Andreevsky flag raised at Ivan Gren BDK

Today, i.e. On June 20, 2018, the epic of the construction of the large Ivan Gren landing craft was finally completed. At the Baltic shipyard "Yantar" in Kaliningrad, a ceremony was held for the acceptance of the BDK into the combat structure of the Naval fleet RF.

Andreevsky flag raised at Ivan Gren BDK

Before raising the flag of St. Andrew’s flag, the order of the Russian Navy commander on the admission of the Ivan Gren BDK to the 121 Brigade of the Kola Flotilla of the fleet’s heterogeneous forces was announced.

BDK "Ivan Gren" - the lead ship of the 11711 project, the modern development of the 1171 project, according to which, in 1960-1970, Yantar PSZ built a series of 14 ships. The ship was laid at the Yantar Baltic Shipbuilding Plant in Kaliningrad in 2004, and the launch took place through 8 years in May 2012. The ship was put to the test in the 2016 year. The acceptance certificate of state tests was signed on 2 on June 2018 of the year, after which the ship was sent for a final revision and painting.

The displacement of the BDK is about 6 thousand tons. The ship can accommodate 13 tanks or more than 30 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. The BDK provides for the deployment of a reinforced battalion of the Marine Corps, as well as the temporary deployment of various types of ship helicopters. The ship has a cruising range of 4 thousand nautical miles, which allows you to perform tasks in the far sea zone.

Currently, the Yantar shipyard is completing the first serial and second ship of the 11711 project “Pyotr Morgunov”, launched on May 25 on the 2018 of the year.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +5
    20 June 2018 15: 44
    Finally surrendered drinks
  2. +5
    20 June 2018 15: 44
    It happened !!!!!!!!!! Well, in vain they “Ivan ...” “called up for service” during the 2018 World Cup, it was necessary before or after ... Nevertheless, the event is HISTORICAL for our fleet. And here you can add, "unfortunately"
    1. +2
      20 June 2018 16: 24
      We are waiting for a military campaign in Syria.
  3. +3
    20 June 2018 15: 48
    14 years ... 14 long years ...
    There is hope that "Peter Morgunov" will avoid all childhood mistakes and illnesses and will be delivered on time.
    1. +2
      20 June 2018 16: 05
      Quote: Corsair0304
      14 years ... 14 long years ...

      Ivan Gren at birth - Johannes Green, if anyone doesn’t know ... So there was no rush for a ship with an Estonian name.
    2. +1
      20 June 2018 20: 17
      Quote: Corsair0304
      14 years ... 14 long years ...
      There is hope that "Peter Morgunov" will avoid all childhood mistakes and illnesses and will be delivered on time.

      the first pancake is lumpy ... with the second one everything’s like a bunch !! soldier soldier soldier
  4. +4
    20 June 2018 16: 10
    Finally! :)))))
  5. +1
    20 June 2018 16: 12
    drinks Finally! In general, the construction of the BDK is not exactly the topic of Amber, Amber is more for frigates!
  6. 0
    20 June 2018 16: 20
    some superstructure-bearer turned out. a new type of landing ship?
  7. +1
    20 June 2018 16: 25
    God bless you guys!
  8. +1
    20 June 2018 16: 27
    Let's hope that a good Russian proverb comes true - the Russians harness for a long time, but travel fast.
    1. +2
      20 June 2018 17: 25
      Not. Already lit up the plan:
      Morguns finish building. Everything.

      Now they are developing a draft of a new BDK (namely, BDK). A bookmark is planned for 2021. Further on the circumstances. At the end of the program (that is, 25 +) they plan to do something with UDC / DKVD. The project on UDC / DKVD will be developed after the commissioning of a new generation of BDK.

      That is:
      new BDK bookmark 2021 year. Surrender optimistic 25 year, really 27.

      By 25, the youngest BDK, with the exception of Gren and Morgunov, will be 34 of the year - the oldest 60.
      1. 0
        20 June 2018 18: 16
        I hope that it will be better further. Faster and better.
  9. +2
    20 June 2018 16: 39
    Good luck Vanya. Serve with dignity.
  10. 0
    20 June 2018 16: 51
    where is the flag or no one to photograph
  11. 0
    20 June 2018 20: 44
    Well, something like that. What happened From Flotprom
  12. 0
    21 June 2018 05: 25
    forward to the route :)

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