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Terminator from the Red Army


The holiday was over, but we always remember our heroes. A monstrous event took place 13 July 1941 of the year in the vicinity of the town Pesets (and the number 13, and the name of the settlement - it all matched!), Further excerpt from the award order:

Terminator from the Red Army

“July 13 1941, from the region of Arctic Fox, a Red Army soldier Ovcharenko, was carrying ammunition for the 3 pulroty, being from his unit in 4-5 kilometers. In the same area, a Red Army soldier was attacked and surrounded by two vehicles of German soldiers and 50 officers as part of 3. Coming out of the car, a German officer commanded the Red Armyman to raise his hands up, knocked out a rifle from his hands and began to interrogate him.

A Red Army soldier Ovcharenko in his cart lay an ax. Having taken this ax, the Red Army man chopped off the head of a German officer, threw three grenades near a standing vehicle. 21 German soldier was killed, the rest fled in panic. Following the wounded officer, Ovcharenko, with an ax in his hand, pursued him and in the garden, Fox. Caught him and cut off his head. The 3 officer managed to escape.

Tov. Ovcharenko did not lose his head, took all the documents from the dead, officers, maps, tablets, maps, records, and provided them to the regimental headquarters. A cart with ammunition and food delivered on time to his company ... "

How could this happen

Despite its seeming improbability and the strange name of the locality, it is most likely a real история: Aryans-Yubermenshi lost vigilance and really got what they deserved. Fifty Nazis - a clear exaggeration, the capacity of the "Hanomag" 10 ... 12 freaks, along with the crew. If the truck, then more, the 15 man in one ... In reality, it was the 20-30 cranks with the letter M. See - a cart with one subhuman is riding. They stopped, the ain official went to interrogate the Russian Mongolian, or, most likely, simply decided to make fun (what did he want to learn from him? How to get to the library?), The others got out who needed to drink, who had to clear his head. And, along the way, they brightened the moment of Dostoevshchina, when they were planted with a too-talkative officer with a tomahawk between the eyes. It is clear that Ovcharenko did not demolish the head of the officer, do not go samurai, most likely, just cut down Raskolnikov's grandmother.

The ax is not a rifle, the shot is not audible, and if Ovcharenko also successfully planted, the fascist did not have time to gasp. Fussing around the cart comrades killed could be regarded as issuing a portion of the slap on the sluggish Red Army. And maybe they didn’t look at them in general, because they didn’t meet the cavalry division, but Sancho Panza, one dented and dead tired. If someone watched, 100% was taken aback by what he saw, then the film “Rambo” didn’t take off and such 3D effects were new: “What kind of chaos !? Didn’t say a word, immediately with an ax in the board”.

Our fighter, having eliminated the noise on the right, grabs three grenades from a wagon and hurls it in the direction of a German picnic on the sidelines. Imagine, you are sitting on a July afternoon in the company of normal boys from the correct area, your buddy is gone nerd pucker and then a grenade falls in front of you. It is not known what happened at this moment in the heads of the bewildered Nazis, we can only assume:
a) Donnerveter! ("Damn it!!!")
b) Aah, an ambush, there are a lot of them!
c) However, in this barbarous country, lemons look strange ....

Whatever they thought there, it exploded terribly. The Germans, who so, in parts fell on the ground. Surely, not one of the fascists could have imagined that some kind of a “beaten child of the East” (the definition of Slavic brothers according to Goebbels) would take offense at the simple question: “Is there Cho? And if I find it?”

The final is logical: one of the Fritz was killed, who ran away. In addition to one officer who didn’t have enough impressions, he decided to check if he could run fast with a half-torn ass. Our hero caught up with the German Paralympic and made him like Papa Carlo Buratina. I did everything right - why run around the gardens of the village Arctic fox, because you didn’t plant swede, you don’t trample it.

Then the laws of drama come into play: only one is left alive. After the bloody bath, the Red Army soldier Ovcharenko collected the scoring trophies and drove on with his business, which he had quite a few, unlike the German dolts who darted with unclear goals in places where they were not welcome.

Nails would make of these people ... would not be stronger in the world of nails

Ovcharenko Dmitry Romanovich - rifle machine-gun company of the 389 th rifle regiment of the 176 th rifle division of the 9 th army of the Southern Front, a Red Army man.

Born in 1919, in the village of Ovcharovo, now Trinity District, Lugansk region of Ukraine in a peasant family. Ukrainian. Graduated 5 classes. He worked on the farm.

In the Red Army with 1939 year. Member of the Great Patriotic War from 1941 year.

The rifle machine-gun company of the 389 th rifle regiment (176 th rifle division, 9 th army, Southern front), Red Army soldier Dmitry Ovcharenko distinguished himself in defensive battles in the capital of Moldova - the city of Chisinau.

13 July 1941, while delivering ammunition to a company, a fearless warrior engaged in battle with a group of nazis. Having shown courage and resourcefulness, he destroyed over twenty enemy soldiers and officers in grenades and in hand-to-hand fighting. Ammunition was delivered to the company in a timely manner.

By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 9 November 1941, for exemplary performance of combat tasks of the command on the front of the fight against the German fascist aggressors and the courage and heroism shown to Red Army Ovcharenko Dmitry Romanovich awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal .

It was not possible for the courageous fighter to live until the bright Victory Day ... In the battles for the liberation of Hungary, DR. Ovcharenko was mortally wounded. He died in hospital from wounds 28 January 1945 of the year.

Everlasting memory! Forgive us, Dmitry Romanovich, for the fact that we are not so ....
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  1. alanz
    alanz 10 May 2012 07: 13
    took the tablets from the officers?
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      Smirnov Vadim 10 May 2012 07: 16
      Officer's tablet:
      1. Leonid SK
        Leonid SK 10 May 2012 18: 59
        Yes, here is such a harsh Aepad ....
    2. Joker
      Joker 10 May 2012 09: 25
      Aren't you a Muscovite by chance? laughing What kind of tablets did you think about? Apple? laughing damn, you raised my mood in the morning, thank you very much drinks
      1. Manager
        Manager 10 May 2012 10: 40
        What does the Moskvich not Moskvich. In Moscow, there are more educated people for that matter. Rather, just a young age. They are the younger generation and they didn’t see the disk phone. And you say tablet)
        1. Joker
          Joker 10 May 2012 10: 53
          I did not mean by the word Moskvich lack of education, it is just in Moscow that tablets are the most common, I mean computers.
          1. Manager
            Manager 10 May 2012 15: 55
            In St. Petersburg, Rostov, Krasnodar, they are no less common. And in the United States, everyone has it.
        2. LaGlobal
          LaGlobal 11 May 2012 11: 52
          In the course of maskivich! What makes you think that in MSCs there are more educated people ??? fool
          In Moscow, Muscovites themselves in the percentage ratio will be typed 30%.
          1. tverskoi77
            tverskoi77 14 May 2012 13: 09
            Moscow is a city of huge migration flows, Moskvich is the whole of Russia and not only.
          2. juneart
            juneart April 8 2015 05: 29
            here sales about 10% as it was somewhere, somewhere)))
      2. Nick
        Nick 11 May 2012 07: 42
        Quote: Joker
        Aren't you a Muscovite by chance? What kind of tablets did you think about? Apple? damn, you raised my mood in the morning, thank you very much

        I read it, - rolled on the floor laughing ...
      3. Mr.Advokat
        Mr.Advokat 17 May 2012 09: 54
        I did not even immediately understand why the question arose about the tablet)))
    3. Atlon
      Atlon 10 May 2012 13: 53
      Quote: alanz
      took the tablets from the officers?

      laughing Muscovite probably ...
    4. 703-s
      703-s 10 May 2012 14: 23
      Why such a dibiloid designation?
      In Russian there are many words denoting the act of this person.
      Hero, courageous warrior, strong-willed, etc.

      And how is the Arctic fox and the defense of Sevastopol, depicted in the picture, connected?
      1. Joker
        Joker 10 May 2012 14: 39
        Well, you are fussy laughing and it’s not that way and it’s not so laughing
      2. Santa Fe
        10 May 2012 15: 36
        Quote: 703

        Hollywood Taunt

        Quote: 703
        And how is the Arctic fox and the defense of Sevastopol, depicted in the picture, connected?

        Dynamics and semantic load
        1. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 10 May 2012 21: 22
          The Germans - the Arctic fox.
      3. KamikadZzzE
        KamikadZzzE 11 May 2012 13: 27
    5. Santa Fe
      10 May 2012 15: 49
      Yes, I took the Apple iPad 2 tablets from the officers.
      You got it right, well done. And now - running to the lessons
    6. Antipin
      Antipin 10 May 2012 19: 17
      How can you not know what officer tablets are?
      1. 755962
        755962 10 May 2012 19: 39
        Quote: Antipin

        How can you not know what officer tablets are?

        I remember the story at the 5th grade school. History textbook, section VOV. There are officers with tablets in almost every photo or drawing. Since childhood I remember how to play "war", so there must be a tablet, without it "military operations" did not start. What is taught in the modern school. What are the modern youth playing? The computer will turn on "Crysis" or "Call of Duty".
      2. Persey
        Persey 16 May 2012 13: 34
        Well, for example, I did not know that they are called tablets, but if on the topic, we often have such heroes, for example, during the First World War, the Cossack Nedorubov single-handedly captured an artillery crew of 50 Austrians, and in the Great Patriotic War from "maxim" killed 70 Germans ( a full Knight of the Orders of St. George and at the same time a hero of the Soviet Union, a true patriot who was above politics. It's a shame that very many do not know the names of such people, they do not speak of them as an example for the younger generations, but everyone knows about all sorts of "saving ordinary Rhine"
    7. late
      late 12 May 2012 08: 59
      Why, for example, I didn’t even pay attention to this word, but thought about something else, what kind of person I did not live up to Victory Day, sorry.
    8. The comment was deleted.
      1. rolik
        rolik 26 May 2012 20: 49
        the amendment is not subhuman, but in the words of Dr. Goebels inconsequential.
    9. rolik
      rolik 26 May 2012 20: 45
      Can i alanz ask a daunting question? Who did we fight with and who won?
  2. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 10 May 2012 07: 47
    And by whom before the war he worked interestingly! So masterfully owned an ax.
    So that is not the Terminator, but the Lumberjack.
    In any case, Eternal memory!
    1. stas64
      stas64 10 May 2012 08: 17
      whom did he work? a collective farmer is such a different job that you learn everything quickly and know how to do it, although I only worked on a collective farm when I came to my grandmother for the holidays. as for virtuosity, remember the Armenian who recently put three who had come to rob him with a simple kitchen knife, and therefore they were no different from those fascists - he defended his family, his home, his homeland. and I think, if God forbid something else like the Great Patriotic War happens, this Armenian will not be on the sidelines, and he will not run away from Armenia from fear. as for the article - so I did not laugh for a long time, but when I stopped, I thought - and if I could at that moment so? Eternal glory to the hero !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. Hairy Siberian
        Hairy Siberian 10 May 2012 18: 22
        Eternal Glory! But the ax was not an easy campaign!
        1. Nick
          Nick 11 May 2012 07: 48
          Quote: Hairy Siberian
          But the ax was not an easy campaign!

          Ax-treasure ...
          1. Felix200970
            Felix200970 14 May 2012 20: 49
            Quote: Nick
            Quote: A hairy Siberian ax that campaign was not easy! Ax-kladenets ...

            Rather - Cleric
      2. Фокус
        Фокус 11 May 2012 21: 23
        I support at 100% !!
      3. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac 18 May 2012 20: 00
        one difference - the Armenian did not have grenades
    2. schta
      schta 10 May 2012 09: 36
      I spent all my childhood as a schoolboy, and spent the whole weekend with my father in the forest every winter. I can chop the match along with an ax. You won’t believe how simple it is.
      1. FreZZZeR
        FreZZZeR 10 May 2012 15: 56
        Glory, you are a hammer)), although I can work with my hands, I didn’t stab the match)
        1. schta
          schta 11 May 2012 11: 12
          eeee .... as an addition, I can note that the price of "professionalism" is a couple of dozen "wounds" of the fingers of the left hand and two re-grown nails. wassat
          1. FreZZZeR
            FreZZZeR 11 May 2012 13: 52
            I could not answer something in PM.
            It is gratifying for you.
            I myself am a citizen since I was 17 years old. Until 6 years he lived in a village with 15 yards, then moved to a village for 300 families, then an orphanage. It was there that they took seriously for me: initial technical modeling, aircraft modeling, amateur radio, carpentry and applied art, a lot of new Russians worked as laborers on hacienda.
            Then he entered the university, graduated from it, becoming an engineer.
            Now you rarely have to work with your hands, so, recently, I began to make a complete set for playing the IL-2, the steering wheel, engine control levers, avipedals, everything from development to the firmware of controller microcircuits. And at work sometimes you have to pick up a drill / soldering iron / hammer. As one of the heroes of the film "Happy People" said (I advise you to watch): "You can take away wealth and health from a person, but you cannot take away his craft. You will know him anyway ..."
            You are still older than me, but we have common values, it pleases.
            True, I work as a system administrator, and I use all the "joys of civilization", but as a child I did just fine without it (wooden guns, scarecrows, even sledges they made themselves)
            All the best to you and happiness!
            Regards, FreZZZeR.
            1. schta
              schta 14 May 2012 15: 00
              You can write in a personal like this
      2. Sterkoder
        Sterkoder 15 May 2012 03: 07
        you can sharpen a pencil with a carpentry ax if there is no knife at hand.
        how many times did it myself.
        1. justas-xnumx
          justas-xnumx 24 May 2012 18: 14
          And I had to cut the bread and sausage! :-) I really wanted to eat! Yes, I also opened canned food "Tourist's Breakfast"! It was a good hatchet, it was stolen during some move. :-(
    3. b0bi
      b0bi 29 May 2012 17: 54
      Eternal memory and glory to the heroes and lost Our Grandfathers.
  3. Mahamont
    Mahamont 10 May 2012 08: 00
    For example, carpenters who know how to make wood carvings with an ax masterly use knives. And with a knife they can crush cabbage if that. Not surprisingly, he carried a well-sharpened ax with him. This is not speculation, but there are examples in history when a national squad consisting of men, mostly skilled carpenters and blacksmiths in ancient times, decided the fate of an entire nation. When firearms developed, this fact no longer mattered. But even so far the worst thing for our enemies is the melee attack of Russian soldiers (mainly sapper shovels) and a nuclear bomb))).
    1. Yura
      Yura 11 May 2012 21: 44
      Quote: Maamont
      But even so far the worst thing for our enemies is the melee attack of Russian soldiers (mainly sapper shovels) and a nuclear bomb))).

      That's right, the most powerful nuclear bomb is the sapper blade, the most powerful sapper blade is the Russian spirit, its core is selflessness.
    2. Meridiy
      Meridiy 14 May 2012 21: 17
      I agree! And given the date and venue of the action, the braid would be very suitable. The Hans were still lucky that he had grenades ......... belay
  4. Vito
    Vito 10 May 2012 09: 04
    Yes, if everything really happened, then this is a real hero! The article is designed in a joking manner with a mockery of the Nazis and really can not help but neighing. But what I think, I don’t know, he possessed the skills of clumsy or hand-to-hand combat, but he stepped over his fear (maybe from despair) is not important. He decided on this and won. I, too, mentally tried to stand in his place, I couldn’t wait for help alone, there were 10 or 15 more enemies nearby, there were no chances, and this WARRIOR turned the tide and survived and won. He was strong in the Spirit. More to such warriors. Eternal memory HERO!
    1. FreZZZeR
      FreZZZeR 10 May 2012 16: 02
      Verily! It is a strong SPIRIT who can accomplish this.
      Look at "Gyurza", a seemingly ordinary puny guy - but in fact a wolfhound!
    2. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 10 May 2012 22: 08
      Guys, have you seen amateur filming of what Russians are capable of doing with things familiar to the whole world? Usually in the title "This is possible only in Russia" "This nation can not be defeated"
      In addition to self-sacrifice, we have a savvy, especially when pressed against the wall.
      Did anyone think that a low-flying aircraft could be shot down with a conventional mortar? "Don't fly over us, dog, when we got ready to hit the trenches!"
      During the defense of Sevastopol in 1942, there was the only case in the whole war when the commander of the mortar company, junior lieutenant Simonok, from a 82-mm mortar hit a low-flying Nazi plane with a direct hit.
  5. Santa Fe
    10 May 2012 09: 29
    This is far from the only paranormal story.
    There is, for example, a reliable feat of Dmitry Malko - the tankman, retreating, lagged behind his convoy, and went ... to the West. His T-28 arrived in Minsk, mistaken for a captured Soviet tank, and set up pi @ dec in the city
    1. core
      core 10 May 2012 11: 07
      do not give a reference. I want to read and show my son. otherwise our children are weak, especially in spirit.
      1. fellow misha
        fellow misha 10 May 2012 12: 22
        I read about that T-28, and recently I watched a documentary film for my children:

        Unknown Pages of War
        A quarter of a century after the war, a BT tank with a clearly visible tactical number 12 was found in a deep forest near Vyazma. Hatches were lifted up and a hole gaped on board. When the car was opened, the remains of a junior tank lieutenant were found in the place of the driver. He had a gun with one cartridge and a tablet, and on the tablet there was a map, a photograph of his girlfriend and unsent letters. October 25, 1941 Hello, my Varia! No, we will not meet with you. Yesterday we broke another Hitler column at noon . The fascist shell pierced the side armor and exploded inside. While I was taking the car to the forest, Vasily died. My wound is cruel. I buried Vasily Orlov in a birch grove. It was light in it. Vasily died, having not had time to say a single word to me, did not convey anything to his beautiful Zoya and the white-haired Mashenka, who looked like a dandelion in fluff. That was the only one of the three tankmen. The night passed in agony, a lot of blood was lost. Now, for some reason, the pain that burns through the entire chest has subsided and is quiet in the soul. It's a shame that we did not do everything. But we did everything we could. Our comrades will chase the enemy, who should not walk through our fields and forests. I would never live life like this if it weren’t for you, Varya. You always helped me: on Khalkhin Gol and here. Probably, after all, whoever loves is kinder to people. Thank you, dear! A man is aging, and the sky is forever young, like your eyes, which you can only look at and admire. They will never grow old, will not fade. Time will pass, people will heal wounds, people will build new cities, grow new gardens. Another life will come, other songs will be sung. But never forget a song about us, about three tankers. You will have beautiful children, you will still love. And I am happy that I am leaving you with great love for you. Your Ivan Kolosov

        A tank with a crew consisting of the commander of junior lieutenant Ivan Sidorovich Kolosov, the basher Vasily Orlov and the mechanic driver Pavel Rudov was damaged in early October 1941 on the outskirts of Vyazma. The commander was shell-shocked, the driver died. Kolosov and Orlov poured fuel and removed ammunition from other wrecked tanks, repaired their car and took it to the forest. Having determined that they were surrounded, the tankers decided to make their way to their battles. On October 12, a lone tank that jumped out of an ambush defeated a German convoy. The tankers were careful and tried to act for sure. However, on October 24, when they attacked another convoy, the Germans managed to deploy guns. Ivan Kolosov told the rest in his farewell letter. Varvara Petrovna Zhuravleva received letters addressed to her after almost 30 years. This story was told by Yevgeny Maximov in the newspaper Pravda on February 23, 1971. According to him, the Kolosov tank was installed as a monument on one of the roads - however, to this day, this monument, unfortunately, did not survive, as, for example, the legendary KV-1 by the name of “Merciless”.

        Letter of a soldier
        October 10 - At the Feodorovsky Church, lithium was served by the warrior Stephen. We were given a copy of the note of Private Stefan Markelovich Krutov, found in a large-caliber cartridge in Khislavichi district, Smolensk region in 1963. Here is her text:

        October 10, 1941 Dear Russian people. Compatriots. Do not forget us. That we could fight, fought with the fascist dogs. Well, here comes the end. We were captured by the wounded, bleeding, and starving. They scoff at us, drive us forcibly to Repair. And (what) will be further, we do not know, many people have already died from starvation and beating. Whoever finds it, let it be transferred to any authorities, to the village council or to the collective farm, or to the archive. Maybe people will remain alive, someone on Russian soil. It cannot be that they killed all these bastards. Who will be alive after us, let them remember that people fought for their homeland, loved it like a mother. We are not victorious ... I am an ordinary, Red Armyman of the 45th Panzer Division of the 58th Regiment Krutov Stepan Markelovich, born. 15th, Gorky region, Koverninsky district, Srateee s / s, village of Lapanino. Part of the text from this note is given in the book of Valery Viktorovich Abaturov “1941. To the west. ” "Eksmo", M., 2007, p. 246
        By the way, this soldier survived, escaped from captivity, fought in resistance in France (it seems). I have a scan of a newspaper where it is written in more detail about it.
        1. Santa Fe
          10 May 2012 13: 27
          Quote: comrade Misha
          I have a scan of a newspaper where it is written in more detail about it.

          If possible, post a scan, let more people know History
          Such things should not be lost.
          1. fellow misha
            fellow misha 10 May 2012 19: 38
            I can’t upload a newspaper scan to my site (the file is written corrupted)
            found a link (on page number 4)


            READ ALL!
            1. dobry-ork
              dobry-ork 11 May 2012 02: 09
              Thanks a lot, read
        2. late
          late 12 May 2012 09: 22
          Very interesting are the memories from the first person in the books of Artyom Drabkin, in the form of an interview, or in the form of an autobiography, there are the memories of tankers, artillery soldiers, fighter pilots, set out in the colloquial style of the heroes themselves, I personally liked these books very much. everything, did a lot to convey to the reader the stories of our veterans.
      2. Kars
        Kars 10 May 2012 14: 51

        1. core
          core 10 May 2012 16: 34
          Thanks for the reference to the film, I watched.
      3. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 10 May 2012 23: 00
        Here is the link:
        Dmitry Ivanovich Malko. It turns out that the peasant started back in Spain, then Khalkhin-Gol, Finland, and the whole WWII until Keniksberg
        Damn, why they’re filming anything in the movie .... when only a part of the TRUTH is shown and it will already be cooler - you can’t imagine
        Hollywood schaub him.
      4. Filin
        Filin 12 May 2012 00: 31
        do not give a reference. I want to read and show my son. otherwise our children are kind of weak, especially in spirit

        On July 3, 1941, the T-28, under the command of Major Tank Troops Vasechkin with a crew of driver Dmitry Malko and three cadets, raided Minsk already captured by the Germans, ramming enemy trucks, knocking down infantry, destroying the enemy with cannon and machine gun fire. A group of soldiers and a truck on the street were destroyed. Voroshilov, a column of motorcyclists on the street. Ulyanov, the concentration of manpower and enemy technology on the street. Yankee Kupala and in the park to them. Gorky. Having spent ammunition, the tank began to leave the city and was stopped only on the eastern outskirts by anti-tank battery fire. Major Vasechkin died, having already got out of a burning car. The driver - Senior Sergeant Dmitry Malko - managed to leave the tank and get through the front line to his own. The commander of the machine-gun tower No. 3, cadet Nikolai Pedan was captured and was released in 1945. Charging cadet Fyodor Naumov was hidden in the underground by local women, after which he made his way to the partisans. The fate of the last cadet, Alexander Rachitsky, is unknown [
    2. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 10 May 2012 23: 22
      Here is his autobiography:
      Dmitry Ivanovich Malko. The guy turns out to have started back in Spain,
      then Khalkhin-Gol, Finland, and the whole WWII to Keniksberg
      1. almost demobil
        almost demobil 11 May 2012 06: 48
        Thanks for the link. Why were these decrepit old people now young? May God grant them health!
    3. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 11 May 2012 09: 29
      Quote: SWEET_SIXTEEN
      This is far from the only paranormal story.

      Yes, you’re right ... I recalled a similar story here about Lieutenant Pavel Nikolayevich Cancer, who brought a schucher in a city in Borisov with one tank.
      True, it was already in the 44th year.
      Here is a reference if you are interested:
  6. schta
    schta 10 May 2012 09: 38
    Young strong guy, about 22 years old. Such won the war.
  7. Glenn witcher
    Glenn witcher 10 May 2012 09: 44
    And the most important part of the "operation" was not reflected - Ovcharenko had to take the ax from the cart, and so as not to attract special attention. There is a version that Fritz tried to arrange a search of the cart, but he was too lazy to see what happened to him. Well, the rest of the Fritzota, in turn, hoped too much for numerical superiority. Perhaps they didn't even get out of the cars - then the losses are easier to explain.
    1. FreZZZeR
      FreZZZeR 10 May 2012 16: 00
      and the story of the nurse who cut down 3 or 4 Fritz was not heard, so she later came out to her own))
  8. dan-frya
    dan-frya 10 May 2012 09: 54
    some make films and stupidly show off and poke at every corner how cool they are, and they won the war, and we all just make it a reality ... I want to believe that in the near future it turns out that all the duper is super bells and whistles that they invented, but could not create nothing working and flying type of child prodigy F-35 and F-22 .... exists and is made .... in Russia!
  9. vezunchik
    vezunchik 10 May 2012 10: 19
    And this is a Russian riot! He is scary and merciless! Do not forget about it.
    1. AK-74-1
      AK-74-1 10 May 2012 13: 09
      No need to dishonor the people. This is not a riot, but PROTECTION OF OWN HOMELAND! Utyrki riots in the "swamp" arrange, until the first kick.
  10. asavchenko59
    asavchenko59 10 May 2012 10: 32
    The real hero!
  11. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 10 May 2012 10: 46
    Stumbled upon a maniac :) (not everyone went with an ax) But nefig prevent our maniacs from performing combat missions !!! Very cheered up article!
  12. erased
    erased 10 May 2012 10: 48
    This is our pride - such people! And what he beat them there is not the point. Though deaf. It’s a pity the Hero died, pity for all those who died, eternal Glory to them!
  13. laurbalaur
    laurbalaur 10 May 2012 10: 55
    It’s a pity I didn’t live to the Victory! And many, many many nameless feats, little people in a big war!
  14. Indigo
    Indigo 10 May 2012 11: 02
    The main thing here is not to be afraid of blood, and clearly realize - either you or they, there is no other option. It’s such a war ...
  15. Syrdon
    Syrdon 10 May 2012 11: 41
    Each self-respecting sled carries with him an ax in a cart, because an ax is a universal tool that is very necessary in the household. I read about this story about two years ago and I believe in it 100%. Strength of mind, fearlessness, surprise all played into his hands. A real man! It’s a pity that he died. Glory to him and bright memory!
    1. Vito
      Vito 10 May 2012 12: 15
      SyrdonLet me hit you with a mug! drinks
  16. nokki
    nokki 10 May 2012 12: 19
    This is a real hero! My grandfather, Joseph Semyonovich, told me about such people. They also fell into such a meat grinder near Kenisberg! .. At first I did not believe, but then I read in "Soviet Russia" the memoirs of eyewitnesses of this battle, came to my grandfather and repented. He said: "Come on, I myself still do not believe that it was so ..." On occasion, I will definitely write about it in the "Military Review".
  17. Charon
    Charon 10 May 2012 12: 21
    I am horrified to imagine that a German officer was running away, who was being chased by a maniac with a bloody ax. Freddy Krueger next to him is a funny clown.
    I believe that the garden where it all ended was organically fertilized very abundantly.
  18. Oladushkin
    Oladushkin 10 May 2012 12: 27
    By the way, I think that Dmitry Romanovich really took the head off to at least one officer. Imagine a cart. And if Uber decided to delve into the bottom of the cart? It is necessary to protrude, to stretch out his insignia, to bend down, so that this means inspecting the bottom. Well, I didn’t invite you to me ... And so quietly with an hatchet-bale. I believe. But in the second headache, to be honest, not really.
  19. Skorobogatov_P
    Skorobogatov_P 10 May 2012 13: 13
    For those who are very interested in the war, that they even know how the Germans had tablets (tablets are for pilots, and for an officer - a commander's bag), I would like to say: "Gentlemen, when I thought Russia was dead. Your criticism let it go. But fortunately I was mistaken - as it was with an arithmetic error, it remained. Okay, frolic on the Internet. We can do without you, if we need to fight, we will be able to. But in general, in the war and not that happened, and I believe in it, in Afghanistan myself As my father told me (Philip Petrovtch Skorobogatov 1924-1996), in the summer of 1943, a German pilot began to chase after a soldier who jumped out of the gap due to need (big). until a German touched this skyscraper with his wing. The plane crashed, everyone jumped out of the gap, and he stands, of course, with his pants falling to his feet, and screams at the top of his lungs; " Shot down! He was knocked down! "So he was awarded a medal. In Afghanistan, one day such obets saved our column from a land mine. They walked away, you know why, from the road to the steppe and saw that the wire spirits did not bury more than 100 meters. Along Duvalu, where these wires stretched, and zhahnuli from the anti-aircraft gun, and then from the tank. Then the scouts found there the body of one spirit covered with a wall. So, gentlemen, lovers of tablets.
  20. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 10 May 2012 13: 14
    A worthy example of fearlessness, heroism, high skill and fortitude. EVERLASTING MEMORY!
  21. vorobey
    vorobey 10 May 2012 13: 38
    But hell doesn’t make us angry. It is a pity the officers did not survive. With an ax in his head, he could clearly tell a lot to his fellow Aryans.
  22. Darn
    Darn 10 May 2012 13: 52
    And they say that one in the field is not a WARRIOR. Yet as a WARRIOR.
    1. NUT
      NUT 10 May 2012 15: 04
      Quote: Here Damn
      And they say that one in the field is not a WARRIOR. Yet as a WARRIOR.

      "Being Russian is not a merit, but a burden,
      When the alarm is on the run,
      Reins girdled kurguzo,
      We grab hold of it and take it down.
      Forget about your own trouble and pain,
      Not getting smarter at all until gray
      To be Russian means to be a warrior in the field,
      Even if you are alone in this field ... "

      Evgeny Skvoreshnev
  23. Atlon
    Atlon 10 May 2012 14: 16
    I wonder wildly what happened to the surviving officer? Well, imagine ... A group of soldiers is traveling somewhere, with three officers, in two cars ... Well, obviously not to ride. In the Army, they rarely ride, and even in German, even more so. Everything is strict there. So ... They’re coming. They have some kind of task. Or need. The author of the article got excited after writing that they were uselessly dangling back and forth. Well ... Well, we met some collective farmer on the side of the road ... For the sake of order, they decided to interrogate and search. Well, in a businesslike way. And he killed everyone and burned the cars. The officer who was able to escape, as he later reported to his superiors? What did you tell? Surely I spit that they ran into Russian tanks, or something else.
    And about "chopped off" or not Bosko Fritz, maybe chopped off. The paper is serious, by the way, they present to the Hero. Look at the signatures and ranks. Such orders are not written without confirmation. Simply, according to the words of the Red Army, no one will reward him. Surely the soldiers from reconnaissance went to the place, looked, counted. So most likely true.
    1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk 10 May 2012 16: 01
      Quote: Atlon
      I wonder what happened to the surviving officer?

      Surely he reported that in 50 uberzoldaten his XIVUMX tactical genius defeated the Soviet mechanized corps 2, that he personally destroyed 750 tanks and 400 guns, captured 200 thousands of Red Army soldiers, but, shit, lost them somewhere along the way as was slightly contused.
      Quote: Atlon
      Such orders do not write without confirmation. Just from the words of the Red Army no one will reward him. Surely the fighters from the intelligence went to the place, looked, counted. So most likely true.

      Exactly. I read in such a way that no one believed him, but I didn’t argue against material evidence (and he brought up to Fritz's tokens), so they sent the fighters to check. All confirmed.
    2. Generalissimus
      Generalissimus 11 May 2012 03: 03
      To be honest, the story is strange. Too many stretches.

      Two cars, 20 or 50 soldiers - it doesn’t matter. Three officers. A cart, an ax, three grenades ..
      Let's see what happens.
      I fully admit that he could kill the first officer with an ax - it’s not difficult to demolish the head of a stoop.
      But then ... Let everyone was in shock. Ovcharenko grabs a grenade that lay right there. What grenade? At that time it could be either RGD-33, or Ф-1.

      If RGD-33, then throwing three grenades in a row and for all this time not receiving a bullet in return is extremely doubtful. RGD-33 was very inconvenient to use.
      If the F-1, then Ovcharenko would most likely die from the fragments himself (the F-1 was thrown from behind cover, from a tank or armored car).
      Then, having killed 20-Fritz with three grenades, Ovcharenko again grabs the ax and runs after the wounded officer. The survivors and those who escaped were so frightened that they did not stop Ovcharenko from finishing off the officer, collecting the documents of the 21 Fritz and leaving for his business.
      Too much stretch.
      But he brought the documents of the Fritz - a fact.
      Or maybe he collected documents from the wrecked cars, on which some I-16, flying nearby, passed by machine-gun cannon fire? Maybe even at the moment when Ovcharenko stopped the Fritz. At the same time, Ovcharenko finished off the survivors.

      Of course, if everything in the prize truth is an amazing feat.
      In any case - Eternal Memory to the soldier.
  24. Deniska999
    Deniska999 10 May 2012 15: 26
    our young man
  25. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 10 May 2012 15: 31
    "Yes, there were people in our time. Not that the current tribe, heroes, are not you ..." M.Yu. Lermontov, "Borodino" Good fellow! Great he "worked" for the Fritzes! Whoever comes to us with the war will remain lying with an ax in his head ... Post Scriptum. Arctic fox crept up unnoticed ...
  26. eduard.ganush
    eduard.ganush 10 May 2012 16: 06
    The first weeks of the war. The iron psyche.
  27. 8 company
    8 company 10 May 2012 16: 25
    Ahrenet ... If corporal Shiklgruber had been informed about this incident, he would immediately have offered peace talks to seminar Dzhugashvili, apologized for the invasion and compensated for the damage. Besides jokes. Arctic fox, 13 ... Akhtung, rusky lumberjacks about which the Abwehr did not know!
  28. ward
    ward 10 May 2012 16: 39
    Not all the same ... I’ll tell you the part of the body below the back ... clearly said I took the documents and submitted .... that is, everything is documented ..
    I unclely messed up three Messers in one battle on IL-2 ... I didn’t even report ... they don’t believe it ... the political instructor found out digging the earth for a month ... well, he didn’t dig anything ... but here's a piece of paper. .. just done ... there are such people in the Soviet country ... plus ...
  29. zevs379
    zevs379 10 May 2012 16: 40
    In the 41st they awarded very little and reluctantly. So 100% true.
    Glory to the Hero!
    1. Ilyukha
      Ilyukha 10 May 2012 20: 53
      You are right, you know the history. When our army retreated (mostly fled ..) in 41, the awarding of a soldier was a rarity, and the reasons for this are clear ... It was men like Dmitry Romanovich who showed the rest povorachivat to the west. When my grandfather received "For Courage" in the summer of 41, they were very surprised. It was rare for a private retreating army, they were given for the cause, not according to the list.
  30. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 10 May 2012 17: 37
    And you say Ukrainians are traitors, policemen. I am proud that I am a fellow countryman of such a person!
    1. dvina
      dvina 10 May 2012 19: 43
      Little Russian, not Ukrainian! Ukrainians really are policemen and traitors ...., well, those who are ethnic, not citizenship. wink
      1. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 10 May 2012 22: 32
        Oh, you're our anthropologist. With the beloved Union, by the way, such national arrogance was not encouraged. We are all human, if we live humanly.
      2. general
        general 11 May 2012 09: 54
        Military threading does not rub the comments related to the incitement of ethnic hatred - it is strange - very strange ...
      3. Taz
        Taz 11 May 2012 15: 07
        Quote: dvina

        Little Russian, not Ukrainian! Ukrainians really are policemen and traitors ...., well, those who are ethnic, not citizenship.

        Well, yes, there was no traitor among the Russians traitors and policemen. And if there were, then one hundred percent were Ukrainians disguised as Russians. I’m not mahu :-) Ovcharenko is a Ukrainian surname, it is logical to assume that he is an ethnic Ukrainian. Eternal memory and glory to the SOVIET heroes !!!
        By the way, if almost the entire territory of modern Russia was under the Mongols, what is it now that Russians call malomongols or what?
      4. pavelk
        pavelk 12 May 2012 04: 53
        But if I say so?

        The Russians are really policemen and traitors ...., well, those who are ethnic, not citizenship.

        1. Rezun
          Rezun 20 May 2012 22: 10
          Don’t think and you won’t have to say, O * KEY ???
  31. darkman70
    darkman70 10 May 2012 18: 59
    Yeahhhh .... This is the story.
  32. suharev-52
    suharev-52 10 May 2012 19: 38
    Glory to the heroes. A very instructive story. Yes!!! Sincerely.
  33. SectoR
    SectoR 10 May 2012 19: 59
    Quote: alanz
    took the tablets from the officers?

    5 points laughing for humor, for stupidity, but still 5 points laughing

    Quote: Atlon
    I wonder wildly what happened to the surviving officer? how then reported to the authorities?

    okay, like a thread yes reported, I wonder how he poured someone’s soul lol

    there were people ... yes there are ... but such units ... takes pride when you read this ...
    Thanks to Oleg for the information. What is the first, that I hear the second story for the first time.
  34. sichevik
    sichevik 10 May 2012 21: 59
    He is not a terminator. He is a real epic hero. VITYAZ.
  35. uizik
    uizik 10 May 2012 22: 17
    A seasoned warrior (since 1939) .Hero!
  36. Botanologist
    Botanologist 10 May 2012 22: 33
    Thank you!
    Great story, and there were many.
  37. Cadet787
    Cadet787 10 May 2012 22: 37
    Yes, comrades, the story is entertaining, it is sad that the Ukrainian brothers and I are trying to stretch into different trenches, and this is already a disaster.
  38. green20181
    green20181 10 May 2012 23: 28
    Despite everything, the eternal memory of the fallen! If not for them, our birthdays would not have been!
    KBACYPA 10 May 2012 23: 29
    That’s why they stretch because we are strength together, and it’s not difficult to break us alone.
  40. Ace Ventura
    Ace Ventura 10 May 2012 23: 30
    Yes, no one is trying - it’s in your head such thoughts and nothing more. Check in to see for yourself. Start from Sevastopol. :)
  41. PSih2097
    PSih2097 11 May 2012 01: 09
    Picture - Defense of Sevastopol.
    My great-grandfather defended Sevastopol, after he volunteered to go from the submarine to the marines, was captured two times, went through everything, met victory in Budapest, where he received a heavy shell-shock.
    here is the defense of Sevastopol and one of its many heroes:

    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 11 May 2012 11: 36
      2nd photo from below - L.M. Pavlichenko, more than 300 Germans "grounded", SCAC
  42. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 11 May 2012 01: 23
    Eternal Memory to the Hero! A real man ... Has anyone ever heard of Elena Mazanik? A girl at age 18 became a Hero of the Soviet Union. What did the fragile girl, yesterday’s schoolgirl, do? - you ask. von Cuba in Minsk on September 22, 1943. Made an anti-tank (if I’m not mistaken) laying mines with a clock between the springs and the mattress of the bed where the main executioner of the Belarusians slept. She left before the explosion, was evacuated from Minsk and ended the war in a partisan detachment. It was a real shock for the Fritz! Hitler cried like a child. crying There is always a place for a feat in life. Glory to the Heroes of the Great War ...
    1. dobry-ork
      dobry-ork 11 May 2012 02: 20
      I apologize, but you are mistaken. Elena Mazanik was born on March 22 (April 4), 1914, so that at the time of the assassination of Cuba, she was almost thirty!
  43. dobry-ork
    dobry-ork 11 May 2012 02: 15
    Whoever comes to us with war will die from the ax in his head!
  44. vylvyn
    vylvyn 11 May 2012 02: 28
    And I liked how Ovcharenko did more with one ax than with one rifle. laughing I immediately remembered Mel Gibson in a historical film, how he killed the British platoon with a tomahawk.
  45. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 11 May 2012 03: 16
    Quote: dobry-ork
    but you are mistaken. Elena Mazanik was born on March 22 (April 4), 1914

    I apologize, my friends, I was wrong. But this does not detract from her Feat ...? Respectfully.
    1. dobry-ork
      dobry-ork 12 May 2012 03: 45
      Yes, it's true! The feat does not detract at all!
  46. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 11 May 2012 09: 25
    The name of the area is indicative
    from the Arctic fox

    His name was he came wink
  47. igorek408
    igorek408 11 May 2012 10: 36
    do not brake, fear is the guarantee of defeat)
  48. tntx
    tntx 11 May 2012 11: 21
    Well done! Butcher! Ax master! Infernal Lumberjack!
  49. Alone
    Alone 11 May 2012 14: 28
    Well damn, from the first part of the story I was whining. The author is a huge plus, there would be more such positives. And Ovcharenko, yes, a real man.
    1. fedorru
      fedorru 8 September 2012 00: 19
      Here's another article in the same vein))
      veroyatnaya_istoriya_ob_otryade_polkovnika_karyagina /
  50. dredge
    dredge 11 May 2012 18: 22
    Oddly, Ovcharenko, in my opinion, is also an ensign. Hero of Russia. Defending a skyscraper in Chechnya, he put a lot of perfume with his company, he remained alive alone. Our 2 hours yelled that they came: shot at the sound.