June 20 - Day Specialist Navy Mine Torpedo Service

June 20, specialists of the naval torpedo service of the Naval fleet Russia celebrate their professional holiday. A professional holiday in their honor was established by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy in 1996. The date for him was chosen the day of the first successful use of sea mines. A century and a half has passed since then, but the miners continue their important work and contribute to the country's defense.

According to historical materials, the first real result of the use of Russian sea mines was obtained on June 20, 1855. On this day, the combined squadron of Great Britain and France, which entered the Gulf of Finland to attack Russian cities, stumbled upon a minefield set up by our ships. Four enemy ships went to the bottom, and the remaining were forced to go to safe areas. This episode markedly influenced further hostilities in the Baltic Sea.

June 20 - Day Specialist Navy Mine Torpedo Service

The Russian fleet for the first time used torpedoes during the 1877-78 Russian-Turkish war. On the night from 15 to 16 December 1877, the mine route Grand Duke Constantine, with several boats on board, approached Batum. Under cover of night boats launched a pair of self-propelled mines on Turkish ships. Unfortunately, both torpedoes missed targets. However, a month later, on the night of January 14 1878, the boats successfully attacked and sank the gunboat Intibach. It was the first in domestic practice and in the world case of a successful torpedo attack of a surface ship. In the future, Russian sailors made several new attacks.

Mines and torpedoes in practice confirmed their capabilities, and the mine-torpedo service acquired special significance. Soon it became one of the most important components of the fleet and directly influenced its combat capability. In all the new conflicts, the Russian Navy used not only traditional artillery, but also modern torpedo armament.

In parallel with the development of armaments, the potential and importance of the mine-torpedo service grew. During the two world wars, she made a significant contribution to the fight against enemy ships. The installed minefields protected the most important areas from the enemy’s ships and submarines, and the torpedo attacks disrupted the supply and reduced the enemy’s combat potential.

In the post-war period, in connection with the beginning of the Cold War, the mine-torpedo service received new tasks of particular importance. Minerals from the crews of submarines had to fight with enemy submarines carrying ballistic missiles. Now they were responsible not only for the safety of their squadrons or bases, but also for the protection of the entire country. Special tasks and special responsibilities led to the emergence of a special weapons. The armament of the mine-torpedo service received products with nuclear warheads.

To date, a significant part of the combat missions of the Navy is solved with missiles. Despite this, there are many tasks for the mine-torpedo service. It still remains the most important component of the Navy and is unlikely to have to be abandoned. This service has existed for more than 160 years, and will soon be able to celebrate more than one new anniversary.

The editors of the Military Review congratulate all the specialists of the mine and torpedo service of the Soviet and Russian Navy on their professional holiday!
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    1. +2
      20 June 2018 07: 03
      Happy professional holiday, gentlemen, "Romanians" !!!!
      1. +1
        20 June 2018 08: 11
        Happy Specialist of the Navy mine-torpedo service of all involved!
        All health, success and prosperity! love

      2. MPN
        20 June 2018 15: 01
        Happy Specialist of the Navy mine-torpedo service of all involved!
        And how it began, it’s impossible to call it just courage, it’s something else, but how?
        May 14, 1877, when two tiny boats “Tsarevich” and “Ksenia” sank the Turkish river monitor “Seyfi” with pole mines.
        In order to bring the sixth mine under the waterline of the enemy ship, the mine boat had to come close to it.
        The aim of their attack was the Turkish armored monitor "Safi" with a displacement of 410 tons, which was anchored under the protection of an armed steamboat and an armored gunboat. The Seyfi was armed with two 178 mm Armstrong guns, two 120 mm Krupp guns and two Gatling mitrales. Reservation of the sides reached 51 mm, the conning tower - 105 mm, the deck - 38 mm, the crew of the Turkish monitor consisted of 51 people.
        Russian boats discovered Turkish ships in 2: 30 nights. Having reduced the course to reduce the noise level, they went towards rapprochement with the enemy, having reorganized for this purpose into two columns led by "Tsarevich" and "Xenia". The attack of the enemy began the boat "Tsarevich", which was controlled by Lieutenant Dubasov. The Turks noticed a mine boat when it was just 60 meters away. They attempted to fire gunfire at him, but all attempts to make cannon shots were misfired. Approaching the “Safe” at 4-nodal speed, “Tsarevich” hit the monitor with a pole mine into the port side, near the stern-bow. Mina exploded, the monitor immediately gave a heel, but did not sink. At the same time, the Turkish team conducted intense gunfire on the boats, the guns were also able to make two shots, but the attack was supported by the boat "Xenia", commanded by Lieutenant Shestakov. The strike was well thought out: a mine exploded under the bottom of the “Safe” in the central part of the ship, after this explosion the Turkish monitor went under water.
        It’s hard to even imagine all this action ...
        Happy holiday. drinks
        1. 0
          25 June 2018 10: 47
          With a pradnik drinks For Abram Borisych drinks
    2. +4
      20 June 2018 08: 44
      Comic Mineral Commandments:
      - Our business is a pipe.
      - Mina lives in the sea.
      - Puzo the vest will not tear.
      Dear students of Abram Borisovich Geyro and the inhabitants of the first compartments - a happy holiday!
      1. 0
        20 June 2018 13: 11
        the current reality is that there is a unification and addition of functionality
        The warhead-3 is actually becoming: mine-torpedo-trawling part
    3. +1
      20 June 2018 11: 50
      Quote: Andrew NM
      Comic Mineral Commandments:
      - Our business is a pipe.
      - Mina lives in the sea.
      - Puzo the vest will not tear.
      Dear students of Abram Borisovich Geyro and the inhabitants of the first compartments - a happy holiday!

      Judging by the commentary, you are a miner, and if so, you have a happy holiday!
      1. 0
        20 June 2018 13: 11
        No, I'm from the "Chinese" fraternity, but in school and on the ship we were always one family. And Abram Borisovich Geyro at the school was respected by everyone, regardless of the faculty.
    4. 0
      20 June 2018 12: 04
      Mine and torpedo service: “both dangerous and difficult” (can anyone better remember the words of the song from the film “connoisseurs conduct the investigation”?) And can make a rustle thoroughly.
      Torpedo, happy holiday! Who in the sea do not really get carried away, otherwise ... Joke. Once again with the holiday of health to you
    5. +2
      20 June 2018 13: 08
      Our congratulations on the holiday!
    6. 0
      20 June 2018 20: 49
      Congratulated a work colleague. Sevastopol minesweeper Vice Admiral Zhukov.
    7. 0
      20 June 2018 21: 52
      Happy Friends! It used to be a "bull-2-3" in Kamchatka. Glorious were the times, although the epaulettes were with one clearance!
    8. 0
      21 June 2018 09: 26
      Grandfather served in the Black Sea Fleet 1940-1948. boat torpedo electrician.
      For the same reason, the commander did not give the Marine Corps “Who will watch the torpedoes for me?”

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