Estonia buys a large batch of Mistral 3 MANPADS

MBDA European Industrial Association reported on the signing in Paris of a contract for the supply of a large batch of man-portable air defense missile systems (MANPADS) to Estonia Mistral 3.

Estonia buys a large batch of Mistral 3 MANPADS

The contract value is € 50 million with an option for another 100 million. The number of installations and the missiles are not disclosed to them.

The supply will also include training missiles, simulators and test equipment. The first batch of products must be handed over to the Estonian military in 2020.

According to Colonel Rauno Sirk, head of the Estonian Defense State Defense Center, the purchase of additional anti-aircraft systems, along with the acquisition of the KHNUMX Thunder automatic rifles and howitzers, is one of the main priorities and major investments in the republic’s defense in the coming years.

The association’s press service noted that Estonia is acquiring the latest generation of Mistral SHORAD rockets, which provide higher accuracy and have a longer service life than previous generation ammunition.

MBDA representatives added that the Estonian army has been using Mistral missiles since 2009. The contract in force since then was renewed in 2015. The last missiles under this contract will arrive in Estonia in 2019.

The current contract was concluded in order to ensure continuity of supply after 2019.

The conclusion of the next contract with our Estonian partners confirms the great confidence they attach to the MBDA products, and especially the products of the latest generation Mistral. We take it as another sign of confidence from the Estonian armed forces,
quoted by the press service of the company's vice president Didier Philippe.
  • Estonian Ministry of Defense
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  1. The comment was deleted.
    1. +3
      15 June 2018 15: 17
      certainly help ... You yourself imagined a war where the Iskanders fly, the bells ring ... But the war in the Baltic states will more likely resemble a hybrid war: where first there are displeased grandmothers with icons, then the capture of administrative buildings, tricolor, roadblocks, mishandled Cossacks, distribution weapons, capture of the border, referendum on separation.
      1. +5
        15 June 2018 15: 24
        Quote: Andriy Uryvalov
        first, disgruntled grandmothers with icons, then seizure of administrative buildings, tricolor, roadblocks, mishandled Cossacks, distribution of weapons, seizure of the border, referendum on separation.

        # Estonia our ...? what
        1. +4
          15 June 2018 15: 31
          # why the hell did she give up ...?
          maximum Narva return
          1. +3
            15 June 2018 15: 35
            Give Belarusians! Let them remember how good it is to live under the "dictatorship" ...
            1. +2
              15 June 2018 16: 15
              Sanya, what have we (Belarusians) done wrong to you that you are sowing these (untranslatable puns) to us? Nafig nafig nafig! May they join their beloved Mattress.
    2. +6
      15 June 2018 15: 29
      Quote: Magic Archer
      In general, I am surprised at the bastards! Do they really think that their mini armies will help them in the event of a conflict?! Although if you think that Ukrainians have already “fought” with us for 4 of the year)))) And at the same time Powder says that they already have a super army)) )))

      In the battles that will be in development and in forest arrays, modern MANPADS can play a significant role in the composition of small, mobile units. Often just restraining.
      1. MPN
        15 June 2018 16: 37
        Is someone going to fight with them? In the same place, it is clear to you that Trump ordered the purchase of arms at 2% of GDP, take it if you want it or not ... Give the slogan "To each Estonian by MANPADS !!!"
    3. +1
      15 June 2018 16: 59
      Offer all small countries to disarm? Belarus too?
      In general, I am surprised at all who buy weapons, they really think that they will survive when the Sun swallows the Earth ...
  2. 0
    15 June 2018 15: 04
    Essonia on nad use? Fools really do not understand that if something happens, even there will be no wet place. They won’t even have time to use it.
  3. +2
    15 June 2018 15: 26
    hi MANPADS "" Mistral "
    GOS is capable of hijacking and escorting a jet aircraft at ranges of up to 6 km, and a helicopter equipped with devices to reduce infrared radiation can fly at distances of up to 4 km, even at heading courses.
    High-explosive fragmentation warhead of the rocket contains ready-made tungsten spherical-shaped striking elements (1500 pieces). The warhead is equipped with contact and laser non-contact fuses.
    Lesion area, m:
    - range 500-6000
    - height 5-3000
    Maximum speed of hit targets, km/h 1500
    Rocket flight speed, M 2.6
    Flight time at maximum range, from 14
    Rocket length, mm 1860
    The diameter of the rocket, mm 90
    Starting weight of the rocket, kg 18.7
    Warhead weight, kg 3
    Warhead explosive charge weight, kg 1
    Rocket weight in TPK, kg 24
    Temperature range for combat use from -45 ° C to + 70 ° C
  4. 0
    15 June 2018 15: 31
    This is not kooky ... it’s purely corruption ... you don’t have to buy something ... I won’t be surprised ... if all this comes up somewhere in a hot spot ... after being written off as unnecessary.
    1. +5
      15 June 2018 15: 35
      What does it mean not to? MANPADS need any army
      1. 0
        15 June 2018 15: 41
        And who was going to attack these beggar fords ... considering the number of NATO occupying forces on the territory ... like if NATO is not able to protect us, then we will fight back.
        1. 0
          15 June 2018 16: 11
          Quote: Strashila
          And who was going to attack these fords of fords ...

          And who said that they need this for defense? They themselves ...? Well, continue to believe them.
        2. +2
          15 June 2018 16: 25
          Well, for example, separatists in Russian-speaking enclaves can organize armed formations for the war for separation with the support of Russia. No one will start a nuclear war from this, but Russia may well try to test NATO in this way. Therefore, the Balts are preparing for such scenarios.
  5. 0
    15 June 2018 16: 17
    And before purchasing these MANPADS, did Estonia use slingshots as portable air defense systems?
  6. 0
    15 June 2018 21: 41
    The Mistral is not a fully portable MANPADS, it is heavier and somewhat higher in class than the classic ones.

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