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Lawlessness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Azov Sea Region threatens the Azov-Don Navigation Canal. The situation at the "red line"


For more than two and a half months, we have witnessed an endless and absolutely inadequate epic of retaining most of the crew of the fishing vessel "Nord" on the territory of the Square without any possibility of safe movement outside the Russian Embassy in Kiev. Russian diplomatic structures, including the foreign affairs agency, are now making maximum efforts to free our citizens, who were illegally detained on March 25 in the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Azov, from the clutches of the irresponsible Ukrainian regime. But, as we see, the attempts undertaken through the most diverse channels to sensitize Kiev and persuade them to search for a mutually beneficial solution had absolutely no effect. For example, the proposal of the Crimean State Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet about the exchange of detained Ukrainian poachers for sailors "Nord" was instantly rejected by the representative of the State Border Service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan.

The arguments of the refusal once again distinguished themselves with the pearl of insanity in the style of our “Kiev friends”: the impossibility of exchange was explained by the fact that “Ukrainian poachers and Russian sailors are citizens of Ukraine, and the crew of the Ukrainian launch YAMK-0041 was detained in the territorial waters of the Crimean peninsula”, which Kiev still considers his own. Of course, nobody forbids quietly dreaming about the past, but there is an objective reality, which must be perceived sensibly, especially when the opponent offers the most painless solution to the far from the most difficult diplomatic issue. But, to my great regret, the current Ukrainian elite, whose Russophobic core is skillfully heated from abroad, intends to turn our sailors into one of the tools of foreign political pressure for Moscow and the object of diplomatic trades, which we talked about in our previous survey, Nord. Poroshenko’s regime continues to use for its own purposes the action of the members of the “Nord” team, fully justified and worthy of respect, which consists in refusing to accept Ukrainian citizenship, despite pressure from the security forces. So, as one of the reasons for the refusal to return the seiners to Russia, the Ukrainian state border service cites the absence of Ukrainian passports, under which the captured crew would not sign under any sauce.

A further plan for a constructive resolution of the issue, with all the inadequacy of the statements of the "negotiators" and representatives of the security forces "Square", is not even looming on the horizon. Some political analysts and observers considered the possibility of forceful release of the seiner crew exhausted by the proceedings from the SBU, but this remained at the level of conversations, while the situation reached an impasse. Complicating the picture is the fact that at the moment, on the eve of the World Cup 2018, Moscow has a very small “window” for the implementation of serious countermeasures, especially force ones, in relation to the mayhem that Kiev has been creating. It is possible that a successful outcome will come right after the championship, when that very “window” opens wide. Let's hope so!

To prevent similar incidents in the near future, the command of the Navy fleet Russia, as well as the Azov-Black Sea Territorial Administration of the Federal Fisheries Agency, have quickly developed a whole range of measures to quickly identify and "stop" pirate actions by the crews of Ukrainian patrol boats, which is represented by the creation of a special task force, and then the arrival of artillery boats of the Bumblebee classes to the Sea of ​​Azov and “Vulture”, as well as two small missile ships (RTOs) “Grad Sviyazhsk” and “Veliky Ustyug” of project 21631 “Buyan-M” from the Caspian flotilla, whose range of tasks also includes the protection of Kryms st bridge.

It would seem that two boats with a displacement of 77 tons, equipped with 76,2 mm rifled guns D-56TS (capable of direct fire at 1050 m with armor-piercing shells BR-354N), should bring to life the madmen in charge of the Ukrainian border guards and the General Staff of the Armed Forces. More can be said about the Buyan-M (they started crossing the Volga-Don Canal on June 4), which simultaneously carry 8 strategic 3M14T Caliber-NK strategic cruise missiles, 100-mm A-190 Universal artillery mounts, and also 2 quad combat modules of a 3M47-01 "Gibka-R" turret missile system capable of intercepting a Ukrainian assault Aviation 9M342 Igla-S anti-aircraft missiles, and to hit Ukrainian Skadovsk class boats with 9M120-1 anti-tank missiles. But in the case of Kiev, everything turned out to be very “neglected”. Representing the “herd of non-frightened hippos” represented by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan during an interview with the UA: Pershiy television channel, stated that the modern naval staff of the Border Guard Service and the Navy of the Russian Federation are completely superior to one and a half dozen outdated patrol boats of the Ukrainian border service, but added in the end that at the headquarters of the so-called Joint Forces they are preparing a “uniform response”.

With regard to the combat potential of the Aerospace Forces, as well as the units of the Russian Ground Forces in the Southern Military District, this statement would have sounded really ridiculous if it were not for one “but”. Those military actions in the North-Western Azov region and the Taganrog Bay, which the Ukrainian side is preparing to resort to as part of a “uniform response”, in parallel with the escalation of the next round of conflict in the Donbas theater of operations, pose a real threat to the Azov-Don shipping canal. Naturally, the danger is also increasing for numerous resort settlements located on Dolzhanskaya Spit, Belosaraysky Spit, and also in most of the Northern Azov region (from Berdyansk to Novoazovsk).

The magnitude of the danger that has arisen is easy to assess by looking at the recent map presented by the press center of the Naval Forces of Ukraine in the annex to the announced closure of the Azov Sea from 1 June to 1 September 2018, as part of the “combat training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, including anti-aircraft missiles and artillery firing. On the map, three zones of “access denial” are marked, where, according to the plan of the VSU, so-called exercises are planned: Belosaraysky Bay, stretching for 45 km northeast of Berdyansk Spit with 8-kilometer protrusion towards the open sea, 20-kilometer sector of Belosaraysky Spit, as well as the 50-kilometer sector of the Taganrog Bay (from the eastern outskirts of Mariupol to Sedovo with an 40-kilometer coverage of the territorial waters of the Donetsk People's Republic). The last “closed sector” in the longitude of the settlement Bezymennoe has an extreme southern point just 35 km from Yeisk. What does this mean?

This sector under the number 180 (as indicated in Ukrainian sources) practically covers the Azov-Don shipping canal, the general approach way to the ports of Taganrog and Azov (RP No. 31), as well as the area of ​​pilotage on the Sea of ​​Azov, passing 10 — 20 km from northern coast of the Taganrog Bay. Even firing using a large-caliber paired 12,7-mm machine-gun "Rock-2M" near this important "shipping artery" of the Sea of ​​Azov can cause significant damage to oil barges, container ships and dry cargo ships bound for Russian ports, not to mention the threat to ship crews. Even in this case, we have a very unpredictable alignment, and the Ukrainian command also declares (attention!) About artillery firing!

Azov-Don navigable canal and "forbidden zones", designated by Kiev

Moreover, the “180-th Forbidden Sector” east of Mariupol, up to the border with the Rostov region, was created by the command of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces solely as a provocative springboard to initiate the active phase of hostilities in the New Azov and Telman directions. This is evidenced by the fact that just a few days after the announcement of the "forbidden zones" in the Sea of ​​Azov and after low-altitude flights of Ukrainian tactical and military transport aircraft along the coastline over Kirilovka within the framework of the exercises of the border troops of the "independent" command 93- The separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is responsible for the “Telman’s Isthmus”, declared its full readiness for an offensive eastward thrust.

There were a huge number of precursors to the current situation regarding the ongoing escalation in the south of the DPR. Among them are the distracting attempts of local offensive operations in the vicinity of the Gorlovsko-Enakiyevskiy agglomeration in the area of ​​the Chigiri and Golmovsky settlements, which was initially unrealizable due to the significant tactical advantage of the DPR National Police Militia of the DPR, which possesses fortified cities and dominant heights, and, of course, 1-kilometer advance of militants of the 2,5 Brigade in the direction of the front-line settlement Petrovskoye, followed by equipment in the nearest plantation of firing positions of LNG-93, B N-9, 2-mm mortars 120B2 and AGS-11. Today, the “17 sector” of the Azov Sea area is added to this list, from where the boats of the Ukrainian state border service may well attempt to make nightly distracting shelling of the coastal strongholds of 180 of the Mariupol-Khingan Marine Regiment of the DPR, located in the southern suburbs of Sakhanka, Nameless, Novoazovsk and in Sedovo. The Armed Forces of Ukraine can implement such a scenario in order to “loosen up” the operational situation in sector “M”, while the main offensive “backbone” will be made not by the 9 Brigade of the ObrMP, but the 36 Brigade coming from Volnovakhi.

Such a long period of closing the above-mentioned sections of the Azov Sea water area for certain “exercises and shooting” leaves no doubt that against the background of complete uncertainty with the Minsk format that has outlived itself and comprehensive US support, Kiev will try to exacerbate the situation as much as in relations with Moscow , and sow chaos in the Donbas. One of the main indicators of such a development can be considered the recent statement by the head of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers Vladimir Groysman about his possible resignation in the event that the “Square” parliament cannot form a majority vote for ratifying the draft law “On the creation of an Anti-Corruption Court”. It is even difficult to assume that the Ukrainian people's deputies, who are stuck in corruption, would endorse the creation of such a body.

Interestingly, even sources in the leadership of the pro-government BPP are talking about a possible transition of Groisman from the prime minister’s position to acting status. And as you know, this level of officials leave their posts for a reason. While the Kiev elite is zombied and fed with fables about a ghostly Anti-Corruption Court, which even in the event of legislative ratification and fake creation, for obvious reasons, will not fulfill its anti-corruption functions at all levels of power, the command of the APU issues an order to transfer Volodarsky the region near Mariupol is already the third anti-aircraft missile division of the C-300PS for the last 2 of the year. At the same time, according to the intelligence agencies of the defense department of the DPR, it is planned to use the complex not only for the possible cover of the Ukrainian units of the 36 and 93 brigades from air strikes by aviation of the Russian Aerospace Force, but also for attacking surface and ground targets using anti-aircraft missiles 5В55Р as 4-5-short-range short-range operational tactical missiles.

What is remarkable, during the creation of the C-300P / PT / PS air defense system, the developer of the elements of the complex (NPO Almaz) and the developer of the B-500P family (5В55Р) (KB "Fakel") actually put the 5H63С command and control station and a semi-active radar homing head for ZUR data; hardware support for targeting fixed and radio-emitting surface objects of the enemy. And what is even more interesting, in addition to the Russian anti-aircraft missile regiments that mastered this technique and applied the "300" for conventional ground targets during exercises at the Telemba training ground in May 2011, the Belarusian Air Force captured this technology in due time President Alexander Lukashenko is still 7 October 2011, at a press conference for Russian journalists. And as you know, right up to the statement about the folding of military-technical cooperation with Ukraine, made by 5 February 2018, the chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus Oleg Dvigalev, the Belarusian defense enterprises closely cooperated with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

It is possible that the modern Ukrainian enterprises Defense Technologies and Aerotekhnika-MLT, engaged in the repair and upgrading of the Pechora C-300 families, independently probed the way to adapting C-300PS to work with superficial targets. But the fact that 125B5P, due to their speed and power-mass characteristics, is capable of hitting radio-emitting targets at a distance of 55 — 90 km, is not encouraging. To reliably protect the southern coast of the Taganrog Bay from unpredictable anti-aircraft missile fire from the 120 zone (Belosaraysky Bay), the deployment of the Triumph C-179 regiment in Yeysk District can be considered, as the situation becomes more and more unhealthy.

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  1. Heterocapsa
    Heterocapsa 7 June 2018 05: 45
    The previous topic about possible and future provocations gathered a lot of good comments. There are already a lot of scenarios and assumptions built on the topic. And everyone agrees that it’s necessary to force peace anyway. One can say for sure. Our army is much better which forced the Georgian army to peace, which at that time was stronger than the current Ukrainian one. The same fleet, if you take the American satellite systems (which the Georgians abandoned). For my part, I express confidence that something could happen one, because the main customer is the US slaughterhouse. They will try to discredit Russia by forcing an otvetku. A serious provocation is needed. North Stream 2 looms on the horizon and the United States no longer hides its irritation, as well as more and more voices are heard about the lifting of sanctions. Russia is strengthening in the world arena and by all means to roll us back to 2014, the project because of which we were thrown back in the Middle Ages, political and economic has not changed, it is Ukraine. So why change something, add a little gasoline. That will be done. There is no doubt about our army’s confidence in Ukraine, the main trouble is Oh, that the people of Donbass will again have a hard time and it’s not clear what the president will choose, although in my opinion the decision will be balanced. Forcing the world is the only way to finish this American project and there is no doubt that the choice will have to be made and, in my opinion, Poroshenko is finishing his post. The country simply will not digest another wave of disposal of the young dill soldier.
    1. Opera
      Opera 7 June 2018 08: 51
      Everything develops in this way. However, there are questions about Poroshenko. The escalation of the conflict to full-scale hostilities will allow it to introduce a state of emergency and not hold elections at all in the foreseeable future. Although in my opinion the radish horseradish is not sweeter and who will be the main self-proponent there is a secondary issue. At least half normal in the Ukrainian government and near-power structures is not observed at all! I have no doubt that the decision will be made by us carefully. However, judging by everything that is happening now, the enforcement of peace has no alternative and should be carried out in the most severe way! With the defeat of a significant amount of forces and means of the enemy. The fact that they will change their minds is already somewhere in the realm of fiction. There is little chance that they will scare and cheat, but for this they have almost no room for maneuver. Where did the slave go once the master ordered ?!
      1. Simple
        Simple 7 June 2018 22: 19
        Quote: Oper
        There is a small chance that they will scare and cheat, but for this they have almost no room for maneuver. Where did the slave go once the master ordered ?!

        At the time of the World Cup in Russia, there is no room for maneuver. What country 404 about will take advantage of.
      2. Visa Witness
        Visa Witness 7 June 2018 23: 53
        Do not fuss, everything will be calm. Waltzman is not a suicide
        1. Simple
          Simple 8 June 2018 21: 31
          The command "face" will be given - it will execute.
          He is not so different.
    2. sapporo1959
      sapporo1959 7 June 2018 11: 33
      And in Donetsk I remember writing, then it is necessary to force the world, and here again I read familiar words. But it’s interesting, but who doesn’t? And Russians have pepelatsi and gravity, which have no analogues, if you read here, and these Bandera boatmen drive Russian fishermen across the sea without any consequences, except for expressing deep public indignation, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and others responsible for the work with masses of organs ...
      1. Heterocapsa
        Heterocapsa 7 June 2018 11: 37
        You, if ever, Belarusians, will be involved in a large geopolitical meat grinder, I will see how you will solve such problems. But you are just observers and therefore you are not able to assess the seriousness of your assumptions.
        1. Opera
          Opera 7 June 2018 12: 13
          There is no point in answering this. This is a question for the sake of the question, or rather for the sake of trying to prick. And Belarusians can and must solve serious geopolitical issues! Team up with your people - Russian! And having returned to his great Motherland - Russia! In the meantime, here is such a level - a goose with a cigarette, wow, we left the bay!
          1. Olezhek
            Olezhek 7 June 2018 13: 12
            And Belarusians can and should solve serious geopolitical issues! Teaming up with your people - Russian!

            Alas, this is pure theory.
            1. Opera
              Opera 7 June 2018 13: 24
              Quote: Olezhek
              Alas, this is pure theory.

              This is a practice brought to life before our eyes. I lived in Crimea for 4 years from 2010 to 2014 and constantly heard only one thing from Crimeans - Russia, we want to go to Russia, we are Russian, we were presented, Russia is our home! In addition, there were Russian political movements! Parents retrained Russian children returning home from school after classes, for example, about the Holodomor, who in turn opposed Ukrainian nationalism and imposed Ukrainianness at all levels, starting from the everyday! And here is the result - Crimea is at home! And if what I said is theory, then it is true! And the practice of returning home to a large extent depends on the Belarusians themselves!
              1. Olezhek
                Olezhek 7 June 2018 14: 18
                I 4 of the year lived in the Crimea from 2010 to 2014 a year and constantly heard from the Crimeans only one thing - Russia, we want to Russia, we are Russian, we were given, Russia is our home! In addition, there were Russian political movements!

                What of the above is related to Belarus ??
                (which is already Belarus!)
              2. Ros 56
                Ros 56 8 June 2018 07: 02
                And the practice of returning home to a large extent depends on the Belarusians themselves!

                As my mother once said: a roasted rooster pecks in the ass, then you run over. So are the Belarusians, our closest brothers. Well, if they do not understand what's what, then .... I have no censorship words. request
          2. alaarsen
            alaarsen 7 June 2018 20: 33
            Yeah ... Theoretically - it's good, that's right .. but in practice. - return to the Russian people or give the Russian oligarchy the opportunity to tear apart what the Old Man created and kept for more than one year? And with Ukraine, Kedmi called Russia's actions schizophrenia. Ukraine dunks you in shit, and you regularly trade with them, supply something there, take some experts to your TV shows and TDs. When some knocked out ukrov tanks, others delivered diesel to the plant .. if the information about this was correct - how is it ??
        2. sapporo1959
          sapporo1959 7 June 2018 17: 08
          Well, in general, as soon as you begin to study geography, be sure to look at the map where this Belarus is located. I personally now live in the triangle, Russia with intentions, Ukraine with Bandera, and Poland with the desire to go to the Pacific Ocean .. Here and We’re better than your geography teacher, why you haven’t shown the map yet ...
          1. Opera
            Opera 7 June 2018 18: 34
            You, as soon as you cease to consider geography the root cause of your cool, you will immediately understand that desire is the maximum of possibilities, and unwillingness is the maximum of reasons! And in your opinion, it really turns out to be a solid triangle! Bermudian! Everything around you with intentions ... And only Belarus with the desire to satisfy all of them ... And eat a fish and don’t dunk your hands! So dear comrade Greg does not happen!
        3. major147
          major147 9 June 2018 11: 49
          Quote: Heterocapsa
          You, if ever, Belarusians, will be involved in a large geopolitical meat grinder, I will see how you will solve such problems. But you are just observers and therefore you are not able to assess the seriousness of your assumptions.

          Unfortunately, Belarusians are even afraid to set up a Russian base, but they talk about things much more complicated.
      2. Olezhek
        Olezhek 7 June 2018 12: 58
        But it is interesting, but who does not give? And the Russians have pepelats and gravitational and unparalleled

        Komrad, and here is a deeply personal question: are you ready for the restitution of Similar Kresov?
        Always ready? Or how?
        Is there an army in general?
        1. sapporo1959
          sapporo1959 7 June 2018 17: 21
          I see Russians love after specific questions why they set you up for cancer to immediately switch to secondary topics such as there were five or the State Department is not asleep again. Well, and recently, Belarus has often started to mention the same thing ..
          1. Bo Yari
            Bo Yari 8 June 2018 11: 13
            To be honest, I believe that Russia does not have enough troops in the war with Ukraine. This is not a parade march to Kiev. In every village and farm there will be a battle and partisans. Whatever the patriots would shout, and the APU then recaptured 75% of what the DNI / LC considered their territory.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 June 2018 06: 34
    Simply put, Ukraine is working hard to get at least a small armed conflict directly with Russia. It doesn’t work in the Donbass, we found a loophole in the Azov. Poroshenko blood from the nose needs a real "aggression" (action) of Russia, because even in Europe they do not believe his lamentations.
    1. cost
      cost 7 June 2018 06: 38
      rotmistr60 : Simply put, Ukraine is striving to achieve at least a small armed conflict directly with Russia

      He already prepared a house for himself in exile
  3. Lelik.
    Lelik. 7 June 2018 06: 55
    Id_ot with a grenade is full Kaput!
    It's time to arrange kirdyk banderlogii
  4. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
    Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 7 June 2018 07: 50
    as well as two small missile ships (RTOs) Grad Sviyazhsk and Veliky Ustyug of the 21631 Buyan-M project from the Caspian flotilla, whose range of tasks also includes the protection of the Crimean bridge.

    RTOs were not transferred to fight Ukrainian pirates. The Black Sea Fleet is strengthening, and the Sea of ​​Azov is also in its area of ​​responsibility. At the same time, there is no need to go to the Sea of ​​Azov for firing “Caliber”. RTOs do not have Onyxes, and there are no goals for them in the Sea of ​​Azov either. Meanwhile, from Sevastopol to Warsaw 1250 km, that is, the entire territory of Ukraine is shot by "Gauges" along and across. Most likely, after the World Cup, Grad Sviyazhsk and Veliky Ustyug will go to the Baltic to the same type of RTOs Zeleny Dol and Serpukhov. Given that their engines are of the same German MTU diesel engine, this will simplify maintenance. This is indirectly confirmed from the media:
    The Baltic Fleet in 2018 will be replenished with four small missile ships armed with Caliber missiles. As the commander of the troops of the Western Military District, Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov, new ships will radically strengthen the combat capabilities of the fleet.

    In the 2018 year, the Baltic Fleet can get such images in the 2 MRC “Grad Sviyazhsk” and “Veliky Ustyug” and the 2 MRC “Hurricane” and “Typhoon” of the 20800 project. At the same time, the Black Sea Fleet will receive the frigate Admiral Makarov, which is currently located at the Baltic Fleet. And the Caspian flotilla will receive Buyan-M with Chinese diesels, which are being built in Zelenodolsk.
  5. gemines
    gemines 7 June 2018 09: 35
    The Azov-Don Shipping Channel does not exist !!! There is the Azov-Don Sea Canal, but it extends (in the marine part) only from the mouth of the Don to Chumbur-Kosa (13,66 nautical miles). On the top map, a broken line is shown in red, consisting of the recommended paths indicated on all navigation charts that are used by large vessels when sailing in the Sea of ​​Azov. You should be more precise, comrade Yevgeny Damantsev, when you undertake such serious material!
  6. Jerk
    Jerk 7 June 2018 09: 41
    The only thing I did not understand was about the "artillery firing of boats of the state border service of Ukraine." Are these any? There in Mariupol there was one boat with a machine gun, Poroshenko presented it with a ponte that year, the same type as the militiamen drowned near Marik back in 14 ...

    What will he carry out artillery firing from? "Kh-kh, poo-poo" ?!
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 7 June 2018 10: 20
      Not. The main boat of the project 205P (large PSKR with 2x2 30mm guns) - Donbass. In 2016, a repair was carried out with modernization (Furuno screwed). Now it is their flagship in Azov. The vessel is serious - and still similar ones are operated in the FSB FSB FSB if that.
      1. donavi49
        donavi49 7 June 2018 10: 21
        Further 2 Neck. Both are pre-equipped and on the go. The third in your photo - caught ATGM and burned out.
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 7 June 2018 10: 25
          Following are the small boats. Project Kalkan, UPS-1000 and others.

          Mariupol facilities are actively used for repairs. Compared with the 2014 year, then most of the boats that were then in reserve or awaiting repair are on the move today. Moreover, the same UPS-1000 that blew up a mine and sank, was lifted and repaired.
          1. donavi49
            donavi49 7 June 2018 10: 26
            And here is the boat - about which you spoke (only it is not of the same type to Grif - Grifs have not been made for a long time, and small-nimble, it is more suitable for fishermen’s hop-stop), but in the spring they handed over a new boat for Azov + 6 UAV + Humvi.
            1. Jerk
              Jerk 7 June 2018 11: 04
              Oh how! Shpasib! Is this exactly Marik? Even I didn’t hear about it and didn’t see it ... Shalanda full of feces, namely KATERA, a layba with a machine gun rummaged up to Maidan, and as the canoe began, two were drowned there. one yes, the ATGM, the second, as I heard, but it’s a half-bike, they themselves fished out a mine and exploded in the sight of the city beach ... Well, about the fact that the boat Porosenko launched into the water of the same type to the burned one - I’m already in Moscow read their news ...
              And I didn’t even hear about these ....
              Well, it's not my business.
              1. donavi49
                donavi49 7 June 2018 11: 17
                ATGM caught the third Vulture (like BG-102 or 112).
                A mine near UPS-1000 exploded near - it turned out half of the stern and it was drowned, but it was lifted and repaired - I attached a photo with it. That's when he was drowning:

                Marik - the pictures even say This is the site of the Mariupol portal (news and more).

                In its current form, this is Donbass + 2 Grifa - this is what they can oppose in power actions against the FSB Bohr. Small boats - (Kalkan, UPS and other projects) - this is more for patrols and daring gop-stop stocks, until the BCF ran up.

                Of the possible reinforcements, only transfer Gyurza by land and / or Bumblebees (of the same type to those that crossed the Caspian - they have 3-4 boats of the same on the Danube). For other than small boats on the 1-2 machine gun is not built.
                1. donavi49
                  donavi49 7 June 2018 11: 32
                  Here's another fresh video - just got caught.
                  Two Vultures - BG-114 + BG-108, a small boat UPS-1000, as well as a pirate-like mob from Onyx mobilization (it was he who aborted Nord).

  7. Imobile
    Imobile 7 June 2018 09: 43
    I know these Ukrainians as flaky, take me to the Foreign Ministry. How stupid is it to exchange Ukrainian sailors for Russians? Yes, they don’t need them; if we hadn’t captured these sailors, they would have done it themselves. Border guards must be captured, they can be exchanged. And sailors must be released, after paying a fine, for non-compliance with Russian law
  8. a housewife
    a housewife 7 June 2018 10: 47
    I liked it - "Ukrainian poachers and Russian sailors are citizens of Ukraine." belay
    1. YarSer88
      YarSer88 7 June 2018 17: 27
      Sailors from the North are now actively forced to obtain Ukrainian citizenship and passports. That's just to untie our hands - our citizens, according to our laws, are judged. This is practically a death sentence for them.
      1. a housewife
        a housewife 7 June 2018 17: 58
        Yes, that’s understandable. But they themselves call them “Russian sailors”. They would say something like - "Crimean sailors are citizens of Ukraine", it would somehow correspond to their own ideas that Crimea is Ukrainian. And so they recognize them as Russian citizens and demand the adoption of Ukrainian citizenship. In short, it is difficult to explain their speech there. According to Lavrov.
        1. YarSer88
          YarSer88 7 June 2018 20: 55
          Personally, I do not see a contradiction in this phrase. Russian - because they work for Russia, and they can be citizens of any country. When they say “Russian athletes” about athletes, they don’t specify that half of them have dual citizenship? So it is here. Just for identification, it’s easier to say “Russian sailors” than “Ukrainian sailors detained on a Russian ship,” they say :)
  9. nikvic46
    nikvic46 7 June 2018 10: 55
    Ukraine, represented by Paroshenko, has passed all the permitted rules of international law, and is considering Russia without response
    measures as the weakness of our country. The author writes about the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, if Russia gives a decent answer
    all Ukrainian provocations. And who will give him (Paroshenko) martial law? Indeed, if they impose martial law, banks will automatically stop working. Local oligarchs will not allow such a situation. It’s just necessary to act
    more courageous. How to sign the Bialowieza Agreement there was enough courage. "It was called a cargo ship, climb into the back"
  10. Scipio African
    Scipio African 7 June 2018 11: 40
    I'm sorry banderlog crying - the day is near when even a lazy one will beat them to death with anything that comes to hand, and the whole of Little Russia will be covered with tattered embroidered rugs and yellow clothed footcloths as a carpet
  11. AIR
    AIR 7 June 2018 12: 10

    Finish out .....
  12. g1v2
    g1v2 7 June 2018 13: 48
    The Ukrainian arm did something stupid with Nord - ours caught them on this and took control of the Sea of ​​Azov. Now, any Ukrainian coast guard boat will be afraid to withdraw from its waters. And when approaching them to any Russian vessel, you can seize the moment and drown them. Type was an attempt to pirate capture. request
    The American journalist also helped us with his proposal to Ukraine to attack the Crimean bridge. Now any military vessel, boat or ship can be drowned when trying to get closer to the bridge under the pretext of repulsing an attack. That is, the Naval Forces will no longer be on Azov. And their border guards will huddle along the coast. Yes, and Ukrainian ports and fishermen will also begin to incur losses. Again, on civilian courts, you can find something. And the fishermen have some kind of Red Book fish or something. Or devices for illegal fishing, etc. In general, all chances are that the Sea of ​​Azov will in fact become the inland Russian sea. hi
    1. Simple
      Simple 7 June 2018 22: 35
      But the Black Sea did not become internal for Turkey?
      1. g1v2
        g1v2 7 June 2018 22: 55
        Turkey cannot control it. There are we and the Black Sea Fleet. And we can control the Sea of ​​Azov and the entire freight traffic.
        1. Simple
          Simple 7 June 2018 23: 08
          Legally impossible. without violating international law.
          By the way, was there any agreement on the Sea of ​​Azov after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula?
          1. Antares
            Antares 12 June 2018 21: 50
            Quote: Simple
            By the way, was there any agreement on the Sea of ​​Azov after the annexation of the Crimean peninsula?

            the previous contract is valid.
            There are no new ones between the Russian Federation and Ukraine (interstate) and never will be. So far, war and territorial dispute. So, at the level of the Foreign Ministries and partners, various formats.
            Well, Naftogazy Gazprom .. this theme of Ukraine and the Russian Federation is eternal ..
  13. aleksanderfomin0789
    aleksanderfomin0789 7 June 2018 14: 35
    Everything is clear DNR and LC no one will stop.
  14. APASUS
    APASUS 7 June 2018 18: 02
    Talked on Monday with the residents of Kharkov, well, in general, everything looks sadder than I could have imagined:
    1 It turns out that we burned Ukrainians in Odessa
    2 In the Donbass, I still did not understand what it was, a bus or what, but in general we again took 40 children and shot them.
    3 Things are going so well in Kharkov that it turns out to be a city of millionaires
    And this is a man from Kharkov, and what can you expect from zapadentsev, the people specifically hooked on the "advertising Sneakers"! Only amputation will help!
    1. petrol cutter
      petrol cutter 7 June 2018 21: 10
      But this already seems to be true. A large number of people in this very Ukraine think something like this when you start talking with real people. So there is no need to wait for any positive changes. And even more so, a breakthrough in the form — they suddenly came to their senses !! .. They said, well, what are we doing, brothers?
    2. Antares
      Antares 12 June 2018 21: 55
      Quote: APASUS
      1 It turns out that we burned Ukrainians in Odessa

      he is probably about a version of provocation, like the theory of provocation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Boeing case. For Odessa became a key moment of the information war, after it the flow of people to the war became large.
      Quote: APASUS
      In the Donbass, I did not understand what it was, a bus or what, but in general we again took out 40 children and shot.

      Wave or something? Both sides are not recognized and blame the enemy.
      Quote: APASUS
      Things are going so well in Kharkov that it turns out to be a city of millionaires

      millionaires in hryvnias is not much in dollars (26-1_)
      However, even this is fantastic.
      Quote: APASUS

      shopping mall zapadentsev nafig it is not necessary. They worked for themselves in Poland and are working. In fact, some "Russian Ukrainians" are howling against others (no matter where they come from from the ORDILO or the Russian Federation)
      Kharkovites, Dnieper, nikolayevets, and so on ... so it’s quite a "Russian war" And the information pumping of the parties is impressive. And you will not hear that. Articles in the Russian media are no worse than Ukrainian ...
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 13 June 2018 17: 50
        Quote: Antares
        Articles in the Russian media are no worse than Ukrainian ones.

        No one denies the possible excesses in the Russian media, but what can be said about the media in Ukraine cannot even be called or justified as an information war!
  15. kuz363
    kuz363 8 June 2018 06: 00
    "3M14T" Caliber-NK "strategic cruise missiles" Has it been a long time since cruise missiles have become strategic? Something about the Tomahawks do not say that.
  16. Old26
    Old26 8 June 2018 21: 01
    Quote: Lelik.
    Id_ot with a grenade is full Kaput!
    It's time to arrange kirdyk banderlogii

    Igor wrote a little higher.
    Quote: Bo Yari
    To be honest, I believe that Russia does not have enough troops in the war with Ukraine. This is not a parade march to Kiev. In every village and farm there will be a battle and partisans. Whatever the patriots would shout, and the APU then recaptured 75% of what the DNI / LC considered their territory.

    This is the main thing. Not even counting Russia's reputational losses, yet another sanction, frustrated projects - not even counting this - this kirdyk banderlog will cost us tens of thousands of dead. Or do you propose only to reach Kiev and conclude a truce with banderlogs? No, if we destroy this breed, then under the root. And remember at the same time, how long in western Ukraine they fought with the forest brothers. And it’s not only the police and state security. Army units, divisions took part in this and suffered losses. So the "easy walk" does not work.

    And at the same time, as Comrade Gennady wrote correctly
    Quote: rotmistr60
    Simply put, Ukraine is working hard to get at least a small armed conflict directly with Russia. It doesn’t work in the Donbass, we found a loophole in the Azov. Poroshenko blood from the nose needs a real "aggression" (action) of Russia, because even in Europe they do not believe his lamentations.

    The powder needs blood to confirm aggression against Ukraine. Yes, a provocation is possible, a strike by the same S-300 complex missiles at Russian facilities, for example, at the same Bataisk, is possible. But which of the "Western media" will see this? That's right, nobody. But the response of Russia, which can be expressed not only by the “Caliber” strike, but also by the raid of our units and units, will be covered by the “Western democratic media” precisely as the “aggression” of a totalitarian Russia against an independent democratic state.
    There is a stalemate. In the event of a provocation, you must not answer, and you must not answer "
    After all, Donbass is still not the Crimea. Crimea had autonomy as part of a unitary state and legally it was possible to do everything right.
    But with the Donbass ... Everything is much more complicated. Indeed, for the rest of the world, the inhabitants of Donbass are separatists, like the Scots in Britain, the Basques in Spain, and the Kurds in Turkey. They all want to secede from the country where they were before. But the right to self-determination is, of course, a well-known political slogan. But when it comes to such a separation, countries immediately recall the inviolability of borders.
    That is the same with the Donbass. People want to leave, but they are not given. Since for the leader of Ukraine, who would give such consent, this would mean political death.
    And what remains to be done ???? To be honest, I don’t see a way out of this situation. Talk about the destruction of banderlog and their ideology is necessary, but how to do it ....
  17. Shelest2000
    Shelest2000 9 June 2018 17: 13
    The escalation of the conflict is brewing. And he will be, here without options, alas ...
    What’s interesting to me is that in the event of the outbreak of hostilities and the involvement of Russia in them, our leadership will decide to send gifts, in the form of several dozen of the same “Caliber” for state structures in Kiev - the Rada, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Ukro-General Staff, and the Offices of Giblets (as places the highest concentration of ukronatsi), warehouses and places of deployment of ukrovsk of the first or second echelon, locations of air defense and tactical missiles? Or, as usual, there will be only one words? ..