MiG-35: a mountain of surprises for the enemy. Best in class!


In the second half of May 2018, an event of great significance for the further development of the tactical aircraft fleet of the Air and Space Forces of Russia took place: the United Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (UAC) has started the state acceptance tests of the 4 ++ MIG-35 multi-functional super-maneuverable tactical fighter. Factory tests focused on testing on-board RLC, opto-electronic sensors, weapons control systems, as well as three-channel EDSU with 4-multiple redundancy, were successfully completed in December 2017 of the year.

To challenge the importance of this event is almost impossible for several reasons. “The 9-67 product”, which is preparing for operational readiness in 2019, already in the first small batches will be able to partially compensate for the numerous technological shortcomings of such obsolete machines, such as the MiG-29 / SD / M2 / SMT, on the most significant air routes of the Western military District In particular, these machines, despite the presence of the multiplex data exchange bus MIL-STD-1553B in the radio-electronic "stuffing" for the integration of new elements of the pilot's information field, means of warning about radiation, as well as future adaptation to new types of rocket launcher bomb weapons, equipped with "ancient" pulse-Doppler airborne radar HNNUMXMP Zhuk-ME and HNNUMXMP Topaz.

These products are represented by slotted antenna arrays that are characterized by extremely low noise immunity, low throughput “on the pass” target tracking (10 simultaneously tracked targets), low target channel (4 and 2 simultaneously fired targets for Zhuk-ME and Topaz ” respectively), poor maintainability and low reliability due to the presence of a single transmitting and receiving paths, as well as weak energy parameters, providing the target detection range of the type “F / A -18E »order 100 km (with ESR within 2 sq. M). If we speak in a more understandable language, due to the presence of a single high-frequency transmitter, a radar with a slit antenna array has a short time between failures, and a lower range of work is observed due to the impossibility of installing such a massive transmitter whose power would be equivalent to the total power of all the MRP active phased array

As a rule, stations with slotted antenna arrays are distinguished by large restrictions on the minimum effective reflecting surface of the object to be detected (within 0,05 — 0,1 sq. M), because of which the prospective, inconspicuous enemy cruise missiles may not be obvious even at minimal distances. The only advantage that retains such radars in service in the second decade of the 21st century is the software capability for implementing the Synthetic Aperture Mode (SAR), although the resolution of the resulting radar image is 15 m, and therefore the possibility of identifying small ground targets of the “launcher OTBR "or surface type" patrol boat "is practically absent, can only be made on the classification of the apparently EPR marker of the object on the multifunctional indicator.

It is fitting to note here that tactical fighters of the F-15E “Strike Eagle” families, as well as the F-16C Block 52 / 52 +, being in service with the US Air Force, have for several years been slowly but surely going through a program to upgrade the weapon control complex new radar complexes with active phased arrays AN / APG-82 (V) 1 and AN / APG-83 SABR. The radar data not only fully outstripped the AN / APG-70 and F / AN AN / APG-89 (V) 9 old slot-hole radars of the Strike Needles AN / APG-011 and the Falcons radars, but also partially surpassed the Russian on-board radars radar stations with passive HEADLAMPS H035 “Bars” and even the most “far-sighted” H30 Irbis-E series radars in the world, because in AFARs, thanks to programmed power control and frequency characteristics of each receiving-transmitting module, there is the possibility of a sector “ reset "pattern in the direction of the director of electronic noise of the enemy. These qualities, which are absent in the Su-35CM and Su-35С, should appear in the promising "medium" fighter of the transitional generation MiG-XNUMX, the basis of which onboard electronic equipment is for the first time in stories A Russian military aircraft industry will be equipped with a radar with an active phased array “Zhuk-A” (in the FGA-35 version), represented by 960 receiving and transmitting modules of 8 watts.

This radar confidently detects air targets with EPR in 1 square. m at a distance of about 140 km, at the same time “ties trails” of 30 and captures 6 objects for accurate auto tracking of objects for interception by means of long-range air combat missiles with active semi-active / passive radar homing RVV-SD. The F-15E tactical fighter “Strike Eagle” with a mixed suspension configuration (EPR around 7 sq. M) can be detected at a distance of about 250 km. As the main advantage of “Zhuk-A” in the work on surface and ground targets, the resolution in the mode of the synthesized 0,5 m aperture is noted, as indicated by the information table provided by the developer (Phazotron-NIIR JSC) in addition to the full-size demonstrator. It is this radar that, if it is possible to identify surface targets, can be compared with onboard radar H036 “Belka”, installed on the 5 generation fighter Su-57.

An important detail of the delivery of the MiG-35 multi-role fighter jets to the Airspace Forces of Russia is their relatively low price, of the order of 45 — 50 million dollars (in 1,3 — 1,5 times less than in Su-35С). As a result, the Ministry of Defense of Russia expects to purchase about 170 of similar machines, which have significantly better interference immunity of a BRLK in air battles at medium and long distances in comparison with “Dryers”. The next point is more logical to consider the capabilities of the MiG-35 multi-role fighter in “passive work” on enemy surface, ground and air targets, which implies the full use of integrated optical-electronic complexes without the active mode of the Zhuk-A radar. This method of using the fighter’s weapons control system minimizes the likelihood of opening its own location by such enemy electronic reconnaissance tools as a multi-element radiation warning station with a distributed aperture AN / ALR-94 of the low-profile F-22A fighter, consisting of 30 high-sensitivity antenna modules capable of bearing the direction finding at a distance of 460 and more than km, the PTR complex 55000 AEELS (“Automatic Electronic Emitter Location Systems”) of strategic intelligence amolota RC-135W / V «Rivet Joint», or shipboard electronic intelligence station AN / SLQ-32 (V) 2, martial imparted information management system «Aegis» destroyers class "Arley Burke".

If you look, for example, at the early MiG demonstration aircraft (“No. 154”), developed on the basis of the experimental two-seater MiG-29М2 and MiG-29KUB as early as 2006, to attract the attention of high-ranking military officials of the Indian Defense Ministry (as part of the MMRCA tender) , then you can pay attention to the richest range of integrated optical-electronic means. In particular, the following equipment was observed on board: the OLS-UEM nasal optoelectronic complex (works in the infrared / television viewing channels and is capable of detecting targets at a distance of 45-50 km to the rear hemisphere and 20 km to the front hemisphere), similar to a dual-band optical-electronic OLS-K complex (it detects individual units of large armored vehicles at a distance of 20 km, small landing craft - 40 km, and frigate-class ships - 90-120 km, depending on the meteorological situation), located in a conformal container howling engine nacelles, as well as an Attack Missile Detection Station (SOAP).

The latter is represented by an infrared sensor of the lower hemisphere (HC-OAR) and upper hemisphere (BC-OAR), capable of detecting and tracking virtually any rocket (from anti-radar and anti-aircraft missiles at a distance of 50 km to an AMRAAM air combat missile - about 30 km). Moreover, the system is capable of detecting launches of operational-tactical ballistic missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles at a distance of several hundred kilometers, as well as the DAS complex of the American Fighter X-Numx generation F-5A. As you know, by introducing the appropriate software and hardware options, you can achieve full-fledged synchronization of the SOAR with the KUV of the fighter, which ultimately allows the system operator (second MiG-35 pilot) to target the sensors of this system not only to target air fighters the enemy, but also on the attacking missiles of the air combat and the enemy's SAM. The air combat missiles R-35, РВВ-СД, Р-77 РДМ-73, and also РВВ-МД are adapted for these tasks.

In practice, it looks like this. generation fighter "4" and "4 +" MiG-29S, MiG-29SMT and Su-27, equipped with obsolete radar system with slotted antenna array N019MP "Topaz", "Zhuk-ME", as well as the Cassegrain antenna N001, have little or no opportunity intercepting air combat missiles launched by the enemy due to the lack of ability to detect such small targets in advance and capture them for auto tracking (the effective reflecting surface of AIM-9X Block II and AIM-120D barely reaches 0,03 — 0,07 square meters). Successful implementation of such interception can occur only if the pilot visually detects the moment of “Sidewinder” descending from the underwing pylon of an enemy fighter located at a distance of 8 — 10 km, and instantly applies the “standby” capture of the torch of the approaching rocket by means of a GOS of its own 73. As is known, such a “fast” mode requires only the alignment of the aiming crosshair, which is the cone of the scan of ICGSN of the rocket, with the visible heat-contrast object.

But such a “trump” opportunity is unlikely to become a frequent event of the air battles of the 21st century, where AIM-120С / D is launched from the distance 50 — 100 km. Moreover, visually detecting the start of a solid propellant solid propellant rocket with a modern low-smoke fuel is not so simple. Consequently, only an infrared station detecting attacking missiles, synchronized with the fighter’s QMF, is able to turn into reality similar plans to destroy the enemy's missile defense system. In the United States, a similar concept of using air combat missiles is slowly progressing towards implementation as part of the ambitious SACM-T project (Small, Advanced Capability Missile Technologies), which has been developed for several years by a military-industrial company specializing in the design of missile and radio electronic weapons Raytheon, and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

The project, launched by Lockheed Martin, is based on the creation of the radically improved small-sized (“trimmed”) modification of the air-to-air missile AIM-120C AMRAAM. The product, also referred to as CUDA, is planned to be equipped with high-precision active radar homing head of the millimeter range, as well as 13 "gas-dynamic belts" of more than a hundred miniature transverse control engines, which ensure the kinetic destruction of the intercepted missile by the enemy using the direct hit method. SACM-T / CUDA’s launch into the US Air Force and Navy fighters’s ammunition is expected by the beginning of the 30-s, and therefore the Vympel GosMCB specialists have plenty of time to equip RVV-SD missiles for self-defense missiles. Another issue is that today neither military-diplomatic sources, nor the developer himself speak of such priorities for the modernization of defensive equipment for the HVS fleet. and there is still such a moment as financing, which is better to keep quiet about.

A picture is emerging that is similar to the slipping of the “once-through” program of the RVV-AE-PD ultra-long-range air battle missile. But it is precisely the advancement of such projects that will determine the safety of the flight personnel of our Aerospace Forces in the event of a collision with aviation Western Air Force. Thus, it can be stated that in matters of self-defense of fighters of the Russian aerospace forces, all hope remains only for linking the R-77 family missiles to the attack missile detection station (SOAP), but to consider such linking as an ideal asymmetric response to the American SACM-T project , because the flight performance of the CUDA interceptor missile will be almost 2 times higher than the RVV-AE due to the gas-dynamic control, because the first was originally developed to combat small Class azheskimi missiles "B-B".

We will now proceed to assessing the structural changes in the placement of the optical-electronic module for operation in the air-to-surface mode on new prototypes of the MiG-35 for the Russian videoconferencing, as well as the associated negative and positive consequences. If you take a close look at the early demonstrator MiG-35 with the onboard number "154", assembled for demonstrations within the MMRCA, and then at the last demonstrator "No. 702 blue", which passed the factory flight tests in 2017 year, you can notice that OLS-K optical-electronic complex in a small-sized streamlined conformal module-container, on the bottom surface of which an optical-transparent turret is placed for viewing the lower hemisphere.

The mass of this module, as well as the coefficient of aerodynamic drag are minimal, which only slightly affects the combat range. On the demonstrator with the onboard number “702” for Russian video conferencing, we can pay attention to the more massive and large-size suspended container optical-electronic complex Т220 / Э. Apparently, this particular complex will be used on the Russian MiG-35. Undoubtedly, its main drawback can be considered a significant aerodynamic resistance due to the container diameter 370 mm and a very large attachment to the right engine nacelle, which will reduce the radius of action by several tens of kilometers. We should also expect an additional reduction in the maximum speed (if there are missiles on the suspension) from 2100 to 1850 — 1900 km / h.

There is a complex Т220 / Э and serious advantages over OLS-K. This is a much better overview of the upper sector of the elevation plane, achieved thanks to the container turning turret oriented to the front hemisphere, in contrast to the fixed turret OLS-K, which looks down. Due to this, T220 / E can not only conduct a review of the lower hemisphere, but also “look” at an angle 7 — 10 degrees above the horizon line (in the upper hemisphere). Therefore, the complex can be used to classify and identify remote air targets in the television range, in addition to the OLS-WEM.

Upper photo: MiG-35 demonstrator (board No. 154) with an OLS-K optical-electronic sighting system; bottom: prototype MiG-35 (board No. 702) for factory and government tests with the T220 / E suspension container

In addition, judging by the significantly larger size of the T220 turret head in comparison with the OLS-K, the first one has a much longer and high-aperture optical system, allowing to realize the optical magnification of the observed object in 30X and more, not counting the digital one.

Not without Т220 / E and disadvantages. One of them is the constructive impossibility of turning the lens to angles greater than 20 degrees from the longitudinal axis of the suspension container. Bottom line: the possibility of reviewing the lower sector of the rear hemisphere is excluded (the operator of the MiG-35 systems will not be able to track the ground tactical situation “in the tail” of the vehicle without performing a fighter reversal). Complex OLS-K boasts this feature. What tactical advantages does this feature of OLS-K give? There is no need to retract the fighter in the direction saturated with modern enemy anti-aircraft missile systems, which cover the reconnaissance object.

In addition to the standard optoelectronic reconnaissance of ground objects in the rear hemisphere, OLS-K also provides their illumination for tactical missiles with semi-active laser homing heads launched from other carriers (from Su-25 attack aircraft to Hermes anti-tank systems in various versions). Such opportunities for working with targets in the rear hemisphere are not provided by any domestic or foreign container sighting and navigation complex, including such well-known products as Sapsan-E, as well as Shtatovsky Sniper-ATP (Advanced Targeting Pod). The only products that are close to the OLS-K in the ZPS survey area are the French TALIOS Multi-Function Targeting Pod and Turkish ASELPOD-ATP, whose turret heads rotate on bearings in a vertical plane. Anyway, one will have to be content with the technological advantages of the Т220 / Э complex, given that not a single multipurpose fighter of the 4 + generation of the MiG-29CMT, Su-27M and Su-30 families has ever deployed suspension intelligence equipment. and targeting.

Container opto-electronic complex TALIOS

Against the background of all the above-described advantages of the weapons control complex of the multifunctional MiG-35 fighter, the statements of various Russian specialists in the article “Experts have rejected the shipboard MiG-35” on the Ytro.ru resource look absolutely unreasonable. So, in the publication you can find the opinion of the chief editor of the magazine “Arms Export”, Andrei Frolov, in accordance with which the MiG-35 is outdated as a platform for developing a promising deck-based aviation system. In essence, this conclusion is justified by the “gluttony” of the turbojet RD-33MK / MKV turbojet engines, the small combat radius of action, and the discrepancy of the radar signature of the airframe to the 5 generation machines. But is it all so sadly formed for an advanced modification of the fighter of the MiG-29 family, the glider of which for decades will be considered an “aerodynamic standard” along with the gliders of the T-10 family?

The new “9-61 / 67 products” due to the introduction of a larger number of elements represented by composite materials, keep an empty (“dry”) mass within 11000 — 11500 kg, while the normal take-off weight with 4800 kg of fuel, as well as 6 rockets RVV-SD and 2 RVV-MD on suspensions will be about 17,8 — 18 tons. When a part of the fuel is used up (at the time of the air combat), the weight of the vehicle will be within 16 tons, which, when combined with the RD-33MKV TRDDF in 18000 kgf, provides thrust-to-weight ratio in 1,12 kgf / kg. Not bad for a melee air combat with the “Super Hornet” even with the use of an ordinary steady turn with an angular velocity of 23 degrees / s. And there is also an all-view deflection vector deviation system!

If we talk about the effective reflective surface (EPR) of the MiG-35, then when using radio-absorbing coatings, we have a reduction to 1,2 — 1,5 square. M that for the fighter generation of the transition is simply an excellent indicator. MiG-35 was not conceived by the RAC "MiG" specialists as a concept for the 5 generation, however, in terms of the level of avionics, it is in line with this level. A striking example of this is the work of Boeing on such 4 ++ generation machines as the F-15SE “Silent Eagle” (the glider project is more than 45 years old, but no one in the USA calls this fighter an “ancient scrap metal”) or F-16 Block 70 . As for the radius of action in 1000 km, then for a multipurpose (especially deck) middle fighter, this is quite worthy; just look at F / A-18E / F or F-35A. Another thing is that the construction of the Storm class aircraft carrier, not to mention the series, is under a huge question and in a fog of uncertainty ... But this question is a completely different review.

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  1. +18
    4 June 2018 05: 11
    I don’t know why, but I always liked MiGs, and the song about them back in the distant times of the sailing fleet was, it was sung by Oleg Dal, in the voice of Oleg Anufriev in a documentary dedicated to the conquerors of Arktka called "Sannikov Land" .... there is only MIG between past and future ... These same words were always sung by the American pilots who flew to kill the Koreans (and they didn’t compose a song yet, but they already sang), then the Vietnamese ... Therefore, they will still be in our Air Force (well, I served almost 32 years in Air Force) MiGs our “partners” will sing a song saying that: ... there is only MiG between the past and the future ... God forbid that the plane goes into the troops faster than the Su-34 ...
    1. +8
      4 June 2018 05: 18
      SU-34 has already passed baptism of fire ...

      MIG-35 is still painfully and with great difficulty making its way into the future ... wait and see what whether it will take place as a full-fledged combat aircraft in our Air Force.
      1. +13
        4 June 2018 05: 30
        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        SU-34 has already passed baptism of fire ...

        And how hard he was making his way into life ... I remember how the first aircraft were built at the Chkalovsky aircraft factory of my native Novosibirsk in the early 90s. As people, aircraft builders left the factory because there was no work, as in 1998, five crews left the then 83 Su-32FN to study in Lipetsk, then for us the Su-34, and the plant in Novosibirsk was practically ... And at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, they came to us at the 277 Mlavsky BAP Su-34. This is from the take-off of the prototype, the Su-27IB, which was first shown in Machulishchi in 1992, and the development generally began in 1986, how much has passed? let's say not a BOY ...
      2. +12
        4 June 2018 05: 37
        My invariable respect to the author hi But
        MiG-35: a mountain of surprises for the enemy. Best in class!

        This is more of an advertising slogan than a fact.
        A little bit on the minuses of the car. MiG-35 turned out quite expensive. 50 million. At a price of F-16IN-50 million. F / A-18 EF 55-60 million. JAS-39 45-50 million. Yes, and all TTX machine average (not outstanding). If we take into account all the indispensable "childhood diseases", which undoubtedly have to be treated for years. Buyer caution can be understood.
        1. +3
          4 June 2018 08: 37
          For 50 million there can be only export.
          1. +13
            4 June 2018 09: 44
            Quote: EvilLion

            something tells me that for 50, there may be no export ..... wink
        2. +1
          4 June 2018 11: 34
          And which of the aircraft listed by you is “outstanding”?
          1. +1
            4 June 2018 11: 44
            Quote: ArikKhab
            And which of the aircraft listed by you is “outstanding”?

            All have their pros and cons. But each of the above was something outstanding. MiG-35 has not yet become.
        3. +1
          4 June 2018 17: 29
          Quote: Chertt
          My invariable respect to the author hi But
          MiG-35: a mountain of surprises for the enemy. Best in class!

          This is more of an advertising slogan than a fact.
          A little bit on the minuses of the car. MiG-35 turned out quite expensive. 50 million. At a price of F-16IN-50 million. F / A-18 EF 55-60 million. JAS-39 45-50 million. Yes, and all TTX machine average (not outstanding). If we take into account all the indispensable "childhood diseases", which undoubtedly have to be treated for years. Buyer caution can be understood.

          In fact, if you look at the prices of export deliveries of Western aircraft, then everywhere you will see a price of 150-300 million per unit. Of course, this price includes spare parts, equipment, training and so on. However, no 50 million there and does not smell
          Another thing is that ours will not be exported for such a price, but rather they will go for 80-100 million.
          But the biggest minus is that as a MiG-29 platform, it still didn’t stand next to the T-10. All this advanced equipment can be put on the Su-30, Su-34, Su-35 during their modernization.
        4. 0
          7 June 2018 10: 50
          Well, so you look at the signature, who is the author all will immediately become clear! lol
    2. +3
      4 June 2018 07: 25
      a hundred times already wrote about this, where are the planes themselves?
  2. +4
    4 June 2018 06: 11
    This radar confidently detects aerial targets with an EPR of 1 square. m at a distance of about 140 km,

    That is, f35 and f22 with much less EPR, he will detect at a much shorter range, which is already fraught.
    This is all to the question "why do we need stealth", "so we perfectly see their planes."
    1. +1
      4 June 2018 07: 30
      Quote: frezer
      That is, f35 and f22 with much less EPR, he will detect at a much shorter range, which is already fraught.

      And in what projection? Indeed, if my memory serves me, the F-22, like the F-35, also has a radar in the bow (well, an airplane radar if you like) which has a very good EPR.
      1. +6
        4 June 2018 13: 09
        I am amazed by the confidence of some that the probable opponent is stupid, but the stealth only cut the dough)) It is for this reason that Russia, China and Japan have created their stealth, and the rest of the world is confidently buying F-35
        1. +3
          4 June 2018 18: 20
          Does the whole world confidently buy? Don’t you get excited? Not even poor countries say - a little expensive. And just countries with its price, you can not even dream of.
          1. +1
            4 June 2018 19: 10
            Europe, India, Israel, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan as much as significant geopolitical players ... And simply countries are either already influenced by large geopolitical players or are generally not interesting to the world community, they will naturally buy scrap from the 60s
            1. +2
              4 June 2018 19: 44
              I read that Australia is no longer going to buy. If the UAE is a significant geopolitical player, then I am the head of the Pope.
              1. 0
                4 June 2018 20: 19
                Unfortunately you are not a start-up, but almost all movements and terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East are sponsored by the OEA money ... So this player will also give Israel a head start
                1. +2
                  4 June 2018 21: 25
                  Money is good, but weapons are better. After all, the UAE can punish them for their dirty deeds. How will they shoot back? Dollars or Saudi reals?
        2. +1
          5 June 2018 00: 50
          About the F-35 ... Stealth is a stealth, but it's all effective in the complete radio silence mode and passive location. And if, for example, an on-board data exchange system works (without it in a real battle, it doesn’t work), which coolly burns the medium, then stealth will not help much. Zakardonny experts recently wrote about this vulnerability. And there are enough other jambs in the car, not to mention the price ... Not everything is so rosy. Stealth, of course, gives its advantages. But reality is much more complicated.
          1. +3
            5 June 2018 18: 44
            As far as I understand, ESR is said in the frontal projection. And what will they say in other projections? Or will they always fly to the enemy with their noses?
            1. +1
              8 June 2018 00: 17
              Mattresses have long been famous for writing technical parameters achieved under certain ideal conditions. And the EPR is no exception. Therefore, their other heart-rate buyers do not believe their ads, and sales of military equipment are often accompanied by powerful lobbying and political pressure.
    2. +13
      4 June 2018 08: 19
      To whom are you saying this .... right there is a whole bunch of apologists for the sects of "holy Cook and Khibiny", "having no analogs of cartoons", and "we already see their planes very well" ....
    3. +1
      4 June 2018 09: 49
      Quote: frezer
      what is already fraught

      I think it is much worse ....
      Quote: frezer
      "we see their planes so well."

      most likely, it was meant that our ground-based radars see stealth.
  3. +6
    4 June 2018 07: 04
    Eugene! hi As you often do, you mixed a ton of a lot of different information into a bunch, and according to the article it’s impossible to simply understand whether Mig35 is necessary or not, whether it is good or bad! You would specifically write only about this aircraft, and not about everything related to the radar, aviation, missile defense and air defense!
    1. +9
      4 June 2018 07: 51
      This is Damantsev, his style of mixing vinaigrette from abbreviations and TTX with an incomprehensible result.
  4. +9
    4 June 2018 07: 53
    MiG35 was late for years on 10 or even more, what is the point of establishing the production of a known obsolete machine.
    1. +3
      4 June 2018 08: 24
      It is only necessary to establish the production of avionics, glider, engine - have long been mastered. The output is quite simple, cheap, massive wartime fighter with adequate characteristics.
      1. +8
        4 June 2018 09: 48
        For money, about 70% of the price of Su-35 (or Su-30СМ according to the most optimistic forecasts - but so far no money contract has been announced - just guess). For maintenance, do not squeeze the board itself, the 2xRD-33MK is nowhere to be found.
        1. +1
          4 June 2018 10: 10
          That's right, so far for only guessing at a price, 50 lyam is its current price, in the series it should be less. And what do you dislike about the RD-33MK? Same resource as AL-41F1S, lower consumption
    2. 0
      4 June 2018 11: 26
      Quote: Puncher
      MiG35 was late for years on 10 or even more, what is the point of establishing the production of a known obsolete machine.

      What is the basis of your conclusion that it is out of date for 10 years? Can be more. And without allegations, such as outdated and that's it.
  5. +2
    4 June 2018 08: 14
    They mixed a lot of things - both the past and the future and the sleeves were sewn to the pants .. The MiG-29 is a good, cheap, reliable machine, a front-line fighter (similar to the Yak-1, 9 of the WWII period). Subject to the replacement of avionics, JSC, engines with modern ones - still fly and fly, he has an excellent glider.
    1. 0
      5 June 2018 00: 40
      Is the glider great? His resource is at least 2 times lower than that of the same f16.
      1. 0
        6 June 2018 09: 06
        Moreover, the glider of previously issued aircraft has already developed this resource. The MiG-35 glider has anti-corrosion treatment already. It meant the construction of new ones. Like it or not, the MiG-35 is practically the same MiG-29 glider with a new avionics and an expanded range of weapons.
  6. +3
    4 June 2018 08: 17
    But is it all so sad for the advanced modification of the MiG-29 family fighter, whose glider will be considered an “aerodynamic standard” along with the T-10 family gliders for decades to come?

    Rave! The glider is already obsolete due to the high reflective surface, which contradicts the modern concept of air combat.
    If we talk about the effective reflective surface (EPR) of the MiG-35, then when using radar absorbing coatings, we have a decrease to 1,2-1,5 square meters. m, which for a fighter of transitional generation is simply an excellent indicator.

    this is not an “excellent indicator”, the huge square air intakes simply shine on enemy radars ... In any case, the EPR of the modernized F-16 will be much smaller due to the more lapped glider design ...
    Mig needs a stealth glider, which will make it a real competitor to the f-35, including on the international market ...
    1. +1
      4 June 2018 10: 07
      Quote: seos
      due to the more lapped glider design ...

      Ha! But what about unrealized f117? rather, it’s not about lickiness ...
    2. +4
      4 June 2018 10: 45
      Quote: seos
      Rave! The glider is already obsolete due to the high reflective surface, which contradicts the modern concept of air combat.

      Your sofa is also far from the standard of EPR and does not fit into modern air combat at all.
      Quote: seos
      In any case, the EPR of the upgraded F-16 will be much less due to the more licked construction of the airframe ...

      If he will fly empty. But usually they still fly with weapons placed under the wings. And what will be the EPR in this case.
      1. +1
        4 June 2018 12: 55
        Well, yes, the F-16 has a small air intake. He does not shine!
        Can you tell me what kind of EPR in the 16th from different angles?
        1. +1
          4 June 2018 15: 37
          You have stupid sarcasm, the F-16 has a “small” air intake, as if it has an S-shape and the compressor blades are not visible. Therefore, it shines much less on radars.
        2. +2
          4 June 2018 17: 39
          Approximately 10 m2 without body kits, and with them - more than 15 m2
    3. +1
      4 June 2018 11: 29
      Quote: seos
      In any case, the EPR of the upgraded F-16 will be much less due to the more licked construction of the airframe ...

      But what about the buckets on the f-18, which were set according to the example of the MiG-29 and Su-27?))))) Template break?)))))))
    4. +2
      4 June 2018 11: 38
      Can the price of the F-35 be announced? Plus, the tasks of the aircraft (as it seems to me) are different — F -35 for breaking through air defense systems, and Mig-35 for air defense of objects over its territory in the area of ​​its radar
    5. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    6. 0
      4 June 2018 18: 23
      Each country has its own concept of air war. In Su - 57 stealth technology, the same is not "at the forefront." What is suitable for the United States is not always suitable for Russia.
    7. 0
      6 June 2018 05: 55
      seos June 4, 2018 08:17
      Rave! The glider is already obsolete due to the high reflective surface, which contradicts the modern concept of air combat.
      this is not an “excellent indicator”, the huge square air intakes simply shine on enemy radars ... In any case, the EPR of the modernized F-16 will be much smaller due to the more lapped glider design ...
      Mig needs a stealth glider, which will make it a real competitor to the f-35, including on the international market ...

      Bullshit is your fantasies about glider and stealth. And also about the fact that stealth is a worldwide trend in aircraft manufacturing. You confuse warm with soft.
  7. +2
    4 June 2018 08: 28
    Quote: seos
    In any case, the EPR of the upgraded F-16 will be much less due to the more licked construction of the airframe ...

    Masterpiece good
    1. +5
      4 June 2018 10: 50
      F-16 has a more stealth glider - this is a fact of EPR F-16 = 1.2 sq.m
      EPR mig-35 is not disclosed, in this article the Wishlist is indicated at the level of 1.2 sq.m (level f-16) which is physically impossible due to the design of the air intakes (EPR mig-29 5 sq.m)
      About the optical station .. so they are on western fighters and the quality of their matrices is an order of magnitude better, which means the detection range is higher ...
      1. 0
        4 June 2018 11: 40
        And what is the “stealth” of the F-16 glider expressed in? Is it smaller? And what about external pendants?
        1. +4
          4 June 2018 11: 54
          EPR f-16 - 1.2 sq.m
          EPR Mig-29 - 5 sq.m
          Math is not proof for you?
          The EPR difference between Mig-29 and F-16 is 4 times ... laughing
          1. +2
            4 June 2018 15: 25
            4 Raz - this is not so much, because the detection range is proportional to the root of the 4 degree from the EPR. To reduce the detection range by half, it is necessary to reduce the EPR by 16 times. What kind of F-16 in question I do not know, but the new versions of all machines of the 4 generation of the EPR are reduced several times. This is as if quite normal. After all, the early versions did not have a means of reducing the EPR, the effect of low start.
      2. +1
        4 June 2018 18: 27
        And the stealth of the f - 16 was measured empty or with full suspension? And I remember another bad story about him, the period of the Arab - Israeli wars, when it turned out that the accelerating characteristics of the f - 16 were indicated with incomplete refueling and incomplete suspension of weapons. But when the Arabs began to leave the fully loaded falcons as "standing up", it turned out that General Dynamic was cheating a little.
        1. +1
          5 June 2018 10: 26
          "accelerating characteristics f - 16 were indicated for incomplete refueling and incomplete suspension of weapons." ///

          Acceleration characteristics of ALL aircraft are indicated for incomplete refueling and incomplete suspension of weapons.
          Fill the Su-30 completely and completely weigh it with weapons on the pylons.
          He will crash to the ground on the first aerobatics. Therefore, all these beautiful super-figures of Swifts in battles are rarely applicable. Do not confuse air shows with sorties.
          "And the stealth at f - 16 was measured empty or with full suspension?" ///

          EPR F-16 with full suspension - more than 10 m2
          1. 0
            5 June 2018 18: 48
            Then I don’t understand what are we talking about? I understand when the EPR is 0,2 - 0,5 sq. m., and when it comes to 10 or 15 square meters. m. hardly makes a big difference.
          2. 0
            5 June 2018 18: 50
            Nevertheless, the Israeli pilots were very surprised. Here F - 15, completely fulfilled all the declared characteristics.
          3. +1
            6 June 2018 08: 56
            He will crash to the ground on the first aerobatics.

            Really? But I’ve read something completely different in the SLE-27SK RLE that any aerobatics is permissible with any permissible suspension configurations.

            Acceleration characteristics of ALL aircraft are indicated for incomplete refueling and incomplete suspension of weapons.

            Technically incorrect statement. They can be indicated at a specific gas station and a specific suspension. Typical for 50% of the fuel supply, as a simplification at the time of the air battle. That's just for the F-16, normal take-off weight is given with 2 AIM-9 missiles, and for larger machines like the Su-27, normal take-off weight involves the suspension of 4 missiles.
  8. +1
    4 June 2018 08: 45
    So what is the article about? About radars? Or maybe about the 220 container, which is ideally suspended from anything. The other day bmpd photo Su-35-902 published with him (the stars of air shows have given way to serial machines and are now working in their main specialty), since December last year. About missile interceptor missiles?

    If the MiG-35 goes into production, it’s more likely to load the plant for several years. Well, and perhaps, if there will be a transfer of the Sukhov plants to the same Su-57 with a temporary decrease in production.
  9. +4
    4 June 2018 08: 51
    Like a plane for the Russian Aerospace Forces, this car was late. Now, at best, for export, support the pants to the manufacturer and recapture part of the funds for development.
    And all the forces and means should be sent to the speedy finalization of the Su-57 and delivery to the troops, the deadlines are very tight, otherwise this plane will be too late ...
    1. +3
      4 June 2018 08: 54
      And what was not late? The Su-57 will not go into a large series (as the Fu-22 did not go), and the place of the mass fighter is vacant
      1. +4
        4 June 2018 09: 21
        Su-35S, it looks much better on the background of the MiG-35. If you accept MiG, then only with AFAR, without it there is little sense. Su-57 is simply obliged to go into the series as it is needed like air now. F-22 would go into a big series, but the geopolitical situation did its job.
        1. +2
          4 June 2018 09: 34
          Better, but also more expensive, in production and especially in operation. MiG is an opportunity not to be left without pants in case of a big mess during the period of rearmament. Modernization of old twigs is impractical due to the aging of the glider, but the glider itself has long been mastered and its production can be deployed in a fairly short time. The engine is the same RD33, but modernized, the nozzle with OVT is generally separate and can be mounted on earlier engines. You just need to expand the production of the updated avionics (which subsequently can go not only to MiG).
          1. +2
            4 June 2018 10: 42
            I agree that the engines are inexpensive compared to the AL-41 family. Everything rests in the avionics, without it the MiG-35 has no significant advantages over the modernized MiG-29, with the exception of the fresh airframe
        2. 0
          4 June 2018 09: 42
          Quote: Vadim851
          he is needed like air now.

          why? why so urgent?
          1. +1
            4 June 2018 10: 39
            Due to the fact that the fleet needs updating, as well as almost universal equipment of AFAR and other advanced avionics of fighter aircraft of potential enemy fighters, as well as the spread of F-20s around the world in local conflicts and in local conflicts, allies may meet with this aircraft RF and even the VKS. In addition, China is on the heels
      2. +2
        4 June 2018 15: 30
        F-22 - 187 production aircraft. Yeah, such a small series. + 175 F-35 of various modifications.
        Su-35 - 70 (in the airborne forces);
        Su-30-134 (in the airborne forces);
        As for mass fighters, a large number of obviously obsolete aircraft will not play any role. Losses will increase, yes. You will find historical examples, I am sure, without difficulty.
        MiG-35 is not easy (a 4 ++ generation fighter cannot be a priori simple); and there are doubts about its "mass production" and Only borrow funds and power.
        1. 0
          4 June 2018 16: 13
          187 F-22 and the planned 3000 F-35 - there is a difference. Su-57 will not be built by such a series. As for the "obviously obsolete," no one said that a mass fighter should be obsolete, simple, inexpensive, and easily mastered in production and operation. Of course, all this is relative, you correctly noted:
          Quote: Ryazanets87
          4 ++ generation fighter a priori cannot be simple
          1. 0
            6 June 2018 09: 02
            3200 F-35 including all export machines. The USA has only 2400 left, and this is a project until the 2070's, at least, that is, it is unlikely that by the time the last car is released, the first will not be written off.

            The construction of the Su-57 in hundreds of copies is quite real, the same Su-30 released something about 500 pcs. And the release will depend not on F-35, but on the willingness to take Su-30 and Su-35.

            F-22 in operation pieces 150 like. By 2025, the oldest will be 20 years.
            1. +1
              6 June 2018 13: 59
              And how many of these Su-30s are in the VKS and how many went to Asia? The problem is not the impossibility of building several hundred Su-57s in two to three decades, but today's needs. And the doctrines we have with mattresses are slightly different, and from there there are different requirements for aircraft. Why do we need several hundred heavy stealth fighters? But the lightweight (rather average, and then here already require a single-engine at the price of new priors) air defense fighter for action in the field of view of their radars is very necessary. And to cover sparsely populated, extended areas, the Su-57, MiG-31 with its own powerful radar, stealth and a long missile arm are just needed.
    2. 0
      4 June 2018 09: 41
      Quote: Vadim851
      this plane will be late too ...

      where will you be late?
      1. +1
        4 June 2018 10: 44
        For entry into the army, and subsequently for export. Clear business, it is impossible to accept absolutely crude, but too much should not be delayed too.
        1. LMN
          4 June 2018 13: 21
          Quote: Vadim851
          For entry into the army, and subsequently for export. Clear business, it is impossible to accept absolutely crude, but too much should not be delayed too.

          Our weapons are in steady demand and success, incl. and therefore (and perhaps this is the reason for success) that we create weapons for MYSELF. As history has shown, it is vital for the Russian Federation to have a competitive weapon, because it is vital for us. It is not in vain that many potential buyers are waiting for one or another type will officially go into service with the regular army. This is a kind of "quality mark".

          You propose to change the philosophy, and start doing business .. creating consumer goods, chasing lower prices, etc., etc.
          I strongly disagree with this and I hope this will not happen. hi
          1. 0
            4 June 2018 15: 41
            So you need to combine business for yourself. The letter E is added and that’s it. I am against unreasonable delays of the new, where you can accelerate, but it is necessary.
    3. 0
      6 June 2018 06: 48
      Vadim851 (Vadim) June 4, 2018 08:51
      Like a plane for the Russian Aerospace Forces, this car was late. Now, at best, for export, support the pants to the manufacturer and recapture part of the funds for development.
      And all the forces and means should be sent to the speedy finalization of the Su-57 and delivery to the troops, the deadlines are very tight, otherwise this plane will be too late ...

      do not write heresy utterly ((an inexpensive machine, albeit not with excellent, but very acceptable performance characteristics, will be just in demand. In addition, do you even understand that the Mig’s weight is 1,7 times less than the Drying weight? Accordingly, the task niche for a light fighter can be different. Where the use of a heavy cracker is not profitable and inappropriate.
  10. +3
    4 June 2018 09: 09
    The author of the article is brave for chewing to the patriots how bad the old Doppler radars on the Mig-29 were, when I mentioned in one of the articles that using them is impossible to capture and lead a target with a small EPR, I was subjected to fierce ostracism (like , because our all is the "best", like this MiG-29 can’t bring down the f35, what a nonsense!) The article is good, plus
    1. +2
      4 June 2018 09: 17
      This is a technique for war, for comparing the length of organs there is another. In the same way, our “partners” still have f-15,16,18 and even Tornadoes fly where the stealth was not standing nearby.
    2. 0
      4 June 2018 10: 28
      MiG-29С (which were built by 50 pcs and most of it was sold to Malaysia) - this is the end of the 80's. MiG-29СМТ is the end of the 90's. Probably, during this time, technology will go forward a bit. True, it’s not very clear to me what “small EPR” means? Small is how much? And how does it qualitatively limit the possibilities for interception? Will the 100 km target be captured? For 50? Or maybe for 10? There is simply no such thing as a “radar type” in the basic radar equation. There is only signal strength.
      1. -1
        4 June 2018 10: 52
        Here is a specific version of ignorance - I’m developing a Doppler slotted radar, unlike the same with the PAR, except for the impossibility of capturing a target from the EPR, like an air-to-air missile (you chewed about it in this article), it can not be targets at a very low speed (why do you think the first MiG-29s cannot be used as a bomber? he can just stupidly drop bombs and that’s all) And the F-35 in the ship’s version with a lifting fan can hang at all, landing speed almost to zero, by the way Pugachev’s cobra maneuver that Sukhoi’s aircraft do and is designed for maximum braking — Doppler radars immediately lose their target.
        1. +1
          4 June 2018 15: 06
          I know the principle of operation of the Doppler radar, I will tell you even more, in the Su-27SK RLE, which is available on the network, there is a requirement for the speed difference in the run-up courses at 150-200 km / h. Approximately the same restrictions are in other machines of the same generation.

          Even before the Five Day War, an excellent first-person video appeared on the network, dying a Georgian drone from a missile launched from either the MiG-29 or Su-27. So even braking targets can be shot down, although helicopters for such radars are also problematic, the same Su-35, for example, can target hanging turntables by detecting the rotor. And yes, an Israeli F-16 could not bring down our UAVs that flown from Syria.

          But where does the EPR? Doppler radars select high-speed targets to detach themselves from reflection from the ground. And the EPR, it is either sufficient or insufficient.

          And where does the bombers? Bombs with radar guidance, the first time I hear about such a thing, they either drop them by coordinates, or by video, well, or they highlight them with a laser. SD air-ground can even be used with the Su-25 old, because there is a laser rangefinder, and allows you to highlight. On the MiG-27, which is a light bomber, strictly speaking, there was no EMNIP radar at all, but it was very advanced equipment for those years, for working on the ground.
        2. 0
          4 June 2018 15: 47
          The first 29 can be used as a bomber, but to a limited extent - OEPrNA can highlight the target in a dive. But its main goals are air. Limited location of the station - in front of the lamp on top. On the same MiG-23 "Kayra" in the fairing from bottom to front. In the original version, it was also planned for the transition MiG-29.
      2. 0
        4 June 2018 10: 58
        And what does the concept of radar and the function of the radar itself, which has its own computing unit for certain tasks, have to do with this? No one even says that an inconspicuous target cannot be detected, only it cannot be guided by a tracking beam, there are requirements for a minimum reflective surface for each radar, not only for detection, but also for tracking, it’s once or twice for the speed of the target and the speed of the fighter itself (as far as I remember, the speed difference should not exceed a certain value) because the target cannot be “escorted” back, but please see, see, only you cannot direct missiles with radar seeker, the slightest deviation and they lose their target.
    3. 0
      4 June 2018 11: 50
      Quote: nikoliski
      The author of the article is brave for chewing to the patriots how bad the old Doppler radars on the MiG-29 were, when I mentioned in one of the articles that using them it is impossible to capture and conduct a target with a small EPR,

      Dear, you tell this F-117, which just MIG-29 in the ground and stuck with antediluvian radars.
      The real shock for America was the destruction on the third day of hostilities of the F-117A aircraft (pilot - Captain Ken Dvili), shot down in a night air battle 32 km from Belgrade by the Yugoslav fighter MIG-29. Apparently, the events unfolded as follows: at 20.45, Lieutenant Colonel Gvozden Dyukach, intercepted and shot down an invisible strike aircraft Lockheed Martin F-117A “Nighthawk”. According to the Serbian pilot, the Stealth was destroyed at night after it was visually detected by the very first air-to-air missile (obviously, the R-60M with TGS).

      Tell the pilot of the old one on the 29th, about the EPR, about the "impossible to capture the target" and so on ...
      1. +2
        4 June 2018 14: 25
        F 117 was shot down by air defense, and highlighted 1 complex, and shot another, so that it was caught according to the scheme of the same Ufimtsev - who voiced a way to deal with stealth machines ...
        1. 0
          4 June 2018 15: 08
          Do you generally know that different complexes operate at different frequencies in order not to jam each other? What is needed is a system in which it is known exactly from which radar the signal was sent.
        2. 0
          4 June 2018 17: 03
          in Serbia, 2 f117 was shot down, one with an air defense system with a meter radar (the meter range penetrates any radio-absorbing coating, there is only enough layer for the millimeter and centimeter ranges) and the second was shot down by the Mig-29 pilot with visual contact in order to
          1. 0
            6 June 2018 09: 05
            It is impossible to direct missiles in the meter range. Shot down when he foolishly went down below the clouds and began to see in the optical channel.
          2. 0
            6 June 2018 09: 06
            And yes, a meter range radar is such an OGROOOOOOM thing, look at least for a photo. For military purposes, they are of little use, in a civilian for dispatching, when you do not need to shoot down and do not care about the size.
            1. 0
              8 June 2018 19: 32
              That is why Russia produces a whole series of meter radars. Mostly for MO.
      2. -1
        4 June 2018 15: 22
        Mig 29 knocked down 117 saw him visually Karl! If the target is a kilometer away from you, you can safely shoot it from the cannon, or launch a thermal missile
        1. 0
          4 June 2018 15: 30
          Quote: nikoliski
          Mig 29 knocked down 117 saw him visually Karl! If the target is a kilometer away from you, you can safely shoot it from the cannon, or launch a thermal missile

          Yeah ... the 29th accidentally came upon him, Carl.
          1. -1
            4 June 2018 16: 03
            Why do you exclude their meeting on patrol? The Americans flew on the daily bombing with the shortest routes, or do you think that in the Second World War our I-16s had no chance of encountering junkers in the air, ours didn’t have a radar
            1. 0
              4 June 2018 21: 41
              In fact, the main view of the WB for the MiG-29 is interception using ground guidance (AWACS aircraft).
              1. 0
                5 June 2018 00: 27
                2 possibly shot down planes from several thousand sorties - yes it is a success!
                1. -1
                  5 June 2018 11: 21
                  For Serbia, yes
                  1. 0
                    5 June 2018 20: 29
                    What other tales about the downed F-117 can you imagine?
  11. 0
    4 June 2018 09: 39
    1.3 times cheaper than SU35S .... i.e. 13 MiG35 = 10 SU35S .... I wonder who will win in the battle 13 by 10?
    What are the advantages of the MiG35 over the SU35S?
    1. +4
      4 June 2018 10: 29
      Why 13: 10? Are additional airfields? What about the pilots?

      At a price of more than 50-60% of the price of the Su-35, the MiG-35 simply loses its meaning.
      1. +2
        4 June 2018 10: 38
        And nobody cares. The main thing is that someone will fail - f-22 against su-57, f-35 against mig-35, f-22 against f-35 .. exclusively spherical vacuum ..
      2. 0
        4 June 2018 11: 02
        which airfields, which pilots? In recent years, we have written off two hundred Mig-29s. Mig-35 just replaces them (with the same techniques, pilots and bases)
        1. 0
          4 June 2018 15: 10
          In recent years, have we had 2 hundreds of MiG-29 for decommissioning at all? And then they seem to be still in storage of 120 pcs left. And the “same pilots”, well, so the last combat regiment on the Soviet MiG-29 was the 31, now it flies on the Su-30СМ.
          1. -1
            4 June 2018 15: 25
            Of course they were, we inherited the USSR 445 Su-27 (combatant!) and 340 Mig-29 (how many are in service now and those and those you can google)
            1. 0
              4 June 2018 15: 34
              Let's just say that over the years several cars crashed. Some of the availability was sold. The Hungarians, for example, received a batch, and their cars lived for 15 years. If 120 units are still in service in Armenia, PERSONS and in storage, then 200 machines for cancellation in the last years are not dialed at all. Either 120 is gone, and all the rubbish is scrapped, or to museums. Although the Serbs recently found EMNIP 6 machines, apparently, they still had a resource, and a large one. It is possible that the machines were in storage from the 90s and nobody just flew at them, because the MiG-29 military did not particularly favor it.

              Su-27 thing is stronger, however, even they are slowly being written off stupidly for wear. It is possible that the Su-30M2 was just made to maintain the flying skills of the Su-27СМ pilots, since the sparks are used most actively, and with their wear the situation should have been simply awful for a long time.
    2. +2
      4 June 2018 12: 41
      But they are for different tasks. One to gain supremacy in the air (more by air), and the second front to support ground forces. Therefore, the original MiG-29 was intended for close combat in the air (for a "dog dump"), it was aimed from the ground to intercept. Dryers did not initially work on the ground at all (NURS and AB did not carry) ... Now they unified, but nonetheless Well, the main task was left. Well, MiG maintenance costs are 30% lower than Drying - during "commercial" (civilian flights) they asked for something around 15-17 for Su, and for 8-10 thousand dollars for MiG. " .. Even under the Union, it was believed that 3 front-line fighters needed 1 heavy fighter.
      For their VKS prices are different, so that it makes no sense to compare. MiG-35 may have good commercial success. For example, KZ is interested in a pair of regiments. The MiG-23,27 has already been decommissioned, and the MiG-29 has already come to this. Well, maybe some can still be capitalized, but most ...
      If the Turks parted with the states, they can replace the F-16 and watch it. Iran. Algeria. Syria in the near future. Etc .. The radius of action is enough to control the air from the center of the country. prost. country. Many countries simply cannot afford heavy ones. hi
  12. +7
    4 June 2018 09: 42
    Only the author forgot to mention that the Beetle-A had died. Now they are making a new AFAR - based on the Beetle. But this is 20 +. Contract MO - Zhuk-M = which the article shows on fingers that useless trash:
    At the first stage, production MiG-35 will be equipped with Zhuk-M type radars, which are now being put on MiG-29СМТ fighters. Transition fighters to radar AFAR will become possible after the creation of an experimental batch of radars and flight tests. Only after that the Ministry of Defense will be able to decide on equipping the combat aircraft with a new development.

    About the container. When the whole world uses them for 5-7 years. Even at the popuias level. Finally, from the layout stage - he moved to the prototype stage.

    The article actually describes the MiG-35 that will be under the second MO contract, if it is concluded in 20 + years. The one that is contracted neither a container (possibly purchased later), nor will AFAR have. And it will be identical to the 2 boards finalized to the requirements of the Moscow Region (702 blue and 712 blue), as well as two ordered pre-production sides.
    1. 0
      4 June 2018 10: 31
      And who is going to scratch our container especially when there is a Su-34, which carries all this equipment inside, which is cheap, and of which, as is typical, there are already a lot and can still be configured, in the long run even by hundreds.
      1. +4
        4 June 2018 11: 08
        Su-34 but does the rest poorly. The advantage of the container is that if there is a trained flight crew, transporting containers and bombs to the a / b will make it possible to turn the Su-30 / 35 / MiG-35 located there into drums no worse than the Su-34 in fact and broads. And it is actively used around the world today. It’s one thing to drive a couple of Su-34 to a point — to drop a dozen bombs on local women. Another is to solve the issue with the same efficiency but with forces that are nearby. Actually, the presence of MFIs (Su-30 / 35 and MiG-35) + containers opens up this possibility. Including for customers - who need a station wagon, and not fighters separately, bombers separately. Screwing the Hindus onto the MKI - the Israeli and now Talesovsky eye, tormented themselves for a long time and filed the original board (and far from all the sides).
        1. 0
          4 June 2018 15: 18
          From him, no one asks to do the rest. And forcing the Su-35 pilots to engage in bombing, I see no reason. At the same time, throw a bomb at the coordinates, so even the ancient Su-33 in Syria for some reason did it when they were assigned respectively. computing "miracle" block. Suddenly, the world found out that even the Soviet mineswalk, which had been lying in the warehouse for 50 years, can be thrown with accuracy "close to the accuracy of guided munitions." It turns out the computer is not only telephones and Crysis for max. settings (it still slows down, even on modern hardware), but also the calculation of ballistics in real time.

          A dozen bombs are not done.
          1. +1
            4 June 2018 17: 33
            “Suddenly, the world found out that even the Soviet mine, which had been lying in the warehouse for 50 years,
            can be thrown with accuracy "close to the accuracy of guided ammunition" ///

            The world carefully watched videos kindly provided by the Moscow Region.
            And I saw the usual KVO + - 50 m, typical of free-falling bombs when dropped from 5 km.
            No miracles.
            Like KVO + - 10 m Caliber, typical for inertial.
            1. -1
              4 June 2018 18: 02
              yes no sir, you are mistaken, ours have developed (and most importantly implemented!) a block for autopilot, which allows flying autopilot to drop conventional free-falling bombs with a fairly minimal deviation, there is a miscalculation of the speed of the aircraft and the ballistic trajectory of the bomb falling from the desired height, thanks to this the accuracy came close to the American corrected bombs (but those who have a flaw, the GPS signal is easily suppressed and the bomb will become uncontrollable as usual, and oil tanks were burned in Iraq against laser-bombed bombs, thick oily black smoke completely absorbs the laser pointer)
              1. +1
                4 June 2018 18: 18
                All this was invented during World War II.
                by the Americans for their Flying Fortresses.
                One such sight hit the USSR in the 45th with
                the injured B-29. The plane was completely copied,
                right up to the cog. Then they copied the sight.
                Hermes is his descendant. No miracle can be sent
                an unguided bomb is right on target. Any her wiggle
                when you exit the bomb bay - a miss. Any crosswind
                (and the winds are different at different heights) - a miss. A little curve stabilizer - miss.
                The American sight allowed to significantly increase accuracy with
                A CARPET is bombarded by dozens of bombs.
                1. 0
                  4 June 2018 18: 49
                  For this, carpet bombing was used, because the aiming did not work. The air was especially inconvenient for the mrshals and air force generals when it turned out that almost all the bombs flew past the city.
                2. 0
                  6 June 2018 09: 15
                  And I thought that the B-29 was a pack, they regularly flew to us, and the B-17, so they often stayed in Poltava, they got 70 pieces, one, it seems, was even used in battle. "One sight hit." Boo-ha-ha.

                  At the same time, all the tactics of the bombers of those years is going to the identifier. altitude and speed, calculate ballistics as a navigator and throw the right moment to everyone on command, so that somewhere in the target area will lie, perhaps even on the target. Well, or with a dive. Near Kursk, some Pe-2 annihilated the "ferdinand", but the inability to establish serial numbers.
                  1. 0
                    6 June 2018 18: 50
                    Machines of size B-17 and especially B-29, could not bomb from a dive. They would simply fall apart from overload at the time of exit from it.
            2. 0
              6 June 2018 09: 11
              Of course, no miracles, because you can do this with the 70s. The question here is wind demolition, but when attacking reconnoitered targets, this can be taken into account and, more or less, decently hit. Of course, not as manageable, but the penny bomb is worth it.
  13. BAI
    4 June 2018 10: 02
    multifunctional ultra-maneuverable tactical fighter of the “4 ++” generation

    Another super-lacking analogue in the world. And how many pluses will they add to 4 before they reach 5?
    Obviously, we will soon get another super and over 4 +++++++++++.
  14. +3
    4 June 2018 11: 47
    I don’t understand one thing - why did the MO so rested on twin-engine fighters, especially in the class of “light” vehicles?
    1. +2
      4 June 2018 17: 29
      There is no engine with sufficient traction.
      1. 0
        4 June 2018 18: 35
        And you fly over enemy territory in a single-engine airplane. And if you are very lucky, then we will debate.
        1. +5
          4 June 2018 18: 41
          And our pilots do exactly that at least once a week. smile
          On single-engine F-16 and F-35 fly over the territory
          the enemy. If one engine is reliable, then what is the problem?
          And if they are unreliable, then the two will not save - you still have to eject.
          1. +1
            4 June 2018 18: 52
            Entering the territory of Syria, in those places where there is no air defense as such, what do you call flights over enemy territory? We are not at Zadornov’s concert, we are trying to talk about serious things.
            1. +5
              4 June 2018 19: 02
              Single-engine F-16s flew to Iraq to bomb the reactor,
              flew to Tunisia to bomb Arafat, flew to Sudan to bomb
              rocket factories. For thousands of kilometers with refueling in the air.
              There have never been engine failures
              in long-range missions and combat operations.
              If the engine is powerful and reliable, then one is enough.
              If not, then two will not help out. But the cost of replacements and repairs doubles.
              Since repairs and replacements are always made in pairs. hi
              1. 0
                4 June 2018 19: 48
                Dear, we are not talking about flight range. Flying on the Mediterranean Sea, where every 50 miles there is a lifeboat, it's just a weekend trip. And I'm talking about entering the air defense zone with a probability of defeat of 0,9. Let your heroic pilot fly there. And when they bring him down, then we'll talk.
                1. 0
                  4 June 2018 19: 50
                  And by the way, if the Americans have such wonderful engines, then why are the f - 14, f -15 and f - 18 twin-engine?
                  1. 0
                    5 June 2018 00: 34
                    Quote: TermNachTER
                    And by the way, if the Americans have such wonderful engines, then why are the f - 14, f -15 and f - 18 twin-engine?

                    In order to lift a large mass.
                  2. +1
                    6 June 2018 09: 19
                    Because they are big. Your cap. And they have higher LTX than the Bomzh F-16.
                2. The comment was deleted.
                3. 0
                  5 June 2018 00: 47
                  Quote: TermNachTER
                  And I'm talking about entering the air defense zone with a probability of defeat of 0,9. Let your heroic pilot fly there. And when they bring him down, then we'll talk.

                  Why go into such a zone? And how 2 engines on a fighter will help to not be shot down?
                  1. 0
                    5 June 2018 18: 53
                    Because the defeat of two engines at once happens much less frequently than one. They are structurally pushed to the sides, between them a fire bulkhead, etc.
                    1. 0
                      6 June 2018 09: 20
                      From a ground-to-air missile, this will not help. No way.
                      1. 0
                        6 June 2018 18: 53
                        Rockets and earth - air, and air - air fall at different angles and explode at different distances. And if for a single-engine car this is a 100% failure, then twin-engine has a chance.
              2. +2
                4 June 2018 21: 24
                The decision on the twin-engine scheme was made after studying the results of the combat use of earlier types of aircraft (including Jews). From which it was concluded that the survivability of a single-engine scheme was insufficient.
                1. +1
                  4 June 2018 21: 51
                  So explain to me why the moment is worse than f - 16? Only because the Jews have f - 16, so much so that they don’t know where to put them, but will there never be a MiG - 35?
                  1. 0
                    5 June 2018 00: 55
                    Around the same car. Here are just the latest new f16 were put in the US Army in 2005. There is a lag of 15-20 years, this is the main complaint.
                    1. 0
                      5 June 2018 18: 55
                      So the mattress-beds and the Indians are now trying to "vparit" their f - 16, under the guise of new ones. What is the lag? The first MiG - 29 entered service approximately simultaneously with the f - 16.
              3. 0
                6 June 2018 09: 18
                It was as if someone during the departure to the terrorist attack with the destruction of the reactor (Iranian) was interested in the chances of a single aircraft to fall due to the engine. Especially for all do not care in combat conditions. That's just the reputation of the F-16, as an unreliable machine, this does not cancel.
  15. +5
    4 June 2018 12: 16
    The bottom line is that there are no new engines promised, there is no AFAR, the EPR is “reduced” without an exact figure. And the horse price tag.

    A cheap partner Su-30-35-57 should, by definition, be single-engine, with one engine from an older brother. On the issue of reliability, F-16 and MiG-21, a lot of them were lost precisely because of engine failure?
    Even if you compare the full price of a raptor and a penguin, you get something around one to two, if not better. But in fact in Russia there will be a car with a slightly lower price, and slightly worse performance characteristics than the Su-30SM. And again the menagerie begins to multiply.
    1. +1
      4 June 2018 13: 01
      F-16 and Mig-21 are the most unreliable fighters in the world ... and yes there were a lot of them lost just because of the failure of a single engine ...
      The Mig-29 engine is one and a half times weaker than the Su-27 engine and costs 1.5 times cheaper ... so the price is tied directly to power ...
      On the wiki, the indicated cost of engines is 60 m. For MIG and 90 m. For SU
      But it is clear that MIG-29, that MIG-35 is not a light fighter, but medium ....
      1. +5
        4 June 2018 13: 18
        What is the percentage loss of these machines due to exactly engine failure to total non-combat losses?
        And what is the percentage loss of twin-engine needles and instant 29, for example, due to the failure of one engine to the total number of non-combat losses? Something I suspect that the values ​​will be comparable.
        1. 0
          6 June 2018 09: 21
          In fact, the reliability of the F-15 is far superior to the reliability of the F-16. There are statistics for a long time.
      2. +1
        5 June 2018 01: 00
        That f16 the most unreliable from where the information? The fact that he is the most massive aircraft of 4 generations I know about the fact that the most unreliable for the first time I hear.
  16. 0
    4 June 2018 12: 27
    It is written in a clear language that I didn’t understand a damn thing! You can’t do without a half liter here!
  17. +1
    4 June 2018 12: 57
    The propagandist Damantsev completed the task! Now it would be logical for the propagandist Damantsev to write a second article - how to train pilots who will be able to put into practice the capabilities of the "best in class". Pilots, of course, "in the world have no analogs."
  18. +1
    4 June 2018 13: 03
    AFAR radar for the Mig-35 is not, when it will be unknown
  19. +1
    4 June 2018 14: 40
    The discussion habitually slid into the sacred "stealth", "AFAR", "EPR" .. But to hell with all this light air defense fighter, whose task is to put everything non-military in the field of its ground-based radars?
  20. 0
    4 June 2018 17: 27
    "If we talk about the effective reflective surface (EPR) of the MiG-35,
    then when using radar absorbing coatings we have a decrease to 1,2-1,5 square. "////

    Not in life. 10 m2 - at least.
    1. -2
      4 June 2018 18: 03
      I’m thinking, Mr. Hoholik, but what did your ukroengineers do at all, since you hail our plane like that?
      1. +4
        4 June 2018 18: 29
        I don’t know anything about Ukrainian engineers.
        And our Israeli engineers do not produce military aircraft.
        Only avionics and weapons for them.
        The planes that Israel uses in the Air Force EPR are:
        F-16 - about 10 m2, F-15 - about 15 m2, F-35 - about 0,01 m2.
        You, as I understand from your post, for some reason do not eat fat?
        But this is a personal matter for everyone. I do not like fat, but sometimes
        I eat a little when guests are treated to guests, so as not to offend the owners.
        1. -1
          4 June 2018 18: 39
          Alexei, how could you turn out to be a Jew suddenly ??)
          1. +6
            4 June 2018 19: 06
            I was born - suddenly - a Jew and not at all upset
            on this occasion. But I respect both Russians and Ukrainians,
            and Belarusians and Tatars alike.
            1. 0
              5 June 2018 11: 34
              Are there those you don't respect?
              How do you feel about the Syrians? Or to Arafat? Or to the former president of Egypt, Nasser?
        2. 0
          6 June 2018 09: 25
          You have old rubbish, since then measures to reduce ESR at times have long been introduced. All 4 + machines. Just because it’s not so much the whole plane that shines, but certain places on it, and these reflectors can be eliminated with little blood.
        3. 0
          6 June 2018 10: 47
          there was an Israeli project, kfir seems
          still heard about some kind of screw anti-guerrilla patrol cars.
  21. 0
    4 June 2018 21: 11
    Mig35 is yesterday’s fighter (no one will buy it), F22 / 35, Su57 are today's fighters, and the future fighter is a large AUAKS-type aircraft, controlling (and refueling) a swarm of stealth drones. And the poor, in order to fight each other, will buy cheap Chinese F-17 (one RD33 engine)
    1. +1
      4 June 2018 21: 28
      The deepest thought. Are you not an Air Force Colonel General for an hour?
      1. +1
        4 June 2018 21: 44
        But do Russian / Ukrainian colonel general express thoughts? Or build cottages?
        1. 0
          6 June 2018 09: 26
          Well, you definitely have a military idea on top. Where are we with a million-strong army, hundreds of years of military construction and countless wins and battles won.
    2. -1
      4 June 2018 21: 29
      why no one will buy, Armenians will buy, if they want to defend themselves from Azerbaijan
      1. 0
        4 June 2018 21: 42
        Armenians, Serbs ... they don’t have money, they are waiting for Russia to give them. As they say, they don’t look at the gift horse. For this launch a "new" production ... it is better to limit the ship version. If Mig wants to survive, let him make a new plane (cheap, single-engine and not very noticeable)
        1. 0
          4 June 2018 21: 52
          What kind of airplane is such an AUAX? I have been living for a long time, I have never heard.
          1. 0
            4 June 2018 22: 00
            This "not very noticeable" one was given to you .. Based on the nomenclature of weapons of the same MiG-29, the main mode of operation of its RLPK, roughly speaking in three words, is "the target is there ...". The main source of targeting information there is OEPRNA, which is mainly put on stealth ..
        2. 0
          5 June 2018 00: 33
          Quote: anzar
          (cheap, single engine and not very noticeable)

          Why single engine?)))))))
          1. 0
            5 June 2018 08: 09
            Why single engine?)))))))

            To really be smaller and cheaper. But still, they will not surpass the Chinese at the cost.

            This "Pakistani" with one Migovsky RD33.
            It’s better for them (Migovtsy) to do immediately a supersonic drone (not optionally manned, but “full”) Of course, not of this form ... Internal volumes appear, gender. the load will be like 2dvig.
            1. 0
              6 June 2018 12: 09
              Yes, the drone is good. Throw out radar and missile weapons from it altogether, leaving only OLS, put a pair of 30mm guns with 1500 rounds of ammunition per barrel, one engine with high-explosive payload, raise operational overload to 20-25 and that’s it - he launched it towards the enemy and wait for the rain from downed airplanes. They won’t be able to shoot him down (overload ability allows him to compete with explosives) and he, like a splinter in the ass, will hang from his opponents in the right place and shoot down 30-50 shells in short bursts. Lyapota wassat
    3. 0
      5 June 2018 00: 32
      Quote: anzar
      Mig35 - yesterday's fighter (no one will buy it)

      Well, as if the Egyptians had already bought.
      1. 0
        5 June 2018 08: 26
        Well, as if the Egyptians had already bought.

        This is a "political" purchase. Due to the difficult relationship with the (former leadership) of the USA after the removal of Mursi, they decided not to put all the eggs in one basket. Yes, and the Saudis UTB funded (like the Mistral).
    4. 0
      5 June 2018 11: 33
      what day the plane will be decided by practice. In recent years, Mig has recognized some of the problems and is seriously working to solve them.
      Personally, I believe that the Mig light fighters now have 4 very heavy obstacles.
      1. Engines. Engine developers are far behind the modern level. And the point is not even in knowledge or technology, but in the fact that there is little strength for development and this is slow. Mig need much more support, they need to choose between 2 and single-engine options, because with only 1 engine you can make a really inexpensive plane. And without large-scale sales associated with the price, sufficient investment is impossible to develop a new one.
      2. Electronics. Until now, our industry does not allow us to create the right systems on time and in the right weight and size parameters.
      3. Industry again. An airplane is a machine in which there are many modern systems. Industry should do, if not everything, then a lot, and not in exclusive over-voltage mode. But it cannot and therefore new and not even new planes regularly have problems with equipment.
      4. Attempts to sell abroad are met with very serious external resistance.
      1. 0
        6 June 2018 09: 28
        And "Sukhoi" in the know that they have problems with a complete set? And then they fulfill all contracts like clockwork.
        1. 0
          6 June 2018 10: 45
          The infrastructure of Sukhoi’s suppliers provides its needs far from ideal and it is tailored for it, and Mig tries to use the same enterprises and developments, which is guaranteed to create problems both in volumes and terms, and corny because Mig’s work is based on light aircraft and they need somewhere more compact equipment.
  22. 0
    5 June 2018 11: 21
    I have nothing against Mig, but something strained the content of the article.
    1. Best in class? Are you seriously? There is no plane, there are no real performance characteristics, there are no real comparisons, a lot of problems exist, but already the best. To say this is unforgivable rudeness.
    2. Mentioned about the aircraft carrier Storm. Now the construction of a heavy aircraft carrier for the Russian Federation is just clinical nonsense.
    I call it just that, in one of the articles I already cited a little analytics, how industry is not ready for such work. Therefore, even to stutter about it, I consider the act worse than farting among friends.
    3. Glider mi-29 - aerodynamic standard ??? Yes, how much can you lie in a brazen face ???
    Does the author of the article know that even at the design stage, when the moment he changed his project under the influence of Sukhoi's work on the Su-27, it was already recognized that aerodynamics was far from the standard?
    Is it known to the author that the aerodynamic processes caused by the influx in front of the wings are still being studied? Does the author know that a whole series of decisions in the glider was at least a Solomon solution, where were the alternatives?

    In general, with all the useful information in the article, a number of statements cause a wild negative, because arrogant lies and fraud - well, this is just the end. (spoke much softer than you want)
  23. 0
    5 June 2018 19: 24
    Everyone who still believes in Damantsev’s nonsense about stealth based on serial front-line fighters urgently looks at U-tube with a video entitled “The Boy in the Mask: Stealth-Basic Concepts.” The guy in the fingers explains everything popularly. He has a good video about the basic principles of radar, which should be viewed by most visitors to this Site in order to understand where the topvar is nonsense (unfortunately the majority are), and where are the normal articles on the problems of the Air Force and Air Defense.
  24. 0
    5 June 2018 19: 56
    The Mig-35 is primarily a front-line fighter whose main task is to cover troops on the battlefield from enemy aviation attacks, and should be based on front-line airfields, thus covering more distant airfields with heavier Su-27/30 aircraft . From this, the main requirements for the Mig-35 follow: low price, ease of maintenance and operation, high performance (the main type of the database from the duty on earth) and the 35th meets all these requirements. The Mig-29 did an excellent job of these tasks, but now only a few dozen of these machines remained in service at the Russian Air Force and Air Force, the rest are in storage. So the air force and VKS need for the Mig-35 are huge and I would like to believe that the Ministry of Defense can to satisfy.
    1. 0
      6 June 2018 09: 29
      There is no such physical entity as a front-line fighter.
      1. 0
        6 June 2018 14: 15
        Physical is not, as a type, it definitely existed before: an airplane to gain superiority over the battlefield. True, since then the battlefield and aircraft have changed a lot, so now these differences are largely erased.
  25. 0
    6 June 2018 12: 45
    Nice plane! No worse than Western competitors .. in fact, the competitor of this aircraft is only probably modernizable Amer. Exporters .. the European Union leaked its common Eurofighter fighter will buy the F-35
  26. 0
    12 June 2018 18: 15
    Doctoral dissertation.

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