Turkish army will get a new light tank

Turkish gunsmiths at the international arms exhibition Eurosatory 2018, taking place these days in Paris, presented a new model of light tank. According to Warspot, citing defense-blog.com, Otokar presented the Tulpar Light Tank.

Turkish army will get a new light tank

Tulpar Light Tank

According to the developers, the Tulpar Light Tank is an effective combat unit created on the basis of the BMP Tulpar, from which the tank got the hull and chassis. The 3105 CMI Cockerill combat module with an 105-mm cannon, adapted for firing with all NATO 105-mm NATO missiles and Falarick Gun guided missiles, is installed on the tank as a weapon. The new fire control system allows you to effectively hit different targets in any light and regardless of weather conditions. On the tank, anti-bullet armor is used; if necessary, it is possible to reinforce it with mounted security modules.

BMP Tulpar Mass 32 tons, HP 810 engine Armament: 30-mm gun, 7,62-mm machine gun, PU ATGM. Crew 3 man + 9 troops

The developers do not disclose all the characteristics of the new tank, but it can be assumed that its driving performance is not very different from the prototype BMP Tulpar, which entered service with the Turkish army in 2013 year.

In Turkey, they say that the car is suitable for buyers who value good equipment for little money and with low maintenance costs.
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  1. +6
    14 June 2018 12: 52
    Who can tell what is the meaning of such a tank with bulletproof armor? What is it better than the same BMP-3? what
    1. +4
      14 June 2018 13: 18
      That’s why it’s better than the modernized T-55. That’s the question. For the T-55, booking will be more serious than bulletproof with a similar weight. hi
      1. +1
        14 June 2018 13: 21
        Quote: Herman
        That's what it is better than the modernized t-55.

        Probably only because the T-55 is a medium tank, and the Tulpar is light.
        1. +2
          14 June 2018 13: 27
          Tulpar BMP 32 t. The tank at its base will be no less than plus an additional reservation, t-55am with d / z contact-5 no more than 40, according to the Omsk plant.
          1. +3
            14 June 2018 13: 44
            Why call a 105-mm self-propelled gun a "light tank"?
            The task of light tanks is an ambush attack on lightly armored and unarmored targets, pursuit of a running enemy, reconnaissance. And for 105-mm artillery, the main task is to support other units.
            This self-propelled gun is not a tank.
            1. 0
              14 June 2018 21: 31
              I don’t understand either. why putting a 105mm cannon on an infantry fighting vehicle, it turns into a tank wassat
        2. +4
          14 June 2018 13: 34
          Quote: bouncyhunter
          Quote: Herman
          That's what it is better than the modernized t-55.

          Probably only because the T-55 is a medium tank, and the Tulpar is light.

          Especially strongly this advantage is revealed in the fact that the Tulpar tank, judging by the mass of the Tulpar BMP, is most likely even heavier than the T-55
          1. +3
            14 June 2018 17: 16
            And the same T-55 is more efficient, cheaper both in price and in the maintenance of this ersatz tank
    2. MPN
      14 June 2018 13: 28
      Yes, nothing .., only the grandmother can have more ..., Even the heavy BMP does not hold out ..., And by weight it can’t even land ... request
    3. mvg
      14 June 2018 13: 29
      32 tons, the armor is not bulletproof. Belgian combat module with a full 105 mm gun, not a couple of 100 + 30 BMP-3, ATGMs. The ability to act at height. Find your market.
      1. +5
        14 June 2018 14: 15
        Indeed, the outdated 105mm fart is not a couple of BMP-3 guided missiles.
        1. mvg
          14 June 2018 16: 44
          Of course, where is the 105 mm gun there, by the way very successful, and also able to shoot ATGMs, to giants such as 2A70 and 2A72 as early as 1977. Svezhak, and only.
          And also the DM111, 105 mm projectile, shows greater armor penetration in tests than the 3BM22, 125 mm main projectile, which for a long time tested the armor of Soviet tanks on GOS.
          And the BMP-3 armor doesn’t break through at all, even with a 12.7 mm machine gun.
          1. +1
            14 June 2018 23: 08
            but who do you explain to them even too lazy to read on the topic .. the fact that the L7 was the peak of the development of rifled tank guns they don’t understand and that they also have no ammunition for it .. an interesting machine, by the way, and in my opinion they are like races and it turned out a light tank .. only now the question is whether it is needed ???
          2. +1
            15 June 2018 09: 35
            You don’t carry red meat. Western tanks never had guns firing ATGMs. You still tell a fairy tale that from a 105mm gun you can get somewhere exactly at 3.5-4km and we will laugh together. But the BMP-3 missile can lint up 4km into any tank with high accuracy.
            1. mvg
              15 June 2018 09: 56
              Don’t carry the red meat

              Is it so difficult to read the article to the end?
              3105 CMI Cockerill combat module with a 105-mm gun, adapted for firing with all 105-mm NATO shells, as well as Falarick Gun guided missiles

              // LAHAT was intended for firing from a 105-mm M68 tank gun or 120-mm MG251 (MG253) guns of Merkava tanks, but can be used on all types of guns of the indicated calibers, including recoilless guns, and tube launchers placed on various types of platforms: / /

              // http://bastion-karpenko.ru/stunga-105/ //
              And this is just about the Belgian module hi

              Probably hard in the morning in a wheeler ???
              1. 0
                15 June 2018 10: 18
                Have you finally decided yet, about the L7 Diferembes singing or about the miraculous judo of the Belgian-Turkish gloomy genius? It is characteristic that no one began to produce a super gun with anti-tank systems anywhere except the Turks. They make excellent weapons.
                1. mvg
                  15 June 2018 17: 28
                  And where did I write about the English L7? request I immediately said that the Belgian module is on the promising Turk. Just a link from the Bastion.
                  And about the L7A1 (and options), as it were, also a very successful 52 klb rifled gun. T-55/62/72 penetrated the URA. Due to the rich range of ammunition was in many ways more interesting than 115 mm 2A20 and 2A26 / 46 T-62 and T-72
    4. +4
      14 June 2018 13: 44
      It makes no sense, the Kurds will quickly prove it to the Turks.
    5. +1
      14 June 2018 23: 36
      Quote: bouncyhunter
      Who can tell what is the meaning of such a tank with bulletproof armor? What is it better than the same BMP-3? what
      The task is more than clear.
      1. Destruction of tanks of old models, due to more modern detection systems, aiming and the latest shells.
      2. Support for infantry and armored personnel carriers, the destruction of bunkers ie where you need a large caliber gun.
      He will not let old tanks get close to him, therefore, armor is not needed, a small mass will allow it to be used in hard-to-reach places and together with armored personnel carriers / infantry fighting vehicles. I will not say anything about the modernization of t 55 that he cannot die dead. But it’s not clear why this tank is better than other models of light tanks. It seems only at a price. Yes, and a wheeled light tank, I think it will be better.
  2. +3
    14 June 2018 12: 57
    Incomprehensible animal ..
    Booking will not allow you to act in the first line ..
    The cannon is weak against tanks and fortifications, but redundant for small targets by the power of a projectile ...
    .... while insufficient:
    ammunition, rate of fire and aiming angles
    for effective and timely counteraction to them (weakly armored, high-speed, numerous) ..
    Much better as an addition to the main tank, there would be a variant of the “terminator” type (but with 57mm instead of 30mm) - based on the chassis of a mass tank with a 45-60 mm quick-fire machine ...
    1. 0
      14 June 2018 23: 45
      This cannon of our 72/90 can be easily destroyed at a distance of 3 km, and the fact that our tanks will find them is still a big question. He will destroy tanks from ambush and at a distance, due to modern fire detection and control systems. The 105 mm shells came close in power to 120/125 mm shells. It is only not clear what this tank is better than other light tanks, it seems at a price.
  3. +1
    14 June 2018 13: 17
    They are leo 2 harness they are going to use light tanks, strange logicrequest
    1. 0
      14 June 2018 13: 30
      They are leo 2 harness they are going to use light tanks, strange logic

      Kurds are such entertainers ... they are not afraid to fight with the Turks ... now they posted on the Internet a video of the clash of 3 Kurds with a Turkish patrol (4 people) in the mountains ... so to speak in the first person ... a classic encounter ... what the Turks were unlucky ... bawdy.
  4. +5
    14 June 2018 13: 20
    Expected. For the music was paid by the Indonesians (this topic grew out of MMWT). Why not now finish the finished car to the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and get it into service?
  5. -1
    14 June 2018 13: 27
    What you don’t understand is that the tank is purely exported for those countries that do not have money for MBT, their junk no longer drives, and the Hotz tank
    1. +6
      14 June 2018 13: 43
      Dad or sponsor - Indonesia. They are replacing their AMX-13 and Scorpions.

      At the same time, Indonesia is an extremely difficult country. In terms of logistics. In terms of technology transfer. They have Leopards (one of the stuffed ones is only Qatari steeper in mincemeat). But not everywhere they can be used trite. Therefore, they have a need for light and medium cars. For they do not want to be in the situation of Maravi. When the women and the army were practically on an equal footing and almost all the infantry pulled out in infantry battles.

      Therefore, they ordered a modern, advanced tank. With excellent SLA, TIUS, APU and much more.
      1. +6
        14 June 2018 13: 50
        BMP-3F Indonesia has if that. They are in Marines. But the additional contract spoke, said yes, and that’s it. Hung up.

        And there is a fundamentally different scheme for saturation of PT funds. If the Philippines were doing badly, even if all the Dawao were captured by the Baboons, they would not have found anything more serious than M72. Indonesia is better. But carrying the police, local reinforcing forces and small bases - nothing serious can be found corny. Indonesia has a strong fleet - which can provide a blockade against the supply of new ones. Therefore, this is not the Caucasus and not Syria. There, in general, in the BABAH region with RPG = this is already a candidate for the red book, but they simply don’t meet with ATGMs.
  6. +1
    14 June 2018 14: 08
    Quote: donavi49
    There, in general, in the BABAH region with RPG = this is already a candidate for the red book, but they simply don’t meet with ATGMs.

    Well, this is if the "partners" do not help
    1. +1
      14 June 2018 14: 28
      Namely, they will look at the beginning (well, the partners are star-striped) it is beneficial for them to maintain tension in that region or not and will make a decision. But wherever it is not profitable for them they will climb everywhere. They throw weapons to the very top, I don’t want to fight .. .let 15-20 forward with a margin.
    2. +5
      14 June 2018 14: 51
      The Indonesian fleet and aircraft will overcome the blockade of any of its islands. Therefore, there will be problems with the supply from partners.
  7. 0
    14 June 2018 14: 38
    without KAZ and dynamic protection is not the tenant of this pepelats, protection at the BMP level, while the dimensions are very large
  8. +2
    14 June 2018 19: 58
    Let them rivet everyone has an RPG-7 with a tandem grenade.
  9. -1
    14 June 2018 20: 55
    Where does this weight come from - with bulletproof armor?
  10. +1
    15 June 2018 07: 46
    The purpose of this machine is not clear. Does not swim, does not land. A wheeled vehicle with the same armament loses at maximum speed, complexity and running gear. You can’t use the main tank - the armor is weak. The price due to the rich configuration is high. In general, they did it for the family, can anyone buy the rebels through the jungle and the deserts to drive.
  11. 0
    15 June 2018 12: 26
    Given the specifics of the latest hostilities that Turkey is conducting, there will be little benefit from this tank. This, of course, is a good tank destroyer (probably), but it will not stand up to the pickup truck or the truck with snacks that Turkey’s main opponents have.
    Native Tulpar armor is made according to STANAG 4569 level 2, if the armor of the tank is the same, then it will be bad for it from the DShK, which the Kurds have even more.

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