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How Latvia pragmatically and constructively cooperates with Russia

The Latvian ambassador to Russia, Edgar Skuya, who visited the inauguration ceremony of President Putin on Monday, said that "Latvia is interested in further pragmatic and constructive cooperation with Russia at different levels" (""). The ambassador also hoped for “further stability” in relations with Russia.

Let us try, trying to preserve objectivity, to single out several “pragmatic” Latvian approaches, which the Latvian Ambassador probably counts on the stable preservation of which.

* * *

Approach the first, ideological: the victims of German Nazism and Soviet communism - one conciliatory whole

The ideology of “reconciliation” in Latvia was expressed by 3 on May 2012 of the year, President Andris Berzins, contact with a call simultaneously to the Society of veterans of the 130 Latvian Infantry Corps, the Latvian Association of National Warriors, the Association of Latvian Riflemen and the Daugava Hawks. The president announced 8 in May as a day of reconciliation for people who once fought on the front against each other:

“The moral duty of the Latvian state and of every conscientious policy towards its people is to reduce the feeling of past insults and support public reconciliation. Therefore, 8 May is the right day to express an appeal to all Latvian military veterans to gather at a common memorial event and together remember all the victims of Nazism and communism in World War II. ”

How Latvia pragmatically and constructively cooperates with Russia
President of Latvia Andris Berzins

“Many Latvian citizens who fought during the Second World War in the Red Army,” the President further says, “became employees of the nomenklatura and repressive institutions of the Latvian SSR. At the same time, there is an indisputable fact that in the last years of the war more than 57 thousands of mobilized residents of Latvia fell into the Red Army. Many were included in the units of the 130 Latvian Infantry Corps and participated in the Kurzeme battles. It was there that heavy clashes took place with parts of the German army, which also included Latvian guys mobilized there ... ”

“The experience of the past years shows,” says Berzins, “that the organization of veterans of the 130 Latvian Infantry Corps puts flowers before the official commemorative event at the Sacred Fire and Mother Latvia. Two memorable events at the Bratskoye cemetery take place at different times and their participants do not meet. At the same time, comrades and relatives of Latvian legionnaires recall them at the Lestensky military cemetery. ”

It does not occur to Berzins that he is trying to connect the incompatible: how to kindle a fire in water. It’s not by chance that “comrades and relatives of Latvian legionnaires” celebrate their “day” on May 8 elsewhere. This is not “the experience of past years shows”, but shows the terrible experience of the Second World War.

On the eve of the “Reconciliation Day” in Latvia, the graves of concentration camp prisoners in Salaspils were desecrated:

“The Orthodox cross with the inscription“ Blessed memory of the martyrs of Salaspils ”was pulled out of the grave mound and was broken into pieces. He was smashed on an old soldier's tombstone with such fury that the stone cracked and several pieces broke off from it. The grave, where the remains of several dead were reburied, stamped their feet, the flowers were torn out, the vases and glass candlesticks were broken. A gravestone of the beginning of the 20th century was tumbled on the ground, a car tire dragged from a nearby garbage heap was lying nearby.

They particularly mocked the ruins of the Orthodox chapel. Its walls tried to destroy, striking with a cross. Some stones are knocked out of the walls. Mourning wreaths, recently entrusted by representatives of the Russian and Belarusian embassies, were torn to pieces and torn apart. The ribbon of the national flag of Russia is torn and desecrated ... ”(I.N. Gusev, "Hour").

In this Salaspils camp in 1941-1944. prisoners were brought in - from the territories occupied by the German fascist invaders. Here the Nazis destroyed tens of thousands of people, including children. The latter, as we know, the Germans used as donors and for medical experiments. And this very concentration camp, former President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga, who ruled the country of 8 for years, called "Labor". He should look like a “labor” - from the point of view of a pragmatic politician who is not at all on the side of the Soviet winners of fascism.

Every year on March 16 (on this day 1944, two divisions of the Latvian SS Legion took the battle of the Great Bows with the Red Army) in Latvia is the Day of Memory of Latvian SS fighters. Old veterans of the SS walk along the streets of Riga, and next to him are their young ones, who follow their cheeks with their biceps and blushes and cheeks. Their route lies to the monument of Freedom. If there is a fight with anti-fascists, then the latter are caught by the Latvian police, and the elderly SS men shuffle further, supported by patriotic youth. This is genuine democracy. The procession continues.

And in Latvian schools, children have long been taught that the valiant SS soldiers participated in the liberation movement against the Soviet occupiers. It’s better not to imagine stories The theme of the Nuremberg process is given in Latvia.

So whose idea prevails in today's Latvia - and, therefore, triumphs?

Second approach, military-political: an external enemy is appointed

NATO wants Latvia to spend more on defense. So says Latvia itself. Something has to be said when a decision is made to double the military budget by 2020 from the current 1% of GDP to 2%, despite the economic crisis. It is necessary to substantiate the "insufficiency" of financing the defense budget. After all, you will not begin to babble in a childish way that, say, the republic is so small that anyone can come and trample it with a tarpaulin boot. Nobody trampled Monaco with Liechtenstein. So you have to either look for or appoint an external enemy, threatening not only sovereignty, not territorial integrity, not national self-determination, not something else, something that hasn't been invented by a diplomatic name. Looking for an external enemy in a troubled world - it will be more expensive for itself, therefore, apparently, it was decided to appoint him. Especially since established traditions allow you to do this with ease.

In Latvia, they are worried about the fact that the US is doing more and more in the Middle East (Russia supports Syria there, deliberately diverting the United States from Europe), and also in the APR (China is increasing by leaps and bounds, Russia’s BRICS), and Mother Europe, together with Latvia, escaped the US attention. That is the time to sound the alarm. After all, a large and aggressive country named Russia is located right next to Latvia. This very Russia often ignores the principles of genuine democracy, and its president, Putin, while America turned away from him, began to talk about some kind of "Eurasian Union." He must be thinking about a violent re-establishment of the USSR — to begin with, under a different name, so that the United States and NATO are not much embarrassing. The Russians, moreover, are resolutely determined not from above, but directly from below, despite the “authoritative vertical”, and the entire Internet speak about national pride and modernization of armaments — and their new president has no choice but to listen to the voice people and collect from the wreckage of a new empire. And to it, to this Eurasian empire, attach Latvia, and maybe the whole Baltic, and even the whole European Union. Forcibly, of course (only Belarus - voluntarily). Who knows what will come to mind by this unpredictable Russian.

The Latvian publicist Aivars Ozolins in April published an article in the journal “Ir” under the intelligible headline: “In order not to feed the foreign troops”. He writes: “... in international politics there is a shift in priorities, which will also affect the security of Latvia. The US is increasingly associating its interests with processes in the Middle East and Asia, and not in Europe, as it was for decades after World War II. Meanwhile, Russia is more and more openly trying to regain influence in the territory of the former USSR, which the newly elected President Vladimir Putin put forward by one of their main priorities, promising to create the “Eurasian Union”. Even the usually politically cautious Constitution Protection Bureau warns of Russia's goals in Latvia - to secure here special rights, including the protection of the safety of “compatriots”. The invasion of the Kremlin-controlled media into the Latvian information space is becoming more and more aggressive. Almost every day we find out the facts about the millions allocated by Moscow to events on “support of compatriots”. On the day of the language referendum, Russian bombers flew along the borders of Latvia. A division of Russian anti-aircraft missiles has just been stationed in the Kaliningrad region. Permanent cyber attacks are already everyday for all three Baltic countries ”(quoted in: IA "REGNUM", V. Veretennikov).

Another necessary quote:

“Latvia is threatened by the“ hidden ”goals of Russia's foreign policy, which is trying to consolidate the Russian-speaking population of this Baltic country and strengthen ties with it. This is stated in the report of the Latvian Constitution Protection Bureau (SAB), which performs the role of intelligence and counter-intelligence.

"The discrepancy between the stated (Russia. - Ed.) Goals and the actual is the main risk of national security," - scare the Latvian security forces. They are particularly concerned about the statements of a number of Russian officials who want to consolidate the Russian-speaking community of Latvia. The fact that this community is 44 percent of the population of the country, especially scares the Latvian special services. However, they still see the “true goals” of Russia in the other.

“Most foreign policy goals are not directly related to the position of Russian compatriots. Russia's foreign policy is aimed at a campaign of slander against Latvia, accusing it of “reviving fascism”, “rewriting history” or presenting Latvia as a “failed state”, emphasizing targeted discrimination of the Russian-speaking population, ”the report exclaims” (F. Islambekov,

Here you have a ready enemy. For the sake of it, the military budget of the crisis Republic of Latvia will increase - albeit gradually, not as quickly as militant Mister Ozolins would like.

However, since the 2009 year, the Latvians know one suitable remedy for the crisis: we must turn to our traditional enemy ... no, not for help, but with demand. After all, it would be somehow inconvenient to ask the enemy for help.

Approach the third, financial: 18 and a half billion dollars

Requiring in 2009 year from Russia only 18 with half billion dollars for the “Soviet occupation”, the government of Latvia confirmed that it was pursuing a very balanced and pragmatic economic policy. In contrast to the unrestrained, even greedy policy of Lithuania: the latter now wants to receive from Moscow as much 834 a billion dollars (in 2009, she requested only 666 millions).

However, a few years earlier (in 2005), the Latvians planned to demand from Russia not that 60, not that all 100 billion dollars, - but, apparently, they understood that they got excited. We looked at how many others were asking for “occupation” and calmed down the appetites. Here the Romanians, for example, want from Moscow only 2 billion, and Hungary - one billion. Requests modest, albeit fantastic. True, here in Kyrgyzstan they began to talk about a hundred billion for “genocide” —but after all, it was a question of the times of almost a century ago (1916): it came running over percent.

In the end, what's the difference, what the sum, if you don't get it from the stubborn Russians anyway. But it is necessary to declare claims, because such statements are precisely part of the very “pragmatic” policy that Latvia adheres to in relation to Russia. If Russia does not compensate, it means that it is not peaceful and not democratic. And we will call the Russian people, once from the occupation interests of those who settled in our country, non-citizens, and shortly, blacks.

Besides - what the hell is not joking? What if Moscow forked? ..

Well, yes, keep your pocket wider. Here, Latvia will reach out to Latvia, and there, and Estonia, which also has huge claims against the Soviet invaders - about 50 billion dollars; however, Estonia is ready to be satisfied with the little thing that will cut down all the forests in the Novosibirsk region. What to say about Romania and Hungary - only three billion; Moscow, from which oil and gas pipes are going all over the world, almost to the moon, will not notice such trifles ... But you do not want, gentlemen, to imagine what Russia will account for the Soviet occupation, for example, Germany?

Approach the fourth, national: white and black in Latvia

In the steppe, covered with perishable dust,
The man sat and cried.
And the Creator of the Universe walked by.
Stopping, he spoke:
"I am a friend of the humble and the poor,
I have all the wretched shore,
I know a lot of cherished words.
I am your God. I can do everything.
I am saddened by your appearance,
What trouble are you cramming up? ”
And the man said: "I am Russian"
And God wept with him.
Nikolay Zinoviev

In the cradle of world democracy - the United States - lives Aivar Slutsis, a Latvian by birth, a radiologist by profession and a Russophobe by vocation. He is the author of the words: “Most of everything bad in Latvia is due to the fact that there are so many Russians in Latvia”.

Slutsis from overseas advocates "decolonization": the direct expulsion of Russians from his native Latvia. The exile campaign should be dealt with jointly by the United States, the European Union, NATO and, of course, Russia itself. All you need to repatriate half a million Russians.

Dr. Slutsis is currently working in the American “Mayo clinic”; as a good specialist, he was called to work in Latvia, but for some reason he refused. Finally doctor explained their repeated refusals to go home and treat people there: “The main reason why many Latvians from the West, including myself, do not return to Latvia, is that there are a lot of Russians here. We do not feel here, as in Latvia. In 1992, I was invited to work here as a doctor, but I said that the doctor takes an oath that he will serve all people equally, and in Latvia I would not be able to serve Russian just like a Latvian ... If there was a shortage of medicines, equipment and etc., I would always give preference to Latvian, and since it is not allowed, I cannot work in Latvia. ”

Not that no one in Latvia protested against the overseas statements of the outrageous doctor from the “Mayo Clinics” - they protested, but there were also high-ranked ones who agreed. For example, the leader of the Civil Union party, ирirts Valdis Kristovskis (now, by the way, the Minister of Foreign Affairs) expressed his agreement with him.

In addition, Dr. Slutsis - no longer with words, but with money - supported the national alliance of Latvia “All Latvia!” Before the elections, and there are preachers of neo-Nazi views, who are quite open for deportation of the Russian population and supporting veterans of the Latvian Legion of the SS. Айвар Слуцис paid advertising of this political association, and eight deputies from it have passed in the Diet. Deputy Imants Paradnieks, who is also the co-chairman of the party “All of Latvia!”, Declares that the Russian inhabitants of Latvia have a place in their “historic homeland”. Somewhere in the Novosibirsk snow must be their place. Next to the chopping Russian forests Estonians ...

According to research data The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, held in 2011, in Latvia on 1 January 2012, 312189 non-citizens were registered. Since 1995, when the naturalization of non-citizens began in Latvia, the citizenship was obtained by a 137673 resident. At the same time, about 730000 non-citizens appeared in the country. Thus, since then their number has more than doubled, but continues to be significant.

Each year, the number of non-citizens decreases by 10000, mainly due to their citizenship by naturalization. Children become citizens in the order of registration, without exams. Some residents of the country obtain citizenship of another state of the country, obtaining in Latvia a permanent residence permit.

Such slow topics of “naturalization” are explained by difficult exams: many residents of the country are afraid of tests on the knowledge of the Latvian language, the provisions of the Constitution, the hymn, and the history of Latvia (this also depends on what kind of “history”).

“Women and men among non-citizens are approximately equally divided - 49,9% and 50,1%. Residents older than 60 years - 43%, and the younger people, the fewer non-citizens among them. In the age group from 15 to 20, the share of non-citizens is 4,5%.

36% non-citizens are retired, 33,4% are working, 26,4% are non-working, and 3,8% are students. Most non-citizens live in Riga - 66,2%. The capital is followed by Latgale - 15,8%, and the least of all non-citizens in Zemgale - 4,3%.

As for nationality, among non-citizens 205305 are Russians, 42284 are Belarusians, 30020 are Ukrainians, 8181 are Lithuanians and 461 are Estonians ”("").

Therefore, the overwhelming majority of non-citizens are Russians.

The party for human rights in united Latvia (“ЗаПЧЕЛ”) has published on its network resource Appeal to the European Parliament in support of the right to vote in local and European elections for non-citizens of Latvia.

The appeal is aimed at informing the general public about the legal status of Latvian non-citizens and on receiving support regarding the provision of voting rights to non-citizens in Latvia.

“Non-citizens of Latvia,” says the text of the appeal, “are a unique category of the EU population, which does not have the citizenship of any state and does not have the right to vote in any elections. The status of a non-citizen has a fifth of the population of the country, 32% of non-citizens were born in Latvia. Most of the remaining non-citizens have lived in Latvia for more than 40 years. The Latvian authorities ignore the recommendations of authoritative international organizations regarding the acceleration of the naturalization of this category of local residents. Despite the long-term relationship with the country of residence, non-citizens in official documents are called “aliens” (foreigners, foreigners), and they are not eligible to participate in either municipal or European elections. On the other hand, real foreigners who have European Union citizenship have the right to participate in local and European elections in Latvia. The number of non-citizens in Latvia provides this state with two additional seats of deputies of the European Parliament, but non-citizens do not have the right to participate in determining the fate of these deputy mandates. We believe that this fact is a violation of the principle of democracy - the fundamental principle of the European Union, as reflected in the Article 6 (1) of the Treaty on the European Union. In conditions when 99% of non-citizens of Latvia are of non-Latvian origin, discrimination against this category of EU residents can be considered a type of racial discrimination prohibited by EU legislation ... ”

Alas, the European Union is indifferent to the problems of Latvian non-citizens. The FHRUL party collected 50 thousands of 12 signatures years ago, in the 2000 year - even before Latvia was admitted to the EU. The signatures went to the European Parliament. So what? Democratic cart and there.

At the beginning of May, 2012 in Latvia began the action “Non-citizens are coming!” (“Aliens are coming!”). The goal of the movement launched by the society “For fairness and justice” is, again, to draw the attention of the European Union to the problems of non-citizens in Latvia. What are the protesters going to do? Answer: to arrange something like a written attack on the legislative and executive bodies of the EU.

The society’s chairman, Alexander Gaponenko, says: “Twenty years ago, the authorities forcibly deprived half of Russian citizenship rights and scornfully dubbed aliens. The time has come for the aliens to strike back. We were excluded from public life, they do not listen to our opinion, but what will be the next step - separate buses and separate benches for citizens and non-citizens? If in Latvia they don’t want to hear us, we will go to Europe to regain our rights with it ”(Julia Alexandrova, "Russian unity").

Elena Bachinskaya, a member of the board of the organization, adds: “A paradoxical situation has arisen where a resident of any European country after six months in Latvia has the opportunity to vote and be elected deputy of municipalities, and a Latvian non-citizen who has lived here all his life and paying taxes has no such right . Although, as American politician Benjamin Franklin said, “taxation without representation is the most immoral type of tyranny” (the same citing source).

It is not surprising, therefore, that the non-democratic system of non-citizenship in Latvia is compared to the leaders of the society “For Fairness and Justice” with the oppression of blacks in America. Therefore, the symbol of the movement is Martin Luther King. (And you can still remember the South African era of apartheid. There were also their “non-citizens” - real blacks. But South Africa, unlike Latvia, was not considered a democratic country).

Alexander Gaponenko has long been subjected to all sorts of pressure. In February, to him, an activist of the referendum on the Russian language, unknown persons crashed a car. The security police and financial inspectorate with bothersome consistency organizes the inspection of documents of his company: it is probably looking for the slightest violation of at least some Latvian law.

The “Aliens are coming!” Campaign at the first stage envisages sending letters to the legislative and executive bodies of the European Union - for a personal demonstration of the disagreement of each author of the message with the Latvian system of “non-civil” discrimination, which is clearly ethnic in nature. The letters will confirm the desire of many non-citizens to take part in the political life of the country, in municipal elections - and at the same time dispel the strange beliefs of European politicians that non-citizens are not only satisfied with their status, but also have privileges. That is why there are so many non-citizens who are in the country because of their special status and privileges. Soon even citizens will begin to move into non-citizens. Probably the same way Latvian rulers should explain to European commissioners the existence of people who do not have its citizenship in a small 320000 republic. One privilege, as Y. Alexandrov writes, these people really have: they can enter the territory of Russia without a visa.

Letters of protest will be sent through the website "For fairness and justice." There is already placed the text of the letter and the addresses of European authorities. It is not necessary to send an email - you can use fax, regular mail or telegraph. Many thousands of letters will demonstrate the desire of “non-citizens” to quite legally control the work of the local Latvian local governments existing on their taxes. So says A. Gaponenko.

The second stage is collecting signatures all over Europe, where at least six million Russians live today (of which 3,5 million in Germany, 1,6 million in the Baltic countries).

At the third stage, an alternative parliament of thirty people who will represent the interests of non-citizens will be elected by electronic voting.

Details have not been disclosed.

Meanwhile, another movement, “For Equal Rights”, is now preparing a referendum in Latvia on granting civil rights to all residents of the republic. 10 is already collecting thousands of signatures for holding a referendum.

Of course, the organization of such an event is the work of hostile Moscow:

“Latvian politicians immediately declared the leaders of the action“ the hand of Moscow ”. And realizing that the referendum on non-citizens, in contrast to the previous referendum on the status of the Russian language, has very real chances of winning, they panicked. Political union Visu Latvijai! -TB / DNNL (“All of Latvia!” - “Movement for the National Independence of Latvia”. - O. C) called on the government to urgently change the constitution and generally veto referendums on expanding the circle of citizens.

The government has not supported this idea. "Then prepare an alternative option: it is likely that the 9 of May, the organizers of the action will be able to collect the required number of signatures!" - They requested. And the government has prepared. 26 The Seimas approved in the second reading changes in the procedure for initiating referendums.

Currently, this procedure for collecting signatures involves two stages. On the first, 10 thousands of signatures are collected, the notarization of which is paid for in private (one signature is 2 LVL). The second stage is paid by the state - collecting signatures of one tenth of voters who participated in the previous elections (about 150 thousand people).

In the new version of the law, two stages are combined: from now on, the initiators of the referendum will have to collect not 10 thousands, but immediately 150 thousands of signatures. Only the certification of these signatures by a notary will cost 300 thousand lats. Sensible politicians immediately rated the “new order” as an oppression of democracy ”(Julia Alexandrova, "Russian unity").

The leader of the society For Equal Rights, Andrei Tolmachyov, rightly believes that the law does not have retroactive effect - and, accordingly, it does not apply to the collection of signatures started by September 26 of 2011. Therefore, considers Tolmachyov, the referendum in Latvia takes place.

At present, the Society for Equal Rights is starting to collect signatures of Latvian citizens abroad in Ireland and Britain. “According to the movement, citizens of Latvia who reside abroad, mainly in Great Britain and Ireland, constantly request it to find out if they can sign the changes to the law on citizenship ... The Movement for Equal Rights has asked the Central Election commission. Recently, we received a response from the CEC Chairman Arnis Zimdars. The letter of Tsimdars says that according to the law on consular regulations (14 article, part 1), any citizen of Latvia, being outside our country, can notarize his signature with the consul LR, as the consul does notarial work ... "("The Baltic Course").

The panic of the Latvian opponents of the “non-civil” referendum is easy to explain: there is not too much to collect signatures, and therefore holding a referendum is not at all a fantastic dream of its organizers, but rather a reality, a matter of the near future.

And, as if “pragmatically” the Latvian authorities did not separate Russian non-citizens from Latvian citizens, this may soon come to an end.

Approach the fifth, linguistic: revitalization of the Latvian language with Russian language

By the beginning of the 2010 school year in Latvia a new and original textbook of the state language for tenth-graders was published. From the same year it is used in both Latvian and Russian schools. Its authors are Ilut Dalbinja and Inese Lachauniece. The originality of the book is that the authors boldly decided to introduce not only slang into the educational process, but also mathematics. And not Latvian - the philologists are not aware of the existence of such, - but Russians. Ilut Dalbinja and Inese Lacaunietz stated that the schoolchildren are happy: after all, “the Latvian language has finally become interesting.”

Of course, it is interesting to write with a full class on the board “n ... n” (in the Latvian transliterated version - “n ... ts”) or, say, “b ... d”. Dirty and bad is easily digested, but you have to work on the good. However, the authors of the textbook - the teachers of the state language themselves - believe that “one cannot detach the educational process from the living language”.

"On the blackboard, it’s written in chalk:" What will mother say to this? "
And the answer is: "And to me ... what will she say?"
(a source: "").

In this textbook, which is called “Latvian language for 10 classes”, it is indicated that it was prepared in accordance with the program of learning Latvian language, which was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia. “Lively” (and unhealthy) interest among schoolchildren will undoubtedly be caused by two dozen studied words - starting from blin and pofigs and ending po..uj (by ... y), b ... ja (b ... I), b ... ģ (b ... d), pi ... dets (pi ... dec), ... uinja (... uinja), a ... ueķ (o ... uet), zaje ... is (zae ... is), etc. There are also "Latvian" words that are suggested learn tenth-graders: alkašs, davaj, značit, koroče, točna (""). The progressive teachers themselves, the animators of the Latvian language, in 2010, when they were interviewed by television, “programmed” vulgarisms and mothers were embarrassed to speak in front of the camera.

Several dozen materkov and slang street words - this is how Russian language appears to trusting schoolchildren. It is difficult to say whether the teachers are having fun, displaying rude words on the blackboard in a calligraphic hand and arranging the three-dotting in the place of the missed “x” and “e”, but over time the Latvian children, having learned the taught foreign curse, can easily imagine the Russian people to be a sort of hairy savages who are costing “ accurate "," in short "," come on "," drunk "," pancake "and a couple dozen expressions stronger.

“In the days of doubt, in the days of contemplating thoughts about the fate of my homeland, you alone support and support me, oh great, mighty, truthful and free Russian language!” (Turgenev).

And if “pancake” and “not care” aggressive Russian is for communication for some reason not enough, then in the course of them, apparently, are fists and clubs, rarely fighting bears. Such an approximately picture should be born in a rich children's imagination. It is necessary to communicate with Russian barbarians very carefully, continually delicately hinting at "pragmatic and constructive cooperation." This is well understood not by children, but by adult uncles in Latvia.

However, for the time being it wasn’t heard that the Latvian ambassador or any other high-ranking official from Latvia friendly patted a high-ranking official from Russia and told him, smiling broadly: “In short, drunkard!”

Perhaps, while the Latvians are mastering only the first stage of international relations with Russia - a pragmatic one. But when the generation of Latvian schoolchildren, brought up in foreign slang, grows up and reaches leadership positions in the country, then the time will come for the implementation of the second, constructive stage.

Wait and see.
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        The European Union does not pay attention to them ... NATO needs to increase the military budget ... And it’s not for anyone to regret it .. And again, you have to pay off debts. Even the Second World War did not inflict such demographic damage on Latvia as EU accession. People They flee the country. There is even a joke. Talk at the ticket office: "Tu tickets Tu Dublin!" - "Where the hell?" - "There, damn it!"
        1. teves
          teves 10 May 2012 20: 49 New
          Gentlemen, Russia is the legal successor of the USSR, and so be responsible for the crimes of the Bolsheviks in the Baltic states! What are you so hysterical, have done "business", and now pay the bills, so that in the future to think a little more, before someone and for some reason "release" ... good
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            Only first, the Balts should return the money invested by the USSR in their economy during the period of "occupation". To be honest.
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      Everything in front, history has the property of coming back ..

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  4. Sarus
    Sarus 10 May 2012 07: 58 New
    Baltic States ...
    Current that can represent Russia in the form of savages ..
    Here the United States and NATO will overturn them then and remember that the Latvian and Russian brothers forever ..
    It's a shame to see how they raise their children ..
    It’s also sad that the Russian Federation can’t uproot all this muck ...
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 10 May 2012 08: 27 New
    Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, there are no such countries. These are provinces of Russia that have temporarily gone out of control. Let's put in order and ....! We will be both ss and democracy, where only they will run
    1. Russlan
      Russlan 10 May 2012 09: 01 New
      you need to deal very hard with these "slow speakers." completely outraged, kie henchmen!
      DEMENTIY 10 May 2012 09: 29 New
      Alexander Romanov.
      I agree +, but you have not announced the entire list.
      Not long ago, in Ukraine, an idea was voiced instead of Victory Day to celebrate the day of all those who died in the 2 World War.
      That is, I was offered to remember fascists, forest brothers and Mussolini at 9
      for company with my grandfathers who died in the early days of the war.

      As presented (forgive me the syllable) bl ... wanted.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 10 May 2012 10: 07 New
        Is it possible to clarify who exactly suggested it? To when the time comes to beat the face
        1. DEMENTIY
          DEMENTIY 10 May 2012 17: 17 New
          Alexander Romanov
          I heard on the news that they did not announce any names or party affiliation.
          But tormented by vague doubts that these are the grandchildren of those comrades whom our veterans have greatly offended in World War II.
    3. Tiberium
      Tiberium 10 May 2012 11: 01 New
      Oh well them! Why do we need them? If you wanted freedom - get it. And where they will lead themselves already their problem.
  6. Krasnodar
    Krasnodar 10 May 2012 09: 36 New
    They say - "Small bug, but smelly!" This is about the Baltic states. It is also true that in Europe they are looked upon as unreasonable children, who are still far from Politics and Economics, and what a lot ... there are a lot of children! Why wouldn’t they play around ... But actually, of course, these are such countries-napoleonchiki themselves small, but with sooo big ambitions. True, brains correspond to growth, not conceit.
  7. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 10 May 2012 09: 44 New
    Russlan and all those who fast in unison - before you start wetting and spreading rotniness of Latvian henchmen ... CARE in advance to compile a "list" of their "spiritual" leaders and try to kick their ass first and foremost ... otherwise like me, there will be up to one place what kind of bottling "FOB" is in the direct contact zone.
    Why the hell are you all ready to row under one comb ???
    Thus, you are no better than that bastard Slutsis, who craps and pits normal people from across the ocean (a powerful bzdun) and rubbing his paws waiting for blood.
  8. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 10 May 2012 09: 49 New
    “It's a small bug, it’s smelly.” Remember my words: someday these descendants of the SS will crawl to us on four bones and say: “Keep working ...” The article is good: about everything and with humor. Besides pity and squeamishness, no feelings I don’t feel to the Balts. Time is the best and fair Judge. Let's live, see ...
  9. Ziksura
    Ziksura 10 May 2012 10: 24 New
    They bark then they bark. Crap, they crap. But the tonality has changed. Oh and well, I remember their arrogant appearance and full realization of their "superiority" grin in the 90s .... Time has passed. They themselves no longer notice how the voice trembled. Time is now our ally. And it is a good ally. Indestructible. Do not stop, do not turn, do not move ...
  10. Averias
    Averias 10 May 2012 10: 39 New
    They killed it, the Defense of Latvia is cool, and they seem to sincerely believe in it. Honesty, they are a little short of recognizing the fact that they are not needed by the States for nothing. All these fragments of the former USSR sincerely believe that it is enough to blame Russia for all sins and the dollar flow will flow. I nevermind, the United States has its debt above the roof, and how will it end .......?
    I liked the statement of the doctor who works in the States, quote “If there were a shortage of medicines, equipment, etc. in Latvia, I would always give preference to the Latvian, and since this is not allowed, I can’t work in Latvia.” So he makes it clear that the Hippocratic oath does not work in the States, that is, whom I want to fly, and if a person dies and I don’t want to treat him for a racial reason, or I just don’t like him, let him die. This is cool, this is the height of humanism. That is why these fragments are twitching, there is nothing of their own, Europe and the United States are not needed, and therefore amuse themselves with delusional nonsense in the form of compensation for the occupation. Well amused. Brakes in one word.

    Read the full story:

  11. GP
    GP 10 May 2012 11: 23 New
    These are still flowers that will happen when the pupils of this Nazi (fascist - in Russian often called) ideology come to power with completely turned brains.
    1. core
      core 10 May 2012 11: 41 New
      they’d come quickly, my toga and conscience would be clear when I unscrew this twisted head.
  12. apro
    apro 10 May 2012 11: 51 New
    Yes, they are nonsense, but it is inappropriately to forget about the 80-90s, because they stood for independence of Latvia and the Russians wanted to see how to live in Europe and our rulers did a lot to create the current situation. You can correct everything only with desire and will Latvia is not a place where the light wedged. My attitude towards Latvians and Lithuanians as a whole has been positive since the army.
    DYMITRY 10 May 2012 12: 08 New
    The joke is almost a topic, the truth about essststonesffff:
    Estonian school, children learn the colors of the national flag - blue, black, white.
    Teacher Detty, what does the blue bar on our flak mean?
    Peter pulls his hand.
    - The blue strip on our flak means our sfopotnoe blue nepo, on which the Soviet Union will not fly by!
    - Hammer Peter, roll down five! Detty, what does the black stripe mean on our bottle?
    Irma pulls his hand.
    - The black polloss on our flush means our sfopotnuyu, rafotorotnuyu land, which will not pass is not otin svezky soldier occupier !!!
    - Hammer Irma, roll - five! Detti, what does pella polloss mean on our bottle? Fofochka ??? Yes, Fofochka.
    - A white stripe on your flag means white-white snow, which you will soon trample in our Siberia !!!
  14. igoryok
    igoryok 10 May 2012 12: 29 New
    Oddnym word, am
  15. Ahmar
    Ahmar 10 May 2012 12: 55 New
    I’m wondering .... when these people think that by teaching their children in this way they will receive spiritually impoverished creatures that will give them *** in their old age, when they want peace and care from their own children.
  16. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 10 May 2012 13: 31 New
    Quote: Sniper 1968
    The article is good: about everything and with humor. Besides pity and squeamishness, I do not feel any feelings for the Balts. Time is the best and fair Judge. Let's live, see ..

    I agree with you one hundred percent +++ When I read how they all carry this nonsense, I don’t feel any anger, because only sick people can feel sick recourse
  17. Kibl
    Kibl 10 May 2012 13: 56 New
    Latvia, Lithuania and some ESSTONIYU Europe sees as a buffer zone, AS WELL AS IN THE FUTURE AS ANY BURIAL hazardous waste, buying for this great part of these STRAN.OPYAT closer to the border RUSSIA AND BELARUS, away from the Central Powers EEC IF THAT ALL infect To crawl EASTERN NEIGHBORS, TK. GENERAL rivers, etc.! It is possible on territory of the Baltic countries are sending unwanted elements, such as ANY of immigrants from the Middle East, and even Europe is already choking on Their influx, and talking about it has been going on AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL! LOCAL LABUSYATNE THOUGH Mujahideen Although the SOMALIAN MONKEY WITH KALASH is NOT RUSSIAN! BECAUSE THE RUSSIANS are smarter, more hardworking, we will not predict LABUS; am
  18. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 10 May 2012 13: 58 New
    The article is excellent. Especially against the backdrop of the celebration of the Great Victory Day.
    I will not speak about the object of “reporting”, so to speak. Too shallow on such a day.
  19. viktorrymar
    viktorrymar 10 May 2012 14: 54 New
    Latvian fascist henchmen many times surpassed atrocities even the Gestapo and the SS
  20. vostok
    vostok 10 May 2012 14: 56 New
    These fascists hack us like a hut! And we are holding a music contest "new wave", where our moneybags spend grandmothers and praise Latvians. KVNschiki also hold their competitions in Jurmala. as if we have few cities in Russia.
  21. gen.meleshkin
    gen.meleshkin 10 May 2012 14: 57 New
    In general, there is too much attention to the Baltic states, it is generally necessary to forget about them for 10 years. Economic and political relations with them should be built only after they eliminate the fascist orientation and implement the convention on human rights. Stop all kinds of intercourse and announce diplomats personas nongrata, as a result of pro-fascist orientation.
  22. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 10 May 2012 15: 11 New
    I suggest that the Russians from the Baltic States be returned to Russia, and instead instill Chechens and Ingushs, the Chukhons have a shortage of labor, and they sympathize so much with the freedom fighters for Ochkeria that they named the street after the cannibal Dudayev ...
    So comrades, it’s necessary to save the Russians from apartheid, but Mr. to blame! (They would have done it a long time ago, but the “Lift-up from the knees” didn’t care about the Russians
    1. Nu daaaa ...
      Nu daaaa ... 10 May 2012 16: 41 New
      They do not go anywhere, they do not care about people and your Russia. It is felt that in the Baltic all the same is better than in the homeland. And eat the fish, and sit down, have you heard about this?
      1. zadorin1974
        zadorin1974 11 May 2012 01: 50 New
        many Russians don’t leave because of the moronic policy of the Russian government — there is no help and nowhere to go, graves of the ancestors remain at the same time — you’ll banish them
  23. motors
    motors 10 May 2012 16: 14 New
    The article itself is one-sided and in an offensive tone.
    The topic of the article is devoted to the relations between Latvia and the Russian Federation, and the article says what is acceptable but not about the state. politics.
    Since the actions of non-governmental organizations and the parties are not under state control (this is about March 16 and Mr. Slutsis).

    As for the place of Latvia in the NATO and EU bloc ... The author has no idea how the European Union and European Union organizations work and the same about NATO. Latvia is part of NATO’s collective alliance (how can one turn itself away from itself?) And the Armed Forces are fully integrated into the overall management and security system.

    As for the legionnaires, I advise those who rush in loud phrases to honor the decisions of the Nuremberg process, which clearly says in black and white that the calling in part of the Waffen with military attackers DO NOT APPEAR. And it is they who gather on March 16th in place. And those who were in punitive squads - no one remembers them.

    Who will argue, and why does anyone just do this?
    And because for Latvia and the Latishsk people of the USSR it is the same as Nazi Germany (and not fascist as many like Nazi-fascism was in Italy). Since Latvia (both Lithuania and Estonia), the USSR was forcibly incorporated into the union and terrorized the local population (local Russians in the first place). The massions of deportation are one thing.

    Someone will argue, and we have freed you from the fascist invaders! Yes, they released and thank you, why did you stay?

    About non-citizens ...

    A normal person will have a question - where do non-citizens in Latvia come from? So, non-citizens are all those who came to Latvia from 1940 until the collapse of the USSR.

    Why did they overpower them and did not give citizenship right away.
    This is a good question, since so many Russians stood on barricades for Latvia and supported the idea of ​​independence. But even more were those who were against independence, and how to give citizenship like that?

    To make the picture more understandable - until 1940 in Latvia 76% were Latvians (Russians 12%); in 1991 Latisheas were 50%; the rest of the immigrants who were in the masses. Well, imagine that almost half of the population is disloyal to the idea of ​​independence of the country? So, even before the mass bezperadka and the Transnistrian variant of the event, give a hand ..

    Non-citizens are nonhumans and they are all offended.
    Well, this is far from the case ...
    1. All non-citizens (in the absolute number of national minorities) receive the same guarantees as citizens, but there are practically no obligations.
    2. The state contains both radio and television broadcasts in Russian, as well as schools and libraries.
    3. Anyone who wants to have already received citizenship (look at how many non-speakers work, serve the state apparatus. Their capabilities are unassailable

    4. Those who raise "kipish" that the Latvians specially do not speak Russian, then please, go to any state institution and try to find whoever does not answer in Russian.

    And those dissatisfaction with the citizenship of the living in Latvia (and there are very few of them) are against Laticea Atnosats as against the natives from the beaten calony. They say they force children into their schools "sabachs" to speak in schools (this is how Russian-style pedagogues turned out like that).

    And how can you not know the language of the country in which you live?

    The author paints as if some twists in Latvia live and everything is bad here. Do you know that all new and new businessmen from Russia are coming to Latvia? As most of them are reassured, in Latvia the legislative and economic sphere is much better organized than in Russia itself. And they absolutely do not mind that Latvia is ruled by "fascism"

    As it turned out chaotic, well, if someone is interested in the opinions of the Baltic, you can ask questions. Postoraus will answer as best as possible.

    I apologize for my mistakes, Russian is not my good.
    1. mechanic33
      mechanic33 10 May 2012 16: 59 New
      Quote: motors
      As it turned out chaotic, well, if someone is interested in the opinions of the Baltic, you can ask questions. Postoraus will answer as best as possible.

      kareivis, and you don’t have to answer for others. in the 90s we were all rudely thrown. Remember the referendum? And although Latvia refused to take part in it, but the majority of the inhabitants of the USSR favored the preservation of the union state .....
      what’s most interesting, the opinion of people was ignored (and moreover, illegally), and as Latvia proclaimed its independence from the Russian Federation, so do we:

      On June 12, 1990, the Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR adopted the Declaration on State Sovereignty, establishing the priority of Russian laws over Union ones.

      the coup was carried out from above, well, very "democratically" and taking into account "all the rights of the individual ... wink
    2. Galina
      Galina 11 May 2012 01: 23 New
      I do not see in the article an insulting tone towards Latvians. But I want to ask a question before conducting a dialogue with you: how old are you?
    3. Arc76
      Arc76 11 May 2012 14: 51 New
      Many businessmen open a business or buy real estate in Riga (mainly) in order to obtain a residence permit and, accordingly, resident status of the European Union, and not at all because you have better business conditions. The most striking example is the son of Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko, who bought there is a whole island. Although I was in Riga, I liked it. I advise all skeptics to see the statistics at the booking site (tourist site). Riga and Tallinn are some of the most visited European cities by tourists from Russia. People vote in rubles.
    4. Pancho
      Pancho 11 May 2012 18: 32 New
      And all because of the Latvian riflemen who helped to hold onto the Soviet regime. Well, and then history boomed in Latvia as well.
  24. Nu daaaa ...
    Nu daaaa ... 10 May 2012 16: 25 New
    They do not go anywhere, they do not care about people and your Russia. It is felt that in the Baltic all the same is better than in the homeland. And eat the fish, and sit down, have you heard about this?
    1. Nu daaaa ...
      Nu daaaa ... 10 May 2012 16: 40 New
      It was Klibanophoros ...
  25. patriot2
    patriot2 10 May 2012 17: 16 New
    I would not insult a small country, but if Russian-speaking “non-citizens” are poisoned in it, Orthodox churches and graves of the Great Patriotic War are desecrated, then why do we trade with them, go to them and LET THEM ONE. It is necessary to take measures of an adequate but civilized nature for a long time.
    Let the citizens of Latvia feel the "ardent love" of the West to the full - they did not have enough of the fascist occupation, they forgot a lot from their history. Sorry!
  26. motors
    motors 10 May 2012 17: 48 New
    Quote: patriot2
    but if Russian-speaking "non-citizens" are poisoned in it, Orthodox churches and the graves of the Great Patriotic War are desecrated, then why do we trade with them, go to them, and let them go.

    Quote: patriot2
    Let the citizens of Latvia feel the "hot love" of the West to the full

    What will the west say? You urge the West as some kind of institution that governs all.
    But as noted by this, the EU and NATO are personally loaded up. I’ll tell you so about the EU, the EU is not a fish, but there is a lot of luck and opportunity in the union (cohesion funds are really worth it) And our standard of living is not the same as in Finland (which, as we know, very successfully reoriented the economy from the east (USSR ) to the west (EU)) so because we have the same similar problems (corruption, etc.) as in other countries that have beaten the USSR and that makes development obstacles.

    Quote: patriot2
    they were not fascist occupation, they forgot a lot from their history. Sorry!

    Respect, Latvia is called fascists because supposedly in the Masov order everyone joined the SS and went on punitive expeditions to Belarus, etc. These opinions are too one-sided.
    1. all who fought in the SS legion (not to be confused with the organization of the SS) were force-drafted, and as I spoke more in the comment, the USSR itself in Nuremberg declared them innocent!

    You ask, what about the punitive? Yes there were punishers who stood in the SS itself, and some of them even later were counted in the legion, but no one remembers them.

    2. Fascist occupation ... As if it were not paradoxical, but the German occupation in the Baltic was completely different from the one in Russia. Nazis repressed only communists and Jews. Latishei in the main Mas even touched.
    And here is how the incorporation of Latvia into the USSR took place ... Just like the German atrocities in Russia. Well this is a separate topic
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 11 May 2012 02: 04 New
      you don’t have to go around your ears about how bad the Baltic states were under the Communists - everything was in your best condition in the eighties, we came to foreign countries as you didn’t have any coupons and queues, after our hungry Urals. And not at the expense of the legionnaires, I don’t need to go there went voluntarily to get land in the east after the victory of the Reich, I had a chance to read about the SS military, not Soviet but German authors
  27. suharev-52
    suharev-52 10 May 2012 17: 49 New
    All this revival with claims to Russia is caused by the idiotic (I can not name in another way) policy pursued recently by our "undergrowth" named Medvedev. It was he who raised the topic of "de-Stalinization" of society, on instilling the "benefactors" from the West. So I finished it. All and sundry suddenly flamed up with a desire to get some fictitious compensation from Russia. I would like to advise all patriotic lawyers to count and file a counterclaim to all mongrels: for spilled blood, for constructed objects during the USSR, foreign exchange investments and infrastructure development. Yes, and much more that can be counted. Then we’ll see who owes whom and how much. Sincerely.
  28. gercog_75
    gercog_75 10 May 2012 19: 22 New
    Latvia? where is it?
  29. Kibl
    Kibl 10 May 2012 19: 50 New
    Weider: EU will not look at LETA for long |
    10 May 2012, 16: 53
    violation of human rights in Russia (185) LETA |
    10 May 2012, 16: 53

    Foto: F64
    Russian President Vladimir Putin will no longer be so easy to rule the country and will have to reckon with the fact that the EU will not look at the violation of human rights in Russia for a long time. This was stated by "Rietumu Radio" Member of the European Parliament Inese Weider ("Unity").

    "The tightening of the screws will no longer be as peaceful as during the first term of his reign, and, given the bold resistance of the people, I would not be sure that Putin will have another 12-year term," the deputy said.

    Weider did not imagine that the Russian people would rally so quickly for mass protests against the government. "Putin may have to change his point of view, he may begin to understand that Russia has earned a place among developed countries, and will cease to fulfill its imperial ambitions," Weidere said.
    Related articles:
    Vajdere: for the Baltic, the Second World War did not end (340) | 08. May 2012 18:24
    Weider: French citizens may not be ready for reform (47) | 07. May 2012 10:18
    Vaidere: after Putin’s dubious victory, attitude towards Russia has changed (528) | 17. March 2012 09:21
    Vaidere: March 16 attracts only the attention of Russia (111) | 16. March 2012 11:42

    “In order not to raise the question of whether a state with such an attitude to human rights can be a strategic partner of the EU, Russia needs to change,” the deputy said.

    Weider regretfully acknowledged that support for Putin's authoritarian style in Latvia is great.

    “Russians living in Latvia actually live in paradise. Where else can they live in a democratic country, an EU member and use their own language? These are great privileges,” the European MP said.

    Until the crimes of the Soviet regime are completely condemned, the Second World War for the Baltic states will not really end, said Inese Weider (Unity), the European MP at an international conference in Brussels on May 8.

    “I allow myself to say that this war has not really ended in the Baltics. Until the crimes of the occupying authorities of the USSR have been fully disclosed and convicted, the criminals have not been punished, and their victims have received at least moral satisfaction, for us the war has not yet over, "said the deputy.

    Vaidere stated that the referendum held in Latvia on the status of the Russian language was an open attempt to change the foundations of the state and liquidate the Republic of Latvia.

    "Although the Latvian people said a clear" no "and 75% voted against, we see that the problem has not gone away. A new referendum is being organized on the automatic assignment of citizenship to the colonists who arrived during the Soviet occupation, who have already been granted the status of non-citizens, without mastering the Latvian language and integration, "said the MEP.

    Vaidere emphasized that any non-citizen can become a citizen of Latvia, having learned the Latvian language and naturalized. "However, 300 thousand Soviet colonists in Latvia do not want to take this opportunity, because they do not want to lose the privileged status of non-citizen, which makes it possible to travel throughout Eurasia without a visa - from Gibraltar to Vladivostok," the deputy said, adding that in Latvia, and in the EU it is necessary to achieve a common understanding of the dire consequences of the Soviet occupation.

    The conference organized by Weider is dedicated to the occupation of Eastern Europe after the Second World War. The purpose of the conference is to draw the attention of the international community to the fact that May 8, which is celebrated in Europe as the end date of World War II, did not bring about the liberation of Latvia and other Eastern European countries. The MP believes that it is important to talk about these issues so that the international community not only better understands the complex history of Eastern Europe, but also its impact on today's society in these countries.

  30. darkman70
    darkman70 10 May 2012 20: 10 New
    Russia has long been pursuing a tougher policy towards the Baltic republics. How much can you endure this bacchanalia ???
  31. Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 10 May 2012 21: 10 New
    Elephant and Pug

    Through the streets of the Elephant they drove,
    Apparently, for show.
    It is known that Elephants are a wonder in our country,
    There were crowds of onlookers behind the Elephant.
    From nowhere, meet Moska them.
    Seeing the Elephant, well, to him to rush,
    And bark, and squeal, and tear;
    Well, he's getting into a fight with him.
    "Neighbor, stop being ashamed, -
    Her mongrel says, “Do you mess with the elephant?”
    Look, you wheeze, and he goes to himself
    And I don’t notice your barking at all. -
    “Eh, eh! - Moska answers her, -
    That's what gives me the spirit,
    That I, absolutely without a fight,
    I can get into big bully.
    Let the dogs say:
    “Ay, pug! know she is strong
    What bark at the Elephant! ”
  32. Ilyukha
    Ilyukha 10 May 2012 21: 37 New
    The shiz of the Latvian government concerns not only Russians, but also Latvians. But listen to a little fairy tale. Grustnaya. My school teacher (Latvian) was in Soviet times in the Urals as a husband-officer (also a Latvian). Time passed, they decided in old age years they return to their historic homeland. We went there, sent their democratic authorities to ... back, because my husband served the invaders. I emphasize, they are Latvians by nationality and were born in Latvia! About the pug comrade (see above) correctly noticed. To euthanize the pug.
  33. sichevik
    sichevik 10 May 2012 21: 55 New
    Again about some microcosm. Well, I want the little girl to show off, show her importance. Well, I really want to get one more leftover from the table from the overseas master ... So they try - they lick the ass overseas gentleman.
    Natsik unfinished, once unfinished ...
  34. Nilf-gaard
    Nilf-gaard 10 May 2012 22: 25 New
    Of course, much is far-fetched. Especially about the children who are taught Nazism from the kindergarten. There is a precedent. But this is clearly not on the scale that they write.

    As for mockery of Orthodox churches and graves, this is understandable. All these Nazis are pagan and rush about with their percunrusts. True, they are active only in cemeteries and on the Internet. Filth.

    The main thing is that more and more Latvians are on May 9th. They cease to be afraid to get their rewards and come to the monument, although in large numbers they go to fraternal cemeteries.
    Although the Nazis terribly abrade, they are 6% in parliament but only show them!

    Regarding Salaspils, this is of course horror. He became famous primarily for the fact that they pumped blood from the children. From heels. My grandfather was there and my grandmother was taken, thank God they were not brought!
    I hope to see how this Canadian prostitute will work in the likeness of such a camp. She will chew the bark from the tree. I advise the film of our historian Gusev Salaspils STALAG!
    1. IGR
      IGR 11 May 2012 00: 23 New
      Puppet show.
      Would make balm, sprats, cheese, RAFiki and VEFy would be more useful to themselves and the European Union long-suffering.
      Poor people of neither their history nor their religion. And the Teutons were dispersed too early and the Germans were beaten.
  35. Stasi.
    Stasi. 10 May 2012 22: 47 New
    The time will come - and these Balts themselves will ask, because the question will arise about life as such, and only Russia and not the EU and the USA can guarantee it. Because it is becoming difficult for them to live, there is no longer any Baltic state with which there is nothing to take. It is necessary to repatriate our citizens and help them get settled. This should be done by the state. Then you should stop all economic and political relations, diplomatic and close the border. We will not lose anything from this, they will lose. And if they make a complaint - tough answer and all.
  36. se-ma
    se-ma 11 May 2012 00: 54 New
    Small states have big ambitions, although this is all from scratch
  37. se-ma
    se-ma 11 May 2012 01: 24 New
    In 1991, I met with the representative of Latvia for the first time on a train. A well-dressed gentleman, with a strong accent, talked about the uncleanliness of Russian women and Russian occupants. After a banal beating of the muzzle, he quickly admitted his mistakes and promised not to make them again.
    1. zadorin1974
      zadorin1974 11 May 2012 02: 13 New
      Yes, in general, then they are like prostitutes (I had a chance to talk in the eighties and nineties), they scream about the invaders and show the rubles in pure Russian, even without an accent, the anthem of the USSR
  38. Odinplys
    Odinplys 11 May 2012 03: 34 New
    The Russians, moreover, are determined not from above, and right below, despite the “power vertical”, and the entire Internet they talk about national pride and weapons modernization, - and their new president has no choice but to heed the voice of the people and assemble a new empire from the wreckage. And to it, to this Eurasian empire, annex Latvia and, perhaps, the entire Baltic states, and even the entire European Union. Forced, of course (only Belarus - voluntarily). Who knows what comes to mind this unpredictable Russian.

    And this can not but rejoice ...
  39. procop843
    procop843 11 May 2012 04: 49 New
    In addition to the forest in the Novosibirsk region there are still lanterns for lumberjacks.