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Highly Likely. Skripale poisoned England

The BBC showed another sensational story: doctors from Salisbury say with aspiration how miraculously they managed to save the lives of Skripale after being poisoned with the Novice chemical warfare agent: the medical stars in Salisbury were so agreed. Rapid qualified treatment, caring attitude of medical staff and the help of scientists from the chemical military laboratory Porton-Down. That's the whole sensation. Whose help was crucial? It is impossible to learn.

After the poisoning, Scripaley the press remembered another poisoning in Salisbury, in the Porton Down laboratory. In the 1953 year of the English soldier, 20-year-old Ronald Maddison was tricked into participating in a scientific experiment, ostensibly to test a means to fight the flu. And tested on it OB - sarin! They couldn’t save Ronald, he died in torment, apparently, the medical stars didn’t agree, or the experimenters from Porton Down didn’t finish their research ... Only in 2004, the case was officially investigated, compensation was paid to the injured. This is how much longer wait for violinists?

It is very likely, or Highly Likely, Skrypali didn’t voluntarily become participants in a similar experiment by chemists from Porton Down, but they were lucky: the stars came together over them, this time the chemists were not mistaken in their calculations with the dose of poisoning. The experiment itself explains the qualified treatment, and the fact that the scientists-chemists from Porton Down immediately find themselves at the bed of poisoned Skripale.

This chemical experiment with Violinists also has a political component: it was it that Highly Likely, blessed by Prime Teresa May and the Minister Boris Johnson, their immediate reaction with the accusation of poisoning Skripale Russia, that nobody, except Russia, has any motive for of this crime, as well as the very novice "Novice".

Well, let's see to whom it was beneficial, who became the beneficiary of this scandal. Not Russia at all, to which mudflows from the West fell, but England, which was trying to become Europe’s unifier against Russia in the Skripale case and smooth out the consequences of its withdrawal from the European Union. Dozens of Western countries own the Novice technology, and there is an official testimony from Czech President Milos Zeman, as well as German experts who are close to special services. England can already be blamed for the direct lie about the presence of OB "Novice" allegedly only in Russia.

Generally, in this stories The violinists were lucky twice, the second time they were saved by a very strange phone call from Yulia Skripal right from the hospital to Russia with her aunt, where she said that she was being discharged soon, her dad was also recovering, everything was “okay”. Note, more than Julia doesn’t call her aunt, and her beloved one, too, that is understandable, if Creaks are in comfortable isolation of a strict regime.

This call, Khaili Likely, saved Skripale from the fate of their unfortunate cat: the cat could not call anyone, and he was killed and cremated. Perhaps one of the medical staff felt that the cat Skripale’s fate as an undesirable witness could also befall him, and gave Julia his phone call to Russia. Only after the call to Yulia did the official statements of the medical staff follow, that Squeaks are getting better.

Yulia made one (!) Video message where she translates the text from English into Russian, full of thanks to the medical staff. If you compare it with the fact that Julia is talking on the phone to her aunt, this is heaven and earth. On the phone, we hear free speech, and in Yulia’s video message, metered speech is under control. Yulia is talking on the phone: “Everything is normal, everyone’s health is normal, no one has irreparable things, everything, I will write out soon, everything is ok.”

Compare with the video message: “The treatment was invasive, painful and deeply depressing.” This is not said in Russian, the structure of speech gives that it speaks under the control of specialists from MI-5 with MI-6, but not only. Julia is still the daughter of the ex-colonel of the GRU, she is not as simple as it seems. She could express this simple thought in Russian, but she chose to translate the text literally from English: she seemed to show that she was not helping the English special services and had to fulfill their requirements. In her phone call to Russia, her voice was both more refreshed and simpler, she said that everything was “okay,” but now she needs to continue rehabilitation.

There is still no word or video message from Sergey Skripal. The ex-colonel of the GRU understands his position: silence for him is not only gold, but also a chance not to repeat the fate of his cat. Having said all that he was dictated to, he and Julia could fall under the “witness protection program” that they had already been promised, and what will happen next?

Yulia also says that she “hopes to return home to her own country” - the structure of the proposal is also not entirely Russian, and it also allows non-return. She says that Scripale, Hiley Likely, is being blackmailed by the “witness protection program,” and with this sauce they can be eliminated as unwanted bystanders somewhere in Arizona next to McCain. And the ends in America! Sergey Skripal understands this very well, but neither does Yulia Skripal, nor does she mention the “witness protection program”, which is very important. And English officials also "forgot" about this program.

With this “terrible poisoning” and the miraculous recovery of Skripale, England fell into a wild and ridiculous position at the same time. The stars of English medicine came together at random in Salisbury, or Premier Theresa May and her Minister Boris Johnson lied about the terrible poisoning of Skripale Russia. What is more likely?

We would need to use the failure of the British special services with a phone call from Yulia to Russia, but so far we are lagging behind in exposing the English provocation even from Milos Zeman. Achinea, with the medical stars who came together in Salisbury, says with great probability that the operation of the British secret services “Creak and the Newbie” failed, and “Plan B” failed because Julia Skripal called Russia. Now Skripale just afraid to show the press and pull time with the help of medical stars.

The last question remains: who will throw the first stone in England? Of the major political figures of the West? Milos Zeman threw a stone, it is not a direct charge. Then the German secret services saw the light: “The Newbie” is well known to Western laboratories for about twenty years.

No direct accusation of Theresa May and Boris Johnson of deliberate lies in the “Skripal case” has yet been made. But Europe is coming to this English line: someone will not hold on and will throw the first stone, given the exacerbation of the European contradictions in connection with Brexit, and that England remains the "true poodle" of America. And then rockfall happens. You can still try to "save England" by the rapid resignation of May and Johnson. Perhaps this is the only counterplay to save the remnants of British reputation. But for this, medics from Salisbury and Porton Down need to resurrect Sherlock Holmes.
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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 1 June 2018 05: 18
    How stupid the special services, no multi-ways: Died - rose! Even boring!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 1 June 2018 05: 29
      Something I doubt that May and Johnson will be fired.
      Our Foreign Ministry is trying to achieve a meeting with Yulia Skripal as a citizen of the Russian Federation, but the case drags on and there is no noise in the media. Silence in the media works to keep May and Johnson in their posts.
      So. Everything will come down, apparently, in the end, on the brakes and the Skripals case itself will “turn sour”. There is no resonance and never will be. May and Johnson will be able to stay in their places.
      1. The black
        The black 1 June 2018 05: 54
        So. Everything will come down, apparently, in the end, on the brakes and the Skripals case itself will “sour”
        ... yes, because the British managed to remove the main witnesses - two guinea pigs and a cat (whom they even cremated for faith, so that they would not be resurrected, like Babchenko). wassat
        1. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 1 June 2018 10: 42
          You forgot about the bench !!!!!!!!!!!!
        2. Lena Petrova
          Lena Petrova 3 June 2018 18: 35
          But still there was one runaway cat who quickly darted at the expense of his prospects. It is possible he is already at the Russian embassy. Or even by diplomatic mail, in Moscow. Handing over analyzes.
      2. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell 1 June 2018 22: 49
        Quote: Tatiana
        ..appears, apparently, in the end, on the brakes and the Skripals case itself will “sour”

        Señora hi but this is just a flaw in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and journalists: here you need to cut hard and keep them in good shape: affectionately, and choke, strangle ...
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 1 June 2018 07: 22
      The question remains. Why were Skripals left to live, but Litvinenko not? And Berezovsky also wanted to "return home to his country", but the scarf prevented. winked
      1. Kot_Kuzya
        Kot_Kuzya 1 June 2018 08: 04
        Because killing everyone as a sacral sacrifice is overkill. They killed Litvinenko, Voronenkov, Nemtsov. If Skripale and Babchenko were killed, then even the most stupid Opp would get the idea that they could choose him as a sacred victim. As a result, the number of opponents on the choke at the State Department and the Foreign Office will drop sharply, and Washington and London should not allow this.
        1. siberalt
          siberalt 1 June 2018 08: 20
          If there is "bust" or shortage "", then what is the norm? lol
          1. Kot_Kuzya
            Kot_Kuzya 1 June 2018 08: 49
            After the murder of Voronenkov, just the norm good . Although it is a pity that this scum Babchenko really was not killed. Now in the SBU, probably, bites his elbows that actually did not bang him lol
            1. gaura
              gaura 1 June 2018 10: 00
              SBU do not do anything themselves, they are completely led by American colleagues. But why did they keep it - really a question, maybe to merge Poroshenko with the shobla? Maybe there was some kind of agreement with the Dark One? And with May everything is clear, her team will be removed, accused of insanity and immediately abandon Brexit. Will Britain continue to enjoy the benefits of the European Union? and everything will be as before
              1. Kot_Kuzya
                Kot_Kuzya 1 June 2018 10: 06
                Well, yes, most likely, Poroshenko does not suit the United States, since he completely discredited the Maidan government and is only engaged in stuffing his pockets and idle chatter. So it may well be that this scandal with Babchenko is undermining against Poroshenko. Washington needs a president like Nadia Savchenko, a frostbitten killer who, without batting an eye, will lead millions of Ukrainians to slaughter against Russia. I think that most likely the next prezik 404 will be Nadia, a kind of fighting hamster of Washington and London against Russia, like Hitler was. And Poroshenko is Hindenburg, during which Germany was a poor country with catastrophic inflation.
                1. Akuzenka
                  Akuzenka 1 June 2018 10: 45
                  It is unlikely that Nadia will become a prese. There are obedient Nazis. Yes, Poroshenko did well, they put him to destroy people, and he pockets his pockets, but he drinks vodka. Remove, of course.
                2. gaura
                  gaura 1 June 2018 10: 57
                  On the role of president of the freest country methyl Avakov. And he covered Saakashvili at his rallies. But something went wrong) Avakov would have been even more frost-bitten by the Nazis
    3. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 1 June 2018 11: 36
      Quote from Uncle Lee
      How stupid the special services, no multi-ways: Died - risen! Even boring!

      But what about the sports component? The British resurrected the Skripals in 2 months, and the dill of Babchenko resurrected in a day. Kuev is clearly the leader in terms of resurrection.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 1 June 2018 06: 08
    The point here is the impunity of statements and poisoning for both British officials and their queen. Well, what could they face? Reprimand? The media in Europe is tightly controlled, so ...
    You will pay attention to the similarity of the cases of Skripal and Babchenko, the difference is only in the methods of imitation of murder. Ukrainians just could not stand the theatrical pause. I wanted * all at once *, and this created an anecdotal situation. And so everything is very similar.
    1. The black
      The black 1 June 2018 06: 24
      Quote: Vasily50
      Ukrainians just could not stand the theatrical pause. I wanted * all at once *, and this created an anecdotal situation.

      Dmitry, this is not a pause. THEY made it so stupidly that I still won’t drive it - why exactly ... because after all, if without jokes, then the SBU doesn’t work completely dubiles .... though ....
      1. Kot_Kuzya
        Kot_Kuzya 1 June 2018 06: 54
        After thinking of the Revolution of Gnidiness, everyone who knew how to think was dispersed, and in their place came galloping rogues from Maidan. This is the result of the "work" of these pan-and-horse horses.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 June 2018 06: 52
    medical stars in Salisbury so converged
    When Prime Minister May and Foreign Minister Johnson, medical stars simply had to converge. A rockfall may happen, although it is hardly believed in it, but the main actors of this performance will get off at best with a little fright. Even if they have to resign for Russia it will not matter much, additional sanctions will not be canceled. They creaked their role. In the future, they will try to blame Russia for everything that happens negative in the world.
  4. Kot_Kuzya
    Kot_Kuzya 1 June 2018 06: 55
    Creatures am ! Why did they kill the cat? !!! Chic was Pers sad
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 1 June 2018 08: 24
      Persian Persian Persian But the Russian cat Skripal escaped without waiting for the crematorium. belay
  5. Strashila
    Strashila 1 June 2018 07: 12
    “The BBC showed another sensational story: the doctors from Salisbury breathe, telling how miraculously they managed to save the lives of Skripals after being poisoned by the Novichok chemical warfare agent: the medical stars in Salisbury came together like that.” ... strange ... very strange that no one was injured from the doctors ... it is only possible if they initially worked in suits of full biochemical protection, if tiap was poisoning, i.e. knew initially, i.e. before ... in general, another confirmation that this poisoning is a pure staging.
  6. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint 1 June 2018 07: 19
    Yeah. Poisoned. After pneumonia, I still went pale with memets. Eyes are dull, wild weakness. And in me there are 191 height and a centner of weight. Sport all his life. I do not drink, I do not smoke. And then the girl was poisoned with military substance and a month later she seemed to look after a vacation in the Maldives. Of course. Now you can see all the world cosmetologists will begin to synthesize a beginner after such wonderful effects.
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 1 June 2018 07: 36
    the cat could not call anyone, and he was killed and cremated.
    .... Where does the British Society for the Protection of Animals look? Why didn’t the cat have a phone? Whose? ... laughing
  8. akims
    akims 1 June 2018 08: 24
    Bullshit, they are all there at the same time. Do not drink their vodka, let me cheat Russia.
  9. BAI
    BAI 1 June 2018 09: 04
    The author left the scar on his throat unnoticed. Doctors (at least on TV) argue that if you need to insert a breathing tube, the incision is made along the throat, and not across.
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 1 June 2018 09: 11
      Quote: BAI
      The author left the scar on his throat unnoticed.

      This is not a scar - it is a “sticker”.
      The poor English. What an old technique they have, what a lousy video quality! laughing
    2. olimpiada15
      olimpiada15 1 June 2018 16: 58
      Indeed, she looks better here, fresher than before poisoning with her father - they tested the cosmetic product differently. Now the whole elite for the "newcomer" will reach.
  10. Boris55
    Boris55 1 June 2018 09: 05
    Was there poisoning? Bullshit all this.
  11. vvvjak
    vvvjak 1 June 2018 09: 10
    Quote: Uncle Lee
    How stupid the special services, no multi-ways: Died - rose! Even boring!

    Either they have become stupid, or the whole people are mistaken for complete imbeciles, with which you can "boil" any nonsense.
  12. korvin1976
    korvin1976 1 June 2018 09: 26
    Everyone around, everyone understands. England will not be able to prove the poisoning of the Skripals by Russia, but will continue to claim that Russia did it. Russia will not be able to prove the opposite.
    The result is actually a stalemate.
    In fact, all the evidence that the one on our part is reflections, assumptions, and so on, in fact there is not any evidence. And in this case, Russia is still on the losing side, as in fact it is on the defender's side. At the same time, England can make any assumptions, accusations, and so on, even by large officials, since in essence these are not charges in court, not giving evidence under oath, they cannot be held accountable for this.
    In my opinion, Russia needs to take a simple defensive position in this matter. By the principle: We did not do this. If we have done this, provide irrefutable evidence. Verbal allegations and reflections are not evidence.
    Then close the topic, and do not respond to any provocation on this topic.
    The longer this topic is discussed, the longer Russia justifies itself, the greater the suspicion that there is something to justify.
    1. Lena Petrova
      Lena Petrova 3 June 2018 18: 44
      Nothing like this! Accusations against the Russian Federation went immediately, and they dragged here Novyek. Without investigation and in-depth research, it was impossible to draw such conclusions. This means that this is the deliberate goal of the prosecution, without any attempts at a normal investigation. In vernacular - hitting, bullshit. We were not allowed to take part in the investigation. As with Boeing, this immediately indicates the desire for uncontrolled conclusions, falsification, which we have here and there. People around are not full, with rare exceptions.
      1. korvin1976
        korvin1976 4 June 2018 20: 48
        Did I write somewhere that the charges are justified?
        If someone called you a camel, then you can prove as much as you like that you are not a camel. For all this it will be obvious and so you are not a camel, but to prove it, to put oneself in the chest with your heel and so on is pointless
  13. sleeve
    sleeve 1 June 2018 09: 52
    Well, here's the finish ... Now squeeze official requests with information support. Tasks are the implementation of consular agreements, the weakening of control over the Skripals with the ability to simply "remove" them from the arms of rehabilitators. Now the official conclusion of the prosecutor’s office about the innocence and guarantees of the FSB in Russia (standard practice) is cool. And forward ... Do not let talk. By this counter pressure they at least saved their lives. Now freedom to return. Although what freedom? If you take them under the wing, then the "civilized world" for them will close for sure. He is so ... He is vindictive, this "civilized world."
  14. yehat
    yehat 1 June 2018 12: 44
    people were poisoned, the cat burned down
    it’s dangerous in England ...
    1. G A_2
      G A_2 1 June 2018 17: 54
      Quote: yehat
      it’s dangerous in England ...

      Convince those whose children study there
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 1 June 2018 21: 47
        Quote: G A_2
        Quote: yehat
        it’s dangerous in England ...

        Convince those whose children study there

        After poisoning with polonium, strangulation with a scarf and intoxication from a "beginner", studying in Albion becomes bad form, the same as when it was training at the State Technical University. There lyceums empty faster than cockroaches die of dichlorvos.
  15. Pushkar
    Pushkar 2 June 2018 00: 40
    Yes, all these creaks would have rested. It's time to forget about this shit.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Egoza
    Egoza 2 June 2018 06: 14
    And what? Someone doubt that this is the work of the British themselves? In my opinion, it was clear from May’s first statements. But it doesn’t reach anyone. Risen Babenko asks for England. Really counts, what if something happens, will rise again? wassat
  18. Forever so
    Forever so 2 June 2018 22: 07
    It seems to have already been said that their impudent travanuli opiates, or again Hiley Likely ??))
  19. ver_
    ver_ 3 June 2018 05: 08
    Quote: Uncle Lee
    How stupid the special services, no multi-ways: Died - rose! Even boring!

    ... they don’t even need this to hell ... This is a public * whipping * of Russia - however, these little shaves will be raked not childishly when * the moment will correspond * ...