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Fourth Kazakhstani Bars Launched

Fourth Kazakhstani Bars Launched

10 May 2012 of the year engaged in the construction of ships and boats for power structures of Kazakhstan JSC Ural Plant Zenit (Uralsk) launched a large patrol boat Semser built for the Border Guard Service of the Republic (tail number 204). This boat was the fourth built at the plant for the Border Service of Kazakhstan, the unit of the 0300 project (Bars). The 0300 project is the local designation of the 22180 project developed by the Kazakh order by the St. Petersburg OJSC Northern PKB. Earlier, from 2005, the Zenit plant built for Pogranichnaya Kazakhstan’s three boats of the 0300 project - Sardar (tail number 201, commissioned in December 2006 of the year), Sakshi (tail number 202, in line with 2008 of the year) and Zhenis (tail number 203, in line with 2010 of the year. In the Border Guard Service of Kazakhstan, they are listed as border guard ships of the 2 rank.

Unlike the three previous boats of this type, the Semser has a modified structure with a modified hull and superstructure architecture, and is unified in this regard with the Zenith built almost simultaneously on the basis of the same project for the Kazakhstan Navy small rocket-artillery ship "Kazakhstan" (board number 250), about which we wrote our blog. Kazakhstan was launched on April 26 of 2012. The Semser, with a full displacement of about 250 tons, is armed with one old 25-mm paired 2М-3М artillery. Now, the Zenit plant is building two more ships of the “Kazakhstan” type for the Kazakh Navy, and another ship of the “Semser” type for the Border Guard Service.

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  1. mkrass2006
    mkrass2006 12 May 2012 11: 21
    When our Navy will update the fleet. As the Chief Petty Officer, I know that our karobochki quietly crack. Paellas wallow underfoot.
    1. YARY
      YARY 12 May 2012 11: 32
      L. Good day Dmitry I hope that brother soon. On the state of the fleet rosium.
      The main "crucian" in the Moscow region, the bolasiny, is sharpening about the budget! I would send him tea with musings to drink, or watch that the water from the screws does not boil!
      Well, without foam, sad! sad
      1. 755962
        755962 12 May 2012 12: 01
        News +. Just how to explain what rockets and helicopters are buying over the hill? An entertaining picture is obtained.
        1. marshes
          marshes 12 May 2012 12: 21
          Quote: 755962
          .Only how to explain what rockets and helicopters over the hill buy?

          And how quickly can you complete the order? Especially since you yourself are rearming, and the cost of the order will not increase during the manufacturing process?
        2. Yarbay
          Yarbay 12 May 2012 17: 28
          Dear Eugene!
          in addition to hackneyed phrases that everyone is free to buy what he wants, I want to note that the high command of Russia is largely to blame !!
          Who do you think will buy weapons from you if the commander of the ground forces considers the newest Russian tank weak in front of leopards and mercans! ??! If the chief of the general staff criticizes new helicopters and equipment ??
          1. 755962
            755962 12 May 2012 20: 56
            The master is the master.
  2. patriot2
    patriot2 12 May 2012 11: 28
    A good watchman to protect our common borders with Kazakhstan.
    News +
  3. Senzey
    Senzey 12 May 2012 12: 22
    Well, now the water border of Kazakhstan is locked!
    An extra guard on the Caspian Sea will not hurt!
  4. S_mirnov
    S_mirnov 12 May 2012 12: 28
    You can be happy for Kazakhstan. And who knows, our country is still capable of making large warships? Or can’t we have more boats and carves?
    It would be very interesting to read an article about our shipbuilding, facilities and machine park. Yes, Putin still didn’t get there with hundreds of billions of orders at UVZ!
  5. Nursultan
    Nursultan 12 May 2012 13: 53
    Quote: 755962
    But how to explain what rockets and helicopters are bought over the hill?

    Do you think that Kazakhstan has the right to choose where and from whom to buy ?!
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 12 May 2012 14: 54
      It doesn’t seem - that’s the point!
      It would seem - crossed! lol
      Once the Partners - then they must and behave accordingly! And do not hang around - and we are so-so - independent! wassat
      Ponte each other - whose yurt is cooler! lol and a herd more! laughing - before us - do not!
  6. sedoii
    sedoii 12 May 2012 14: 21
    Congratulations to the neighbors, the descent of the ship is always a holiday.
  7. suharev-52
    suharev-52 12 May 2012 15: 41
    Congratulations to the Kazakhs with the introduction of another naval unit. And they will get angry over the acquisition of helicopters, I do not advise some comrades. Russia has not gone far in this regard. Remember what and where for the hill we ourselves get. For those who are especially dull, I explain: the strongly shrunken production capacities of the USSR remaining in Russia are fully loaded (those that can produce). And the need arose to urgently strengthen its defenses in the light of the international situation. I think none of those present will dispute this. It is this that explains the purchase of foreign equipment, both by Russia and our allies. Sincerely.
    1. marshes
      marshes 12 May 2012 16: 36
      Quote: suharev-52
      And the need arose to urgently strengthen its defenses in the light of the international situation.

      So I say we have no time to expect.
  8. Ataturk
    Ataturk 12 May 2012 17: 38
    What can I say, congratulations!
    The main thing is not to aim against us.
    When the Caspian countries arm themselves, especially the fleet, the question immediately arises, AGAINST WHO?

    So, I wish us all that our boats, missiles and so on, never aim against each other.
    1. Marat
      Marat 13 May 2012 01: 30
      I wholeheartedly join your wishes! God forbid that ever comes to this!

      The most important thing is that you always have peace and understanding with Russia, our key ally! And our republics themselves have no reason for conflict.

      I believe that external forces are to blame for the tense situation in the Caspian Sea (and the militarization of the Caspian) - who do not yet have full access there and are striving there. They have already climbed through their oil companies, are trying to draw neighboring republics into their zone of influence, and are preparing aggression against Iran friendly to us.
      1. Ataturk
        Ataturk 13 May 2012 12: 38
        Quote: Marat
        The most important thing is that you always have peace and understanding with Russia

        my dear, and where does Russia. Russia was the same part as yours and our country in one huge power. True, among us all the strongest Russia, and the capital of the entire union was Moscow.

        In a word, an older brother. So, first of all, to the older brothers, I want to wish one thing, let them pursue such a policy with respect to the younger brothers so that we have something to learn and who we are proud of.

        Whatever borders they have, our peoples are crossed by a single root. I hope no one will ever forget this.

        Better unite and kneel west. This is another conversation.
  9. Nursultan
    Nursultan 13 May 2012 16: 35
    A little information about one of the companies in KZ that is engaged in the modernization of old equipment