Top xnumx worst pistols

Among the variety of firearms weapons from time to time there are not the most successful constructions that are unable not only to compete with other samples, but also to satisfy even the most minimal requirements for weapons. Most often, such weapons do not fall into mass production, but there are rare exceptions. In the comments under the article “Top-5 of the worst Russian pistols according to Charlie Gao,” visitors of “VO” asked to compile a list of pistols that could be attributed to the worst. This request is carried out in this material.

It is necessary to determine in advance the criteria for the selection of bad weapons. I’ll say right away that I most often tolerate any weapon, since the construction itself is far from always responsible for the fact that the weapon shows results significantly lower than expected. Most often, the pistol belongs to the category of unsuccessful due to the fact that initially the weapon was not adapted to perform the tasks assigned to it. From the domestic well-known weapons can be cited as an example of the PSM. Compact, completely flat, this gun was clearly designed for concealed carry, that is, for tasks that include self-defense and a sudden attack. However, the ammunition that is used to power this gun is not adapted for either the first or the second. As a result, we have a gun, which in terms of the totality of solutions is quite good in its design, but the cartridge used does not allow it to be quite effective. If the weapon changed ammunition by raising the caliber at least to 7,62, then using semi-shell bullets this gun would have started singing in a completely different tone. It turns out that the design of the pistol fully complies with the requirements that apply to the pistol in its niche of use, and the cartridge used is more suitable for entertaining shooting and the initial stage of learning how to handle weapons. So is it possible for this reason to call the PSM a bad gun?

The second most common claim to arms can be called problems with the reliability of work. Back in this question is not so simple. Since it has recently become fashionable to scold the Stike One pistol, better known as "Swift," we will take it as an example, although this example will not be entirely correct. In this case, problems with reliability are not due to the fact that the design of the weapon is unsuccessful, although it can be called a success with a stretch, the main reason lies in the fact that the sports pistol was tried to fit the requirements of military weapons. And if in the first case the operating conditions are practically sterile, then in the second dirt, sand, dust, water, are the same integral parts in the mechanisms of the weapon, as is the weapon lubricant. As a result, the gun can not work in adverse conditions, although for a shooting gallery the weapon is very good.

Top xnumx worst pistols

It is not uncommon for guns, which begin to fail with significant wear, to be classified as “bad”. Such an approach to the definition of "goodness" of weapons in general is strange, since nothing eternal happens and everything sooner or later becomes useless. Although at PM, with thorough wear of the trigger, on the contrary, even new functions appear in the form of automatic fire.

It may seem that with such an approach it is possible to justify any design, but in fact, in this way, it is possible to isolate really bad weapons that somehow inexplicably fell into mass production.

Pistol FP-45 Liberator

This product was created as a weapon to support the partisan movement, for which it was used. The main task of this single-shot pistol was not to take part in hostilities, but to take possession of the enemy’s full-fledged weapons. To achieve this goal, the .45ACP cartridge was used in conjunction with the barrel, in which there were no rifles per se. As a result, the accuracy of firing such weapons was simply absent.

What was the result? As a result, the partisans, who previously, perhaps, did not hold any weapons in their hands, had the opportunity to shoot only once, and this had to be done from a distance of a couple of meters in order not to overshoot. Despite the powerful enough .45ACP ammunition, the probability of only hurting the enemy remains high enough, and if the enemy remains conscious, he obviously didn’t hesitate to use his already full-fledged weapon, while the ability to shoot the FP-45 again It was.

You can often find the saying that even a knife is more effective than this pistol. It is difficult to argue with this, but you just need to remember that you need to know how to handle the knife, and most of the partisans are not the highest trained. Yes, and poking a living person with a knife this occupation is not the best for the psyche and not everyone can do it. Despite this, it cannot be argued that this gun clearly does not cope with the tasks set before it, the ability to make only one shot is clearly insufficient even if the .45ACP cartridge is used.

In the grip of the weapon several additional ammunition can be placed, however, it should be borne in mind that the reloading of the weapon will be made in time, almost as much as the reloading of the flintlock gun. The presence of a second barrel would completely correct the situation, especially since the barrel of this pistol is, roughly speaking, a small piece of metal pipe, that is, the item is quite inexpensive. As a result, a derringer would be able to shoot two times to confidently defeat the enemy, and the owner’s chances of surviving using such weapons would increase many times, with a minimal increase in the cost of the pistol itself.

Expander Gun Le Gaulois

The end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century is a real treasure trove of original and unusual ideas that dealt with firearms. Many constructions of that time are more than interesting and much can be forgiven for these constructions, since then the gunsmiths were in constant search for optimal constructions, but among them it is possible to single out something that does not hold water. A clear example of this is the gun Le Gaulois.

This weapon was positioned as a means of self-defense and had a very interesting design. On the back of the pistol there was a moving part, which when pressed, sent the cartridge into the chamber and cocked the drummer, at the end of its movement the drummer was released. Extraction of spent cartridges occurred when moving back under the influence of springs. Such a design of the weapon had a negative effect on accuracy, since the pistol led away before a shot, which in principle was not a big problem, since in self-defense the pistol was used at very short distances.

The biggest problem was the effectiveness of the weapon. So, in a pistol cartridges were used with a caliber of 8 millimeters, the kinetic energy of the bullets of which barely reached the 50 Joule. Here you can say that I contradict myself, questioning the design of the pistol based on ammunition, but not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. The low kinetic energy of the bullets of the ammunition used was due, primarily, to the design of the pistol. If you pay attention to the shutter, you can see that the only thing that holds it in its front position is the muscular strength of the shooter. That is, when fired, the same amount of energy of the powder gases will affect the bullet and the bolt through the sleeve. This means that such a design, when using more powerful ammunition, would either lead to injuries to the brush, or flew out of the hands of the shooter when fired.

Since the gun had a low accuracy, its use for entertaining shooting can clearly not be considered.

Thunder pistol chambered for .50BMG

The third in the list is not the most famous, but very interesting design of the epilator for hands. On the whole, the use of cartridges from large-caliber machine guns in pistols is a very controversial idea, the need for which even my stormy imagination could not justify, however, such structures exist and even are mass-produced.

It must be assumed that everything started with a pistol from the company Maady-Griffin, the production of which had a rather advertising character, they say, the company's designers coped with the impact of the large-caliber cartridge, and so successfully that even girls can shoot a pistol under this ammunition. By the way, the active exploitation of the image of fragile girls in the advertising of weapons, we owe them back, in this regard, the company was a pioneer, and it all began not with the top models, but the athletes from the shooting.

In 2004, the company Triple Action decided to make their gun under the ammunition 12,7x99. But this time the weapon has become smaller and lighter. In order to compensate for recoil when firing in addition to the muzzle brake, the pistol has a hydraulic system for rolling back the barrel, however, this is clearly not enough for comfortable shooting. Let's just say, an unprepared shooter at the time of the shot can easily get a head injury or break a pair of unnecessary bones in the upper limbs. In addition, the flame from the muzzle brake is guaranteed removal of hair from open skin on his hands. In other words, the “Desert Eagle” chambered for .50AE is generally a ladies' pistol in comparison with this device.

In general, all pistols and revolvers chambered for the .50BMG cartridge can be entered here, since the purpose of this weapon is completely incomprehensible, except as a demonstration by the manufacturer of its capabilities. One would assume that these pistols can be used to hunt a large beast, but the justified use of such a cartridge would be except when shooting at an elephant, and that is, more effective and comfortable to use ammunition, specially designed for this purpose.

The main reason why such weapons can be classified as the worst is a very high injury risk when firing, even if all safety requirements are met.


Of course, you can pull more than a dozen models of pistols by the ears, choosing them according to one or another criteria. For example, in the list you can see the absence of the generally accepted worst sample of short-barreled weapons - a Nambu Type 94 pistol. But for some strange reason, the Japanese with this gun went through the whole of World War II, which means that subject to certain requirements and conditions, even this structure becomes safe to use and is quite suitable for its intended use.

In other words, before you call a weapon a bad one, you need to look at how badly it is really designed and made, and not compare its characteristics with the best modern samples, which is often the case with foreign authors. Significant miscalculations in the design, the senselessness of the creation - that should be the main criterion for the selection of such samples.
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  1. Cat
    15 June 2018 05: 49
    The choice of the three "bad guys" is not grateful! Moreover, the author approached this issue not in a tolirant manner, forgetting to mention something “Russian-bad”. In addition, rode the symbol of "free Europe". Ay-ya-yay !!!
    As the last nail in the Libereti’s coffin, it makes sense to recall that the shell was extracted after the shot with a “wooden stick”, which was not included in the gun kit!
    About PM! With a fool you can and ...... You understand!
    By the way, the mainspring breaks due to extremely hard screwing into the handle - though about 1000 shot about! Well, do not they need to nail up nails. To be honest, Makarov’s pistol is second only to Nagan in reliability!
    1. +10
      15 June 2018 06: 36
      A month ago, I made a remark in a trolleybus to two foreign workers about their harassment of a woman ... And she was with a small child .. there would be a gun ... That would have ended ... And so both went to the hospital ...
      1. +4
        15 June 2018 10: 23
        Nuuu in a trolley with a gun !!!! Here, absolutely strangers could also get to the hospital.
        1. +6
          15 June 2018 11: 47
          I look so that they thought they could handle me ... and if I showed them a gun, they would quietly leave quietly ... and it was a banal fight ...
          1. +6
            15 June 2018 12: 20
            I think you wouldn’t be given a gun, for medical reasons.
            And who would be shown the gun the next time, and for what purposes it is not worth guessing for a long time.
            The fact that they stood up for a woman, no doubt well done. And the fact that now you flaunt it on topvar and even waving your gun at the gun is not a healthy thing at all.
            1. 0
              26 June 2018 14: 18
     я б то же не дал разрешение на оружие но черт возьми на собаковода подействовало
          2. +3
            15 June 2018 15: 27
            The gun is a weapon. It serves not for showing, but for punching holes in a person, in case of emergency, moreover! (otherwise they will make a hole in you).
          3. Fox
            15 June 2018 17: 18
            Quote: Vard
            and so it turned out a banal fight ...

            you, zema, are more careful ... otherwise 282 will be pinned at once! ... you’ve almost fiddled with it, okay, the opera of your pensioners is respected, they leaked the matter.
            1. +2
              16 June 2018 13: 13
              Strange, the former opera does not know the laws. Have you even read 282?
              maybe you sewed 228?
          4. +1
            31 August 2018 09: 46
            Gun threaten on the bus .. what ? You are strictly prohibited weapons!
      2. avt
        15 June 2018 12: 51
        Quote: Vard
        . there would be a gun ...

        Quote: garri-lin
        Nuuu in a trolley with a gun !!!!

        He would really have sat down for ignorance of the current law on the use of weapons as part of self-defense.
        Quote: Vard
        And so.
        Well, the trolleybus was not low-floor - I stumbled. Now on the topic
        From domestic well-known weapons, PSM can be cited as an example. Compact, completely flat, this pistol was clearly created for hidden wear, that is, for tasks that include self-defense and a surprise attack. However, the ammunition that is used to power this gun is not suitable for either the first or the second. As a result, we have a gun, which in terms of the totality of solutions in its design is very good, but the cartridge used does not allow it to be sufficiently effective.
        request Well, actually it was created for special services and ... governor-generals, who find it difficult to wear PM. bully But specialists know from what distance and where they should work. So this is not a bad, but a very narrow-profile sample. Well, on the issue of
        Stike One pistol, better known as the Swift,
        what So probably the author doesn’t .... I don’t even know what it's called ... not this .... well, he’s not affected by the disease that Rogozin picked up, well -
        "Argue, test, 'sleep' with this weapon. Only in this way can we understand how to bring this weapon to mind and the industrial series."
        1. Fox
          15 June 2018 17: 20
          Quote: avt
          Well, actually it was created for special services

          I agree ... and he was completely satisfied with me. It’s hard to miss from 3 meters, and the armor is light-hole.
          1. 0
            24 October 2018 21: 28
            You might think that PSM and Desert Eagle are equivalent pistols if their cartridges cost apiece the same 2 euros.

        2. +1
          17 June 2018 20: 21
          Quote: avt
          Well, actually it was created for special services

          There was no question of caliber before - a sword is not a particularly large-caliber tool. PSM from the same row, for shooters. In 60 years, a wave of killings swept from 5.6 mm of small things, from a distance of ... 100 m, on the basis of this it was banned. The result is a shooter who knows and knows HOW to use weapons. The fashion for large-caliber weapons came from the United States, when a cop in fright and trance stupidly scorches the body of a hefty muscled man under drugs, I suspect that buckshot will not help much, but a cold-blooded shooter like agent 007 (the ears of a small-caliber but accurate weapon grow from there) miracles with your pistols wink
          1. 0
            24 October 2018 21: 34
            but a cold-blooded shooter like agent 007 will easily help

            There are ten of these people on the entire planet, and a pistol is produced for everyone. Let the cold-blooded people collect it from the lighter and fountain pen.

            Caliber is important if the enemy is armed and ready to use his weapon. A large caliber will knock it out faster, faster, a small caliber and will not give him a single shot again.

            With an accurate shot, the bullet will be fatal with any caliber. But a large caliber will not give a few seconds, which will give a small caliber.
      3. +2
        15 June 2018 18: 49
        Just started reading your story good , comrade Vard, which also touches on the mega-delicate theme of aggressive "foreign harassment of Russian women" and the opposition to aggression in the most seemingly hopeless situation, on self-lib. This is the modern “White Sun of the Desert” (the successful actions of the Red Army Sukhov in a losing situation and the way out of it as a winner), so beloved by the Soviet cosmonauts and millions of Soviet hard workers!
        I take this opportunity to express my gratitude hi !
        It’s a pity that I’m not a screenwriter, I’m already the second, very solid, synopsis for the successful screenplay of the hit film, in your performance, I’m reading. Yes
        The first one, about tanks, it seems like I saw and wondered lively why domestic producers are engaged in faded remakes of Soviet successful films, but they don’t see contemporary authors, whose plots are close and understandable to contemporaries, truly patriotic and if adequately embodied on a movie screen, guarantee the lively interest of the public and natural box office success ?!
        Would you, Gennady Gennadievich, do the scripts yourself, because it’s a sin to “bury your spark of God in everyday life !?” wink
    2. +2
      15 June 2018 07: 44
      Quote: Kotischa
      To be honest, I think Makarov’s pistol is second only to Nagan in reliability!

      That is yes. But the launch vehicle breaks, and one of the typical breakdowns is either the mainspring itself bursts or its attachment mechanism. Faced with this repeatedly, but we and the revolvers were quite elderly, often still the Tula Imperial Factory, 1912-1916 years of release.
  2. +3
    15 June 2018 06: 45
    Significant miscalculations in the design, the meaninglessness of the creation
    This is of course a criterion, but not the ultimate truth.
    Here we take for example the legendary S-96 Mauser. If you look at its design, then a complete miscalculation turns out, and no one called me a bad gun with me yet. And another example immediately - Tula Tokareva. It seems that no structural defects were found in it, everything was thought out by Browning and some of the changes and simplifications from Tokarev are quite logical and justified by the existing production base, but the quality of workmanship, especially for wartime products, is such that efficient automation is an exception rather than the rule for this model . And what good or bad is he after that?
    In short, Mark you sin with the same thing as the Americans, subjectivity. You just have different criteria. And if you use any third criteria, you get another completely different rating.
    1. +2
      15 June 2018 10: 20
      good afternoon hi I start from the fact that if the gun is suitable even for something where you want to shoot, then it is not so bad anymore, even if the weapon needs special care and attention for normal operation. smile
      1. +1
        18 June 2018 04: 16
        In principle, a good approach. “Substantial miscalculations in the design, the meaninglessness of creation” are also good criteria for finding unsuitable samples. But in that, and in another case, the analysis should be systematic and technically rigorous. And here is the problem with this article. With appropriate blunders.
        - PSM was developed for special services in accordance with a very specific TK. There is no data and analysis on its intended use in open sources and is not expected. In general, no matter how you say, you get a solid boltology. Especially taking into account a fair amount of confusion with 5,45 × 18 mm cartridges. And then there are some mythical 7.62 ... (in general, even 7.65 × 17 for PSM is already too much because of specific ergonomics).
        - With the "liberal" is almost the same story. The weapon is highly specialized, designed to support resistance units during 2MB. And it should be evaluated by the total effectiveness of the project as a whole (alas, very little is known about this).
        - When evaluating the "expander" they amused: "when fired, the same amount of energy of the powder gases will affect the bullet and the bolt through the sleeve." Funny - because it's beautiful, but nothing. If we talk about recoil energy, then it is calculated based on the law of conservation of momentum. For a closed fixed shutter, this is the energy of a bullet multiplied by the ratio of the mass of the bullet and the weapon.
        Even if we assume that on the “expander” all the energy will go to the shutter, then with a mass ratio of 50 times the energy and a bullet of 200 J, it will turn out to be beyond the limit of 4 J. And most likely even less, since the shutter will warp when fired, and evaluate recoil energy is the mass of the weapon as a whole. But the return will be quite sharp, yes. And precisely because of the scheme. And by the way, the same "liberal" gets more than 10 J, which the developers found acceptable, but there really is worth thinking about before you risk shooting.
        So the low-power and very cheap “expander” cartridge (by the way, less than 20 J) is more likely associated with the positioning of this weapon as something of a traumatic type. Given the lack of antibiotics in those days, the thing is rather unpleasant, and m. quite effective at that time.
        1. 0
          24 October 2018 21: 53
          >>>>> ... in general, even 7.65 × 17 for PSM is already too much due to specific ergonomics.

          A couple of years ago, Glock 42 was released in caliber 9x17, it’s 9mm Browning short, aka .380 ... in the same form factor. And normally shoots.

          Even more ... a couple of millimeters wider the shutter at Glock 43, but it already shoots full 9x19.

          Why? New materials. New (?) Technical solutions.
  3. +10
    15 June 2018 08: 44
    The author could do without the false pathos of the TOPs by simply naming the article “Three pistols that I don’t like” or “Three pistols that I don’t understand the purpose of”.
    Because how to answer than THUNDER .50 BMG is "worse", suppose the same Pfeifer Zeliska .600 Nitro Express revolver is quite difficult.

    55 cm in length, 6 kg in weight, no "recoil device".
    1. +4
      15 June 2018 08: 47

      And this "levolvert" should be held outside the competition in general. Pole Ryszard Tobys from the village of Piotrowo in his small workshop made the largest and most powerful pistol in the world, which is an exact copy of the Remington 1859 revolver. 28 mm caliber revolver (bullet weight 138 g); its length is 126 cm at weight 45 kg.
    2. +4
      15 June 2018 10: 26
      Good afternoon, I agree, I like your variants of names much more smile In general, the use of such cartridges in a shortbore is clearly not justified by anything, except as a demonstration of the capabilities of designers and production.
    3. +1
      16 June 2018 13: 16
      Monsieur understands a lot about perversions!
  4. +6
    15 June 2018 11: 42
    As for the FP-45 Liberator, I do not agree. The gun was fully consistent with its tasks and was still a product of serious development. It was necessary to solve the following problems. 1. The extreme cheapness of production. Such weapons were supposed to produce millions of pieces. 2. Sufficient efficiency combined with the uselessness even as a service weapon for the occupying forces. Such weapons were supposed to be scattered in bulk over territories where it was assumed that a sufficient number of potential users were available. It doesn’t matter whether this is rebels, or bandits, all the same the local authorities will not feel any better from this - they will have to strengthen and rearm the garrisons. To illustrate, food was not very good even with the German troops, and the local population was sometimes ready to kill for a piece of bread.
    I note, it would be possible to use a cartridge 9x17 or even 7,62x17 in combination with a short smooth barrel. Then really scarecrows, but not the weapon would turn out. But cheaper and, at least, a widow is easier. But a powerful cartridge with a heavy bullet in combination with a 10 cm barrel was chosen. At the same time, despite the smooth barrel, the accuracy was sufficient to have to introduce additional operations into production and provide sights, albeit simplified ones. At least, getting into a chest figure from 10 m was probably possible, but no more. As for singly charged, this is easily offset by quantity. Even if you carry a whole bag of such pistols with you, a hijacker who shoots from a gate or a bush is always an advantage. While for self-defense, carrying a few of these trunks is not an option. Therefore, although the occupiers can collect such weapons in the fields and forests of hundreds of thousands, they will not be of any use for this, only problems with storage and disposal.
    Accordingly, about the two trunks. First, the barrel is the most expensive part in this gun. Two barrels, two strikers - it’s easier to make two separate pistols. Secondly, any multi-charge will significantly increase its effectiveness as a weapon of self-defense - the occupation authorities will be able to use it as a service weapon.
    Offhand you can offer a much more powerful option for supplying everyone in the territories where you need to arrange a mess, by dumping in bulk. TNT block + grenade fuse. If necessary, the user will figure out what to make a fragmentation shirt from. And it would turn out inexpensively in exchange for monstrous efficiency. You can make a fragmentation shirt from improvised means. It is possible to lay under the rail, in the hope that it will be possible to pull at least a sack of flour from a train that has flown off the slope. Can be used as an intermediate initiating charge for a bag of nitrate. What hindered?
    1. +5
      15 June 2018 12: 30
      I wanted to write about Liberator about the same, but since it’s done better, then it’s not necessary :)
      I can be mistaken, but it seems to me that his main task is not to shoot at any distance, even 10 meters. And it’s simple and corny to shoot point blank and take possession of the victim’s personal weapon. Attacking with a knife, as an option, is not always a good idea. Indeed, in fact, it is necessary to attack a military man who, perhaps, understands how much a pound of gunpowder. And it is not a fact that they will be able to cope with it, or the elements of equipment will not prevent to inflict damage immediately. And the gun, even at arm's length, will help you reach and you don’t need any kind of guaranteed assassination, for this you can even take a lot of measures later in the form of dismemberment, burning, stake in the heart and so on. Firing a bullet of this caliber at close range will inflict a serious wound, will stun a person and most likely he will not be up to resistance.
      1. 0
        15 June 2018 15: 14
        Quote: Red_Baron
        And it’s simple and corny to shoot point blank and take possession of the victim’s personal weapon.

        It would be a ride if not for the volumes of production and the estimated volumes of distribution. Those. the occupation authorities will keep abreast of patrols and sentinels on guard. So sights are still needed. In addition, as far as I know, subsonic cartridges have less stabilization problems. When firing from a smooth barrel, a .45 or 9x17 cartridge should give less dispersion than 9x19. From a well-made dueling pistol from 10 meters, you can not just get into the chest figure, but also beat out dozens in it.
        1. 0
          16 June 2018 13: 22
          Of course they are needed, but to say that the gun is bad, because no accuracy seems to me too much.
          Here is the verbatim quote from the author of the article, "As a result, the accuracy of firing from such weapons was simply absent."
          I’ll try to describe my idea differently - the Liberator is designed to defeat a person at a short distance. In any case, the distance cannot be large; it is not intended for shootings, but mainly for a confident attack at a distance greater than an outstretched arm. For these purposes, accuracy and efficiency he has sufficient. It seems to me. Unfortunately, I did not read any documentary sources about its use, as well as the reviews of those who used it.
  5. +2
    15 June 2018 12: 12
    Well I do not know. Something is somehow debatable. The article puzzled
  6. +2
    18 June 2018 10: 38
    Quote: brn521

    Accordingly, about the two trunks. First, the barrel is the most expensive part in this gun. Two barrels, two strikers - it’s easier to make two separate pistols ..

    Well, with regard to the two trunks - the author has already said everything about the "water pipe", and it is unlikely that two pieces of this pipe will be much more expensive than one. Two drummers can also not be done, and one can handle it. So, nevertheless, one double-barreled is simpler and cheaper than two single-barreled ones. But life can easily save the second trunk. In the "dashing nineties" I carried a signal launcher with a 22LR cartridge in my mortar. And my friend of the operas advised me to carry the second one with me, so that “whoever needs it” would understand that it wouldn’t be limited to the air. Thank God it was not necessary to apply. So I'm for two trunks, based on personal "experience." hi
  7. 0
    19 June 2018 21: 04
    About PSM ...

    There was such a story in the USA, I don’t remember in which particular city it happened, it doesn’t matter, but a hefty big guy offended an elderly couple with something, so much so that the old man angrily took a small .22LR gun from his wife’s handbag and shot a verzil in the back. Hit the heart.

    What the referee was reasonably indignant at, turned around and planted all seven .45ASR bullets from his 1911 in the old man. The end of this sad story is that the old man died on the spot, and the horse man died in the ambulance.

    Moral: A small caliber is not suitable to prevent an attack. To kill - will kill, but will not stop instantly.

    PSM was initially bad from the terms of reference to use caliber 5.45

    The same size pistol (slightly thicker, true) Glock 42 or Glock 43 carry much more power in order to stop the attack with a shot. Moreover, the first has up to 300 Joules, and the second has two times more on the correct cartridges. With the “correct” heel +2 and a reinforced spring in the store, they are the same eight-shot as the PSM.

    In pursuit ... when Hitler decided to shoot himself from 7.65, the doctor advised him to first bite the ampoule with poison. Even shooting at 7.65 Browning is not reliable.

    9 millimeters - less is impossible.
    1. +1
      19 June 2018 21: 21
      Glock 43 and heels +1 and +2 rounds.

    2. 0
      31 August 2018 11: 22
      The old man is frankly unlucky .. you can also get into the heart in different ways! Well, about Hitler, you pretty much amused me .. laughing
      1. 0
        24 October 2018 22: 09
        About Hitler, the story is real. Hitler, who sent millions to death, was afraid of pain. He did not want to die in agony for several minutes with a bullet in his head. He tested the poison on his shepherd and Eva Brown (the poison also did not act instantly), and he decided to speed up the process, so as not to torment himself, his beloved, to use both methods.

        There is an x-ray of the patient on the Internet with several .32-caliber wadcutter revolving bullets in the head. The patient, EMNIP, survived.
    3. 0
      15 January 2022 23: 44
      PSM was ordered and designed by people who went through the war. They knew how to shoot, and they understood that it would be enough for anyone to hit with a few bullets. But you will have to break through both the winter uniform and the stores in your pockets. From the story with a hefty jock - it was necessary to fire a few shots and hit the spine. After that, no one will be able to turn around.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"