Georgia received GM403 early warning radar

In Tbilisi, the radar station for early detection of air targets, the Ground Master GM403, manufactured by the joint US-French enterprise ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) is presented to the general public, reports bmpd.

The radar is displayed in the town square along with other military equipment in connection with the 100 anniversary of the proclamation of independence of Georgia.

The station is made on the chassis of the car Renault Truck Defense type K (8x8).

The contract for the purchase of one GM403 radar and two GM200 medium detection mobile stations was concluded in 2015. The transaction value was € 56,13 million.

Recall that earlier two radars TRS Ground Master GM403 in a stationary version received Estonia. The first station was installed in 2013 on the island of Muhu (the Moonsund group of islands), the second - near the town of Otepää in 50 km from the Russian border. Radar mounted in special towers. As previously reported, the station provides the detection range of air targets to 470 km at an altitude of up to 30 km.

Both Estonian GM403 radars are integrated into NATO's Baltic air surveillance network with a center in Siauliai (Lithuania).

In turn, Finland has already received 13 radar GM403.

In total, ThalesRaytheonSystems has received orders for the 100 radar of the Ground Master family for 10 countries.
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  1. 0
    28 May 2018 16: 10
    Both Estonian GM403 radars are integrated into NATO's Baltic air surveillance network with a center in Siauliai (Lithuania).

    Do not go to a fortuneteller - Georgian radars are also integrating into NATO.
    1. 0
      28 May 2018 16: 15
      And for a very long time.
      1. 0
        28 May 2018 16: 17
        Georgia then ... What about the mountains ... Well, stupid ...
        1. +7
          28 May 2018 16: 32
          Quote: Vard
          Georgia then ... What about the mountains ... Well, stupid ...

          Airspace control over South Ossetia, Abkhazia and the coastal zone of the World Cup in general (this radar from Zugdidi to Novorossiysk will reach) and at high altitudes beyond the Caucasian ridge.
          On 08.08.08, the Georgian 36D6-M radar near Gori shone all the actions of our aviation in the northern direction - until the third day, the PRR arrived at it (the Air Force finally remembered what to do first).
          1. 0
            28 May 2018 16: 47
            Georgian air defense also used data from radars in Turkey and AVKS systems.
        2. 0
          28 May 2018 17: 37
          Quote: Vard
          Georgia then ... What about the mountains ... Well, stupid ...

          Useful for barbecue.
        3. 0
          28 May 2018 20: 14
          Quote: Vard
          . Well stupid ...

          However, three of our Su-25 attack aircraft and one long-range Tu-22M bomber were shot down.
          1. +1
            28 May 2018 20: 32
            Our then also did not shine with the mind. They began to suppress air defense only on the third day.
    2. 0
      28 May 2018 16: 46
      They have been integrated since the beginning of the 2000s into the radar information exchange system.
      1. +2
        28 May 2018 19: 19
        Now they will sleep peacefully?
        It’s just that our people clearly need to REMEMBER that this is the enemy and his eyes and ears, if it is necessary to extinguish in the first place, once and for all .... if at the same time you have to put up the barbecue sheep, so be it!
        1. +1
          30 May 2018 07: 08
          Well, in 2008, too, everyone occupied, but the losses in the Air Force were very much.
          1. +1
            30 May 2018 09: 07
            There is such a misfortune, not the first time, and not only with us!
            Peacetime generals, everywhere, at the beginning of events can make inadequate decisions ... well, if they come back to normal at all, some are really oaks, it happens.
            In peacetime at the top, next to the authorities, it is often the court sharkunks who rub ... it was, is and will be. These only real events are often brought to the very top of real COMMANDERS, WARRIORS, to defeat the enemy and save the fatherland!
            Again, not all of this is necessary, but closer to reality!
    3. +1
      28 May 2018 19: 43
      And what's the use of it in the mountains? Someone will come up, with an envelope of relief, will shy away with something homing and that's all. Send the following
      1. 0
        30 May 2018 15: 27
        Why in the Caucasus are the positions of air defense and S-300/400?
  2. 0
    28 May 2018 16: 17
    Well, they will observe, analyze .. It’s a pity, of course, that Russia has lost touch with Georgia. And that’s all - Mishiko and K, now everything is going on ..
    1. +3
      28 May 2018 16: 20
      Relations with Georgia and before Mishiko were not the best. What is only worth her help to the militants during the Chechen wars.
  3. 0
    28 May 2018 16: 24
    It’s as if these radars will change their life, they will help to stop spoiling their neighbors! !! fool They need an adequate head there, in power in Georgia, and not military hardware, which they can again easily fool! !!
  4. +3
    28 May 2018 16: 39
    The Russians pitied them then .. And they could have gouged!
    1. 0
      28 May 2018 17: 02
      Well, how regretted. 10 thousand dead in hostilities regretted it?
      1. +1
        28 May 2018 17: 13
        according to Georgian data 180 and 412 with peaceful, according to Russian up to 3000
        10 thousand of them fought only
    2. +4
      28 May 2018 18: 47
      The Russians regretted them even earlier. When they took the Empire under the scepter! Otherwise, proud Georgian guys would march under Turkish banners
  5. +3
    28 May 2018 16: 58
    hi The Ground Master 403 station is a mobile radar that can be dismantled within 1 hour and 30 minutes. and deployed to a new position. Developed by Thales Raytheon Systems, the radar is capable of detecting aerial targets at ranges up to 470 km and altitudes up to 30 km. The radar's time between failures is 3,3 thousand hours, the width of the radiation pattern in the vertical plane is 20 degrees, Beam width: 3 °, the minimum target detection range is 5 km.
    1. +1
      28 May 2018 18: 07
      Sanya, salute! hi
      Ground Master GM403 radar station for early warning of airborne targets produced by ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) joint venture in Tbilisi

      How will Georgian "Peremoga" be? what
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      29 May 2018 12: 13
      san4es! Give a link about the characteristics of the radar! In view of which the minimum range
      5 km? Too much!
      1. 0
        29 May 2018 14: 20
        Quote: SETTGF
        , ... about the characteristics of the radar! In view of which the minimum range
        5 km

        hi I agree too much request
        ... at the bottom of the page here:
        ... And in more detail (only in English, through an interpreter):
        ... and there, the details - the links hi ...
        Technical requirements
        frequency: 2.9 ... 3.3 GHz
        pulse repetition time (PRT):  
        probing pulse repetition rate (PRF):  
        Pulse width (τ):  
        get time:  
        dead time:  
        peak power:  
        average power:  
        instrumented range: 470 km
        range resolution: 200m
        accuracy: 50 m; 0,3°
        Beam Width: 3°
        Views per scan: 1 … 3
        antenna rotation: 6 U/min
        MTBCF: > 3 h
  6. +5
    28 May 2018 18: 18
    The result is still one

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