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Trump's strategy: America above all!

Many call the American president Donald Trump "strange" and almost a fool. In reality, he is implementing a strategy to retain the hegemony of the American empire. The United States is the first to return to the good old imperialism, abandoning the race of globalism, in which the States themselves were doomed to become only one of the centers of power.

Trump's strategy: America above all!

After the destruction of the Soviet Union with the socialist camp, the United States became the world's gendarme - the indisputable leader. The defeat and plunder of the Soviet camp with the seizure of markets allowed the West and the United States to enjoy some time stories, The victory of the Western liberal-capitalist order. However, the unipolar world proved to be unstable. The West, the ghoul world, existing only due to the constant expansion of living space and its plunder, the exhaustion of all resources, energy, again fell into a crisis. The Western “new world order” imposed on the world, the predatory predatory capitalist system, as a modern manifestation of slavery, the world of gentlemen and slaves, a society of unrestrained consumption, extermination and self-destruction, led the planet to a systemic crisis. These are the crisis of the biosphere, the crisis of man and mankind (its involution, simplification, degradation), the crisis of the white race, the crisis of biblical and Koranic culture, the crisis of capitalism, the crisis of the West and the USA, the crisis of the petrodollar system.

The only way out of the systemic crisis is “matrix reloading”, reformatting the old system. You can fundamentally change the system based on two concepts - fair, out of kindness, recognition of the fact that man was created in the image and likeness of God, that society should be based on truth, knowledge, conscience, creation and service. The great masters — Svarog, Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and many others — led the people along this path. The first successful attempt to create such a society of the “golden age”, the society of the future, was made in the Soviet Union. Hence his amazing titanic successes.

But the masters of the West of the millennium are building a new world order on the basis of an unjust concept — slavery, where few “elect” rule over people. Their ideological basis is Satanism (in terms of Christianity). It is a society of the “golden calf,” the domination of materialism, animal egoism and hedonism. The masters of the West see that their managerial mistakes have led to a systemic crisis and lead to a global catastrophe. And they have their own plan how to reboot the system and maintain their dominance. They are trying to create a stable crowd-elite model, with a sharp reduction in the consumption of most of humanity and its size, and the preservation of overconsumption for the “elite”. Hence the support of various environmental and environmental organizations, the creation of new reserves, propaganda of contraceptives, abortions, childless “family”, various kinds of perversions, etc. Hidden social Darwinism, racism and misanthropic liberal fascism of the West’s masters lead mankind to the slaughter. To do this, they organized the fourth world war (the third world, "cold" war ended with the collapse of the USSR) - a civilizational, hybrid, irregular war, without a collision of powerful armies of the industrial type. It allows you to destroy the socio-cultural, economic infrastructure of countries (as in Libya, Iraq and Syria), and leads to the fact that hundreds of thousands, millions of people will become redundant. Millions of people have already died, others have become refugees, increasing chaos in neighboring countries and regions, still others are replenishing various “armies” and gangs, strengthening the “army of chaos” and expanding the inferno funnel.

Eurasia plunges into chaos, confusion. At the same time, the owners of the West leave the security zones, in particular, the United States, Britain, Australia, etc. In countries that are immersed in confusion, "green zones" are created - villages, neighborhoods, islands, areas that are trying to separate from the rest territories of various kinds "walls". "Elite" creates a separate, special world - clean, safe, beautiful, secured, with all modern technologies. And the rest of humanity is immersed in poverty and wildness.

The actions of the United States as the leader of the West are associated with this process of reformatting the world system. The American elite is split into "cosmopolitans" who are ready to ignore national interests for the sake of the global, and "patriots". Bush Jr., the protege of the “patriots”, tried to keep the United States as a “world gendarme”, to ensure global domination. But for a number of reasons, this strategy failed. For example, part of the global elite was supported by China, which put forward its global project (the golden yuan, the New Silk Road, etc.). The United States, carrying a greater burden than the rest of the Western countries in creating a new world order, broke. The US was in a tough crisis already in 1970 – 1980, but then they were saved by the capitulation of the Soviet elite, who did not want to build a bright future for everyone, but only for themselves and their families. The death of a strong competitor and the robbery of the social bloc countries and the USSR saved the USA from a severe crisis and decline. But the problems have not gone away - racial, socio-economic, financial, the problem of updating the country's infrastructure (roads, bridges, energy, etc.) and new industrialization, a drop in the level of education, population degradation, etc.

Barack Obama was a protege of the cosmopolitan part of the US elite. He promoted the strategy of “global leadership” with the transfer of significant powers and resources to the global institutions being created. With the voluntary transfer of sovereignty from the national to the supranational level. As a result, the United States became part of the "multipolar" world order, losing the position of the world hegemon. At the same time, the “cosmopolitans” are indifferent to the national problems of the United States - they don't give a damn that migrants are flooding the country, depriving Americans of jobs; that the industry is brought to China, Vietnam, Mexico, the Philippines, etc .; that the white majority of America (for the time being) is degrading, losing its job, education; that the US could fall apart, etc. This policy was to continue Hillary Clinton.

But trump won - the spokesman for the white majority of America and part of the wing of the "patriots" (the other part - supporters of global domination, were against Trump). Therefore, Trump does not like the American neoliberals, cosmopolitans. This is also manifested in the hatred of the Hollywood elite, where "universal human values" prevail. Hence, Trump's “strangeness”: a rough showdown of relations with the DPRK, right down to personalities, and then a sharp turn towards an agreement on nuclear disarmament; trade war with China and Europe; attacks on the WTO, which was previously created by the Americans to ensure US economic domination; sharp remarks in the direction of the countries of Europe and NATO; undermining the petrodollar system, etc.

Thus, Trump's actions are not a bunch of nonsense of a fool and a “troll” who strangely ended up on the American throne, but a clear strategy for the preservation of the American empire as a leader of the West and the world. Washington saw that globalism was leading to the collapse of the United States, and were the first to decide to return to good old imperialism. The remaining six, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan, still exist in the model of globalism. Hence all these "weirdness" in the course of Trump's communication with other world leaders. Trump and the forces behind him understood more quickly than others that the world had changed. Apparently, they also saw this in London and decided to jump off of the derailed train (exit of the UK from the European Union).

Trump does not invent anything and does not mock partners, as it may seem. And it returns to a strategy that will help the US maintain its leadership in the world after a global turmoil. Therefore, Trump does not want to pay for NATO allies, invites them to fork out. It expresses readiness to withdraw troops from South Korea, since the maintenance of the military contingent is far from America expensive. Trump is engaged in new industrialization, returns the industry to the country, giving people new jobs. He is ready to withdraw from agreements that harm US national interests. His slogan: “America is above all!”

Trump understands that the resources of present-day America are insufficient for global hegemony. The states overstrained, weakened by the scattering of resources, the withdrawal of industry to other countries, etc. At the same time, the loss of world leadership will have disastrous consequences for the United States. That is, it is necessary in the conditions of world turmoil, which Washington has consistently incited for a long time, to restore the spiritual, intellectual, economic and military power of the United States through the revival of traditional values ​​of the American society (the white majority), to carry out new industrialization, to update the country's infrastructure and armed forces leadership. And the States will remain the "island of stability" and the leader in the new world.

America alone does not have the resources for this, as there is no time for a calm implementation of this strategy. Hence the rush, “good deals”, Trump's attempts to force other countries to pay for what was previously free (accepting migrants, a NATO protective umbrella based on the American armed forces, etc.), resentment of former junior partners in building a global world. Hence, Washington’s foreign policy with pressure on China (trade imbalance) and the European Union. Sharp pressure on North Korea, and then the deal. Next in line are Iran and Russia, which must also make deals in the interests of the United States.

In this way, Trump's actions are an attempt to hold onto world hegemony in the raging sea of ​​advancing unrest. There is no time, resources are limited, hence the risk, the “voluntarism” of Trump, who breaks the old rules and informal attitudes in the name of the slogan “America is above all!” If successful, the American empire will be able to maintain world leadership after the global turmoil (world crisis and war). American Island will preserve infrastructure, industry, high space and military technologies, the ability of the system to train millions of educated people, workers and engineers. In case of failure, the collapse will come only a little earlier, since it is objective.

In this struggle of the USA for vital interests, Russia will not sit aside for Russia. Eurasia deliberately immersed in chaos. And the resources of Russia are needed by the masters of the West and the East for the realization of their plans for world domination. In fact, Russia needs to act on the model of Trump, but only to restore and lead the country to prosperity, not at the expense of the outside world, but on the basis of a fair concept. That is, we need to abandon neoliberalism in relation to its own population (in fact, from social Darwinism). Return to the ideology of a just, social society, abandon Western consumer society, self-destruction and destruction. To go out of the settlement agreements that harm our economy, to introduce reasonable protectionism; start a new industrialization, go to autarky, that is, independently produce all vital goods, machinery, equipment, machinery, etc. To strengthen the armed forces in every way so that they can preserve our territory created by the hard work of many generations. To preserve Russian culture and the Russian language is Russianness in order not to drown in the swamp of globalism, cosmopolitanism and Western materialism. Provide comprehensive informational, social and material support to the family, set a course for the “Russian billion”. It is necessary to directly say that we are dying out. Families with 3-4 children and more should prevail in the country in order to preserve the Russian land. In foreign policy - a course towards the unity of the lands of the Russian civilization (Great, Little and White Russia), the unity of the parts of the Russian superethnos: Great Russians, Little Russians (Ukrainians) and Belarusians. Inclusion in the sphere of influence of the republics of the former USSR.

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  1. The black
    The black 15 June 2018 05: 45
    Trump is the master of his word, he said the word, he will refuse smile .....
    1. DRA-75
      DRA-75 15 June 2018 08: 17
      Quote: Black
      Trump is the master of his word, he said the word, he will refuse smile .....

      While he fulfills his promises .. Forces NATO members to pay for protection, levied duties on Europe (creating new jobs in the USA), and rapprochement with Russia (still in the initial stage, but it directly says that it is better to be friends with Russians, etc.) d.)
      1. dSK
        dSK 16 June 2018 05: 21
        Quote: DRA-75
        and rapprochement with Russia (still in the initial stage, but it directly says that it is better to be friends with Russians, etc.)

        Believing Trump is "more expensive", last week with China - "friendship, chewing gum", and the day before - bang + 25% of customs tariffs for 10% of Chinese exports, only China the next day - "otvetka"
        The decision of the Tariff Commission of the State Council of the PRC introduces 25 percent duties on American goods for the same amount, it follows from the message of the Ministry of Finance of the PRC. The list of goods for which duties will be introduced includes 659 products.

        And Russia is not lagging behind -
        Russia in April reduced its investment in US Treasury securities by almost half - by 47,5 billion dollars to 48,7 billion, follows from data published on the website of the US Treasury. Thus, Russia fell in the ranking of countries holding these bonds from the 16th line to the 22nd ... RIA Novosti 03:20 16/06/18
        1. dSK
          dSK 16 June 2018 05: 32
          Quote: Samsonov Alexander
          In foreign policy - a course towards the unity of the lands of Russian civilization (Great, Lesser and White Russia)

          1. dSK
            dSK 16 June 2018 05: 46
            Quote: Samsonov Alexander
            Preserve Russian culture and the Russian language
            “Clusters”, “volunteers” and other “beautiful” words of our leading ministers and deputies are just jarring. All strive to show "tolerance."
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 16 June 2018 10: 31
      With an increase in retirement age, grandmothers will not have time with their grandchildren nursed. It will be necessary to earn a living. Here it’s not up to large families. winked
  2. Vard
    Vard 15 June 2018 06: 15
    Voluntarily from the fact that at one time it was possible to grab ... No one will refuse ... So the only way is to strengthen the army and navy ... Yes expensive ... Yes, there will be many things ... But there is no other way .. .. They only understand the language of power ...
    1. dSK
      dSK 16 June 2018 07: 34
      Quote: Vard
      So the only way out is to strengthen the army and navy.

      US President Donald Trump named European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker "Cruel killer" amid disagreements between Brussels and Washington regarding the Iranian nuclear deal and the Paris climate agreement. It is reported by Bloomberg with reference to Juncker. (RT in Russian 06:10)
      Trump, so white and fluffy like a lamb ...
    2. dSK
      dSK 16 June 2018 23: 39
      Quote: Vard
      But there is no other way ....

      Representatives of Russia and Saudi Arabia during a meeting in Moscow Saturday, June 16agreed on extension of the OPEC + agreement on an unlimited basis. Novak said that a basic agreement was reached during the meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.
      OPEC + countries during a meeting in Vienna next week will be ready to discuss the issue of an indefinite extension of the agreement with other members of the alliance, added Russian Energy Minister Novak.

      A good result of the Prince’s visit to Moscow is that oil will not be dropped below $ 70.
  3. tasha
    tasha 15 June 2018 06: 40
    In the last paragraph, the author listed many different goals. But he did not give an answer about the ways, methods and ways of achieving these Wishlist.
    1. credo
      credo 15 June 2018 13: 13
      Quote: tasha
      In the last paragraph, the author listed many different goals. But he did not give an answer about the ways, methods and ways of achieving these Wishlist.

      And it seems to me that the author was simply modest and did not say what those who lived in the USSR voiced - Let's go back to the USSR. Come on, I do not mind either, only with new knowledge and ideas about ways to achieve a bright future. The only question is how to achieve this in an evolutionary rather than revolutionary way and during our lifetime. Everybody knows the slogans, but not everyone knows how to achieve the results that they proclaimed. The task is not an easy one.
      1. tasha
        tasha 15 June 2018 13: 35
        The task is not an easy one.

        I completely agree with you here. And about slogans too ..
      2. sxfRipper
        sxfRipper 19 June 2018 22: 33
        Let's go back to the USSR.
        If you are on The Beatles, then there is no objection. But to return to the scoop there is not the slightest desire.
  4. sarissa
    sarissa 15 June 2018 09: 47
    Respect to the author. A good thought, oh, how good. And the main thing that pleases is that "... well, these Americans are not stupid, not stupid ..." Franklin, Franklin, where are you, Franklin.
  5. Xander
    Xander 15 June 2018 12: 23
    I do not like such materials, too many pathos of slogans and terrible prophecies, all in one heap, there are geopolitics, economics, philosophy, and ideology with biology. In general, the molecular composition is such that this porridge cannot be tasty and healthy, excuse me.
    1. dSK
      dSK 16 June 2018 05: 39
      Quote: Xander
      this porridge cannot be tasty and healthy

      In Israel, "noodles" cook better?
  6. NordUral
    NordUral 15 June 2018 16: 01
    Trump's strategy: America above all!

    It would be like this for the president of Russia - Russia is above all!
    And not the wealth of friends and inner circle.
    Black Today, 05: 45
    Trump is the master of his word, he said the word, he will refuse

    Trump is just the master in his own words. Scrupulously fulfills his campaign promises.
    And "ours" did not even promise anything. Just went to the polls without a program, well done.
    And those who liked it, and now whines, then look back at yourself, maybe they did something wrong in March.
  7. NordUral
    NordUral 15 June 2018 16: 07
    Thus, Trump’s actions are not a set of stupidities of a fool and a “troll” who strangely appeared on the American throne, but a clear strategy to preserve the American empire as the leader of the West and the world. In Washington, they saw that globalism was leading to the collapse of the United States, and the first to decide to return to the good old imperialism

    In relation to us, it is to return to socialism, renewed and improved, taking into account the experience of almost three decades.
  8. NF68
    NF68 15 June 2018 16: 41
    From an economic point of view, the EU, China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries that supply their products to the United States are much more dependent on US purchases of their products. In extreme cases, the United States may gradually increase its own production, and countries exporting their products to the United States have yet to find buyers.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 19 June 2018 10: 03
      If Trump succeeds, the world will change dramatically. And there are two options: bad and catastrophic. True, there is one more, as applied to us - the Stalinist version of the economy, but for this we must grow wiser, and rapidly.
  9. Altona
    Altona 15 June 2018 19: 43
    In a nutshell, the meaning of the current US strategy is to shut up potential power centers with a 2-4-5 economy and make them dependent on themselves. To become a kind of peculiar God, dictating his will to the vanquished. In the hands of a single center of power should remain the most advanced technology - hypersound; medicine capable of creating any organ or organism, energy-saving technologies, supercomputing digital technologies, superproductive industrial technologies, nuclear and rocket technologies.
  10. Altona
    Altona 15 June 2018 19: 46
    Quote: tasha
    But he did not give an answer about the ways, methods and ways to achieve these Wishlist.

    Information and enclave war, proxy warfare.
  11. Jasont
    Jasont 16 June 2018 10: 15
    The title is correct and reflects the essence of Trump's policies, as well as his campaign promises. But the article itself is terrible and has little to do with reality.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. NordUral
    NordUral 19 June 2018 09: 58
    USA is the first to return to the old good imperialism, abandoning the race of globalism, in which the States themselves were doomed to become only one of the centers of power.

    I especially liked the word I highlighted.
  14. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 19 June 2018 17: 47
    I didn’t read the article, because the style of presentation is very similar to the History of the CPSU ... This is not bad, but it’s immediately clear what will be discussed later. Thanks to the author for his efforts)))
  15. Vladimir Trojan
    Vladimir Trojan 4 August 2018 19: 27
    Dear author! And what is globalism? Its class essence, its historical place on the ladder of socio-economic development, its definition.