Who will take off from Admiral Kuznetsov? And will it take off?

Who will take off from Admiral Kuznetsov? And will it take off?

Where to begin? Probably from the fact that the beauty and pride of our fleet, the admiral "Admiral Kuznetsov" stands up for many years of overhaul. As a result of which, perhaps, TAVKR will overcome the "childhood" diseases of its propulsion system and will be able to use heavy missile weapons. Which, on the one hand, seems to be there, and on the other, “does not work.”

Perhaps, the problems of the landing complex will also be solved, about which so much has already been said before and which cost us something and some in the operation in Syria, where, I remind you, non-combat losses exceeded combat losses exactly 2 times. 2: 1, if anyone does not remember, in favor of non-combat.

And here, starting with the news of the repair of our semi-avian carrier (the name-title is argued a bit later), it begins to cause just clouds of questions.

The very first: what are the pilots?

The answer suggests itself immediately. What experiences can be if now we already have two sets of THREAD. Crimean and Krasnodar, in Yeisk.

And yes, the press service of the Northern Fleet has already announced that 45 man from among the flight and technical staff of the Northern Fleet Fighter Regiment has already gone to the Crimea. For several months, the pilots will work off and landing on the simulator.

Undoubtedly, theoretically, everything looks ... Here it just looks. Practically, the layout is somewhat different. Yes, the Crimean complex is equipped with a take-off springboard, an aerofinisher, even a steam catapult. True, there are no planes for it, but these are aspects.

Another question, in which it is all state. And the state, let's face it, is not so hot. Crimean complex requires money. It must be thoroughly repaired, and even better to replace the part that is finishing. No one has crashed on it yet.

And the complex in Yeisk ... not ready! His construction was actually stopped, as the Crimea returned. And why for a handful of pilots TWO complex?

In general, there is really no one. This is a fact that today they are beginning to speak openly.

But even the current simulator is not a panacea. He is a substitute, assistant, but not a full replacement for the deck of an aircraft carrier. On which, unlike the ground complex, there is more than one factor such as waves, fog and other sea pleasures.

A comparison with the Russian bobsleighs, who were preparing without a track before the Olympiad, is appropriate here. On the simulator. Acceleration - landing. And that's all. It was the case. Or skiers who ride on asphalt tracks on roller skaters.

It seems to be the same, but there are differences. Indigenous. And a slightly swaying wet deck of an aircraft carrier, and even with possible rain-fog charges - this is still not a THREAD. Accordingly, the pilot trained on the simulator is far from a full-fledged sea pilot, whatever one may say.

Ugly situation. And that's why.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the repair and modernization of “Admiral Kuznetsov” are planned in time to 2026. Yes, at the Murmansk Ship Repair Plant they promise to meet the year 2022. But we actually see how easy it is today to break down the scheduled dates. And these commitments will almost certainly be broken. Or, as is customary to formulate in the military, will be "shifted to the right."

Well, let's say, money suddenly poured so much that is enough for repairs, and to steal. And the factory urgently postpone all the cases and take up the repair. And at related enterprises, where orders for repair will be sculpted, nothing will happen either.

Actually, zero sense.

Five years. Five years at least (for optimists, I think, 8-10 years will stuff Kuznetsov). Five years no landing and no take-off from the deck. Ersatz in the form of a simulator, thank you, though not computer. I am confident that the piloting skills of Russian pilots will become almost zero. Although with a simulator NITKA, even without him. Five years of lack of practice is too much.

Argument? Easy. French people. They have the same quality nuclear carrier carrier Charles de Gaulle. In which from repair to repair is not so much time. Approximately, as at "Admiral Kuznetsov", and approximately they are equal in military successes.

So, quite recently, this unfortunate aircraft carrier got up at the next year and a half repairs. Problems with french pilots? Not at all. Immediately, an agreement was reached with the US Navy on training French pilots on the Rafals from the deck of the aircraft carrier George Bush. Fundamentally and technologically aircraft carriers are no different from each other, they are used for takeoff catapult.

But there is no catapult on the Admiral Kuznetsov. From it the planes take off with the help of a springboard. Yes, and our planes can not start with a catapult. It "hooks" the plane to the front landing gear, the entire assembly must be redone for an ejection start.

So even if the American military loved us as our neighbor, not one of the many American aircraft carriers could help us. Alas. At one time, we did not technically master the steam catapult. Therefore - springboard.

So - either a gradual degradation of the class of pilots on the thread, or ...

Thank God, the 1143 type of non-Savior was built a few. And besides “Admiral Kuznetsov”, there is also “Liaonin” (formerly “Varyag”, formerly “Riga”) and “Vikramaditya” (formerly “Admiral Gorshkov”, formerly “Baku”, former “Kharkov”).

To bow to the Indians and Chinese? Why not? If it comes to preserving the skills of a small, in general, a handful of deck pilots aviation, then you can probably fork out.

I have no idea of ​​any other way out. And that's why.

Indirectly, the presence of a big problem confirms another fact. From the whole separate shipboard fighter regiment, 45 people left for Crimea. Among them, pilots - God forbid a third. Human 10-15. The rest are technical staff plus managers. Well, someone from the command required. Well, in the North to hang around, if you can warm up in the Crimea? Quite so logical.

Rest? Difficult to understand. There is no data about the group. There is a misunderstanding.

I, in fact, proceed from the data that are given in the Admiral Kuznetsov TTKh TAVKR. 26 aircraft. If there are only pilots and technicians in a group, in half, which, of course, simply cannot be, this is one situation. Also not the best.

You can, of course, say that airplanes can serve local ones, but I’m sure that we’ll clarify the situation on our flight crew website. How it is, in fact, when your plane will be serviced by Vasya Pupkin, whom you see for the first time.

Airplanes, by the way, were driven from the north for training. One Su-30, six Su-33 and two Su-25UTG. Nine. Accordingly, and their technology, I am sure. Even a 2 pilot on a plane will still be “not enough.” Especially since it's all from the 279-th up, which is on the "Su". About those who are on the "MiGs" of 100-th up, in general, there is no information.

Given the alignment of the Kuznetsov in the Syrian campaign, Su / MiG as about 50 / 50, then it turns out that it is no more than 15 pilots.

Well, we don't take those who are on MiGs. They seem to have their own thread in Yeisk.

Well, after five (?) Years of training on NITKA, all 15 pilots will miraculously be able to fully retain their flight skills. I emphasize bold, all 15. The whole air regiment itself. And the same will be the pilots of the 100-th in Yeisk.

It is doubtful. More than doubtful.

To begin, let us return to the beginning, when the conversation touched upon these complexes.

Let's start with the complex in Novofedorovka.

In general, the operation of this complex itself is questionable. The complex was commissioned back in the distant 1982 year, and its current state is of concern.

We are not talking about any deterioration, by the way. During the period of Ukrainian rule in Crimea, NITKA in Novofedorivka was idle. And where was he to go, if anyone had anyone, and the pilots of deck aircraft in Ukraine were not foreseen at all? Yes, and the Russians, as it were, didn’t have much time to fly on the coast, what could be said about the sea?

That is, NITKA calmly collapsed under the influence of Mother Nature. And now it is difficult to say how much he is ready to replace the aircraft carrier. It is certain that the catapult was sentenced as far back as the nineties, when it became clear that Russia would no longer have other aircraft carriers in the near future. Especially with steam catapults.

Then the Crimea changed their affiliation. This did not facilitate the fate of the complex. And since 2015, the Ministry of Defense has feverishly figured out what to do with a suddenly fallen gift. Some said that it was necessary to restore it, because one EI thread would not be enough. Others argued that the Crimean complex should be closed as soon as possible. Because two expensive complexes are too big a burden for the military budget.

In the end - really not one.

Let me remind you: the decision to build NITKA in Yeisk was made in 2008. After another twist in the Ukrainian-Russian relations, namely 08.08.08, when Russia broke Georgian blood into the bloodstream. Well, the Ukrainian and the Georgians are brothers forever, because Ukraine refused to provide the Russian Navy with its complex in the Crimea.

The normal solution, and there was nowhere to go. I had to urgently design my complex so as not to depend on Kiev.

Construction began in 2012. And the matter was progressing quite so-so, there were problems with financing. Well, and then who knew that in 2014, everything would turn out like this ...

As I understand it, in the Ministry of Defense then, on the wave of general euphoria, a wrong understanding of the situation arose. That is, there is nothing really to finish building the complex in Yeisk, since the Crimean NITKA has fallen for free.

Obviously, no one has hammered the state of the complex in the Crimea.

And the "Ministry of Health" in the person of sober-minded from the Ministry of Defense continued to gradually warn. Masking anonymity, but who needs such adventures of life?

Many “sources” told in 2016 that the complex in Yeisk was not ready, and in Novofedorovka it was worn to the limit. The result we already know.

It turned out generally interesting. Pilots on the “Su” could somehow practice on the Crimean complex, but the 100-th air regiment created in Yeisk “flew” as it is. Together with the MiG-29KR and MiG-29KUBR, which were obtained from the plant back in the year 2014.

Meanwhile, the timing of the training of pilots of the 100 regiment was thwarted. We wrote shortly before the Kuznetsov epic campaign to Syria that not everything went smoothly with the preparations. And they turned out to be, unfortunately, right. Non-combat losses exceeded all reasonable limits. Including with the participation of the crew of the specified regiment.

Or is there a "MiG" did not fall?

But that was in 2016. At the end of 2017, the complex was commissioned. Well, if you believe the leading media and TV channels. And suddenly, we find out that we are still in the 2016 situation of the year. Pilots on the "Su" went, flew to the worn complex in the Crimea, and the new, it turns out, is not ready?

Again they fed us lies when they solemnly reported about the discovery?

Well, we are no longer used to the lies of the Ministry of Defense. How not to get used to the fact that non-combat losses in Syria caught up and overtook combat. If, again, the gentlemen from the press service of the Ministry of Defense do not lie, as always.

And further. They say (potential) that at least three pilots should be trained for each deck-based aircraft (in case of vacations, illnesses, wounds, etc.). And just to increase the intensity of flight.

But while we barely scrape one wing. And then there's the prospect of turning eagles into chickens.

And some especially loud “hawks” are still constantly shouting about the new nuclear aircraft carrier. Where are you planning to take the pilots, if not a secret? And how to cook?

So, the summary. We have what we have.

1. Yeisk complex unfinished. Obviously, a window dressing with a solemn part was arranged, and the pilots went to the Crimea, because it was safer.

2. The Crimean complex must be thoroughly repaired.

3. "Admiral Kuznetsov" also needs, if not reanimated, then overhaul.

And all you need is what? Right, money. Which we obviously do not have. They are in the football show profukany. Along with everything else. So now we will once again strain, to somehow compensate for the Wishlist of the king-father. Well, he wanted 13 billions of dollars to spend on a show - he spent it. What is it now ...

Is it not time to send Lavrov to China or India?

Perhaps it is time. Agree on training on their aircraft carriers. For good money, of course.

And the Chinese and ground simulators have ... New ...
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  1. +9
    19 June 2018 05: 52
    I pay tribute to the prudence of the Ministry of Defense ... Which is not carried out on calls to create an aircraft carrier fleet in Russia ... And one of the two ships for the experience is please ...
    1. +7
      19 June 2018 11: 23
      Kuzya is a lame duck; he has no place in our marine doctrine. Tested it in Syria to clear his conscience, there it was confirmed. Costs are not comparable with the result. I will not be surprised if they quietly begin to disassemble it under the guise of repair.
      1. +4
        19 June 2018 14: 40
        Quote: Yrec
        I will not be surprised if they quietly begin to disassemble it under the guise of repair.

        You are right, Kuze is destined for the ship-museum, but first you need to chop off some money for an imaginary repair and amuse the patriots Wishlist by writing down how many Caliber will be installed in each clus ...
        1. SAG
          19 June 2018 23: 22
          Well, it’s added by one more all-crawler, the chef is all gone (the plaster is removed, the client leaves). For some reason, you can count money for a holiday for people, and the money that TAVKR ate for 25 years is an excuse for a taboo. How much does one single combat outlet cost in history and “membership in an aircraft carrier club” ??? Well, Russia is not engaged in expeditionary invasions of other countries - we have a doctrine of land and defensive purely. Kuznetsov as a “suitcase without a handle” (although I am proud of its presence in the Navy)
        2. 0
          20 June 2018 13: 41
          That he is not subject to repair or what?
    2. +3
      19 June 2018 11: 55
      Either 2 or none. And the "blacksmiths" are the first pancake. It is better to sell it to commercial entities, either in Sochi or in the Crimea. Let the restaurants or excursions spend. Just don’t need to saw, and so go and have nowhere to bring the child. If you can’t sell, you can return and receive rental payments for a long time.
      1. MPN
        19 June 2018 13: 21
        I express confidence that the flight skills of Russian deck pilots will turn into almost zero. Though with the thread simulator, even without it. Five years of lack of practice is too much.
        Everything is so, the failure in flight training is ensured, and to be honest everything will have to be started a new way ..., there is no point in renting foreign aircraft carriers once a year, this will not help. Even in the Air Force, the maximum break is 3 months, for a 1st-class pilot, then go on restoring ... But after all, pilot training is not only about take-off and landing (yes, it plays a very big role and this element will have to be restored for new), but there is still a whole combat training course .. so pilots have something to do. Well, what can you do, since it’s so ... It's a shame that without a second aircraft carrier this nonsense will be repeated regularly ...
        1. +1
          19 June 2018 16: 01
          I agree with you ...
          In five years, you can go through the entire KBP, and get 1 class (with today's intensity of flights of children). And then, as an experienced pilot, to practice landing and take-off on the repaired Kuznetsov. And one must also not forget that they hadn’t taken lieutenants to Kuznetsov before (pilots no lower than 1 class, sometimes 2 from other regiments), there weren’t green (except for “thieves” ..)
          And now the main thing is to save the backbone of the pilots of the regiment, so that later they could “multiply” through the instructors ... Then the testers will come anyway, and will be the first to fly around Kuznetsov, and give the instructor access to the remaining backbone, and so on ...
          So let them fly on the Thread ...
    3. +4
      19 June 2018 16: 37
      One or two ships - money down the drain. What other experience? Spend budget money?
    4. +3
      19 June 2018 17: 23
      Aircraft carrier is one big haemorrhoids (more corvettes and cruisers with missiles on board
    5. 0
      19 June 2018 19: 47
      Quote: Vard
      I pay tribute to the prudence of MO

      And what is prudence? There is simply no money.
    6. -1
      5 July 2018 19: 59
      And on ... this expensive experience. - do you need experience in playing curling if you never play? Aircraft carriers, this is a NECESSITY for the USA, and the Russian Federation have nothing to do with acting out of habit? ... The USSR went nuts, but went bankrupt ... There’s no head of your own, or Cheybays with Gaidars continue to steer towards surrender with Russian giblets ...
  2. +22
    19 June 2018 06: 59
    something the author repeats the same thing in the text often. and why insult the ship with a word (pre-avian bearer). Do not seem smarter than those who built this ship!
    1. +3
      19 June 2018 07: 37
      I think if the creators of this aircraft carrier or Buran knew what would happen to their creations, then too, they would not really be eager to spend the country’s deficit means this way.
    2. +1
      19 June 2018 09: 41
      It was just that the Soviet command stubbornly did not want to build full-fledged “aircraft carriers” according to the US classification, with catapults and a normal power plant, and they were behind in technology. Therefore, they did such nedoavianosy, and in order not to copy the amers and pass the Bosphorus, they called them aircraft carriers. And when they came to their senses and began to build Ulyanovsk, alas, it was already too late ...
      1. +5
        19 June 2018 10: 20
        The main question is, for what purposes and task is an aircraft carrier necessary for the RF Ministry of Defense, at least full-fledged, at least inferior. Syria has shown that most combat flights of aviation from TAKR Kuznetsov were carried out from a ground airfield, from an aircraft carrier only to gain the necessary experience - and who will need this experience further if the main work will continue to be done from land airports, which are clearly more advantageous in all respects ... And the main question needs a definite answer - whether an aircraft carrier is needed for the next 20 years, an unequivocal answer - no, that means all attempts in this direction are empty ... To remake the repair of the TAVKR at the UDC, it will serve use, but as the author of the article stated: for today, "whether there is an aircraft carrier or not," the result is the same ...
      2. 0
        19 June 2018 13: 41
        It is a pity that there were no such geniuses who, like you could build from scratch both an aircraft carrier and a death star .... Soviet engineers had to gradually gain experience and technologies from small ones
      3. +2
        19 June 2018 15: 16
        It’s not a catapult or a motor installation, in general. From the American Nimits, it’s a little confusing, who can remember the thread over the past half century, any significant contribution to the unleashing of constant wars ??? Do not sweat and do not try to suck from a finger, they are not. The point is in the concept itself today, purely aircraft carriers, these are dinosaurs long gone, actually following battleships, dreadnought and so on. Today, missiles and drones have no less and even greater (missiles) combat potential than carrier-based fighters, and for the latter they don’t even need a whole floating airfield (from the word at all)
        As for the kuzi itself, for example, I think that his concept, just younger than that, due to its versatility (a mixed air wing and a significant missile part), it is more independent and can be useful today, unlike the nimits, who are just a huge target in sight and all his proud (Hollywood) life was engaged only in exactly the same thing as Kuzya in Syria and no more!
        1. +1
          21 June 2018 15: 34
          Please remember. April 1986, US Operation Eldorado Canyon. 2 aircraft carriers- “Coral Sea” and “America” defeated Libyan air defense in about a day, about 30 aircraft and a naval object in Benghazi (something like a school of underwater saboteurs).
          Kuzey stop calling the aircraft carrier. This is a neglect of a land rat, not a sea wolf. It's disgusting. Nikolai Gerasimovich Kuznetsov did not deserve this. His namesake - the ship - the subject of painstaking labor of hundreds and thousands of sailors - too. I don’t call you Mitka and you.
          1. 0
            22 June 2018 15: 38
            “Please remember. April 1986, the US operation“ Eldorado Canyon. ”2 aircraft carriers-“ Coral Sea ”and“ America ”defeated Libyan air defense in a day, about 30 aircraft and a naval object in Benghazi (something like a school of underwater saboteurs). "

            Look at least on Wikipedia, it could not do without the F - 111, which made 4 refueling in the air and struck. Yes, there was aviation from aircraft carriers, but without airplanes based on ordinary airfields, it could not do ...
            1. 0
              22 June 2018 17: 59
              Quote: voffchik7691
              there could not do without F - 111

              Did you read the database report of that operation except Wikipedia? Well, yes, it didn’t work there, but it could have been done well, there were not so many goals. 10 pieces. F-111 against 2 regiments of A-6E Intruders. And the demonstration groups, the work of the Hokaev and Proulerov (AWACS and EW), emergency and rescue flight support (which was not needed) - all from the deck. All destruction of air defense was undertaken by carrier-based aircraft. So I do not think that I have sinned with an example.
              1. 0
                22 June 2018 20: 02
                No, I didn’t read the report, I just remember that F-111 participated there, and Wikipedia is the first that Google left :-)
                1. 0
                  22 June 2018 23: 08
                  That operation was an example of the tactics of the decks and the American military cunning, we analyzed it in detail, because if something happened - we would have to reflect this ourselves, and we learned it on simulators. But I forgot about the F-111, you recalled. smile hi
    3. +2
      19 June 2018 09: 45
      The one who built the ship was very smart people, only the leadership was a herd of stubborn proud sheep
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. +1
    19 June 2018 08: 12
    Let the MiG-29СМТ and Su-30СМ / 35 retrain.
    The homeland has an excess of aircraft to spoil them with aircraft carriers.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. +2
    19 June 2018 08: 40
    It’s clear that the matter is dark. If our deck pilots do not regularly land on an AK that is being repaired for a long time, then there’s nothing to talk about. AK is rather just a cruiser that rolls planes on deck on the seas. How many landings per deck does each pilot in a squadron have per year? Only by this figure can we judge the existence of our carrier-based aviation, and not by the YouTube films.
  7. +5
    19 June 2018 09: 00
    The author missed another point: growth is important for the officer - this is the career ladder! Five years is a lot, in principle, this is the term from Lieutenant Doc Major in the best scenario. In five years, someone will quit after the term of service, someone will go to increase possibly in other parts, someone will leave to study at the academy. Military service is a constant personnel movement. Five years later, those who are now flying will remain units. For five years, no one will show anything to the lieutenants who have graduated and who have come to serve in this wing. And they too will leave sooner or later. Those who come to the end of the repair will really start from scratch!
    1. +1
      19 June 2018 09: 09
      by the way, and a raid to increase / confirm classiness should be
    2. +1
      19 June 2018 10: 36
      And for some reason, primarily majors and even lieutenant colonels fly for tasks. More precisely, why is it clear that if it is possible to send a seasoned pro, then it makes no sense to send a beginner. But in which army in peacetime can you push up from a leitech to a major, right away at the 3 rank for 5 years? And with this major rank you will be a comedian, the position is absolutely flying, and the regiment must also be able to personally fly. These are already purely administrative posts.
    3. +1
      19 June 2018 14: 06
      Quote: Berkut154
      The author missed another point: growth is important for an officer - this is a career ladder!

      Yes indeed. There is such a thing. It just seems to me that a special career in a narrow circle of 30 (well, with a margin of 40) pilots cannot be made at all.
  8. +2
    19 June 2018 13: 30
    Five years. Five years minimum (for optimists, I think, about 8-10 years old they’ll “Kuznetsov”). Five years not a single landing and not a single take-off from the deck. Erzats in the form of a simulator, thanks, though not computer. I express confidence that the aerobatic skills of Russian deck pilots will turn into almost zero.
    And there is a pension ... sad
  9. +6
    19 June 2018 13: 36
    If only one day without such sad truths! About times, about manners! Joyful to the people and happy to the thieves.
    But there was a time of Chkalov, and how many there were, people who were happy and confident in themselves and the country. And in a person in the Kremlin on holidays and working days of the country. And where did it go?
    1. +1
      19 June 2018 13: 53
      First they betrayed, then they all plundered and sold! And right now they continue. And about Kuznetsov write off nafik, retrain pilots and build submarines and ships
      1. +2
        19 June 2018 19: 07
        I agree to all 100! We would have to hold the defense, and not rummage around the oceans. Let the USA and China play these toys, since they have a lot of warm coasts, as well as ambitions.
  10. owl
    19 June 2018 14: 19
    I would remind everyone of the lost money Zakharchenko ... Not there, quietly, they left .... I mean the training complex. There are no tantrums ...
    1. +1
      19 June 2018 19: 09
      And don’t hope, owl! For these - they won’t go to business, have they really not yet understood? Words, words, and Lel little.
  11. +2
    19 June 2018 14: 22
    Quote: alekc75
    something the author repeats the same thing in the text often. and why insult the ship with a word (pre-avian bearer). Do not seem smarter than those who built this ship!

    The novel somehow altered its orientation altogether, in the sense, from rational patriotism it hit the liberal-noisy whooper. Anything I would like to ask Roman, but besides journalism education, such as military education, is there?
    1. +2
      19 June 2018 15: 56
      Quote: sib.ataman
      Quote: alekc75
      something the author repeats the same thing in the text often. and why insult the ship with a word (pre-avian bearer). Do not seem smarter than those who built this ship!

      The novel somehow altered its orientation altogether, in the sense, from rational patriotism it hit the liberal-noisy whooper. Anything I would like to ask Roman, but besides journalism education, such as military education, is there?

      as far as I know, he is a reserve officer, and in my opinion there is a wound
  12. 0
    19 June 2018 15: 07
    I want to remind the author of the article: "Everyone imagines himself a strategist seeing a battle from the outside."
  13. 0
    19 June 2018 15: 32
    Somehow everything is bad with Kuznetsov, according to the author of this article. Frankly, I did not master it completely, I did not have the strength to read it. Somehow the phrases "everything is lost and everything is bad!"
    And does Russia really need an airborne fleet?
    But the Chinese built their second aircraft carrier precisely in the image of the restored and rebuilt Varyag, and he is the further development of Kuznetsov.
    And actually the concept invested in Kuzya was completely different than that of the client.
    Nevertheless, it is probably too early to say that everything is very unfortunate and bad with Kuzey.
  14. +2
    19 June 2018 15: 40
    MiG did not fall. )))) Yes, he fell because he ran out of fuel. We did not have time to change the cable. No need to juggle. And about what childhood diseases the author says. Let him give an example, and not so, unfounded. Something strange some. It looks like an order. A lot of inaccuracies.
    1. 0
      23 June 2018 09: 04
      "The MiG did not fall.)))) Yes, it fell because it ran out of fuel. We did not have time to change the cable."
      A cable is a cable, but that he couldn’t sit in a himeim? In my opinion, the commanders laughed, it was necessary to put in a himeim. And calmly change the cable ...
  15. +2
    19 June 2018 17: 19
    At one time, we did not master the steam catapult technically. - for this, catch the first sleeper.
    Non-combat losses exceeded all reasonable limits. - two cars is a lot? And how much then? And then what is the ratio with the military is acceptable? For this, catch the second sleeper.
    And the third for the general hysteria in the style - "everyone pissed."
    1. +3
      19 June 2018 19: 17
      Don't take criticism guys so painfully. Roman just made a real diagnosis of the situation with Kuznetsov.
      And anyway - who can clearly explain why Russia needs aircraft carriers? We are not Yankees rummaging around the whole world, and they are emanating something on this matter, even with their printing press (okay, the Fed is not their way, but this business doesn’t change much, until it changes).
      We do not have ice-free ocean coasts, like China and America. We do not need to protect ocean transport routes, we are a supercontinental country.
      And we have something to channel funds and potential on land. And the ocean - the submarine fleet.

      I, a simple techie, would not even build huge shock submarines.
      And he would make several hundred small underwater robots with a nuclear warhead (or with several nuclear torpedoes) and send them to a quiet voyage where necessary.
      The invisibility and autonomy of such weapons is a guarantee of the quietest behavior of our bosom buddies.
      1. +1
        22 June 2018 18: 22
        Quote: NordUral
        And anyway - who can clearly explain why Russia needs aircraft carriers?

        To ensure air defense of the naval forces covering our bases in the North and the position of the SSBNs.
        To perform these tasks, it is necessary to push the line of defense at sea to the Bear. The greater the depth of defense - the greater the distance between the enemy ships and their targets; the longer the ICAPL will have to break through to the SSBN; the longer the SLCMs fly in the air defense zone, etc.
        But the problem is that with the only possible arrangement of covering forces, the right flank of the "bastion" is in the open sea, 600 km from the nearest air base. It is impossible to cover it from land - the fighters from the ground base simply will not have time to approach before the projectiles from the AB reach the launch range of the anti-ship missiles. And it’s impossible to provide air defense of a ship’s connection alone - for a radio horizon allows you to work on targets at the PMW only from about 40 km away.
        So we need a floating airfield located 50-100 miles behind the ship’s groups and providing constant AWACS and the destruction of over-horizon (for ships) targets with the airborne armament of their fighters.
  16. +1
    20 June 2018 00: 01
    [quote = MPN] Even in the Air Force, the maximum break is 3 months, for a 1st-class pilot, then recover ... [/ quo

    What are the long breaks? They will be only 3 months in summer. go to the dining room? One vacation 60 days + road.
    Roman Skomorokhov is he an inspector from the SBP, or didn’t he see it?
  17. +1
    20 June 2018 00: 35
    Find a large barge, gash a flight deck with a command bridge and let the pilots train in sea conditions. What is not THREAD-2?
  18. +1
    20 June 2018 00: 56
    Quote: igor67
    as far as I know, he is a reserve officer, and in my opinion there is a wound

    So what?
    And what does this have to do with the topic "Who will fly from Admiral Kuznetsov? And will it fly?"

    The title of the article is about nothing. I don’t even see problems in the text of the article. Skomarokhov has no idea about training, breaks, training in KBP ((about the number of exercises per course (how many are take-off and landing)), the number of flights in exercises), about coolness, about LTU. To understand Skomarokhov, what is = Kuznetsov = you need to study from the documentation on armaments how to organize a control unit, air defense unit of a complex, or separately. This requires admission, a lot of time. Then practically see how it is being implemented, and whether it is being used (but the ship’s commander does not know about it, if only because he is a sailor). And to understand why today the ship can only be used as a simulator for takeoff and landing of an aircraft, why repairs (modernization) will drag on for at least 5 years with rich funding, the availability of new weapons and military equipment.
    But the problems of training take-off and landing from (to) the deck after months of breaks, even in the absence of access to independent flights, do not exist; it was solved in practice in the second half of the hungry 2s.
  19. +2
    20 June 2018 05: 21
    How is it, actually, when your plane will be serviced by Vasya

    An airplane is by definition serviced by a technician. That is, not to those who fly on it.

    Vasya is a car mechanic.

    A pilot (pilot) is a driver.

    About the catapult and the springboard.

    Not technically mastered. Rave. There is such a thing as EXPEDIENCY. It is easier to take off from a springboard. Easier if you want. Catapult is overweight. Knots and units.

    Another thing is that, yes. He (the aircraft carrier) as such, our country needs as much as. Like Kartsev’s. Deficit remember?

    - No one has. You have.

    1. +1
      22 June 2018 14: 11
      Quote: Vanek
      Not technically mastered. Rave. There is such a thing as EXPEDIENCY.

      Delirium, if only because the catapult at the Proletarsky factory was made back in the 70s. But she did not go beyond factory tests - the catapult for 11435 was curtailed by the decision of Ustinov and Amelko. And then they renewed again - for 11437. But this was already before the very end of the USSR.
      Quote: Vanek
      It is easier to take off from a springboard. Easier if you want.

      On the contrary - catapult take-off is easier. When taking off from a springboard, the pilot must clearly withstand the trajectory of movement, while being subjected to loads of 4-6 g.
      Quote: Vanek
      Catapult is overweight. Knots and units.

      Are springboard designs not overweight?
      Catapult is a complete redesign of a power plant. Because a catapult, such an infection, does not just take away steam, but does it in a pulsed mode. And he does it exactly at the very moment when the AB must continuously maintain full speed (during the take-off time of the air group).
      That is, boilers need a good supply of steam capacity. And forcing the GEM 11434 is not enough.
      1. +1
        22 June 2018 15: 49
        Alexei. I am an amateur, but I have a general idea. Now I will also know this:

        Quote: Alexey RA
        Because the catapult, such an infection, does not just take away steam, but does it in pulsed mode. Moreover, it does this exactly at the very moment when the AV must continuously maintain full speed

        With weight, yes got excited.

        Quote: Alexey RA
        Are springboard designs not overweight?

        Earnestly. Unless all the same nodes and aggregates of the catapult as such are missing.
      2. 0
        23 June 2018 09: 36
        "On the contrary, catapult take-off is easier. When taking off from a springboard, the pilot must clearly withstand the trajectory of movement, while undergoing loads of 4-6 g."
        Do not swear much, I'm not an expert, but logically, the take-off length is the same here and there, the takeoff speed too. Why are overloads different? And another amateur question - By the "star" they showed how Migi took off from the back of a truck with powder accelerators. In this case, is it cheaper to suspend accelerators and go !? You don’t need a catapult, you don’t need steam, you only need a landing deck and an aero bus ...
        I understand that the Mig - 17 is not Su - 33, but it also takes off not from the truck body, but with mileage and the springboard helps ...
  20. +1
    20 June 2018 08: 44
    nothing, that's how we launch all our SU 57, all 2, from it, so everyone will run away!
  21. 0
    21 June 2018 12: 27
    During the Ukrainian rule in the Crimea, NITKA stood idle in Novofedorovka.

    Your untruth. THREAD was used by Russian pilots with 1994. according to 2008 and from 2010. by 2012
  22. 0
    21 June 2018 15: 19
    Systematic attention on the VO website is given to the Admiral Kuznetsov Tavkr. The topic of preserving the qualifications of marine pilots has been raised. I must say - profitable business. At many aerodromes, especially naval aviation, one can often find a wet "deck", and rain, and fog. Do you need to repair a ship? - I have to. Can he fight without repair efficiently now? - Not. Let it be repaired. The fact that the Murmansk residents give such obligations is good. It is also necessary that subcontractors do not disappoint.
    But the first and greatest problem will be after the repair - not the wing, but the crew to reassemble. This is what efforts experienced officers are faced with, so that out of hundreds (and what’s hundreds there - XNUMX there) who didn’t go to sea, to assemble a crew and go to sea. But this will be done, not the first time such a fleet. So they will do with the boys and contract soldiers. And for airborne officers to gain the skill of deck flights, they will gain and restore. It’s too early to worry, and you don’t need to.
  23. 0
    21 June 2018 15: 22
    Quote: lusya
    They will be only 3 months in summer. go to the dining room? One vacation 60 days + road.

    laughing good drinks
  24. 0
    23 June 2018 06: 34
    Good day to all! I read the article and am at a loss and, to put it mildly. It seems that the author just wanted to PR. First of all, who gave him the right to mockingly call our aircraft carriers cruisers "pre-aircraft carriers" ?! The ships of Project 1143 "Krechet" fulfilled their task at that time - the fleet received at least some kind of aviation support and if it had not for the collapse of the Union, it would be supersonic !!! SVPP Yak-141 would have already flown (the F-35 has subsonic speed, and its performance is worse. But in its design, the experience of Yakovlev Design Bureau, which were successfully sold to the USA, was used). Not to mention the fact that our country would have had not only Admiral Kuznetsov, but also a similar Varyag (the current Chinese Liaoning), Ulyanovsk (incidentally with a nuclear power plant and two catapults for take-off aircraft) well, and a few more more advanced ships. Now about ground simulators for training pilots. I won’t spread about YITSK in Yeysk: - The complex is not ready, when it will be ready it is not known where and why the billions have been spent let a separate commission understand (who is interested in the technical side of the issue, I’m ready to answer). Now about NITKA in the Crimea (I say right away that I served at the facility for 9 years as a senior engineer, therefore I know the state and possibilities). Let the author be aware that since 1994, pilots of the Northern Fleet of Russia have been at the NITKA in Crimea, according to an intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and Russia (signed in 1997, ratified in 1999), trainings and trials of the Av. equipment (Su-27IB, Su-27KUB, engines with a deflected thrust vector, etc.). It was already in the 2000s that Ukraine began to obstruct and Russia was forced to start building its Polygon in Yeysk in 2009. The last time flights on the Ukrainian NITKA were carried out in 2010. At present, the NITKA in Crimea is technically operational and, after a series of preparatory work is ready. The technical resource of the main products has been developed by less than 10 percent. The calendar term of use has ended (specialists will understand how the calendar resource differs from the technical one), i.e. the products were practically not used, so they did not wear out. THREAD in Saki is, in fact, a ship buried in concrete. And this is why the Saki training ground is not used, we must ask a question to the leadership of the Armed Forces of Russia. There is a good article http://vsluh.info/society/2455-edinstvennyy-rossi
  25. 0
    23 June 2018 08: 51
    Quote: Vard
    I pay tribute to the prudence of the Ministry of Defense ... Which is not carried out on calls to create an aircraft carrier fleet in Russia ... And one of the two ships for the experience is please ...

    With the advent of the Caliber NK (marine version) on aircraft carriers, you can put a bullet.
  26. 0
    23 June 2018 10: 19
    Bitter truth.
    Unpleasant, but - the TRUTH!
    Another stroke to the real state of things.
    Here, guys from military service in the Airborne Forces come. Elite! They say.
    Two jumps per year of service, three stores of shot cartridges per year, and sand-filled pipes "Bumblebees" behind.
    If it is cream (Elite) - then what is milk?
  27. 0
    23 June 2018 18: 56
    Five years closer ...
  28. 0
    25 June 2018 17: 17
    There is no one to fly from stationary airfields, but you are Kuzya, Kuzya!
  29. 0
    27 June 2018 22: 10
    Quote: voffchik7691
    "On the contrary, catapult take-off is easier. When taking off from a springboard, the pilot must clearly withstand the trajectory of movement, while undergoing loads of 4-6 g."

    Well, if the legs are different in length and this is allowed by order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation No. 455 (http://base.garant.ru/181227/53f89421bbdaf74
    1eb2d1ecc4ddb4c33 /), then you may not be able to withstand the given direction. Some managed to take off from the springboard on the brakes.

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