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In Sweden launched the modernized Gotland submarine

In Sweden at the shipyard of Kockums (part of Saab) in Malmo today, i.e. 20 June 2018 of the year launched the overhaul and modernization of the submarine "Gotland". According to the general director of the military-industrial company Saab Hokan Busk, a third-generation air-independent power installation was installed on the submarine.

In Sweden launched the modernized Gotland submarine

The diesel-electric submarine Gotland was launched on February 2 1995 of the year and commissioned on September 2 of the year 1996. Submarines of this type have an underwater displacement of about 1600 tons with a length of 60,4 meter and a width of 6,2 meter. Immersion depth - 320 meters. Speed ​​under water - 20 nodes. Crew - 27 man. Armament: Torpedo-mine - 4 nasal 533-mm TA, 12 torpedoes; 2 nasal 400-mm TA, 6 torpedoes; 12 min (instead of torpedoes). Initially, these submarines were equipped with a Stirling engine, which makes it possible to extend the stay of the submarine under water for up to two weeks instead of the usual several days.

In the course of the modernization, a third-generation Stirling engine, modern detection tools and a new control system developed for the next-generation A26 submarines were installed on the Gotland.

After launching the submarine "Gotland" will go for inspections and tests, the return to the Swedish Navy is expected in 2019 year.
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  1. san4es
    san4es 20 June 2018 20: 43
    hi Gotland submarines are capable of speeds of up to 20 knots using diesel engines and up to five knots on Stirling engines. When using the Stirling engine, boats can be under water without recharging batteries for up to 20 days. The fire control system includes the latest software control for effective surface and underwater combat. The missile guidance system is capable of controlling several missiles at the same time, but it can also transfer control to a person with three specially equipped remotes. The submarine is equipped with four 533 mm and two 400 mm torpedo tubes. For 533 mm torpedo tubes, the submarine is armed with heavy anti-ship torpedoes Bofors Underwater Systems Type 613 carrying a warhead weighing 240 kg and hitting a target at a distance of 20 km. For 400mm torpedo tubes - light anti-submarine torpedoes Bofors Underwater Systems Type 43.
    Jan 2018 year
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 20 June 2018 21: 06
      the submarine installed a third generation non-volatile power plant ... Stirling engine

      Something I didn’t understand ... The Stirling engine is characterized by the fact that he does not care about the type of fuel, even gas, even firewood. But even firewood needs oxygen, only nuclear reactors are “air-independent”.
      Either the author screwed up, or the submarines were made atomic (the Stirling engine is powered from the reactor)
      1. Anthony
        Anthony 20 June 2018 21: 10
        Do not mess up. Look at "diesel reforming", oxygen is just getting from it
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 20 June 2018 21: 22
          Diesel fuel reforming is the treatment of fuel with high temperature in the presence of catalysts to produce benzene compounds and hydrogen. Is used for hydrogen. For such processing, dofig of energy is necessary (usually part of the same fuel is burned, in oxygen). And oxygen is not obtained at the same time (it is consumed, yes)
          1. 123456789
            123456789 20 June 2018 23: 18
            The VNEU of the Russian development is fundamentally different from the foreign method of producing hydrogen: the installation itself provides for its "withdrawal" in the amount of consumption by reforming diesel fuel. Foreign submarines load onboard transportable hydrogen reserves.
            The capacity of Russian anaerobic submarines will double. The Central Scientific Research Institute of Marine Electrical Engineering and Technology (TsNII SET) will increase the capacity of a new battery based on solid fuel cells BTE-50K-E for non-volatile power submarines. Now the design centers of the megawatt class are engaged in TsKB Rubin, Malakhit and TsNII SET. All of them are waiting for funds to be continued.
            1. Shurik70
              Shurik70 21 June 2018 07: 46
              Google anaerobic submarines.
              Yes, they exist. Even types “on thermal elements”, “on a Stirling engine”, “closed type” of diesel engines or steam turbines are indicated.
              But I can not find information why they are called anaerobic? FOR ALL of these types, oxygen is a consumable. So, you can’t do without air.
      2. dauria
        dauria 20 June 2018 21: 38
        Either the author screwed up, or the submarines were made atomic (the Stirling engine is powered from the reactor)

        The author did not mess up. They carry oxygen with them. It turns out better than on lithium batteries. Once I considered the alignment, it was not laziness.
        take into account that 3.18 kg of oxygen per 1 kg of kerosene
        .kerosene 10400 43500 / 4.18=10287 - Stirling efficiency 30% - 3 429 kJ/kg

        Li-ion batteries 360-648 kJ / kg.
        True, the weight of the stirling engine itself, in comparison with the electric engine, was not taken into account.
        1. MPN
          MPN 20 June 2018 21: 49
          Quote: dauria
          stirling efficiency 30%

          With modern technology, maybe more.

          Somewhere I read 60% gave out, and I think the military will squeeze ... hi
      3. san4es
        san4es 20 June 2018 21: 45
        Quote: Shurik70
        .. The Stirling engine is characterized by

        Power plant with a Stirling engine. Its development in 1982 was launched by the Swedish company Kokums Marine AV, commissioned by the government. Specialists initially considered VNEU with a Stirling engine as auxiliary, working in conjunction with a traditional diesel-electric power plant (DEEU).
        A high specific power of the DS is achieved by burning diesel fuel in combination with oxygen in the combustion chamber. On a submarine, the necessary supply of oxygen is stored in a liquid state, which is ensured by modern cryogenic technologies.

        The Stirling engine is an external combustion engine. The principle of its operation provides for the use of heat generated by an external source, and its supply to a working fluid located in a closed circuit. DS converts the heat produced by an external source into mechanical energy, which is then converted by the generator into direct current. The regenerator, which is part of the closed working circuit of the engine, takes away from the working fluid the thermal energy generated after its expansion, and returns it back to the cycle when the gas changes direction.

        In DS, double-acting pistons are used. The space above the piston is the expansion cavity, and the space under the piston is the compression cavity. The compression cavity of each cylinder by an external channel through the refrigerator, regenerator and heater is connected with the expansion cavity of the adjacent cylinder. The necessary combination of expansion and compression phases is achieved using a crank-based distribution mechanism. Schematic diagram of the Stirling engine is shown in the figure.
        zrenie / 2004-zvo / 7129-vozduhonezavisimye-jenergeti
    2. Maz
      Maz 20 June 2018 21: 11
      We lowered the same five years ago. They built the infrastructure and plants for the production of "non-volatile elements" for VNEU. So what?
    3. assa67
      assa67 20 June 2018 21: 36
      Sanya, hello !!! hi as always in the subject ...... and where will this vessel be sent? block Murman? or send to the bridge? request ......... can beer be brought to Kaliningrad?
      1. san4es
        san4es 20 June 2018 22: 06
        Healthy Andrei hi
        Quote: assa67
        where will this dish be sent?

        ... They are wound around the "ball". For instance:
        In 2005-2007, the Gotland submarine was leased to the United States for use as an underwater adversary in exercises. Gotland arrived in San Diego aboard the semi-submerged MV Eide Transporter platform in June 2005, and a crew of 30 Swedish sailors was flown to California by plane. It took a couple of weeks to acclimatize and adjust the balancing and submarine systems, originally designed for the cool, almost fresh waters of the Baltic, under the conditions of the great ocean.
        And then it began ...
        Over the next six months, the Third US Navy studied hard to find the Swedish boat. The US Navy specialists meticulously studied the Gotland from the outside and from the inside, recorded its noise and the parameters of thermal and electromagnetic fields. December 2005 became an apotheosis - during the international exercises Joint Task Force Exercise 06-2, in which the Third Fleet of the US Navy was preparing to demonstrate everything that it had learned over the past year, a catastrophe occurred: a small Varangian “interrupted” the entire seventh aircraft carrier strike group, led by the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan.
        First of all, “Gotland” tracked down and conditionally “destroyed” the nuclear submarine - the only one who was a real threat to the Swedes. Multipurpose PLA was to ensure the safety of AUG from attacks from under the water and cover the "dead sector" under the heads of cruisers and destroyers. For which she died first.
        Left without their own submarine cover, surface warships began to "die" one by one - the Gotland passed through the warrant like a blade blade, alternately moving closer to the American ships and taking their photos from various angles and distances. The Yankees found out about the presence of the boat, only when they saw a breaker from the periscope nearby - in real conditions, this would mean a pair of released self-guided torpedoes. smile
        1. assa67
          assa67 20 June 2018 22: 44
          but ours, after all, have not been tracked? or didn’t read something .... but you can say anything ....
        2. novel66
          novel66 21 June 2018 07: 07
          great! hi why torpedo tubes of various calibers?
          1. san4es
            san4es 21 June 2018 07: 15
            Quote: novel xnumx
            great! hi why torpedo tubes of various calibers?

            hi Hi Rum ... For different purposes fellow
            1. novel66
              novel66 21 June 2018 07: 16
              yes it seems that the difference is not big?
              1. san4es
                san4es 21 June 2018 07: 38
                ... But the result is tangible. Multiply by length - a notable increase fellow
        3. faiver
          faiver 21 June 2018 07: 46
          and all this with its dimensionless ammunition? laughing
      2. Igor V
        Igor V 20 June 2018 22: 31
        Quote: assa67
        Sanya, hello !!! hi as always in the subject ...... and where will this vessel be sent? block Murman? or send to the bridge? request ......... can beer be brought to Kaliningrad?

        They need to find a Russian submarine that regularly pops up in the center of Stockholm. what
        1. PalBor
          PalBor 20 June 2018 23: 18
          Well, comrades, I’m a school historian (I specialized in antiquity at the institute), so the question is: you say that the submarine is very good. So where is the result? Where are the captured Russian submarines?
          So far, only an enemy plump satellite has been fixed over Vazastan. And then some writer or housewife did it, I don’t remember wink
  2. san4es
    san4es 20 June 2018 20: 55
    ... Kockums A26 Submarine. A26 is the name of the next generation submarine project developed by Kockums for the Swedish Navy. Class A26 will replace the two submarines of the Södermanland class in operation.
    Two A26 class submarines, worth $ 500 million, were ordered for the Swedish Navy, but it is likely that Sweden will order 3 more A26 class submarines to replace the A19 Gotland submarines. Norway is also interested in class 26, as is the Netherlands, so ultimately 15 submarines can be built for 3 countries.
    Some of the innovative technologies that will be implemented in the class 26 submarine are a sign of stealth technology, which makes the submarine very quiet. It will also withstand significant shock loads from underwater explosions and will be able to "launch vehicles" through torpedo tubes
  3. rruvim
    rruvim 20 June 2018 21: 06
    Great "machine." VNEU is just wonderful. Although, the very idea of ​​Stirling is not very correct ...
  4. colonel manuch
    colonel manuch 20 June 2018 21: 27
    Was in Malmo in the late 70s, a beautiful town! And the boat, judging by the characteristics, is not bad, it means an increase in the “vorogs”, and we still won’t increase shipbuilding capacities after the “perestroika with gunfight”. All the "effective managers" in their homes, at the state feeding trough. One cannot see something of the "janitor" who should sweep away the current "trash-elite".
  5. Ice ax
    Ice ax 21 June 2018 03: 12
    And with whom they are going to fight at last, if against us, then this pelvis will get confused instead of smelt in the networks of poachers even in the Gulf of Finland.
  6. Evil 55
    Evil 55 21 June 2018 05: 42
    Gotland .. sorry that is not Gangut ..
    1. Each other
      Each other 21 June 2018 09: 54
      Or maybe better "Narva"? wink
    KVU-NSVD 21 June 2018 08: 22
    the submarine installed a third generation non-volatile power plant.
    Where are ours? And what kind of "generation" are they? St. Petersburg "walks", and the practical benefit is already zero year .... Varshavyanka, beautiful boats, but can’t replace the atomic boats for their main purpose at the "H" hour and quietly go out to the area with the aim of melting everything American before the ORDER .... And it is not clear what the problems are ... Is it possible that our industry cannot make a fucking NPL ...
    1. 123456789
      123456789 21 June 2018 20: 35
      Quote: KVU-NSVD
      Really our industry can not make a fucking NAPL ...

      And why, if there is already Poseidon ... One Poseidon and a paragraph of the whole AUG hi