US pilots continue to laser blinding in the East China Sea

The American command complains about the increase in cases of blinding of military pilots in the East China Sea region. According to the Pentagon officials, the number of such cases has increased dramatically over the past two to three months.

US pilots continue to laser blinding in the East China Sea

As writes the Wall Street Journal publication recently, the US Air Force Command has recorded more than 20 cases of blinding pilots. In this case, lasers were allegedly used from fishing vessels fishing in the East China Sea under Chinese flags and from the coastline. The Pentagon cannot say with certainty that the Chinese military are behind these incidents, but this possibility exists.

But on another occasion, the American side sent a formal complaint in which it points to the actions of the alleged Chinese military, who three times tried to blind the American pilots in Djibouti. According to the pilots, the laser beams, with the help of which they tried to blind them, emanated from the territory of the Chinese military base in Djibouti, located near the US expeditionary base Camp Lemonnier. According to the official representative of the Pentagon, Dana White, as a result of the use of lasers, two pilots were injured.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Geng Shuang, said in this regard that the information of the American media about the attempts of "Chinese fishing vessels" to blind US air forces pilots with lasers does not have any objective grounds and should be considered fabricated. Regarding the attempts to blind the pilots in Djibouti, no official response has so far been received.
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  1. MPN
    22 June 2018 12: 35
    US pilots continue to laser blinding in the East China Sea
    Laser marine anomaly. But in general, bestiality does not fit human principles either ... Someone decided that he had the right to dispose of the lives of others, so he was wrong. In fact, this is not so deadly, but for the time being, to the point ... Well, a pilot may not pass the next VLK by sight ...
    1. +12
      22 June 2018 12: 42
      Mozh new hunveibiny appeared .... the permanent chairman-leader already exists.
      On the other hand, it’s absurd to wait for a normal attitude towards your warriors (mind you, the military pilot in the photo)! They did not stand there and did not wait at all!
      1. MPN
        22 June 2018 12: 45
        Any photo can be, and it’s shining at night, go and determine what kind of ship and whose .. I don’t know, but this method of revenge does not cause delight.
        1. +5
          22 June 2018 13: 04
          Police!!! Hooligans deprive of sight !!!
          1. +9
            22 June 2018 13: 12
            Just the case when Evil is outraged by meanness in relation to itself.
            I will not say that I support the Chinese. But I can’t judge. Nothing for the Americans to do there.
          2. +5
            22 June 2018 14: 00
            hi hi also immediately remembered ..
            something you don’t feel sorry for them at all, fly yourself over texaschina and you will be happy
            1. 0
              22 June 2018 14: 28
              Striped even those radishes, weaning their military pilots to fly in a particular direction will not be harmful to anyone!
    2. +15
      22 June 2018 12: 44
      in the Chinese Sea - a laser, in Cuba - "acoustic attacks" ... laughing In the course of the American warriors just pay themselves a salary increase laughing
      1. +8
        22 June 2018 12: 49
        Nefig poke your nose where they do not ask - then the health of the warrior and diplomats will be more complete. Yes
        1. +5
          22 June 2018 17: 53
          pasha hi , but it seems to me that I must affectionately choke and create discomfort for them in everything, do not climb anywhere. If a hooligan, why are only Americans complaining? They mess around all over the world, and then they still whine: no juice was brought, no soul ...
      2. +3
        22 June 2018 13: 03
        I remember, I remember, the striped astronauts also complained that they were being blinded and almost fried !!! and right above our Priozersk training ground ....
        I don’t know how toasted them ??? Shuttle all the same, thermo and other insulation at the space level, in short, strange! The fact that our laser system was tested there is a FACT .... they didn’t let her sniff, but looked close!
        1. MPN
          22 June 2018 13: 06
          Quote: rocket757
          The fact that our laser system was tested there is a FACT .... they didn’t let her sniff, but looked close!

          Yes. Somewhere there is a video about our laser developments, it was mentioned there that weaned amers to fly in the area ...
          1. +2
            22 June 2018 13: 45
            Exactly, there were photos .... after that they never flew over Moscow even if they had such a minibus over our flight control center!
            How warm, who is on our wings, then we will sing feathers!
      3. +1
        22 June 2018 15: 24
        The same thoughts visited.
        Maybe the Americans, before it’s too late, return home to their mother in Alabama?
        And you can stay without eyes.
        And generally speaking.
        Pilots in US Air Force planes are, as it were, on top, unless they perform aerobatics.
        And the schooners, Chinese war fishermen, are downstairs.
        Well, how could this happen?
        Territorial waters and, accordingly, the air border for 10-12 miles from the coast.
        I think the Americans near the border are not staggering. Somewhere in the sea, miles for 100-200 fly.
        And also at night.
        What do they do there at night?
        Who and what are they watching?
    3. 0
      22 June 2018 15: 13
      Usually, when military pilots are shown, they have tinted glass on their helmets. In these cases, they fly without their helmets? Or maybe without a glazing lamp and at a low height, since they are being blinded from ships? Or am I wrong?
      What are the claims near foreign territories ?!
    4. 0
      22 June 2018 23: 06
      There are times when pilots Civil aircraft blinded.
      All over the world.
      Chinese or not, it doesn’t matter.
  2. +9
    22 June 2018 12: 39
    but there’s nothing to fly wherever they want ...
  3. +3
    22 June 2018 12: 59
    Maybe everything is much simpler and more prosaic? US pilots want insurance ...
    which in the US for military personnel sometimes exceed 50-100 thousand dollars.

  4. 0
    22 June 2018 12: 59
    The recipe is simple, a couple of times a schooner with a fan of highlighting will disappear in the depths of the sea and those who wish will decrease by a multiple ...
    1. 0
      22 June 2018 13: 07
      like american planes
  5. NKT
    22 June 2018 13: 39
    Either the rays, or tinnitus - a fun life with the American military abroad))
    1. HAM
      22 June 2018 13: 51
      Looks like she came --- a squirrel ....
  6. +1
    22 June 2018 13: 52
    Well done Chinese
  7. +1
    22 June 2018 16: 08
    I currently have a Chinese 100 mW (0.1 watt) Chinese semiconductor green laser. From a couple of three meters lights a match. You can order a set of nozzles for it, for a laser show. One of them is strikingly reminiscent of the anti-sniper "light effect" of the "Shroud" type. In Vladivostok, with its fogs and high humidity, very interesting effects come out. And scary, frankly. If the eyes ...
    On sale, they have up to 0.5 watts. He engraves, burns the foil.
    They have assemblies, like diode lamps, on holders. Crystals with lenses (laser) with integrated drivers form a matrix. Sniffing a dozen easily from a purchased whale. LiPo battery for 5 - 6 A and the total such power "light up". Fortunately, aiming is not particularly necessary. So, note.
  8. 0
    22 June 2018 17: 13
    So do not fly so far from your native coast - no one will dazzle.
  9. 0
    23 June 2018 00: 27
    here's how it can be FISCED BY THE USA HOW YOU CAN NAME A fleet which can be neutralized with a single flashlight, ???????????
  10. 0
    23 June 2018 08: 34
    I thought for a long time - how is it necessary to pervert in order to light up clearly from the ground (or from the water) at night in the cockpit? Especially when you consider that most of the glazing of the cockpit of any aircraft falls on the upper hemisphere and forward?

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