Communication vessel "Ivan Khurs" leaves for the Black Sea Fleet

Today, i.e. On June 25, at the Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg, a solemn ceremony of admission to the Naval fleet Russian communications vessel "Ivan Khurs", told "Military Review" in the press service of PAO Shipyard "Severnaya Verf".

Communication vessel "Ivan Khurs" leaves for the Black Sea Fleet

The ceremony of raising the flag of St. Andrew was attended by the general director of the Severnaya Verf, Igor Ponomarev, the deputy commander-in-chief of the Navy for armaments, Vice-Admiral Viktor Bursuk, the shipyard's workers and guests of the event. Opening the ceremony, Viktor Bursuk said that the vessel was filling the squadron of the Black Sea. He wished the crew a trouble-free operation and success in solving combat missions. The general director of Severnaya Verf, Igor Ponomarev, noted that during the tests, the vessel had confirmed the efficiency of its systems and the navigability. The technical life of the ship is designed for 25 years.

The average reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” is the second unit of the 18280 project (designed by the Central Design Bureau Iceberg JSC). The ship was laid at the Northern Shipyard of 14 in November 2013 of the year, removed from the 3 slipway in May of 2017 of the year and launched on the 16 of May in 2017 of the year. The state test completion certificate is signed on 18 June 2018 of the year.

Ships of this project reach a length of 95 meters, and a width of 16 meters, the displacement is four thousand tons. Cruising range - eight thousand nautical miles at speed in 16 nodes. The crew of these naval scouts is 131 people.
  • Press Service of PJSC Shipbuilding Plant "Severnaya Verf"
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  1. 0
    25 June 2018 18: 56
    Something we have a tradition ... Calling ships not Russian names ...
    1. +4
      25 June 2018 18: 58
      It is not a matter of non-Russian names, but their deeds for the benefit of the Fatherland .. hiLet's recall, for example, the Schwab concern ..
      Quote: Vard
      Something we have a tradition ... Calling ships not Russian names ...
      1. MPN
        25 June 2018 19: 13
        Communication vessel "Ivan Khurs" leaves for the Black Sea Fleet
        Seven feet under the keel!!!
      2. 0
        25 June 2018 21: 16
        Quote: 210ox
        It is not a matter of non-Russian names, but of their deeds to the benefit of the Fatherland .. hiLet's recall, for example, about the Schwab concern ..

        Seven feet under the keel!
        Let's. Five years ago I was attracted by the name of design bureaus and enterprises that were previously the pride of Soviet science and technology.
        November 2011, XNUMX State Russian Technologies Corporation Holding NPK Optical Systems and Technologies.
        "2012 Already JSC "Schwabe". Seized. The name of the Holding is based on the surname of a German immigrant, the Moscow merchant of the third guild, Theodor (Fedor Borisovich) Schwabe [1], who founded in Moscow in about 1847 a store selling glasses, pince-nez and other small optical accessories obtained from abroad.
        The renaming was stopped after the petition of the St. Petersburg deputies to the Russian government with a request not to allow the renaming of the State Optical Institute named after Sergey Vavilov to OJSC Shvab-Nauka.
        Three years later, Alexander Stasyuk, deputy general director for economics and finance of Shvabe holding, and Nikolai Rakovich, deputy general director for research and development and innovative development of the holding, were detained by law enforcement agencies.
        Quote: Vard
        Something we have a tradition ... Calling ships not Russian names ...

        Who by nationality I. Hurs-I do not know. Belarus, probably, can be a Jew. It is important that "the State Prize laureate, Vice Admiral Khurs Ivan Kuzmich, made a great contribution to the development of a permanent naval intelligence system, the creation of new generation reconnaissance ships, and special systems."
        I will not even try to list the “foreigners” who faithfully served Russia and brought glory to it.
        PS I had a friend from Semirechye Cossacks with a French surname. Helped the pension fund. He was a good person.
    2. +1
      25 June 2018 19: 03
      "Ivan Hurs." The name of this ship has already become a media superstar
      "Ivan Hurs bred their boathouse
      "Ivan Hurs will pass state tests soon
      "Ivan Hurs will soon raise the Andreev flag
      etc. etc.

      I would have been more satisfied with just one piece of news: "Ivan Khurs was enlisted in such and such a fleet. And that’s all
    3. +1
      25 June 2018 19: 34
      You would read who Admiral Hurs is. It would be easier.
      1. 0
        25 June 2018 19: 38
        Vice Admiral ... By the way ... And these vice admirals are many and much more deserved ...
        1. 0
          25 June 2018 20: 41
          It is interesting, and by whom, and how is the decision to name the warship made?
          PS In no case do I cast a shadow on Vice Admiral I. Hurs. The procedure itself is curious.
        2. 0
          26 June 2018 04: 21
          Call more deserved in marine intelligence. I will be glad to hear
    4. 0
      25 June 2018 21: 33
      Quote: Vard
      Something we have a tradition ... Calling ships not Russian names ...

      Well, what exactly do you Belarusian surname Hurs did not please ???? Yes, poor Ivan Kuzmich !!!!!
  2. 0
    25 June 2018 18: 57
    The Black Sea Fleet certainly needs new ships, the more so the old reconnaissance, so to speak, drown (or rather drowned) ..
  3. +1
    25 June 2018 18: 58
    "Ivan Hurs" will continue its tests in the Mediterranean Sea on a mattress squadron. Happy swimming !!!
  4. +1
    25 June 2018 19: 34
    now he is waiting for the sluggish, ostentatious St. Petersburg parade .... and only after leaving the room on it, he will finally be able to move to Middle-earth, like his Black Sea counterpart in misfortune, “Admiral Makarov,” who’s been wiping Baltiysk’s pier for seven months, for the fun of the Kremlin bohemia in Peter
  5. +1
    25 June 2018 20: 53
    Where are the weapons? We can’t carry an aircraft carrier, we will make a MOTORCY with a walkie-talkie laughing
    1. 0
      25 June 2018 20: 58
      Brain deficiency?
  6. 0
    25 June 2018 23: 11
    And why is the reconnaissance ship without a hint of stealth built, and by start? Hurriedly decided to build?
  7. 0
    25 June 2018 23: 57
    Happy sailing!
    good news.

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