battery (4pu) of the old S-300 PS will have time to land 10-12 tomahawks (two volleys, 6 targets in one volley). The division is 3 times larger. Well, if there are any more modern complexes, such as S-400, S-300V, or Bukov, then the number of anihilated axes increases exponentially. They will find the F-22 even earlier, however, it will not come close to the air defense system. a hundred kilometers from the target, it will jump up to 10 kilometers and the PRR will fire on the radar, and then it will begin to frantically blame for the same radio horizon, trying to get out of the light zone of the 300ki locator and the missiles launched by it, which, by the way, fly almost in hypersound, so far not the fact that the Raptor will run away. Something like this.
    1. +2
      26 June 2018 23: 46
      F 22 and 35 will not even need to enter the coverage area, tactical missiles and bombs AGM 158 and 154 will be launched from their territory and deployed, and then hundreds and thousands of mini-drones - jammers, will be launched to escort fired missiles and bombers, until all air defense systems of the area the second wave of aviation will fly over it and they will intensively spend rockets in the “milk” and hit GBU 39 mini-bombs with all the radars, launching, military depots generating capacities, substations, etc. within a radius of 110 kilometers, for the same bomb in the USA at the moment make the seeker guided by the source of interference- electronic warfare systems. There is only one way out, to increase the number of launchers of air defense systems.
      1. +2
        27 June 2018 01: 22
        And can you elaborate on mini-drones accompanying missiles and interfering?
        1. +1
          27 June 2018 09: 11
          About them here
        2. +1
          27 June 2018 12: 24
          They also have a suitcase with a mini-reactor as a power source for a powerful interference on a rope attached to the wing.
          A friend of one familiar brother of the sister-in-law's cousins ​​of a neighbor of my sidekick personally saw through the staircase.
          1. 0
            27 June 2018 19: 26
            Little is tied there, they are already armed with MALD J
      2. +2
        27 June 2018 02: 52
        Yes, yes, and they also have an iron man and a captain America. Some kind of kindergarten.

        Instead of American comics, read my good friend’s book. Che there and how in America he knows from the inside, the book has recently been published. It will be useful, though it is not in Russian, it is written for Americans to bring them back to reality a little, otherwise the Majumdars have dislocated their brains, and not only they seem to.
    2. +1
      27 June 2018 03: 03
      [quoteEverything depends on the terrain] [/ quote]

      The height difference along the route should not exceed one hundred meters, otherwise the adversary will not pass
  6. +1
    27 June 2018 10: 30
    God, you are mine! How many different kinds of perfect military developments we have already known and still completely unknown are incomprehensible to the mind! Good surprises for the Americans, however. Keep it up - more surprises, good and different.
  7. +1
    27 June 2018 12: 01
    Oh, how many wonderful discoveries
    The defense industry prepared for us:
    military developments needed,
    perhaps enough for centuries!

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