Humvee's new life: American SUV modernized

American manufacturers of the Humvee are not going to just sell off the remnants of a once-so-widespread SUV in the US Army. On international armory Eurosatory 2018, held in Paris, featured the new NXT 360 Army SUV based on the HMMWV, Warspot reports citing

Humvee's new life: American SUV modernized

Externally, the new SUV NXT 360 is not very different from the HMMWV, but inside, according to the developers, this is "a completely different car." In the new version, all major components and components have been upgraded - engine, chassis, transmission, etc. According to the classification adopted in the West, the NXT 360 is presented in the light-wheeled vehicle class, however, even in the basic version, the SUV comes with an armored body, the ballistic class protection - B7. Anti-mine protection corresponds to the level of 2a according to the STANAG standard (the machine will withstand the blasting of 6 kg of TNT). In the cabin on the floor are special anti-splinter mats, seats - without a rigid attachment to the floor. Reinforced suspension allows you to withstand 7100 kg full weight SUV. The car has a multi-fuel 6,5-liter turbocharged V8 250 horsepower. (624 Nm) with 6-speed automatic transmission 6L85e.

The new armored car is supposed to be exported to countries that have the old version of the Humvee in service and in which it is in demand. In the American Army itself, the HMMWV is completely removed from service and replaced with an Oshkosh L-ATV (Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle, "light combat tactical all-terrain vehicle")

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  1. +1
    14 June 2018 15: 59
    TIGER is better. And there is an order of magnitude more space in it. The engine was changed because it was originally designed for light weight without armor. Hence the layout and design of all other nodes and assemblies. If you bring it to mind, you need to redo EVERYTHING !!! Tigrische was originally born reservation and with a great reserve for modernization. There would have been a larger Tigrino tribe in the army ..
  2. +4
    14 June 2018 16: 03
    In the U.S. Army itself, the HMMWVs are completely retired and replaced with the Oshkosh L-ATV

    The Oshkosh L-ATV auxiliary machine is designed to provide mobility for the transport of goods such as containers, pallets, etc. in a wide range of working environments and at different levels of threats. In addition to shipping, this L-ATV variant can be equipped with a tented conveyor for transporting communication systems, on-board electronics and other functions. The machine can carry two passengers and has a carrying capacity of more than 2 kg.
    1. jjj
      14 June 2018 18: 12
      It turned out an armored buggy
  3. +1
    14 June 2018 16: 23
    You must either reduce the base of the car, or completely redo the Humvee. They already hung loads on him like a donkey
    1. 0
      14 June 2018 16: 44
      That's the whole point, I remembered tuning 412 Muscovites from the 90s .. "Mad Max" is resting.
  4. +5
    14 June 2018 16: 49
    I drove a little on Humvee (not at the wheel) at the end of the reservist service.
    Very nice car. Low, steady, powerful.
    And it broke a little, unlike the Israeli assembly jeeps on the Ford chassis (Sufa and all sorts of “Batashites”) or Land Rovers from England.
    There was only one complaint to her: I ran into a mine - all the corpses. However, others
    jeeps were no better in this regard. If the Americans managed to improve the mine action
    protection is excellent.
    1. 0
      14 June 2018 17: 24
      And how on soft soils? Given how many extra pounds were hung on him, he needs to double all 4 wheels)) And a jeep that will drive on roads generally does not need one. Partisans and saboteurs somehow do not really like to walk on roads in formation and with a song
      1. +2
        14 June 2018 17: 31
        Quote: Bad_Santa
        And how on soft soils? Given how many extra pounds were hung on him, he needs to double all 4 wheels)) And a jeep that will drive on roads generally does not need one. Partisans and saboteurs somehow do not really like to walk on roads in formation and with a song

        A lightly armored version rode arable land.
        The problem is that there is not enough space in them, 4 people are placed if not tamped wassat. In full calculation of course.
        1. 0
          14 June 2018 18: 22
          We and MTZ go about arable land with 2PTS4 with a capacity of up to a company of soldiers in full armament. I'm talking about salt marshes and in the conditions of spring and autumn impassability.
          1. +1
            14 June 2018 20: 13
            And the MTZ-82UK has long been recognized as the best jeep)))
            1. +1
              14 June 2018 20: 32
              And I'm talking about the same thing. It is necessary that such a vehicle had good armor, small arms, maneuverability at the tractor level, high speed, and capacity. If any of this is missing, then this is either a tractor or a regular pickup truck. There is no middle ground.
      2. 0
        14 June 2018 22: 16
        Those first Humvees weren't armored at all. They had only a frame of pipes in case of capsizing and tarpaulin from the sun. He climbed the rocky slopes well. But we didn’t get into the mud.
        Like this. Only the circle for the turret above I do not remember. The turret for the MAG was with the jeep commander next to the carrier.
        1. 0
          14 June 2018 22: 39
          I just have a passion for homemade all-terrain vehicles. It would be interesting to compare the Humvee and Tiger pendants in terms of strength, axle weight distribution, overcoming obstacles, tipping resistance, etc. In general, not advertising opportunities, but real and not on a solid road
    2. 0
      14 June 2018 23: 13
      Judging by the wedge shape of the body, yes, improved
  5. 0
    14 June 2018 20: 24
    I think the barbarians of Syria and Iraq will be in demand, under the Shihad mobile!
  6. 0
    14 June 2018 23: 03
    HMMWV was a great machine, but unfortunately its time has passed. L-ATV is better here, and the modularity in comparison with the HMMWV was notably improved.
    But for many countries, HMMWV will still be an excellent option. For example, Iraq! But as I was told here on the site, that Iraq presented all its HMMWV to bad terrorists.
  7. The comment was deleted.

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