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Defense Ministry denies statement of White Helmets about air strikes in Idlib

The Russian Ministry of Defense today made an official statement in which it denied allegations of a strike by Russian 7 aircraft in June near the village of Zardan of the Idlib province in Syria, during which 44 people, including six children, were allegedly killed.

Defense Ministry denies statement of White Helmets about air strikes in Idlib

In a statement, the Defense Ministry points out that earlier reports of strikes against Russian air forces were near the Zardan settlement of the Idlib province of 7 on June, according to available information in the area there were fierce battles between Russia) and units of the irreconcilable opposition group “Jaish al-Ahrar” with the use of heavy artillery weapons. The Defense Ministry stressed that the information about the alleged strike by a Russian plane is a fake spread by the “Human Rights Observatory in Syria” located in London and the notorious “White Helmets”, which have already organized more than one production with allegedly poisoned by local residents with chemical substances different areas of Syria, controlled by the militants.

Recall that earlier the “Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights” (“The Human Rights Observatory in Syria”) stated that the Russian VKS attacked the territory of Idlib province in northwestern Syria, which killed forty-four civilians, including six children, as well as dozens of peaceful Syrians were seriously injured.
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  1. bouncyhunter
    bouncyhunter 8 June 2018 16: 48
    It would be fucking with the White Helmets and the Observatory for Human Rights in Syria something intricate to filter the market and not drive bullshit. Yes, and customers on the kumpol knock with something heavy ... feel Oh, dreams ...
    1. gippernano
      gippernano 10 June 2018 23: 31
      You need to shibanat along the absorptory, and the absorptory will shut up, and Teresa and Boris. Well done
  2. Chicha squad
    Chicha squad 8 June 2018 16: 48
    They have not yet been dismissed? They don’t seem to give money anymore.
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 8 June 2018 16: 51
      If you are talking about the White Helmets, then they stopped official financing, no one talks about the unofficial. wink
    GRIGORIY76 8 June 2018 16: 51
    Ours cannot miss, because they use freely falling ammunition.
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 8 June 2018 17: 01
      Quote: GRIGORIY76
      Ours cannot miss, because they use freely falling ammunition.

      Free falling? The metastases of democracy got to the army sad
    2. NN52
      NN52 8 June 2018 18: 25
      Your "crooked" sarcasm is inappropriate here ... You seem to have the Internet, so look for the CAB there, and you will be happy ...
      1. cost
        cost 9 June 2018 01: 44
        Tell me, NN52, and two hundred rubles can save a giant of thought? laughing
  4. Black_PR
    Black_PR 8 June 2018 17: 04
    If a single person calls himself "Observatory ....", then he needs honey. help in the form of a psychiatrist ... And if he also lies right and left, then a quality massage of the skull with something heavy.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Alex-a832
    Alex-a832 8 June 2018 17: 48
    Interestingly, the photo for the article is related to this fake "white helmets"? There is no sign of objects that the aircraft was operating. It is more like the consequences of an explosion of domestic gas, if at all this pile of construction waste was not specially raked into this place.
  7. serg123
    serg123 8 June 2018 19: 00
    It’s numb to them, it sweeps them everywhere. Can they drink Valerian? It may help, and if not, then the guillatine will soothe.
  8. steelmaker
    steelmaker 8 June 2018 19: 43
    The question is different. Why were the barmaleis brought to Idlib if not bombed?
  9. Ros 56
    Ros 56 8 June 2018 19: 55
    Can turn these white into blue so that the service does not seem to be honey.
  10. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 8 June 2018 22: 44
    Idlib - under the control of Turkey. And I'm starting to understand where they will put the S-400 when they buy it.
  11. Rusticolus
    Rusticolus 9 June 2018 08: 36
    It is time to officially recognize this white-handed observatory as a terrorist group. With all the consequences, such as total destruction, by court order.