What will spoil our long-awaited world championship

Let's note for ourselves one extremely unpleasant pattern. For quite a long time, as soon as something very long-awaited and especially significant for us, the Russians, an event occurs, something immediately happens that begins to cast its shadow on it. And this shadow is certainly gloomy and ominous, and often also with the smell of gunpowder, and with a taste of blood. And also accompanied by sophisticated lies, slander and deftly fitted to the accuracy of misinformation. And it is interesting that all this concerns mainly sport events - as a rule, the Olympic Games. But the sport for us, especially of the highest level, is sacred! And not for us alone. It is not by chance that different countries are so tough and so emotionally competing with each other for hosting the Olympic Games and World Cup. And therefore, it is no coincidence that those terrible or, at least, extremely unpleasant events that endlessly darken these great sports holidays have seemed to us.

Recall: 08.08.08. August 8, 2008 is the opening day of the Beijing Olympics. Georgian attack on South Ossetia. Under the blows tanks and the "city" of Tskhinval and our peacekeepers.

Six years later. 2014 year, February - Sochi Olympics. Maidan in Kiev. Riots, shooting snipers, victims, coup d'état, smoothly flowing into the civil war in the Donbas, not completed until now.

Two and four years later - the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and South Korean Pyeongchang. Colossal doping scandal with the report of McLaren, sports courts and the exclusion of a huge number of our athletes from participating in these competitions. The ban on the Olympiad in Phenchkhan of the Russian flag, anthem and other Russian symbols.

You do not need to be a grandmother Wanga to predict any muck that is next for us on the part of our eternal geopolitical opponents on the eve of and during the Russian world championship - the World Cup. Not even a question of exactly what awaits us. Everything, in general, is quite obvious. Interesting is the scale of the project, inventiveness, so to speak, and the level of moral baseness and meanness of these "inventors."

The main purpose of the writers from overseas intelligence services, weaving their intrigues for us, is most negative information background, which should accompany this future football championship, if, alas, it was not possible to achieve its cancellation or transfer to another country. Attempts such were undertaken, we know that. But, to our happiness, did not grow, did not grow together. This script flew to the trash.

No matter how hard the inventors tried, he found himself in a basket and, it would seem, such a reliable doping plot. Apparently, it was still not possible to add anything, nor pour our footballers. Yes, and the main "hero" of this scenario, the tireless visionary Grigory Rodchenkov suddenly balked and publicly went to the rejection of his past testimony. Pah-pah-pah and tuk-tuk-tuk - I spit over my left shoulder and knock on a tree with restless hope.

It is unlikely that they will somehow be able to tie the unfortunate Skripale to our world championship, although there may be some attempts.

But the already half-forgotten Malaysian Boeing MN-17 turned out to be more than welcome. Suddenly emerged from the bowels of the unhurried Dutch investigation exactly at the height of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, on the very eve of Rosmundial and (who would doubt) with the categorical accusation of Russia. And it does not matter that most of the “evidence” voiced by the investigation is borrowed from the anonymous Internet, and that neither the alternative version, nor the testimony of eyewitnesses, nor the strangeness of the actions of the Ukrainian dispatchers, nor many other things were taken into account. Once again, the main thing on the agenda is the “holy” faith in the eternal guilt of Russia.

True, this time the world community was presented with a seemingly irrefutable material evidence of Russian guilt - the body of the Buk-1 anti-aircraft missile, which allegedly shot down the Malaysian Boeing. At the same time, the serial number on the case of the presented rocket is perfectly readable, according to which, if desired, and certain efforts, it would be quite possible to determine almost everything related to this tragedy, up to the name-bearing anti-aircraft calculation, which carried out this fatal launch. However, whether the desire was small, or the efforts of the investigation were directed at something else, but as everything was extremely vague and incomplete before this press conference of the Netherlands investigation, it remained so. There is absolutely no certainty whether this is a rocket. Neither the protocol of detection of this “material evidence” at the scene of the tragedy and its removal in the interests of the investigation with the indication of specific witnesses, or the official inquiry of the investigation to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation about everything related to this particular missile, and, accordingly, the response to this request. In addition, it is extremely strange that this "cartridge case" did not emerge earlier, in the 2014 year, and did not become the main support of the official investigation even then. In short, once again some "highly likes" or, more precisely, an obvious attempt to highlight something that has already been highlined in 2014. Why not? As they say, everything is up to the heap. But still, whatever you say, the material is most interesting, including for the most entertaining journalistic investigation. Yes, and the Russian investigating authorities now have something to do. Somehow, after all, should all this complicated puzzle finally come together?

By the way, for those who would like to continue digging in this direction, I can not fail to mention the appearance of disparaging comments on the missile fragments: "Judging by the serial number, the rocket was made in 1986 year ..." - this is "counter-argument of the Russian Federation ".

The Ukrainian expert, a certain O. Zhdanov, “parries” in the sense that, judging by the striking elements found in the downed Boeing, they shot him down with the Russian M-38 rocket, developed in Russia in 2008, and which, by the way, According to him, it is easy to buy through third parties. But in that case, gentlemen, what are we charged with by the Netherlands investigation team? ..

But we will continue, however, the review of all other possible filth that can somehow darken our long-awaited world championship.

What else could darken this world football holiday? Yes, in general, a lot of things.

First of all, some resonant terrorist attack or a series of terrorist attacks, not even in the venues of the championship, but simply in Russia, by some kind of freezing-out radicals, such as extremists from the IG or maydanutyh Banderovites.

Will our special services be able to crush such plans? Hope so. But an absolute guarantee is by definition impossible.

Another option, now a pseudo-terrorist scenario, is, for example, a terrorist act in Ukraine, for example, some odious deputy such as Mosiychuk or Parubiy, or someone else from Ukrainian-born Russophobes. Of course, Russia, the FSB and personally V.V. Putin

By the way, it was this option that literally worked just now, on the evening of May 29. True, they regretted their deputies this time - they shot and killed a Russian anti-Putin journalist who had moved to Ukraine - Arkady Babchenko. But the main storyline stood. Immediately, Prime Minister of Ukraine Groisman predictably stated: “I am convinced that the Russian totalitarian machine did not forgive him for honesty and integrity ...” Stop. What is called, come!

While preparing the article for sending, a sensational message arrived: "BABCHENKO ALIVE!" Welcome to the Ukrainian political-entertainment program "Draw"! No, really, as the hero of one of our old films said: "Such turns are not for my horse!" That's really so highlilayknuli so highlilayknuli! Anglo-Saxons confounded. Where now are Teresa May and Boris Johnson with their notorious "Rookie" to Groisman and Klimkin! Let everyone know from now on: do not compete in lies with Ukraine! Be sure to turn it up. On one or two!

But back to our sheep.

The next scenario plot is street protests and riots. Here, as they say, everything will fit: drunken excesses of fans, mass processions, clashes with the police, fights, fights - the main thing is to make spectacular photos and videos in time. However, such a scenario is unlikely to satisfy all the needs of overseas customers. Hooligan fans - not news for the world. And such plots are unlikely to be able to significantly affect the international image of Russia. Rather, on the contrary: they will only increase interest in the Russian world championship. Therefore, the so-called advocacy scenario may look much more attractive to the collective West.

Most likely, its content should be a noisy campaign for the release of Ukrainian political prisoners from the Russian dungeons - Sentsov, Sushchenko and others like them. Those according to Ukrainian data, something about fifty. And the entire current Neobander elite of Ukraine, led by President Poroshenko, seems to be averse to popiar on this topic, taking into account the upcoming presidential elections next year.

Most likely, it was in preparation for the implementation of this scenario that the arrest of the chief editor of RIA Novosti-Ukraine, Kirill Vyshinsky, was carried out. In any case, already a few days after the official was charged with high treason by the journalist, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry started talking about the possibility of exchanging Vyshinsky, in particular, against Oleg Sentsov. At the same time, the statement made by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mariana Betsu quoted by the Ukrainian Fifth Channel is very characteristic: "The main goal of both the Foreign Ministry and the government is to release political prisoners. If this happens with the help of any third country, we will only be happy. Everything is possible. I’m not I can reveal all the details ... "

It is clear that "any country" means either the United States or one of their allies. And the phrase "I can not disclose all the details" speaks about the obvious presence on this account of some kind of coordinated plan. It is not excluded that at some point, as if on cue, all the Western media will turn on with all sorts of accusations of Russia in persecuting Ukrainians for their convictions. This will be the very negative information background that will begin to accompany the upcoming world championship.

Unfortunately, a large part of our active public is against the exchange of Kirill Vyshinsky for Oleg Sentsov. This, in particular, was evidenced by a recent survey of viewers of the “Right to vote” talk show with Roman Babayan on TVC. Only 26% of viewers, if I am not mistaken, supported this idea. Apparently, many people perceive the present-day Ukraine as a frankly terrorist state, which, in general, of course, is quite fair, which means that no negotiations with it are necessary. But, nevertheless, nobody has yet canceled the behind-the-scenes diplomacy, and it is simply impossible to force Kiev to keep itself in a civilized framework with some kind of public appeal. And what's the point of keeping us all this Bandera riffraff, even if imprisoned? Will it add mind to them? Cure of "Maidan brain"? It seems to me that it is much more useful and more profitable for us to give them to the whole crowd of Ukraine, so eager for them, in exchange for Vyshinsky, sailors from the Nord, captive militiamen and all our other people who are held hostage there and waiting for quick and efficient help from us .

Apparently, we don’t have to talk about the Norman format, but you could send a corresponding note to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine calling for an exchange on the principle of "all for all", and at the same time also call for a conclusion with the resting Donbass through the contact group in Minsk the so-called football truce for the entire period of the World Cup. This kind of appeal could, by the way, be addressed directly to the brotherly people of Ukraine and V.V. Putin At the end of the day, it is he who is at the top of the pyramid of responsibility for holding the world championship. And let it be clear to all of us that there is no faith in the present-day Neanderich Kiev, that they begin to violate any truce of the Armed Forces of Ukraine almost on the day of its signing, but at least try to keep them somehow within the limits of decency. It’s not a sin, at worst, to ask both Macron and Merkel to demand the same from Poroshenko, if only for the sake of world football.

But it is already visible to the naked eye how the situation in the Donbas is rapidly deteriorating. And this is perhaps the most disgusting thing that the US special services can give us during the upcoming world championships with the hands of Ukraine. The sharp exacerbation of the conflict, the breakdown of the Minsk agreements, numerous casualties, destruction, a humanitarian catastrophe. And if there is any environmental disaster? Are there any guarantees against this worst-case scenario for us? There are no such guarantees. And what should we do if its sudden implementation begins?

In this case, we must have an appropriate plan of action. Both the General Staff and the political leadership of the country should be concerned about this. Obviously, in which case, the possibilities of our response to the situation in the Donbass during the World Cup will be extremely limited. Therefore, all major anti-crisis and above all defense measures in the Donbass should be worked out in advance.

Of course, I do not pretend to a significant expert opinion, but, in my unenlightened view, it is necessary to immediately begin evacuating the population from the 5 — 10-kilometer zone along the entire line of demarcation, depending on its shape and terrain features. Of all the civilians in it, only the necessary emergency, medical and other support services should be left, ready at any moment to withdraw along with the defending units of the DPR and the LPR to the second or third line of defense. After that, all the territories left in the course of this forced-tactical retreat must be completely destroyed and burned together with the enemy groups that occupied them with massive artillery fire. All necessary for this army units of the people's republics must be pre-equipped with our help. After this remote destruction of the enemy on the territory he captured and its subsequent cleansing, there will be opportunities for the implementation of various counter-attack actions, the combat and technical resources for which must also be prepared today.

All civilians evacuated from the front line, in my opinion, should be placed on our, Russian territory in specially prepared refugee camps. All interested persons from among them should be granted Russian citizenship as quickly as possible, the place of work and permanent residence with the provision of social housing and appropriate benefits and allowances. We are greatly indebted to these people, who have taken upon themselves the brunt of our geopolitical confrontation with the West, and we don’t have the right to help them and forget about them.

Forced policy expectant detachment in relation to everything that is happening now in Ukraine, conducted by our political leadership over the past four years, went through the rink on the fate of so many people in the Donbas and the rest of Ukraine, capturing some of our citizens along the tangent. It is hardly worth questioning the fact that to a large extent the choice of this kind of policy determined precisely the need for large-scale preparation for the upcoming World Cup - our rosmundial.

It is necessary to understand: this event is extremely important for us, because it raises the international status of Russia to a much more significant level, corrects the image of Russia in the eyes of the world community in the right direction for us, inflicting a sufficiently significant blow to all those countless attempts of the Western media. If you do not destroy it completely, then at least shake, distort with distrust, suspicion and slander. Actually, all those attempts to spoil us through all sorts of slander and provocations are directed at this. Their inevitability is obvious. But we will survive them. And we will hold the championship as it should, at the highest level. And even playing on the football field, which, of course, is distressing, but not at all shameful (sport is sport), we definitely will not lose on the geopolitical field.

And let's hope that the Rosmundial will give us more self-confidence, more geopolitical courage, even greater independence from Western propaganda chatter and various political perversions.
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  1. +8
    1 June 2018 05: 36
    "About sport - you are the world" - wrote Pierre de Coubertin
    It feels like this world has become parallel
    1. +12
      1 June 2018 06: 12
      The author of the article has a hunch ... God grant that he would deceive him ... However, we already know the main thing ... This is not our holiday .... Russia Austria 0-1 ...
      1. +1
        1 June 2018 12: 20
        At the peak of the form must be displayed later. It is quite possible that rehabilitation exercises are underway (both in psychology and in exercise). In addition, breaking players in tough martial arts before the World Cup - why?
        1. 0
          5 June 2018 22: 47
          Quote: asv363
          At the peak of the form must be displayed later. It is quite possible that rehabilitation exercises are underway (both in psychology and in exercise). In addition, breaking players in tough martial arts before the World Cup - why?

          Why do you need this mundial? Yes, and the World Cup is very inappropriate ...
          1. 0
            5 June 2018 22: 52
            But as? You need to look as Arshavin walks around the field. laughing
      2. +1
        1 June 2018 12: 44
        What kind of footballer will break himself in a friendly match on the eve of the World Cup? What about Austria? And what about Austria, it’s too late for them to get ready somewhere this season, so they tried to show themselves even in a friendly match.
        1. +3
          1 June 2018 13: 29
          On June 5, it will become clearer with Turkey ... in general, one friend of mine, who has been in professional football all his life, always says that a normal coach will never work out as a goalkeeper ...
          1. +2
            3 June 2018 00: 23
            Quote: pavlentiy
            From a goalkeeper a normal coach will never work ...

            Yes, this is an axiom. Examples are Dino Zoffa, Andoni Subisaretta, and the same Sheepboss (Sergei Ovchinnikov). Maximum - goalkeeper coach, yes. And so with the current team, you can not particularly bother and do not build projects. negative And the “peak of form”, “playing patterns”, “strengthening team spirit” - dancing with tambourines around the totem. There are no complaints against the players, just the current roster is the weakest in the last twenty years, there’s nothing to blame them for - this is the level. Yes
  2. +2
    1 June 2018 06: 38
    It can be seen that the author is worried about the inhabitants of the DPR, but evacuating the inhabitants in advance is not realistic!
    1. +1
      1 June 2018 14: 30
      So yes, but the bases for setting up refugee camps can be prepared.
    2. +1
      1 June 2018 15: 29
      Moreover, this will certainly be presented as a fact of preparation for a provocation by the LDNR.
  3. +10
    1 June 2018 06: 59
    "God gave the surname" (the movie "Queen of the gas station" - about the anonymous author). But in Russian and easier - the World Cup, could not it be?
  4. +19
    1 June 2018 07: 06
    I finally can for him, another PR project for one person. It would be better if they invested in medicine or in science.
    1. +10
      1 June 2018 07: 13
      Quote: Nix1986
      It would be better if they invested in medicine or in science.

      Investing without landings is useless!
  5. +23
    1 June 2018 07: 07
    personally, my opinion ... it would be better if they didn’t spend it in Russia ...
    some not good associations arise after such "sports holidays" in our country ....
    after the Olympics-80 there was a total deficit in the USSR ...
    after the 2014 Olympics - Crimea ... the war in the Donbass ... sanctions ... the Nabiulla collapse of the ruble ... and the eternal search for "bottom in the economy" ...
    the mundial 2018 has not yet begun, and the prices for gas stations and in stores are already "pleasing to the eye" ...
    now imperial guardsmen will tear me to shreds ... but still ...
    for some reason ALWAYS the president’s indefatigable desire to improve the life of the people
    carried out by emptying the pockets of this very people ...
    Well, what can I say ... see this is our national feature ....
    1. +2
      4 June 2018 15: 34
      I agree with you: "... the mundial 2018 has not yet begun, and the prices for gas stations and in stores are already" pleasing to the eye "...". I think - after the end of the mundial 2018. in Russia there will be a complete “mutant”. They will collect money from us (increase the taxes, introduce new ones, increase the retirement period, increase the cost of utilities, etc., etc.) And then they will distribute part of this money to Russian citizens and present it all as state assistance to its people .. After all, 76% voted for it.
  6. +17
    1 June 2018 07: 15
    It’s not necessary for everyone to say that sport is sacred for us. After all these Mutko-Shmatko, after doping scandals, I no longer look at these pharmacists' competitions with the same feeling. Yes, and I don’t watch sports programs at all, somehow “chopped off” . And I don’t worry at all that some provocations will spoil our holiday (a holiday or a show, because in our city there will be a mundial and people are already grumbling at the rules that they also introduce targeted spending on an expensive stadium ). And I don’t worry, because I don’t give a damn about the opinion of the West and foreigners in general, and I know for sure that the greatness of the country is manifested truly in a strong economy and currency that others respect, and not in the grandiose games of excitement.
  7. +14
    1 June 2018 07: 37
    I'm generally violet this mundial. And also do not care about all the provocations, fuss or security. We have special services - let them work out their bread, like the Foreign Ministry. There is a President with trouble and effective managers - let them prove their professional suitability
  8. +13
    1 June 2018 07: 46
    MCH-18..This is a holiday that Russia arranged for others, and not for itself ... And the Russian national football team at this holiday is an honorary host, for whom the main thing is not victory, but participation ... Lord, I would leave the group .. .
    1. +5
      1 June 2018 08: 14
      I remember the question of Medvedev: “How is it with football?”, Comrade Mudko said that we’ll break everyone. laughing
      1. +6
        1 June 2018 08: 22
        Well .. Mudko said, Mudko did .. tear up no doubt personally laughing
    2. BAI
      1 June 2018 08: 44
      The home championship is the only chance for the Russian team to get there. As they say, there is such a profession - to dishonor the homeland.
      1. +10
        1 June 2018 10: 58
        Well, if before we didn’t worry about the USSR national hockey team, we worried more about the national football team, now we are worried about the Russian national hockey team, but we don’t worry at all about the national football team ...
      2. +8
        1 June 2018 12: 33
        Quote: BAI
        The home championship is the only chance for the Russian team to get there.

        Well yes. They “bought” the championship for them as a “ticket” to the ISS for “space tourists”. The sense of their presence will be the same.
    3. +7
      1 June 2018 12: 21
      Quote: parusnik
      MCH-18..This is a holiday that Russia has arranged for others, and not for itself ... And The Russian national football team at this holiday is an honorary host, for whom the main thing is not victory, but participation ...Lord, to leave the group ...

      The main thing is "Ponty is more expensive than money". It will be more accurate.
      Threat. This expression is one of the "concepts" of "gopota." wink
  9. BAI
    1 June 2018 08: 42
    Recall: 08.08.08. August 8, 2008 is the opening day of the Beijing Olympics.

    Well, what do we have to do with the Beijing Olympics?
    1. +2
      1 June 2018 12: 07
      Quote: BAI
      Recall: 08.08.08. August 8, 2008 is the opening day of the Beijing Olympics.

      Well, what do we have to do with the Beijing Olympics?

      When the war began, top management watched the Olympics. Who on TV, and who personally.
      Vladimir Putin ... once again commented scandal around the documentary "Lost Day"in which senior retired officers of the Russian Armed Forces criticized Dmitry Medvedev for delaying the first days of the Russian-Georgian conflict in August 2008.
      In the tape, in particular, the former supreme commander was blamed for decisive retaliatory actions only after “kicks from Vladimir Vladimirovich”.
      ... Putin admitted that twice - on August 7 and 8, 2008, when Tbilisi had already attacked Tskhinvali - he called both Medvedev and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov to discuss the situation around South Ossetia. At that time, the Prime Minister himself was on an official visit to Beijing, where the Olympic Games 2008 opened on the same days.

  10. +14
    1 June 2018 09: 27
    Only the Russian national football team can overshadow the World Cup in Russia. Is it really impossible to find 11 people playing football in a huge country? Take the team of any plant, promise them to pay off the mortgage - yes they will roll out the Brazilians. And these, ... remember the immortal "Oorfene Deuce and his wooden soldiers." And then they’re looking for doping. In the Russian national football team. I want to say - gentlemen, brake fluid is not doping. From doping, athletes run faster, become more resilient ... And our foot-and-nail players? What kind of dope is this?
    1. +9
      1 June 2018 10: 02
      Only the Russian national football team can overshadow the World Cup in Russia. Is it really impossible to find 11 people playing football in a huge country?

      And we cannot find other people in the government, professionals. So it is in football.
      They are chosen like the government, by acquaintance
    2. +3
      1 June 2018 18: 45
      Find 11 people who know how to play football? Probably possible, but. Our football has been killed by the money that came. These football players just have nothing to strive for, life is good! Why win, cups, transfers to truly prestigious clubs? If they are here unrealistically much they pay for walking on the field? And the same fate awaits hockey! Everything goes to this. If people like it dully, etc. take control of sports and other areas of life! There are no professionals.
  11. 0
    1 June 2018 11: 51
    very interesting. But will there be an answer, if that, according to Bandera is a question
  12. +2
    1 June 2018 12: 04
    What holidays. Here, without them, fun, day by day.
  13. 0
    1 June 2018 12: 11
    The trick with Babchenko put Ukraine in an awkward position. Already Holland transferred arrows on the downed Boeing from Russia to
    Ukraine. In the media, more and more voices are heard that Ukrainian leaders cannot be trusted, and this is what the Western press writes.
    At the expense of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, it all depends on what position FIFA takes. And I would advise our media not
    Championship theme. You must respect your dignity.
  14. +5
    1 June 2018 12: 53
    The mundial is probably good, although our team overshadows it, the rise in gas prices, the abolition of pensions is the lowest paid, and patients will not survive. The Mundial holiday is not intended for the people, but for officials, oligarchs, liberals, in short for those who haven’t hit one finger and were heavier than pens in their hands and did not hold anything.
  15. +4
    1 June 2018 13: 11
    This is a World Cup for our speculators. We have enacted a complete law on speculative resale of tickets. On the UEFA official website, the ticket price was 2400 rubles, I applied twice, there were no tickets on the official website. For a lot of these tickets on speculative sites "ala wise", but already at a price of 25000 rubles. And where is this law? So who needs this mundial, for "ala wise" to fill your pocket?
  16. +5
    1 June 2018 13: 14
    Apparently, we still couldn’t add anything or pour anything on our players.

    Sprinkle with them, don’t pour the same result. In the place of WADA, I would allow the Russian national football team to use doping to somehow diversify their game. And even this will not help wassat
  17. +1
    1 June 2018 13: 20
    It seems to me that it’s much more beneficial and more profitable for us to give them to the whole Ukraine so thirsty for them in exchange for Vyshinsky, the sailors from the Nord, captured militiamen and all our other people who are there as hostages and waiting for quick and effective help from us .

    But then this will give them a precedent for an exchange. They will carry out terrorist attacks, then grab our innocent journalists and diplomats and conduct an exchange. No matter how tough it sounds, you cannot exchange it for a flower.
  18. 0
    1 June 2018 13: 28
    Quote: BAI
    The home championship is the only chance for the Russian team to get there. As they say, there is such a profession - to dishonor the homeland.

    You all watched the World Cup and European Championship in the so-called "recent history of Russia" (ie, after the collapse of the USSR)?
    1. 0
      1 June 2018 19: 02
      Quote: asv363
      You all watched the World Cup and European Championship in the so-called "recent history of Russia" (ie, after the collapse of the USSR)?

      I watched everything. Unless with Gus they somehow crawled out, but there was no longer a battle for third place.
  19. +4
    1 June 2018 13: 49
    Yeah .... I certainly am, and I understand everyone that many people worry about the fate of Novorosia, but we are so kind that we help everyone except ourselves (of course, not us, but the state, although people also take off) and from a moral point of view the soul rejoices that people in our country are not indifferent. I wouldn’t write a comment (I rarely do it at all), but I read an article today about helping African counterparts with their minds with grain, which has nowhere to go. It recalls humanitarian aid to Syria, promises to invest in rebuilding their country, debts forgiven to other countries ... And here is the latest increase in gas prices (I will not procrastinate this topic). It turns out that we help everyone, accept the needy, give housing, work, money, food, fight for them, build for them. But in the end, we invest less in the development of our country, we are waiting for some mythical investments from abroad (which, as a result, work for a foreign country). And after all this, our government is looking for 8 trillion. rubles for reform. And no, this money is not released from some inefficient projects, but is extracted from a simple consumer - a citizen. Yes, only one root crop knows how many of them will eventually go as intended
    You can, of course, call me a whiner and "all-out", but since March the news and articles, and in particular their topics, have been very pleased.
  20. +4
    1 June 2018 14: 48
    I don’t remember who I read, but the person said a clever idea, something like this:
    For the state / nation, mass physical culture is important, not professional sport, because physical culture educates and forms a strong, healthy, self-disciplined citizen, while professional sport develops a narrow layer of society, which, among other things, is prone to injuries and disabilities. Although the latter make good coaches and mentors, which is good for the first.
    International competitions are nothing more than an attempt to show their importance and greatness (of the country), to increase prestige, and in some cases to arouse a sense of pride in their country, but this is not about our football))))
    1. +2
      4 June 2018 10: 18
      I support ...
      Quote: Kadaver
      International competitions are nothing more than an attempt to show their importance and greatness (countries), to raise prestige,

      To put it bluff ... And not at all cheap ...
    2. 0
      5 June 2018 17: 44
      In addition, professional sports need a lot of fans, and passive contemplation in itself is harmful to health, even if you forget about beer and chips ...
      But mass physical education is not at all so prestigious, and therefore it is not practiced.
  21. +4
    1 June 2018 15: 25
    What will spoil our long-awaited world championship
    mundial (it sounds obscene, I would ban for this word) - for it’s muddy, but for normal Russian people - the World Cup, and the game of our team will overshadow it (or will it not overshadow?).
  22. +1
    1 June 2018 18: 57
    The problem of our football is in its total corruption, kickbacks to agents, sons of Rottenbergs, we flood clubs with money. Take the example of Anji or Dynamo. Russian players in the national team and in the Premier League clubs are not worthy of the salary they receive, they are lazy people who are not used to getting over and improving themselves for that kind of money. Why, if you get 3 million green? Why not a single Russian has gained a foothold abroad? Because they pay the same amount or less, but they demand several times more, those who play the game — win in football and achieve it — there are very few such people in Russia.
    1. +3
      1 June 2018 19: 07
      This applies not only to football! Unfortunately, the situation is the same in hockey. It’s unrealistic for a kid from the street to be at least talented to just come and do what he loves. Everything depends on money, if parents don’t pull it, goodbye! good athletes rarely work out!
  23. +4
    1 June 2018 23: 44
    The feeling that the author is trying to whiten all the failures of our government for all of these years. The Maidan began in Kiev, the Narerekos of the Sochi Olympics? Or, Mutko could defend innocence in a doping scandal? Even assuming a worldwide conspiracy against Russia, the question is brewing, why do we need this cnmpionate at all? Satisfy the ambitions of a handful of leaders?
    1. +1
      2 June 2018 15: 14
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      The author is trying to whiten all the failures of our government for all of these years. The Maidan began in Kiev, the Narerekos of the Sochi Olympics

      Well, there used to be a "Damned West!" Now something closer and familiar is Ukraine. In all, the Bandera people are to blame. Even the fact that "they can overshadow our mundial" ...
      Damn, even at Euro 2012 I could not say OUR mundial (because it was the European Championship)
      And the author is OUR. (Pure psychology is OUR, not ours - the simplest methods of manipulation)
      Well, they will overshadow so overshadow ... anyway, life in the world from OUR Mundial does not stop.
      Football does not interfere with everything else.
      About the evacuation. Ukrainians even evacuated by force at times. But all the same, there are those who cannot / do not want to .. One family over there has recently been killed by a father and son. But they survived a lot. However, the ORDiLo shell nevertheless found them. (This is due to the fact that not only Ukrainians indulge in peace)
      the practice of evacuation doesn’t work, but it reduces the number of accidental deaths.
  24. 0
    4 June 2018 08: 00
    lose to everyone here is our main grief and shame.
    1. 0
      4 June 2018 10: 12
      Do you expect anything else?
  25. +1
    4 June 2018 09: 23
    a very long-awaited and especially significant event for us Russians

    Oh! It was thought that communism would come ... or, in extreme cases, Chubais and Kudrin were put in prison ... this is "especially significant and long-awaited for the Russians" ...
    And here it turns out just another mandula ...
  26. +2
    4 June 2018 10: 11
    Anything can be ... I hope for the professionalism of our special services. And so, yes, I'm waiting for nasty things from the "partners".
    Largely disagrees with the author ... "to the fraternal people of Ukraine" ... Well, what kind of brothers are they? Traitors ...
    "The units of the people's republics must be understaffed in advance with our help." Has the author already collected the backpack and advanced into the steppes of Donbass?
    "Everyone from among them should be granted Russian citizenship as quickly as possible, a place of work and permanent residence with the provision of social housing and appropriate benefits and allowances will be selected. We owe a great debt to these people, who have borne the brunt of our geopolitical confrontation with the West," I do not mind, but let the author do it at his own expense. Let us first provide all this to our own, indigenous. And about the debts ... I don’t know about you, but I owe them nothing. I helped in 2014 ... And not just with a word ... So another question is, who owes more to whom ...
    But in general ... IMHO, but personally to me from this mundial neither warm nor cold. It would be better if sports towns and stadiums were built more in cities. And more sections opened free.
  27. +1
    4 June 2018 16: 38
    Perhaps we will win geopolitically, in sports terms - there’s nothing to catch (God forbid, they’ll crawl out of the group), we would play economically in “0”. On the day of the games - a transport collapse (supposedly at the request of FIFA, restrictions are introduced), a large number of enterprises are stopped during the World Cup (they also have allies), the rest are boring ... idiotic restrictions. (Interesting for the failure of contracts, including state ones who will pay?) So, in the production plan, 2018 lasts a little less than 11 months.
  28. 0
    5 June 2018 17: 41
    Quote: Thunderbolt
    .After all these Mutko-Shmatko, after the doping scandals, I no longer look at these pharmacists' competitions with the same feeling. I don’t even watch sports programs at all, somehow “chopped off”.

    I agree. "This football we do not need". Lovers left, but the professionals dismissed everything.

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