"Successful" Europe and "unsuccessful" Russia


You meet periodically assessments of the situation in Russia, the development of Russia, Russian problems, made, so to speak, from Europe (Eastern Europe, the “very” Eastern Europe). At first glance, it is interesting and instructive, well, of course: people from abroad always look at internal realities in their own way, which allows us to get some additional information. However ... however, there is such a system error for everyone from the outside. Almost everyone.

Very often, they simply perceive Russia as a “bad variant of Europe.” Unsuccessful such. It is difficult to say what this is all about: in principle, the very Europeans never considered Russians “theirs” - even approximately. No, if Russians always and everywhere tried to “draw” into all European projects - then another matter. Then their “amazement” would be understandable. But, as a rule, everything was exactly the opposite.

Therefore, the assessment of Russia, precisely from the point of view of compliance with the very "standards", cannot but cause sincere misunderstanding. The same Europeans readily recognize the uniqueness of the countries of the Arab culture, Turkey, Iran, India, China, Japan ... but not Russia. In principle, it is quite obvious that by its stories, state structure, customs and norms, culture and traditions, Russia is very different from Europe.

The massive borrowing of European culture, beginning with Peter the Great, changed very, very much, but could not rewrite the social and cultural basis of Russian society. It is rather strange to assess Russia from the point of view of Western European standards: what worked well for them does not necessarily work well for us, and our goals may be slightly different.

This initial error makes almost all further analysis absolutely meaningless. Just compare, for example, Russia and the Czech Republic. Absolutely different size of territory, absolutely different climate (set of climates!), Absolutely different national picture. State tasks within the country and in foreign policy also differ very, very strongly. The Russian state with all the desire not to can to be like Czech is impossible by definition.

If we compare Russia with France, Germany or Poland, the conclusions will be quite similar. We are so different. And the Russian government cannot copy French in any way: it would be very, very strange. For some reason, practically none of the “observers” have this in any way come to mind. After all, for example, the polity of the very same United States of America is very, very far from the structure of the Czech Republic. However, no one in Europe puts it "in appearance" for the Americans.

The “uniqueness” and “otherness” of the United States is perceived quite normally and even with interest / approval. But for some reason this does not apply to Russia. As a resident of Russia, I would, for example, be careful not to give "friendly advice" to the Germans or the British in organizing their political system and solving their political issues - we are too different, and what is good in Russia is not necessarily as good in Europe. Moreover, I would be careful (and many of us love to do this) to give advice to Americans about their enormous problems.

We are not they, they are not us. Our initial understanding of what “good” is and what is “bad” is very, very different in our country. However, they have no understanding of this fact at all. On the contrary, the principle of a bad, second-rate Europe operates. That is, the discussion on the Europe-Russia line in itself loses all meaning after that. When a compact European country (such as Holland) is considered as a model and on the basis of this some far-reaching conclusions are drawn with respect to Russia, there will be no limit to surprise.

A certain meaning was at one time compared, for example, the Russian and the Dutch empires - that is, super-systems entirely (if, of course, it makes sense to compare such dissimilar state entities altogether). Comparison of a giant state that occupies most of Eurasia with a small cozy European country looks rather strange.

Theoretically, Russia and Holland cannot have the same or similar polity - this is impossible. There is no ideal / universal government — it’s just an obsessive myth. However, how many times have we heard the admiring "squeals and squeals" of our compatriots who have been in one or another "small cozy European country", and each time it causes complete and sincere admiration and even the desire to do everything one-on-one "like people".

Say, simply all you need to "copy", well, everything will work. It is clear that “corrupt officials”, who do not want to share power, interfere with this. So everything is simple, accessible and understandable. In principle, this tradition is not one century. There is, by the way, a reverse tradition: to prove that it is all right with us, but just in the "godless" West everything is disgusting. That, in principle, is also very reasonable and promising.

Sorry, there is no "wrong" Russian history. Or what, 1000 years - and everything is wrong? Turkey, for example, is very much not similar to Europe (although it wanted to join the EU), but nobody really pokes it for dissimilarity.

We have to get used to such a funny paradox: we are very similar in appearance to the Northern Europeans, for the last 300 years we have actively borrowed their culture, technology and technology, as well as philosophical and political ideas. However, we are not. Russians are not Europeans, and the state here will always develop differently.

And the same Europeans always will treat us like strangers. Well, and no one offers India to directly borrow the experience of the same Switzerland, stupid because. And we are actively offered. The reason for the fundamental conflict of Russia with the same Europe is the categorical unwillingness of the latter to recognize the “otherness” and peculiarity of Russia. The categorical unwillingness to recognize the role of a separate civilization center for Russia.

But if you look at the events of the same 20-th century from this point of view, then much becomes clear. Regarding the population ratio: China has often been a supergiant in this area ... however, he almost never had a global cultural influence. Only the Far East. India, with its vast population and history spanning more than one millennium, has influenced world culture, of course, somewhat more, but not to say that it is many times stronger than China.

But Russia, on the contrary, had an impact “on a global scale”, both cultural and political. And in the purely technical / technological sphere it is rather strange to deny its influence: the entire 20 century is a clear evidence of that. Earlier, Russia had a serious political influence on Europe. But the cultural and historical features of Russia are of no particular interest to anyone in Europe - this is, so to speak, the root of all ills. Russia is perceived there as a “wrong element”, which must undergo a complete “transformation” in order to become part of that same “democratic Western world”.

What this “transformation” looks like most clearly can be seen on the territory of the former. Of Ukraine. Why, by the way, the complete collapse of the economy, the collapse of society and the massacres there do not cause any rejection in Western Europe? Yes, because everything that was earlier, - everything was “wrong” and needs alteration, and, of course, it is necessary to cut it alive, but, as they say, the wood is cut down - the chips fly, or you cannot fry an omelette without breaking eggs.

Therefore, there is nothing to be horrified by. Do you want "European integration"? Get it and sign it! And no one promised that "before communism" everyone will reach. And on the road, too, no one signed up to feed. Of course, a certain percentage of Ukrainians will survive in the midst of this lawlessness, of them and a “new free Ukraine” will be built. And why do you think that the mass death of Ukrainians is a tragedy? Tragedy, sorry for whom? Where do so many sentiments come from?

As a matter of fact, what we see in Ukraine is exactly how, in the opinion of our European "friends", the future of Russia should look. Well, in the first approximation. That is why it is extremely difficult for us to reach a “compromise”. Because from their point of view, this very “compromise” categorically does not take into account the interests of Russia, and does not imply the existence of Russia as a single state.

That is why the “return of the Crimea” (an event not too significant from a geopolitical point of view) caused such a hate storm In the case of Crimea, our European friends seemed to slightly reveal their cards. After all, in theory, one could say: yes, to hell with it, with this Crimea, we have enough of our concerns. In the end, the Crimea within Russia is a stable and prosperous region. Want to solve acute problems? So do North Africa. Take care of the Balkans, finally.

A strange thing, giant resources are focused precisely on the "return of the Crimea." Is everything already in order in Ukraine? And with the Baltics? With Bulgaria? People returned to Russia, they feel good there, so leave them alone, but no ... Actually, the European Union has enormous moral obligations to the tens of millions of people from the former CMEA who now live under the star-dark blue flag.

They (Bulgarians, Hungarians, Estonians ...) were promised a lot of things when they joined the EU, including in the economic sphere. The task is difficult, and the task is not for one generation. But no one is trying to solve it, instead, in the same Baltic during the “war of sanctions” the economy is seeking. In general, the EU does not owe anything to the Crimea, as the Crimeans do not owe anything to the European Union. But about the Eastern European countries (and South European) can not be said.

In general, the sensible leadership of any power first of all cares about a certain arrangement of its own citizens, and only then tries to solve other people's problems. So, the already economically weak Eastern / Southern Europe lost billions “because of the Crimea”, lost irrevocably.

That is, the gentlemen in Brussels / Strasbourg hate Russia so much that they are ready to sacrifice the interests of the citizens of the European Union in order to annoy her. From their point of view, regardless of the degree of well-being in Sevastopol, his presence inside Russia is bad, and this must be fought at all costs. Including the cost of impoverishment of EU citizens living in the Baltic States. Any strange priorities for them? Are they fighting for universal justice? Nobody chose them to be the "emperors of the galaxy".

Simultaneously with the “Crimean holiday season”, “truly” Ukraine is faced with truly eerie outrages. However, this does not cause a word of criticism. We agree that corruption and abuse of power is everywhere, but in Russia today they are somewhat less than in Ukraine. A freedom of speech and the law a little more. However, the EU of the last forces supports Ukraine and crushes Russia.

During the acute phase of the conflict in Ukraine, there was no “communication” other than threats, attacks and insults from Europe. The opinion of the inhabitants of the Crimea, the Donbass, and Russia as a whole did not interest anyone in any way. There was a hard power pressure.

Doesn't it seem strange to you that nobody tried to agree on anything, “convince” Russia about anything, or “bargain”? Neither try to find some kind of compromise ... There is an attempt to stupidly push the border of EU influence to the east at any cost. Through lies, coups, murders and ethnic cleansing ... And at the same time at any cost eliminate any Russian influence in these territories.

That is, a completely classic “beautiful new world” is supposed to be built on the ruins of the old. At the same time, the mass death of Aboriginal people in the course of "radical reorganization" is not considered a fundamental problem. Gentlemen, who are in favor of European projects in Russia, are you, in fact, where are you taking us?

Here, theoretically, hypothetically, that very Ukraine could have become a zone of contact and interpenetration of Europe and Russia. Well, if you look at the situation in the abstract. Paradoxically, if you unfold the situation, then ... it could turn out to be very interesting, a kind of synthesis of approaches and historical traditions.

However, as we all know, in Ukraine the situation is fundamentally different. Another point is not clear here: if the Western model is so “more efficient”, then why so many prohibitions and restrictions? People themselves will learn English / German, people will themselves switch from Orthodoxy to Catholicism / Uniateism. People themselves refuse Russian banks and soc. networks. However, we have bans, bans, bans.

After all, Ukraine can be regarded as a testing ground for interaction, interpenetration of two cultures (Russian and European). Somehow it interestingly happens, right? What does “wrong” mean? What does it mean - "this is not a precedent"? Let's just take the example of Ukraine (the state itself with the letter U is of little interest) consider the process of interaction and cooperation.

And, strictly speaking, why not? Great example! Here, the attitude of Europeans towards Russian traditions, culture and history as something wrong, unworthy and incomplete can be clearly seen. All this must be cleaned up and start building from scratch. So to say, "country of Ukraine" as tabula rasa. That is, in fact, we have exactly that.

No matter how someone likes it, but Ukraine is precisely “territory”, and what is happening on this territory does not cause any denial in Europe. So it is here that it is very curious to observe the very respect that Europeans have for the "great Russian culture." The factual approach is extremely simple: all this must be banned / burned with hot iron. I do not like? I understand, but in fact everything is exactly so. They begin to have serious respect for the “great Russian culture” when it is protected by the “great Russians tanks", no other way.

The approach in Europe is such a simple one: Ukraine is not Russia, and to Russia no has no relationship and can not have. And Russia does not need to go there. Approximately the same applies to the Baltic states - this is part of Europe, and there is nothing for the Russians to do there, because everything the Russians are doing is wrong (we will do everything right!). That is, they are ready to lead discussions on the political situation in Russia. But not in Georgia, not in the Baltics, not in Ukraine and not in Moldova.

But as far as Russia is concerned, yes, one can discuss here. Excuse me, why do we need such “discussions”? In politics, it is very important to impose "your game." So, with regard to the same Baltic states, it is necessary to consider this territory as a “zone of interaction” of two cultures: for many centuries the Baltic was part of the Russian Empire / USSR, now it is part of the European Union ... So what do we have? What results have been achieved?

We must be able to be arrogant and persevering (our legendary "modesty" did not bring us anything good). What is happening in Ukraine also concerns us: it is the former part of the USSR / RI. It is not worth discussing with our esteemed European colleagues what is happening in Russia (this is our internal affair), we need to actively discuss how successfully the transformation of the former CMEA countries went, how high the standard of living there is today.

It is necessary to actively discuss the situation in the same Baltic states, Georgia from the point of view: what was then, what we have now, what are the prospects. If the position of our esteemed partners will be that now it does not concern us ... well, then we have nothing to discuss, as it were.

I still do not fundamentally see in the EU a certain “super-megagiant” - even for a “successful” Poland within the European Union, the Russian market, including the transportation market, is very, very important. I don’t even want to talk about unfortunate Balts.

The promise of such discussions can be very simple: here you are constantly imposing certain political “reforms” on us, and let's see and evaluate those countries in which they have “successfully” passed, let's discuss their successes. And if nothing really happened in small Estonia / Bulgaria, then how can one recommend these reforms of big Russia? Let's rate how much your recipes successful in Eastern Europe.

What did Georgia get in terms of standard of living / human rights? Let's compare with the USSR and let's discuss. When we see that your recipes work great, we will listen to you.

Indeed, in fact, in the 2014 year, it was precisely the “abduction of Ukraine” that took place, that is, it was necessary to put “our people” in power, to reduce Russian influence to zero, to impose sanctions against Russia in order to “change Russian policy towards Ukraine” . Well, and do "reform." So let us assess today what are the political results in a “pro-Western” Ukraine and should we do this? What's so funny?

We have somehow decided to accuse "Kiev" of everything, in Eastern Europe - the Russian occupation of the "East of Ukraine". But you can approach the situation from a completely different angle: at the beginning of 2014, the pro-Western vector was decidedly chosen in Ukraine, so: what are the results, what are the achievements? In politics, economics, state building? What is the level of freedom there?

Once again - in Ukraine, Westerners did what they thought was necessary, so: what are the results? Make us a presentation! After all, we have been “rubbed” for so many years that “everything is wrong” here. So, please, with an example of such historically and culturally close Ukraine, tell us how everything is good in the “Western model” and how bad everything is in the “Russian” one. So to speak, "on points".

I understand that they are extremely unprofitable. Therefore, they are in such discussions and do not climb in principle. But we must learn to impose discussions on those sites that are more profitable to us. You always recommend some reforms to us, right? So. Are these good reforms? Otherwise you would not offer them? So, let us evaluate the results of these reforms on the example of Ukraine, which “overthrew a corrupt government” with the help of Western “friends”.

Who can forbid us to do this? It seems that all of Ukraine is the Crimea and the Donbass, which are not Ukraine at all. So let's discuss with our Western "friends" the results that were achieved during the state reform of "the very country" according to Western patterns. If they are not ready to do this (and they are not ready in principle), then what can they advise Russia if in Ukraine their “recipes” and “recommendations” led to a collapse?

Let's learn to consider Ukraine separately from the Crimea and the Donbass. Let us, in response to horrible fables about Russian problems, puzzle the opponent with the question: how successful is modern Ukraine? How successful is modern Lithuania? Georgia?

Our problem is that we are persistently trying to win on “their sites”: while speaking about limitrofits, they replace the question of “economic success” (which is not found in Georgia or Estonia) with the question of “protection from the Russian threat”. And for some reason they prefer to compare Germany with Russia ...

That is, the intrigues of Grybauskaite on the “Russian threat” need not be justified (this is meaningless), but ask the same sacramental question: “And how much is your country successful in the modern world? ”Like, we want to take a couple of lessons of state-building from you.

"Successful" Europe and "unsuccessful" Russia
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  1. +8
    19 June 2018 05: 48
    The hysteria about Crimea is caused by the fact that there the USA planned to create its base ... They don’t like it when they pull a candy out of their mouth ...
    1. +1
      19 June 2018 06: 16
      The question is not about the recluses, but in Europe ... It was a shame when they started to put them in the far corner .. Yes
      Quote: Vard
      The hysteria about Crimea is caused by the fact that there the USA planned to create its base ... They don’t like it when they pull a candy out of their mouth ...
      1. 0
        21 June 2018 23: 16
        India, with its vast population and history dating back more than one millennium, has influenced world culture, of course, somewhat more, but not to say that it is many times stronger than China.

        ALL SENT ARTICLES "----"

        soon will be their "100 shame of Europe" (unified?)
        the achievements of China and India are not noticed (and 400 years ago) in Europe. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE THE RELATIONSHIP TO THE GREAT ASIAN COUNTRIES OF DR. ASIANS.
    2. MPN
      19 June 2018 12: 06
      Quote: Vard
      They do not like it when they pull a candy out of their mouth ...
      hi Do you think the whole question is for sweets? lol But this is so! The article is correct, except.
      As a resident of Russia, for example, I would be careful not to give "friendly advice" to the Germans or the British in organizing their political system and resolving their political issues
      And I would not hesitate to give one piece of advice, Do not go to us first, and without waiting in line, in turn, dog children, in turn, and only on foster days!
    3. 0
      20 June 2018 11: 04
      that no us was going to create a base there, do not mislead people. this "base" was invented in order to justify the deprivation of the Crimea. it’s just that the Russian Federation successfully used the moment and that’s it, and now Crimea has essentially become a solid military base soldier hi
    4. +2
      20 June 2018 17: 26
      Quote: Vard
      The hysteria about Crimea is caused by the fact that there the USA planned to create its base ... They don’t like it when they pull a candy out of their mouth ...

      Still more serious for the USA. Each such case creates a dangerous precedent for the United States. It turns out that in the world you can do something without the highest permission from the United States. And more and more countries are beginning to understand this. Have you noticed how the world is changing lately? If before, a simple shout from the USA was enough, and everyone was tightening their tails. Now, more and more countries are beginning to realize that they also have rights, they are beginning to impose retaliatory sanctions against the United States, and they are beginning to directly ignore Washington’s opinion. That's where the horror for the USA is. Crimea, this is the grain of sand that caused the avalanche.
    5. 0
      21 June 2018 11: 29
      Quote: Vard
      The hysteria about Crimea is caused by the fact that there the USA planned to create its base ... They don’t like it when they pull a candy out of their mouth ...

      Is there any evidence? Why do they need this base?
  2. +2
    19 June 2018 06: 31
    Russia and Holland theoretically cannot have the same
    With one mop, this country can be torn off in two days! And for us, just to collect and hand over the bottles, railway trains will be required!
    1. +6
      19 June 2018 07: 17
      Extremely bad thought and wording - it can be interpreted as saying that full pigs live in the Russian Federation (because otherwise why are the compounds for cleaning some cans / bottles ?!), and there everything is 100% decent.

      PS It’s kind of like the center of the city (where I live), the city itself, with a “claim to culture”, is trying to “screw” separate garbage collection (yes, I sort it and throw it in different containers, like most of my neighbors, by the way).
      My windows look out over the large quarterly shopping center. And every day I see the inside of the inhabitants of this area:
      - "men" kiss in a hickey when they think that no one sees them
      - all year round someone is full and shit right under the windows of this house
      - drunk almost every day ... and of all ages - from shkololo to old grandmothers and grandfathers.
      - the darkness of women of all ages (from 15-16 years old and ending again with old virgins) with cigarettes in their mouths (right under the sign "no smoking here")

      And they all litter, beat bottles, bring some rubbish and throw it away. I've been watching this for years. So yes, it would even seem to be the "intellectual capital" of Siberia, and pigs live.
      1. +1
        19 June 2018 07: 24
        Quote: S-Kerrigan
        everything is 100% decent there.

        I'm talking about the difference in territory ....
        Well, about bottles, there are chukhans everywhere!
  3. +2
    19 June 2018 06: 55
    Peter roamed around Europe, not for training, but for hiring executive managers. Then these managers began to rule the history of RUSSIA, teaching and misinterpreting. For the royal house, whose members were exchanged with the Germans, this became ideologically important. Only under Alexandra the second and third began to recall that they are all the same tsars in RUSSIA. It’s just that more than one generation has been brought up among the noblemen and * tiligents * those who were obliged to look at Europe with enthusiasm, education was compelling.
    Yes, and about the success of Europe, too, somehow I can not believe it. Too much they lie. Even in the little things. Debts and the robbery of the colonies are hushed up like so much more, including aggression against other countries.
    1. +2
      19 June 2018 17: 45
      One has only to start, but to stop hard. Mikhailo Vasilievich repeatedly and firmly spoke about the German dominance. And this is only in science! Wearing caftans and stockings and smoking pipes (this is unhealthy) is one thing, and turning youth away from faith and a craving for knowledge is another. Peter our prince, he did not want to dress everyone in wigs. Excessive execution of harsh sovereign decrees led to the exaltation of the Western and the reproach of their own for many years (the good king and bad boyars - very effective, by the way!)
  4. +2
    19 June 2018 07: 26
    In fact, for the last 500 years, Russia has been an empire, even if it officially became 300 years ago. Moreover, the methods of government and the development of the outskirts in this empire radically differed from the “generally accepted” world practice. Moreover, they periodically managed to step on calluses to potential masters of the world from the British and French to the Germans. Hence the "personal hostility" of the Euroreich to upstarts from the east, which do not allow to stretch little hands playful to idle resources.
  5. +7
    19 June 2018 07: 40
    Europe is really successful, look France, the government is trying to raise the retirement age by six months, Paris washed its face with blood because of the demonstrations that are allowed there, demonstrations in Macedonia do not put anyone down, and you know that our people can express their opinion only in the kitchen, and then when collecting no more than two per square meter? Otherwise, my successful fellow citizens are in prison to you, and if you try to legally obtain permission to demonstrate, you will be allowed to find a thread in Mozambique ... Therefore, after a government statement on increasing the retirement age, there’s silence in Russia for 5-8 years, because us my dear totalitarianism. And nobody wants to go to jail ...
    Still wanting Putin for president is?
    1. +5
      19 June 2018 08: 34
      When you react to the dispersal of the permitted demonstration as the French (and most importantly they will not bark because of the hill) you will be allowed) And please do not tell me about the prison) You write about the collapse of the country in newspapers and on TV. And all these people and the media are still alive and well.
    2. +5
      19 June 2018 08: 52
      Are you speaking out in the kitchen now and not more than two authorized people are reading you? No? So the dogs for the totalitarian regime have already left for you, and soon, waiting for the daily execution in the Gulag, you will only have to dream about beautiful France
    3. +6
      19 June 2018 10: 13
      Quote: Shurale
      and you are aware that our people can express their opinion only in the kitchen, and then when collecting no more than two per square meter?

      what So do you think your kitchen is in 2 square ??? Nadozha how much the site fell! wassat
  6. +2
    19 June 2018 08: 30
    Our trouble is that we are stubbornly trying to win at "their sites":
    Quite rightly noticed. But in rare cases, when we succeed (and there are such examples), they instantly change the rules and, often, change the rules only for us. Therefore, wherever possible, you need to impose "your game."
  7. +1
    19 June 2018 09: 16
    On the whole, humanity within itself is an extremely cruel, uncompromising system. True, with one important caveat - whenever possible. In relations between countries, there is no place for any principles of humanity, let’s say so. Everything is extremely cynical and ruthless. But, again, if possible.
    In other words, as soon as a country has the opportunity to increase its territory and influence, this immediately happens, regardless of the fate of specific people living on the territory of the enemy.
    Of course, Russia is such an adversary for the conventional Western world, and of course this very world is trying to get rid of this adversary, that is, us. And, of course, nobody cares about how many of us will die in this, and what will happen to us at all. The main thing that they themselves would not have suffered.
    Probably, the West still lacks classical military force, or there are additional considerations, for example, the presence of a nuclear power plant, the destruction of which could damage the territories of the aggressor itself. This is not so important.
    It is important that they chose the path of destruction "from within", with our own hands. Moreover, they already have the experience of precisely such a method of destroying countries.
    However, it turned out that the traditional model with the propaganda of "Western values" did not work for us - the percentage of supporters of the Western idea is at the level of statistical error, and the definition of the liberal opposition has turned into a laughing stock among the people.
    Then another option was chosen. Namely - use the so-called. "longing for the USSR" among the majority of the population.
    If in the first version it was argued that our unfit power must be urgently changed and done in the West, as in the same Holland, for example, or France, now this whole idea of ​​overthrowing is based on the mythical "restoration of the USSR."
    Of course, the goal in both cases is the same - the destruction of the enemy, that is, of us. But it must be recognized that the second option is much more insidious.
    Fortunately, the implementation of the second version of the "project of destruction" in our country is engaged in no more intelligent citizens than carriers of the liberal idea.
    So while destruction does not threaten us, despite the wild howl and bacchanalia on the Internet.
    I really hope that in this case it will turn out to be repulsed, and we will not lose what has already been built, no matter what it seems to anyone.
    Maybe at least once in our history it will turn out not to destroy everything to the rubble, but just to build, even if not as fast as we would like.
    1. +4
      19 June 2018 09: 35
      Of course, Russia is such an adversary for the conventional Western world, and of course this very world is trying to get rid of this adversary, that is, us. And, of course, nobody cares about how many of us will die in this, and what will happen to us at all. The main thing that they themselves would not have suffered.

      By the way, neither Belarusians nor Ukrainians want to understand this
      That in the case of successful implementation of the plan of the West - their place in the cemetery.
      1. +1
        19 June 2018 10: 01
        You can even sympathize with them.
        They do not want to become part of the empire, the Russian world, and for the West they are the same coveted territory of development as Russia. The maximum that is possible is to act as cannon fodder in the confrontation between the West and Russia.
        But at the same time and no matter how significant they are, they are not - neither economically nor militarily, nor in any other.
        so there are exactly two ways - either the “Russian world”, or under the strict guidance of NATO with machine guns forward along Russian territory.
        The third option - joining the "family of European peoples" is completely excluded. Unless in the form of small ethnic groups for the fun of ethnographers and tourists, well, or in the form of an inexpensive labor force.
      2. +1
        19 June 2018 10: 46
        There is no need to blame everyone indiscriminately; in the Donbass, Ukrainians are fighting on both sides of the front, for Euro-values ​​and servile yoke and against it
        1. +3
          19 June 2018 11: 19
          Ukrainians are fighting on both sides of the front

          there like the Russian Donbass fighting with the Ukrainians
          or not?
          1. 0
            19 June 2018 17: 18
            There, in the militia, there are a lot of people from Kiev, and even from the Zapadenshchina, and they are found in punishers from the Crimea and Moscow. In general, Russian is a wiser Ukrainian and vice versa, a Ukrainian is a feral Russian)
          2. +3
            19 June 2018 18: 01
            no. with ukrofashistami.
            Ukrainian is not a nationality, but a party affiliation. soldier
  8. +1
    19 June 2018 09: 17
    Dear Author easily convinced me and 11 more people with their comments! His would be excellent arguments, but in the ears of European parliamentarians, but alas! A good article.
    1. +1
      19 June 2018 18: 03
      umm ... the article is just about the fact that these words do not by definition go into the "ears of European parliamentarians". rather, they go into the ears and the European brain rejects this.
  9. +4
    19 June 2018 09: 32
    Comparing the gigantic state that occupies most of Eurasia with a small, cozy European country looks rather strange.

    Correctly! Gold words! I always said and say: You can not compare Russia with any country. We are different, starting from the size of the state and ending with our mentality and culture!
  10. +2
    19 June 2018 09: 56
    The article is correct! It’s time for Russia to actively work in the field of Propaganda and Counterpropaganda and to impose its initiative, its concept of development (if there is one?)!
    And “immersing yourself in guilt and making excuses” is the first manipulative principle, from family to interstate! Yes
  11. 0
    19 June 2018 11: 20

    Exchanger in Sheremetyevo for arrivals
  12. 0
    19 June 2018 19: 03
    They have something to learn, so it’s not shameful to adopt experience and copy.
  13. 0
    19 June 2018 21: 01
    It is impossible to compare the incomparable: humanity has developed over the centuries, not knowing about the existence of other peoples. And peoples not only speak different languages, each nation has centuries-old experience of survival, adaptation to climate, food. And therefore, the existence of the state is protection against external influences, intentional and unintentional harm. And the state is vitally necessary to strengthen in order to defend the vital interests of citizens. Between states it is necessary to establish relations, but only mutually beneficial. And globalization is an enemy of the peoples, because It is aimed at strengthening the strong due to the weaker. Globalization brings misfortunes to the peoples, leaving behind small countries and most of the people, which is now observed in the world. There is no need to copy and imitate the West: it’s useful to adopt something, but to be like Ellochka from the “12 chairs” nationwide is a crime against the state.
  14. 0
    19 June 2018 21: 45
    It is clear that Russia is not Europe. And now what? Is the right side of the pictures our destiny?
    1. 0
      20 June 2018 04: 45
      Everyone sees what he wants. Do you have everything like in the picture around your house?
      In my village there is quite tolerable asphalt, electric trains are in good condition, there is no such fault.
      Is the village of Prokudskoye in Europe?
    2. 0
      21 June 2018 12: 33
      Quote: aleks.29ru
      It is clear that Russia is not Europe. And now what? Is the right side of the pictures our destiny?

      Russia is far from homogeneous. Moscow is a completely European city.
  15. 0
    20 June 2018 12: 38
    The author ... was the USSR. And a strange device appeared - real public opinion (unfortunately not in our country but in the West). But the USSR is gone. So your article is not bad. But there is a small problem - to whom is it addressed? The question is sad.
    The fact is that modern politics (like economics) have two layers. The first is public. That explain to us. And the second - what and how is really done. The first layer degenerated into a clean, like a tear, fooling. Psycho-processing of suckers to trample them, that is, suckers, in the place intended for them, under the number 16. The article is too smart for this.
    For the second ... People who in our country pursue a frankly, let's say, stupid policy of "European integration" simply cannot afford to hear you.
    But how? They are not suitable for their intellectual parameters for those tasks that they solve every day. The ways in which power is obtained in our country have nothing to do with a complex and powerful intellect. But is there something you need to do? If ONLY to steal, very quickly shove from bread places. It means that? We need a simple, very simple, otherwise an idea will not fit into any kind of Kudrin’s head. Which can be followed so as not to mow too much. That European integration is perfect.
    Well, our binodrales are not able to understand how and what to do! This is REAL government, and not "steal and share!" How to be that ?! And there is a way out. We must do everything as those who succeed. For example, as in Europe. And everything will be chocolate, as in Switzerland! Actually not so silly at first glance. The only problem is that you need to really understand how and what Europeans did for example. And for this we need huge brains! Which are not a trace.
    Alas, this has not just begun. Back in the USSR, in its last decade, communication between the government and science was practically lost. The state apparatus simply ceased to understand what scientists were saying to him. And now there’s even no scientists, only budget managers, and apparatchiks, I’m not talking about the first figures, are simply not able to think hard, since the criteria for their selection in terms of intelligence and qualifications have been completely lost.
    They can’t do anything. But even more so, they cannot admit that they screwed up! This automatically means separation from the feeder, and this is unthinkable. Alas. Not a bad article, but addressed to no one.
  16. 0
    21 June 2018 11: 28
    Very often, they simply perceive Russia as a "bad version of Europe." Unsuccessful one. It’s hard to say what this is all about.

    The author himself came up with some kind of thought, passed it off as the collective mind of the West and is trying to answer it himself.
    The author, when was the last time CAM was in the West and spoke to people?
    1. 0
      28 June 2018 07: 59
      I read their newspapers
      I watch the news
      and "ordinary people" do not take a great interest in politics neither here nor there ...
      So "asking the average Frenchman what he thinks for Putin" is a bit pointless.

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