Kiev need more. In Canada, they offered to buy weapons purchased for Kurds to Ukraine

Representative of the opposition Conservative Party, James Besan, called on the Canadian authorities to send weaponchannel intended for Iraqi Kurds in Ukraine CTV News.

According to Besan, Canadian officials keep weapons purchased for Iraqi Kurds in warehouses, while in Donbass the situation has sharply worsened, which led to “a new spring offensive.” It is impossible that the weapon was gathering dust without cause, it must be urgently handed over to the Ukrainian military.

A conservative spokesman added that neither he nor his party members supported Kurdistan’s independence and still believed in a united Iraq.

At the beginning of 2017, the Canadian Defense Ministry announced that the government had begun purchasing small arms and other light weapons for units of Iraqi Kurdistan, and intends to ship these weapons as soon as possible.

Canada began supplying weapons to the Kurds back in 2014 year to oppose the Islamic State group (IG, banned in the Russian Federation). However, the last batch purchased during the year continues to be in warehouses.

Recall that Kiev began a military operation against the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass in April 2014, the coup d'état in 2014 year. During this time, more than 10 thousand people died in the east of Ukraine.

Moscow has repeatedly warned Western countries against the supply of lethal weapons to Kiev because of the fear of an escalation of the conflict. However, weapons continue to flow into Ukraine. One of the main suppliers of military aid is the United States. Recently, Washington sent anti-tank Javelin missile systems to Ukrainian security forces. The Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko was present at their tests at the test site.
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  1. +2
    29 May 2018 14: 01
    We don’t leave our own. Bandera lobby. Canada.
    1. +3
      29 May 2018 14: 04
      Kiev need more. In Canada, they offered to buy weapons purchased for Kurds to Ukraine

      The right decision. And then the children of Ukrainian Generals, on cocaine is not enough
      1. +2
        29 May 2018 14: 10
        In Canada, they proposed to send weapons purchased for the Kurds to Ukraine

        Ukrainians consider Canadians their closest relatives, and Ukrainians Canadians apparently - the closest relatives of the Kurds
      2. +2
        29 May 2018 15: 21
        Just do not take into account .....
  2. +1
    29 May 2018 14: 08
    A conservative spokesman added that neither he nor his party members supported Kurdistan’s independence and still believed in a united Iraq.
    And also Canada does not support the independence of Ukraine, they do not want a united Ukraine, which is why weapons are sent there. They generally do not care Ukraine and anyone else, they just sell weapons.
  3. +3
    29 May 2018 14: 08
    I think that ultimately to these bastards all their evil will pour out a hundredfold and even a puddle will not save.
  4. +1
    29 May 2018 14: 10
    gathered to fight with Russia until the last Ukrainian (according to the Ukrainian authorities, they have been holding back Russia's aggression for four years).
  5. +1
    29 May 2018 14: 11
    Now, again, the Canadian Bender brothers want to enter the crystal, from the point of view of Nadezhnosi, m-16, Bender’s fathers ...
  6. +4
    29 May 2018 14: 26
    Canada is also Ukraine, there is the largest Khokhlodiospore, and this is due to the fact that after the Second World War all kinds of UPA rats fled from justice and Canada received them with open arms.
    1. 0
      29 May 2018 15: 46
      well, still not the same ... the bulk of Canadian Ukrainians, as well as Canadian Poles, are descendants of former Austro-Hungarian citizens who immigrated to Canada almost a hundred years ago, although there are also enough shortcomings from the UPA and their descendants in Canada and the USA
      from wikipedia:
      According to the 2006 census, 43 ethnic groups, consisting of at least 100 people, live in Canada. The largest ethnic group calls itself “Canadians” (000%), since most Canadians, especially those whose ancestors came during the time of colonization, see themselves as the Canadian people. These are followed by those who call themselves English (30,9%), French (20,1%), Scots (15,1%), Irish (14,5%), Germans (13,3%), Italians (9,7 , 4,4%), Chinese (4,1%), Indians (3,8%), Ukrainians (3,7%), Dutch (3,2%), Poles (3%), Indians (3%), Russians (1,5%)

      3.7% is not small, but still less than Chinese 4.1%
    2. +1
      30 May 2018 08: 56
      Quote: Romka47
      Canada is also Ukraine, there is the largest Khokhlodiospore

      Russia has the largest diaspora.
      So Russia is Ukraine. laughing
  7. 0
    29 May 2018 15: 39
    That is, they know when the continuation of the massacre in the Donbass will begin !!!
  8. 0
    29 May 2018 15: 52
    As if by ourselves, then later it was not needed. Anything can happen.

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