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Saving bayonet plug

Can a traffic jam be salvage? All the more - bayonet?

The 7 th Siberian rifle regiment is one of the glorious units of the Russian imperial army. And this fact fully demonstrates the indicative and at the same time characteristic combat episode. stories parts.

It was a heavy summer of 1915 of the year, and on June 13, parts of the regiment occupied the guard watch lines. There were no reserves. The enemy (the Germans) grew stronger and more insistent, while the Russians became weaker and weaker. Despite the fact that the combat glory of the division (2-i Siberian Riflemen of the famous 1-th Siberian Army Corps), which arose in the fire of previous battles, forced the enemy to be careful, he was preparing for a decisive blow - concentrating troops and equipment.

On June 14, the enemy launched an energetic offensive along the entire front of the division. At night, the Siberians observed how the front of fires gradually expanded, successively going first into an arc, and then into a ring. It was clear that the Germans sought to surround the shooters, cutting off the retreat to the southeast, in the general direction of Rojana.

Finally, the Siberian riflemen received an order to hastily retreat: the enemy broke through to the west and north with significant forces. And the 7 th Siberian rifle regiment with an artillery battalion was assigned to the rearguard and, restraining the enemy, was to cover the withdrawal of the division.

The first and the nearest frontier suitable for this purpose was r. Orzhits. The marshy, rather deep, with a small number of crossings, it made it possible, defending itself with small forces, to restrain a superior enemy.

On July 1, the regiment took a position at vil. The bottom line. The 3 th battalion was advanced to the right bank, the 1 th battalion occupied the right wing on the left bank, and the 2 th battalion occupied the left bank. The artillery rose in the area of ​​the 2 th battalion, while the 4 battalion remained in reserve to the west of der. Zavada. The position of the 1 and 2 battalions was at the commanding height of the left bank, along a road lined with trees and bushes.

Since the enemy was on his heels, the Siberian arrows did not have time to properly position themselves - and artillery fire began on the section of the 1 and 2 battalions.

In the first hour, the enemy launched an energetic offensive against the 3 Battalion (commander - Lieutenant Colonel Rossolyuk) from three sides: from the north-west, from the west and south-west. It was clear that the enemy was approaching 3 in large columns.

By 16 watch, the 3 th battalion was crushed, and the Germans rushed to the left bank on the shoulders of its remnants - to the site of the 2 battalion.

The 1 th battalion of Captain Trajan, who was under the brutal artillery fire all the time, could not help.

By 17-hours from the 2-th battalion of Captain Zhmakin there was only a small handful of fighters.

The 4 th battalion (reserve) under the command of Captain Vishnevsky, moving to the aid of 2, was stopped by the barrage of Germans. Our artillery was partially withdrawn from the position, and partly captured by the enemy, who, deploying Russian guns, prepared to open fire on the 1 and 4 battalions.

The enemy convoy moved through the bridge, moving south to the section of the 2 battalion. Artillery fire on the first battalion with the opening of barrage weakened.

And here commander initiative played the role. The commander of the left-flanking company of the 1 th battalion, under the guise of two offices, built his company in the bushes into the column through the branches and thus moved to the bridge - directly to the enemy's columns. With a bayonet attack, he managed to break the enemy column and make his way to the bridge. The narrow bridge did not allow the Germans to use their numerical superiority, and the fact that the enemies were mixed during the bayonet battle did not give the Germans the opportunity to open fire. The neighboring company of the 1 Battalion also quickly lined up in a column across the departments and rushed after the avant-garde company - to the bridge, where a hot hand-to-hand fight was in full swing, which formed a kind of traffic jam.

As a result, the 4 battalion managed to break through the enemy’s barrage, and, taking the remnants of the 3 battalion, fought off the Russian guns captured earlier by the Germans. The commander of one of the 3 battalion's mouths, Lieutenant Iosseliani, together with two gunners, turned one gun on the bridge and opened fire - destroying the structure. As a result, the Germans who had time to cross were cut off from their own people, and the crossing from the village. Leng was destroyed before the approach of the main forces of the Germans. Thus, the initiative of the company commanders and combatants, the saving bayonet on the bridge (which did not allow the Germans to overcome the bridge with their whole mass) and the counterattack of the Siberian riflemen’s battalion turned the unsuccessful rearguard battle (and with artillery loss) into a bright victory.

All enemy units that managed to cross were in the hands of the 7 Siberian fighters - a total of Germans were captured: 10 officers, about 1500 fighters and 9 machineguns captured. On the part of the Siberians, the greatest losses were suffered by the companies of the 3 and 2 battalions and the left-flank company of the 1 battalion - their losses reached up to 85% in each company. The commander of the left-flanking company of the 1-th battalion, being seriously wounded, was removed from the battle (in his arms) only after he was designated combat success.

We have not yet succeeded in establishing the name of this officer, who displayed such a landmark initiative. But we can look at the faces of some of the warriors of the 7 Siberian Rifle Regiment.

KS Shcherbak, lieutenant 7-th spp.

A.S. Dubenkov, sergeant-major of 7-th spp.

And also to see the results of a successful bayonet stopper on a tactically important bridge.

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  1. Cheburator
    Cheburator 9 June 2018 05: 39
    That's what the commander’s initiative means!
    Flip the battle 180%
    Well done Siberians
    1. kipage
      kipage 9 June 2018 06: 32
      That's for sure, totally agree
      1. cost
        cost 10 June 2018 00: 02
        "Along the valleys and on the hills" March of Siberian Riflemen (1915)
        From the taiga, the dense taiga,
        From Amur, from the river
        Silent, formidable cloud
        Siberians go to battle.

        They brought up severely
        Silent taiga
        The storms of formidable Baikal,
        And Siberian snows.

        Not fatigue, not fear
        Fight the night and fight the day
        Only gray hat
        Dashingly knocked to the side.

        Oh, Siberia, native Siberia,
        We will stand for you.
        The waves of the Rhine and Danube
        We give your bow.

        Know Siberia in dashing years
        In memory of glorious antiquity
        The honor of the great people
        Your sons defend.

        Free Russia will rise again,
        By our faith of sorrow
        And hear this song
        The walls of the ancient Kremlin.
        V. A. Gilyarovsky
        1. Cheburator
          Cheburator 10 June 2018 17: 14
          "Along the valleys and on the hills" March of Siberian Riflemen (1915)

          Yes, and then they released a remake: A division advanced along the valleys and along the hills. Kirkorov was far from the first in this matter))
          1. cost
            cost 10 June 2018 23: 14
            Absolutely right, Misha
            I really love the old Cossack songs, especially Tersky. And I was always enraged by the pre-war "remakes" on them:
            “the tanks rumbled on the field” - this is a redone Cossack recruit song “Last Today’s Day”, the same fate befell “Polyushko Pole”, “Eaglet”, “Beyond the Liaohe River”, “Oh, frost, frost”, “Red Viburnum” Oh my fogs are fogged up and many others. “We will boldly go into battle” - this is generally a march of the Drozdov regiment. A few years ago I read the "Past" by E. Dolmatovsky and understood why it happened. Dolmatovsky writes in his memoirs that he and a group of leading songwriters of that time received direct instructions from the Heads of Pura RKKA about redoing the texts of popular songs at that time to the "correct revolutionary way." Stalin had plenty of poets, and there were not enough songwriters.

            Insert DVD "GAPiP" Terek Cossacks

    2. svp67
      svp67 10 June 2018 07: 41
      Quote: Cheburator
      That's what the commander’s initiative means!
      Initiative, initiative. And it’s better to say initiative, but you should not discount the skill of the personnel, but it also did not come from heaven.
      We have so far failed to establish the name of this officer, who has shown such a landmark initiative.
      Strange, for such a fight, he simply had to be awarded.
      1. Cheburator
        Cheburator 10 June 2018 16: 39
        Initiative, and initiative, and, of course, the skill of personnel. But even the skill of the personnel before did not seem to help much - to the initiative initiative of that officer.
        We have so far failed to establish the name of this officer, who has shown such a landmark initiative.
        I did not write this.
        Strange, for such a fight, he simply had to be awarded.
        But as they say, and cards in hand. Why not show initiative by trying to install it?
        1. Cheburator
          Cheburator 10 June 2018 17: 13
          Strange, for such a fight, he simply had to be awarded.

          By the way - nothing strange. In both world wars far from always the awards were handed over to their heroes - especially the front-line soldiers.
          It is known that the trend is this: the farther to the rear, the more rewards)
        2. svp67
          svp67 10 June 2018 17: 50
          Quote: Cheburator
          But as they say, and cards in hand. Why not show initiative by trying to install it?

          Thank. While I can brag of a name of the regiment commander.
          Tuchapsky Alexander Gavrilovich 19.11.1869/2/30.08.1887. Orthodox. A native of the Penza province. The son of a captain. Educated in the 3nd Moscow Cadet Corps. He entered the service on 1889. He graduated from the 1rd Military Alexander School (80; 10.08.1889st rank). Released in the 09.08.1888th Infantry. Kabardian regiment. Second Lieutenant (Ave. 09.08.1892; Art. 06.05.1900). Lieutenant (Art. 1902). Headquarters-Captain (st. 2). He graduated from the Nikolaev Academy of Gen. headquarters (1; 08.03 classes of the 16.11.1901st category). Assistant Art. adjutant of the headquarters of the Caucasian Military District (06.05.1901.-2). Captain (st. 8/2/1904). Commanded a company (05 g. 06.05.1904 m.); battalion (4 g.). Member of the Russian-Japanese war of 13.03.1908-14. Lieutenant Colonel (Art. 23.02.1905). He was awarded the Order of St. George of the 1908th Art. In 9, lieutenant colonel of the 1910th V.-Sib. page shelf. Colonel (Project 16.10.1909; Art.XNUMX; for distinction). Commander of the 7th Siberian Regiment (04.09.1911/11.06.1915/XNUMX-XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX). On 01.03.1914/14.04.1915/11.06.1915 in the same rank and position. Member of the World War. On XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX and XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX in the same rank and position. Major General (Project 11.06.1915; Art. 16.10.1913; Based on the St. George Statute (Art. 49 and 54)) and the commander of the same regiment (11.06.1915-15.02.1916).
          I can say that it’s a very heroic person, if he was promoted to major general as commander of a regiment. And most importantly, a month before the events described
          1. Cheburator
            Cheburator 10 June 2018 19: 00
            I also know the regiment commander, and I agree that the guy is heroic)
            With battalion commanders a little worse, but comrot really needs to be installed and installed
  2. Olgovich
    Olgovich 9 June 2018 06: 28
    Despite everything, the rearguard completed its task.
    As it should. hi
    1. kipage
      kipage 9 June 2018 06: 35
      I agree with you, dear Olgovich!
      I would even say so - completed and exceeded the task. 1500 only captured Germans, as I understand it, testify to the defeat of an entire regiment - that is, the equivalent of the 7th Siberian.
      Plus their cannons beaten back and captured German machine guns.
  3. kipage
    kipage 9 June 2018 06: 36
    Rearguard combat is one of the most difficult types of combat.
    But the Russian army could fight and show teeth in any conditions - even in very unfavorable and tactically difficult
    1. Cheldon
      Cheldon 9 June 2018 09: 41
      In War and Peace, the rearguard battle of Captain Tushin is well described.
    2. Weyland
      Weyland 9 June 2018 10: 45
      Quote: squeeze
      Rearguard combat is one of the most difficult types of combat.

      In 778m, in the rearguard battle in the Ronsevalles Gorge, the squad of Margrave Hruodland died to the last man - but became famous for centuries ("Song of Roland").
  4. Weyland
    Weyland 9 June 2018 10: 55
    The rearguard bridges are the very thing: sometimes they managed to “keep” them alone long enough (Publius Horace Kokles held the Roman pile bridge in the battle against the Porsenna army, Zhang Fei - the Chanban bridge against the Cao Cao army, Bayard du Terrail - the bridge over Garigliano against two hundred Spaniards). Well, an example from a neighboring branch is an unknown Norwegian on the Stamford bridge over Derwent: “a certain Norwegian stood alone against the entire English army, so the British could not cross the bridge and win. Some of the Angles fired an arrow at him, but didn’t hit him. Then another climbed under the bridge and hit the Norwegian from below, where he was not covered by chain mail ”
  5. Albatroz
    Albatroz 9 June 2018 12: 11
    I would like to note the tactical training of the Russian officer corps
    In addition to reasonable initiative and determination.
    Inborn qualities of our Russian (Soviet, Russian) commander
  6. Gopnik
    Gopnik 9 June 2018 13: 02
    Curious, thanks!
    And it is known who exactly opposed from the Germans, which regiment?
  7. Curious
    Curious 9 June 2018 16: 58
    It’s easy and pleasant, lying on your favorite couch, to admire the dashing bayonet attacks of soldiers, "and also see what results a successful bayonet plug on a tactically important bridge can lead to."
    Let's see.
    ""By 17 o’clock from the 2nd battalion of Captain Zhmakin, only a small handful of fighters remained."
    Consequently, the loss of the second battalion of at least 1000 people.
    "From the side of the Siberians, the companies of the 3rd and 2nd battalions and the left-flank company of the 1st battalion suffered the greatest losses - their losses reached up to 85% in each company"
    Therefore, we add up to 850 more in the third battalion and up to 200 in the first.
    Total loss of the regiment amounted to 2000 people, that is, up to 60% of the personnel.
    1. Some kind of compote
      Some kind of compote 9 June 2018 19: 39
      It's just that everyone should write while lying on the couch and write any articles on VO - at least about samurai, at least about WWII. Isn't it Curius? This time.
      The losses of the Germans 1500 only captured. That is, this is not counting the dead and wounded - respectively, they are clearly more than Russian. This is with much greater (in the summer of 1915) fire support. These are two.
      A very interesting article and an indicative combat episode. Fine)
      1. kipage
        kipage 9 June 2018 20: 09
        I agree with Compote.
        Bypassing the theoretical theory of Curious calculations (after all, we don’t know what the composition of 7ssp was), and even in the summer of 1915, I consider it incorrect to say “lying on the couch” - unless of course the commentator himself is a participant in the First World War. Are there authors among the authors who write about the WWII participating in this war?
        Obviously not.
        But are there specialists recognized at the state level for PMV (by the way, quite few in the Russian Federation) - who defended doctoral dissertations on this topic at the RAS (Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences)? There is - and this is the author of this article.
        So there’s nothing to talk about.
        1. Curious
          Curious 9 June 2018 20: 44
          What I don't like about the site’s functionality is the lack of the ability to set the criterion for selecting comments in the profile. Or at least functions like spam. For the site, the spam function could be called, say, hamsters.
          1. kipage
            kipage 9 June 2018 20: 51
            I also do not like something, especially the appearance of the type of "foreigners". About the irresponsible chatter who in what much can finally keep silent.
            And I would suggest introducing a real personality identification in my
            In addition to hamsters and badgers
            1. Curious
              Curious 9 June 2018 21: 18
              Regarding the "foreigners" you can contact the site’s administration, they say they’re preventing them from screaming, forbid them access! Only unlike the filter that I offer, your suggestions will reduce the number of visits to the site. And this, and the difference from an unobstructed “urry” is a direct loss to specific people. You understand that your pocket is closer to the body.
              1. kipage
                kipage 9 June 2018 21: 32
                You do not understand - I did mean the type of foreigners)
                How did you explain that you change the flags (Dutch, etc.), since supposedly in Ukraine you can’t go to VO without changing your nationality, otherwise they block it. It is checked - you can go to VO under any nickname, and without changing national accessories. The latter applies only to mail ru and Yandex.
                So the foreigners at the HE are not necessarily foreigners, I’m just talking about that.
                Now about the "Urya."
                What does the "Urya" have to do with it. Or Urya in relation to the Soviet period is possible, but not for the others? It's about a real fight, a real result.
                In addition, probably only your comments you consider worthy of attention. Isn’t it, and what is conceit? And the rest means filtering.
                But I believe that the historian’s main task is to introduce people to new material, which the author safely does in this article, telling about a little-known battle. And this is super.
                1. Some kind of compote
                  Some kind of compote 9 June 2018 21: 43
                  The Ukrainian counted something there, theoretically, and believes that only he is right)
                  And I generally think that commenting should be covered up - carried out by any people, what qualifications. Comments are simply not needed. Cedars, midars, ivans and moses.
                  And even more so attendance is far from the main thing. In my opinion
                  1. Curious
                    Curious 9 June 2018 22: 53
                    "Comments are simply not needed."
                    Such as yours, from a set of letters - they are not needed unambiguously, I am only for it. And about your view on attendance, it’s you who turn to the owners of the site; Do you have at least one owner of the site familiar. He will explain to you the cost of your view on this issue.
                    1. Cheburator
                      Cheburator 10 June 2018 05: 05
                      I have a feeling that both compote and curius are great specialists in website design)
                      Maybe this is the disguised owners?
                      In any case, both comments have sets of letters, I didn’t see any frills.
                      1. Curious
                        Curious 10 June 2018 07: 24
                        But in fact, the specialist, it turns out, is a certain Cheburator, but he is embarrassed to share his knowledge due to natural shyness.
                2. Curious
                  Curious 9 June 2018 22: 13
                  That I can’t go to the VO site without changing the flag, I never said. But when you simultaneously scan mail and go to the site, no one will turn the VPN on and off.
                  Now about the article. In my comment, there is no criticism of the article at all. From the word at all.
                  However, the article, covering in detail all aspects of this battle and the loss of the Germans, leads its own losses in a veiled way, as a percentage of the abstract number.
                  I just specified the numbers so that the comrades who were delighted could see the price of victory. And the place of deployment in the form of a sofa belongs to them, and not to the author.
                  If I criticize the author, then I turn to him.
                  In addition, I never praised my comments, here you are somehow let down by emotions, it is not clear what caused. And if I meant the site’s functionality in the form of a filter, then to anyone ... it’s clear that someone would “filter” me too. I’m not worried about this issue at all, since there are a lot of people on the site, respectively - a lot of opinions. And if my comments are of interest to someone, I’m always ready to communicate. But no one has fundamentally denied the ratio of 20 to 80. In this regard, the filter would really be useful.
                  And about the author. As for me, he is one of the very few serious authors on this site. However, this does not mean that he generally does not have moments for criticism, despite all his regalia, of which I am well aware.
                  I hope I clearly stated my position. All the best.
                  1. kipage
                    kipage 9 June 2018 22: 27
                    They wrote earlier, in the comments to one of the articles, explaining the change of flags.
                    And now I just wrote that in order to go to VO in Nezalezhnaya - no VPN is needed. Unlike mail ru and Yandex. This is the first.
                    And not only your comments are valuable and useful. Fact.
                    We assume that the site has a lot of people, and not a lot of nicknames - in the hands of a few people.
                    Also - all the best.
                    1. Cheburator
                      Cheburator 10 June 2018 05: 30
                      The price of victory is high in all wars - for that they are legal killings.
                      If it was possible to achieve victory, this, as I understand it, is not a delight, but a feeling of natural satisfaction. How else?
                  2. Cheburator
                    Cheburator 10 June 2018 05: 02
                    The author, as I understand it, gives the numbers contained in the document.
                    If such a large volume of captured Germans is known, then adding the unknown losses to the dead (the Germans preferred to drag the killed) and the wounded, we see that the Germans suffered no less, and most likely more than the Siberians. And the battle for them unfolded as a victory, and this is doubly offensive.
                    Digital reasoning about the losses of Siberians is more theoretical. We really don't know the composition of the regiment. For in the summer, many of the latter in numbers turned into “shadows” from former luxury.
              2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Cheburator
    Cheburator 10 June 2018 05: 07
    The battle at the village. Podosie - another striking example of the fierce bayonet battles of the PMV
    Equal, as once again we are convinced, in which there were no Russians
  9. Cheburator
    Cheburator 10 June 2018 16: 42
    Curious (Victor) Today, 07:24 ↑
    But in fact, the specialist, it turns out, is a certain Cheburator, but he is embarrassed to share his knowledge due to natural shyness.

    Just the same, I understand very little about the functionality of sites. I know about the fact that there are programs that allow you to choose a country for a nickname. That is yes.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.