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Russian "Gadfly" flew to Syria

After the statement of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu about the testing of the latest operational-tactical cruise missile in Syria, video confirmation of this fact appeared on the Web. The launch of the X-59MK2 missile developed in Russia was made by the 5 generation fighter Su-57.

The new KR was created on the basis of the X-59MK Ovod-M rocket. At one time, the Gadfly was one of the best precision-guided munitions, but the 90s practically put an end to them. Only in the middle of zero the Russian military department was able to start a program to modernize these missiles.

Initially, X-59МК2 was designed for Su-35, Su-30СМ fighters and Su-34 bombers. In appearance, it differed little from the X-59MK. However, it was later decided to make the missile less visible to the enemy’s radar and optimize it for the internal compartments of the promising Su-57 fighter. This led to the fact that the Kyrgyz Republic received a “square shape”. According to a number of sources, the newest Russian combat aircraft is capable of carrying up to four such missiles.


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  1. Oberon_13
    Oberon_13 31 May 2018 12: 01
    And it's all? And the result of the application? Where is the visual-objective control?
    1. conservative
      conservative 31 May 2018 12: 13
      I think the barn explosion is not the main thing in this news
      1. G A_2
        G A_2 31 May 2018 16: 57
        The main thing in this news is that something red fell out of their plane and all.
        1. Ramzaj99
          Ramzaj99 1 June 2018 20: 47
          I look at the commentators .... the site has turned into a garbage can. Rest in peace.....
    2. Axon
      Axon 31 May 2018 12: 34
      Who are you ? Why do you want it?
    3. turbris
      turbris 31 May 2018 12: 38
      Well, you just as an inspector for combat use, do you need anything else?
  2. 123456789
    123456789 31 May 2018 17: 24
    Throwing trials? laughing
  3. misti1973
    misti1973 1 June 2018 01: 01
    All these subsonic gadgets will no longer scare anyone. Where is Zircon your mother?
    1. Valery Saitov
      Valery Saitov 1 June 2018 11: 34
      MOSCOW, Jan 16 - RIA News. Zircon cruise missile systems can be installed on heavy nuclear missile cruisers of the Russian Navy for six months.

      RIA Novosti
      1. Vadim237
        Vadim237 3 June 2018 09: 39
        Within six months - and then on paper, Peter the Great is waiting for modernization, Nakhimov will be surrendered only in 2020.
  4. Serge72
    Serge72 3 June 2018 08: 34
    Russian gadgets fly, but the situation is as before
    As once upon a time, on the "Western Front without Change"
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 3 June 2018 09: 40
      The situation in Syria will be the same as before, if the militants are not to be massively bombed every day throughout the territory.
  5. radiovisit
    radiovisit 3 June 2018 16: 33
    And what other special shells with remote detonation are needed to 57mm if an anti-aircraft shell of this caliber initially had ready-made striking elements? That is, it is enough to simply equip them with a fuse with a programmable detonation during firing — everything else is already there. Including a bunch of shells in warehouses in which you just need to replace the fuses ... You can program when charging, anyway, before the shot, the range finder to the target distance and so determined ...
  6. Catfish
    Catfish 8 June 2018 00: 15
    Quote: Vadim237
    The situation in Syria will be the same as before, if the militants are not to be massively bombed every day throughout the territory.

    The situation in Donbass is also the same as before, and there is still no clearance. "Something is amiss in our kingdom." And it’s time to ... soldier