June 1 - Northern Fleet Day

June 1 Red Banner Northern Fleet Navy fleet Russian Federation celebrates its holiday. Its modern history This operational-strategic alliance is from the order of the Red Army command to create the Northern Sea Flotilla, published on the first day of the summer of 1933. However, 1733 is considered the year of the formation of the Russian fleet on the seas of the North - it was then that our country organized for the first time the constant presence of its ships in the region.

The first attempts to develop the North by the fleet were made at the end of the 17th century, but there was no permanent connection of ships in the region at that time. In the spring of 1733, the Arkhangelsk military port was established with a permanent squadron - this was the first full-time unit of the Russian fleet in the White Sea. The sailors of the Arkhangelsk squadron guarded the Russian coast of the White and Barents Sea and repeatedly participated in the battles. So, in 1741-43, during the war with Sweden, ships from Arkhangelsk reinforced the Baltic Fleet. Other crews at this time fought with the enemy privateers and defended sea shipping.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the Arkhangelsk squadron continued to defend the northern borders and protect merchant ships, and in addition, contributed to the victory over the enemy. Once again, the North Sea seamen had to fight the enemy during the Crimean War, when a coalition of Western countries attempted to seize the northern regions of Russia.

In 1862, the Arkhangelsk military port was closed, and only at the beginning of the 20th century began the restoration of the full presence of the fleet in the North. In the summer of 1916, a flotilla of the Arctic Ocean was formed, which was to protect the sea communications. Flotilla ships were based in Arkhangelsk, Romanov-on-Murman, Aleksandrovsk and Yokange.

During the Civil War, the flotilla of the Arctic Ocean suffered serious losses, and its remnants were transformed into the White Sea military flotilla of the Red Army. After a few months, the flotilla turned into the Northern Fleet Naval Forces, which existed until the end of 1922. For several years, the Soviet North was left without serious protection.

1 June 1933 was created by the Northern Navy, and from this begins the modern history of the Russian Northern Fleet. During this period, the Navy actively developed, built new ships, bases and shipyards. As a result of this construction of 11 in May of 1937, the Northern Fleet was transformed into the Northern Fleet. The construction and strengthening of the fleet continued and did not stop.

In 1939, the Northern Fleet of the USSR Navy took part in the war for the first time. One of the main results of the fleet was the seizure of the ports of Petsamo and Liinakhamari, as a result of which the threat to the Soviet coast was reduced, and Finland lost access to the most important sea routes.

By the beginning of World War II, the Northern Fleet had become a serious force capable of responding to any threats. Until the very end of the war, ships and submarines of the fleet constantly served in an extremely complex theater of operations, contributing to the overall victory. The fleet was engaged in covering the ground forces from naval assault forces, defended maritime cargo transportation, and also violated enemy communications. The most important part of his combat work was the posting of numerous sea convoys.

During the war years, the Northern Fleet increased its number and increased its combat capabilities. Fleet forces destroyed more than 600 ships, ships, and enemy transports, as well as about 1300 enemy aircraft. Losses of the enemy from coastal troops and seamen on land fronts are incalculable. More than 1600 convoys were conducted along the routes of the Arctic Ocean and its seas. In 1965, for the exploits during the Great Patriotic War, the Northern Fleet was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

In the postwar period, the Northern Fleet took a leading position and became the first to master the latest technology and weapons. For the first time in the world, the Northern Fleet launched a ballistic missile from a submarine, received the first domestic nuclear submarine and first mastered a number of ships of new classes. For several decades, the Northern Fleet has become one of the most powerful forces in the oceans.

Now the Red Banner Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy is the basis of the Joint Strategic Command "North" and is responsible for the security of the country's northern borders. At his disposal are powerful and modern surface fleets, submarines, coastal forces and the naval aviation. The fleet meets the next anniversary of its foundation as a serious force that makes a major contribution to the country's defense.

The editorial staff of the Military Review congratulates the Red Banner Northern Fleet, its personnel and veterans on the holiday!
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    1. +4
      1 June 2018 05: 55
      Severomortsy! Happy Holiday !!!
      1. +1
        1 June 2018 08: 05
        In Russia, the only "professional" holiday in the winter is February 23. But in the spring and summer, all the days they are busy. Walk Russia! lol
        With a celebration of the North Morphlot!
        1. +2
          1 June 2018 09: 26
          Happy holiday, Severomortsy and all involved in them!
          Health, happiness, success and prosperity to all of you in everything! love
          Less ice and more good weather!

          Sailors of the Red Banner Northern Fleet of Russia (f. S. Bobryshev, music. A. Kurdov, isp. A. Galdobin)
    2. +3
      1 June 2018 06: 38
      All northerners on a holiday !!!!!
      eh, I’ll pump today a hundred grams of gold from old memory ...
      1. +6
        1 June 2018 11: 28
        I join in the congratulations of my colleagues. Happy Holiday - Northern Fleet! soldier

        Quote: kepmor
        eh, I’ll pump today a hundred grams of gold from old memory.

        And I will take cognac with you for company. drinks
        Well, for the Red Banner Northern Fleet! Hooray, Hooray, Hooray! drinks

        He is 85 today!
        It is tempered by cold winds.
        Russian fleet under the northern star,
        Carries its glorious banner!
        Over the ocean gray wave
        In the salute spray of the raging sea,
        Andreevsky trembling menacingly banner
        In the uncomfortable northern expanse!

        For you, dear sailors! drinks God grant you all the best!
    3. +4
      1 June 2018 06: 49
      Sailors and veterans of the Red Banner Northern Fleet with a holiday, Hurray!
    4. +5
      1 June 2018 07: 09
      drinks Happy Northerners !!! soldier
      1. +6
        1 June 2018 08: 00
        Quote: Serg65
        drinks Happy Northerners !!! soldier
        hi ..... soldier
      2. +3
        1 June 2018 08: 00
        Seryoga, salute! hi I join in the congratulations ! All involved - Happy Holiday !!! drinks
    5. +4
      1 June 2018 09: 05
      Congratulations to all the North Sea residents and their crew EM "Flawless" 83-86! Happy Holiday !!!
    6. +5
      1 June 2018 11: 06
      PA-ZDRA-VLA-EM !!!! soldier hi
      Best wishes!
    7. +4
      1 June 2018 11: 29
      M-d-ah! I served in the SA — 23 on February I celebrate .... in the missile brigade OTR served — 19 on September I celebrated ... served as a signalman — on 7 on May and 20 on October I celebrated ... I was a reservist of a separate KGB-20 communication unit on December I celebrate .... Through 4 of the month after the “demobilization” thundered into the “mobut” in a separate tank battalion — can I celebrate tanker’s day on September 9 this year? fellow But the Northern Fleet Day-1 June seems to be held "empty-dry" !!! crying And he did not serve in the Northern Fleet, and 1 of June is the day of the protection of children! I love children .... it seems to be ....; but June 1 is also Friday ..... recourse Oh ho ho! request
      1. +3
        1 June 2018 11: 56
        Nikolaitch, hello hi
        And he did not serve in the Northern Fleet, and June 1 is the Children's Day! I love children .... it seems to be ....; but June 1 is also Friday ....

        Yeah, apparently you’ll have to decrypt the secret stash again today. good drinks
        My heartfelt congratulations to the Severomorets! drinks
        Z.Y. Volodya, have you forgotten about me? feel
        1. +2
          1 June 2018 14: 21
          I wish you good health. Sergey! Of course I didn’t forget! It's just that I now "run up" to the computer in fits and starts ... there is no longer time! I plan to contact on Saturday ... will arrange such a situation? hi
          PSYes, I have already decided the issue of celebrating Northern Fleet Day! feel drinks
          1. +2
            1 June 2018 19: 55
            Accepted, Nikolaitch! hi I will wait. Yes
            PSYes, I have already decided the issue of celebrating Northern Fleet Day!

            Yes, I already noticed on the shoulder straps. drinks
    8. +3
      1 June 2018 11: 30
      Happy Holiday, Northerners! drinks
      The Northern Fleet will not let you down! (C)
    9. +3
      1 June 2018 15: 03
      All Severomorets with a holiday !!! military unit 20506 TAVKR Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov drinks
    10. +1
      1 June 2018 18: 48
      Happy Severomots!
      Thanks to the editorial staff of VO for making a brief excursion into the history of the Northern Fleet. Perhaps our historians or comrades will tell you something interesting from the history of the Northern Fleet. Actually, on our pages we recalled the defense of the Novodvinsk fortress in the Northern War and the defense of Petropavlovsk, but there is never much good. How many have already been: it seems like a familiar episode in history, but the author finds some kind of little-known episode (as about the Cossacks in Africa) and we readily read
    11. The comment was deleted.
    12. +3
      1 June 2018 22: 03
      Happy Holidays!

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