Rhodesian chuck for battle

With the advent of mass combat rifled weapons In our country, smooth-bore guns were completely forced into the hunting niche.

In some other states, the fate of shotguns was different. For example, in the USA, which undoubtedly belongs to the palm in the use of smoothbore as a combat and police weapon, sheriffs used shotguns with shortened trunks with might and main long before John Moses Browning created a series of his remarkable rapid-fire rifles. By the way, they could be found in some police departments of this country in the 60 years of the last century.

Today, combat shotguns are the most common weapon after police pistols in the United States. Despite the fact that the cops themselves, judging by the polls, most of them prefer submachine guns or assault carbines to shotguns, the authorities try to equip them with smooth-bore guns, referring to the fact that the kind of policeman with a carbine irritates the population and that the assault weapons require more high level of professionalism. To this it must be added that the pump-action shotguns, which are in service with most police departments, are much cheaper than most submachine guns and assault carbines.

Rhodesian chuck for battle

Even despite the fact that in recent years, US police departments have purchased a large number of army assault rifles and carbines on military sales, a smooth-bore weapon continues to occupy a prominent place in the arsenals of American law enforcement officers. There are shotguns and armed with Canadian and British police, they are widely distributed in Latin America.

They came out of a hunting niche in Russia, becoming a legitimate weapon of self-defense and armament of employees of private security firms. And even found limited use in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In favor of the use of combat rifles they say the following features:

• the charge of a large fraction allows you to hit the enemy in an urbanized area without the fear that the projectile, breaking through the wall covering, could hit third parties;
• the range of the projectile, and, accordingly, the destruction of smooth-bore weapons is much lower than that of rifled weapons, which also makes its use more preferable in settlements where there is a high risk of destruction from a stray bullet;
• A wide range of ammunition (including non-lethal) and special projectiles can be used in a smooth-bore weapon for kicking doors and throwing “cats”;
• combat shotguns in the short range make it possible to create a density of fire comparable to that of an automatic weapon;
• Lead bullets and shotguns have a significantly lower possibility of rebounding than rifled shell bullets;
• to destroy the elements of a car engine, you can use special ammunition (the so-called "karstop").

However, there is a smoothbone and a number of restrictions, even in the self-defense-police-niche. Traditionally used for these purposes, 12 caliber has a powerful "energy", in some cases, excessive, and somewhat complicating the rate of fire from a pump-action shotgun, especially for the not-too-experienced shooter.

In addition, at ultrashort combat distances, at which the lion’s share of all fire contacts of self-defenders, security guards and policemen takes place, the main advantage of the grapeshot or large fraction remains undisclosed - it flies to 15 meters almost as a bullet, in a dense sheaf. That is, contrary to common misconception, shooting “in the direction of” will most likely be shooting past.

To solve these problems, a special type of ammunition was invented - the so-called Rhodesian cartridge. It is equipped in a special way - the weight of the projectile and the weight of gunpowder in comparison with the standard ones is reduced by at least half. Instead of the usual wad or wad-container, a projectile is separated from the powder only by a thick, usually kapron or polyethylene gasket with a thickness of 2-3 mm, and the projectile itself consists of different-sized cartridges. Four X-NUMX mm cartographic boxes are laid down, and on top there are seven X-NUMX-mm cartilage boxes. For his equipment, as a rule, quick-burning and sharp powder are used.

Such an arrangement of the projectile ensures its maximum dispersion after exiting the barrel, since larger and heavier ratchets break up a bundle of smaller canister. In the network you can find a legend about the origin of this cartridge, according to which it was invented by "white hunters" for shooting short-circuited in the Rhodesian jungle. When fired, a small canister or large fraction ejected from the barrel first cuts off branches and vines, clearing the path of the large canister.

However, this version, from the point of view of ballistics, seems doubtful, and for Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), the bush is more characteristic than jungle.

Most likely, this cartridge was invented for firing at the enemy at ultrashort distances offhand or from the hip, without careful targeting, for which there is simply no time.

It is also important that the return from such a cartridge is almost two times lower than from conventional 12 ammunition of caliber, which allows you to make several shots in a row without significant removal of the gun from the aiming line.

This is of particular importance for the shooting of "cruisers" - pump pistols with pistol grip instead of the butt, or the edges, which in some countries are not considered a criminal weapon.

Another very important point is the length of the Rhodesian cartridge, which, due to the characteristics of the equipment, is 32-40 mm. That allows you to charge in the podstvolny shop "pump" 8-10, and even more rounds.

All this makes this cartridge very popular with police and private security guards in the United States and several other countries. In the US market, the Rhodesian “Minishells” cartridges of the Mexican company “Aguila” are very popular; they are sealed with an “asterisk”, 32 mm long, with the weight of the projectile 19 grams.

It should be noted that such cartridges are usually not suitable for use in semi-automatic rifles and require specific reloading techniques in some “pumps”: smoother forerunners.

In our country, such cartridges are equipped independently by some enthusiasts. On sale they will not meet, and it is difficult to assume that they are in great demand. The policemen and guards are armed with completely different weapons, and as for self-defense, practice shows that most often there is just one shot. After that, the self-defense problems begin a completely different order.
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  1. +1
    7 June 2018 05: 48
    Interestingly ..... the South African cartridge (18,5 x 55 mm) can be attributed to the "Rhodesian" cartridges?
  2. +9
    7 June 2018 05: 56
    Super Shorty is what you need to allow for sale in our country wink Lightweight compact convenient for short self-defense wink It's time to change ZOO so that everyone who wants something and buys fellow How much can you ignore the interests of the buyer? We need an arms market like in America, of course, ideally wink It is necessary to develop this market segment then and jobs will appear investments will increase the share of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia wink And 5 years of ownership of the smoothbore reduced to 1 year wink
    1. +1
      7 June 2018 10: 19
      This is what Kalashnikov is trying to do to lobby the gun market, but the Rosguard is standing there laughing so to speak, on guard of peace and security of citizens soldier and the article is not new, right now with Lee presses you can spin any cartridges very fast fellow
      1. 0
        7 June 2018 12: 20
        Interestingly, does the Russian Guard understand that by their actions they impede the development of small and medium-sized businesses? feel
        1. +5
          7 June 2018 13: 22
          Quote: RaptorF22
          Interestingly, does the Russian Guard understand that by their actions they impede the development of small and medium-sized businesses?

          Are you talking about funeral services?
    2. +1
      7 June 2018 13: 21
      Quote: RaptorF22
      It is necessary to develop this market segment then jobs will appear investments will increase the share of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia And 5 years of ownership of the smoothbore should be reduced to 1 year

      Why, let’s give everyone a gun! Let every gopnik walk with a trunk! Yes, and the kids at school do not hurt to arrange a shootout, let them get used to the harsh everyday life!
      1. +5
        7 June 2018 13: 47
        Well, the hoplophobes laughing I thought they fell asleep wink wassat tongue again his horror films about mass executions and other nonsense laughing at least they would change the training manual tongue already tired of your bored lol
        1. +2
          7 June 2018 14: 01
          Quote: RaptorF22
          the hoplophobes were breeding

          Who is this? Russian please?
          Quote: RaptorF22
          at least they would change the training manual

          There is no training manual, there is an opinion and sufficient personal experience in owning and using a smoothbore ...
          Quote: RaptorF22
          again his horror films about mass executions and other nonsense

          I don’t understand what you (those who want to arm everyone and everything) do not like the current situation? Buy a trauma for self-defense outside the house, and keep a shotgun at home ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
      1. +1
        7 June 2018 13: 48
        You just have such problems lol laughing apparently serious problems with this lol if so they bomb and burn lol
      2. 0
        7 June 2018 14: 04
        Quote: morved
        Changing the ZOO up to the total permission for self-defense in the economy will not even lead to noticeable changes at the level of statistical error.

        Absolutely right! Small business will not notice at all ...
    4. +2
      7 June 2018 14: 22
      Yes? In order for the arms market to be "like In America" ​​it should be only America. And no other way. But you are right, there should be a market for short-circuit turnover for civilians. Otherwise, we will not have good models of weapons. Because only mass exploitation reveals all the design flaws.
      1. 0
        7 June 2018 14: 35
        controversial thesis - the best examples in the world were created by order of the army or law enforcement agencies. Offhand, of those created for the civilian market, I recall only the CZ-75, and then according to Wikipedia, "it was positioned as a modern replacement for" heavy "police and army pistols." The civilian market will simply increase the choice of all sorts of whistle-fakes. But in general, all the same gunsmiths will be guided by the army and police.
        1. 0
          7 June 2018 15: 48
          By order of the army and the police, I can offhand recall 1911, Glock, High Power, S&W 39, P220 ... That is, those pistols that were created within the framework of competitions for an army or police pistol. Almost all other pistols that were created out of competitions were created primarily for the civilian market. The story with the adoption of the MP-443, when the best pistol in the competition is being finished but normal for another ten years. If Viking entered a full-fledged civilian market, its working version would not have to wait until 2016.
          1. 0
            7 June 2018 16: 21
            Well, I actually about it. the civilian market practically does not affect the perfection of pistols for the army or the police, it simply increases their diversity.
            As for the Viking, nothing would have changed, the roots are not in the presence of a civilian arms market, but in relation to our arms industry. Now look at the hunting weapons that Izhmeh somehow quickly finishes up their products? Yes nefiga quality shit. Without military acceptance, they work disgustingly.
            In summary, in order to create outstanding pistols, it is not necessary to have a civilian market. Rather, you need an understanding of what you need. And while our main customer will be the Moscow Region, which Makarov is ideally suited for, we will have a situation like with the Yarygin.
        2. 0
          15 January 2022 23: 50
          All the best samples were created from the desire of their author to make a gun. What is M1911, what is P-08, what is STI. And where to attach it is a second matter.
          The exceptions are XP - Khaidurova and Razorenova, who turned out to be quite technological for the workshop in Dynamo and the hands of the author, and "non-technological" for the TOZ plant. But as AW-93 they are still produced.
  3. Ber
    7 June 2018 06: 51
    as practice shows, here most often one shot is enough. After which the self-defender begins to have problems of a completely different order.

    most often one shot is enough laughing

    1. +1
      7 June 2018 07: 15
      I wonder how to wear such a gun in a backpack 80 cm long? wassat Again Ltsu and tactical flashlight do not put aesthetics will not be very laughing
    2. +1
      7 June 2018 07: 24
      Quote: Ber
      most often one shot is enough laughing

      ... the more the merrier fellow
      1. +1
        7 June 2018 14: 06
        What is this juggler?
        then already this
  4. +10
    7 June 2018 07: 09
    Why would it be a Rhodesian cartridge? All these methods of releasing the battle have been known in hunting practice for more than 100 years! 65 sleeve in a 70m chamber, a layer of fractions (this is generally two hundred years), a "wheatgrass" for a round stand, wads of dispersant and much more ... Found inventors
    1. 0
      7 June 2018 13: 59
      Just someone caught my eye on a book on the equipment of shotgun cartridges of the late XIX century. New - well forgotten old.
  5. +1
    7 June 2018 14: 24
    "Saigi" and "Boar" thing ..... It’s a pity you can’t buy from us
  6. +3
    7 June 2018 17: 03
    Our police and security guards are armed with completely different weapons, and as for self-defense, as practice shows, more often than not one shot is enough. After which the self-defender begins to have problems of a completely different order.
    That's for sure. We self-defense is impossible in principle.
    1. +4
      8 June 2018 13: 26
      Why is it impossible? It is possible, only punishable. The state offers you a completely honest choice - you want to go to the grave, you want to go to jail. Decide for yourself.

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