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Results of the week. C-300, C-400, C-500

Baltic parking for "Abrams"

The only thing that can reassure Lithuanians is that the American contingent in Lithuania is not very numerous yet. Although growing from year to year.

Results of the week. C-300, C-400, C-500

If you consider that hundreds of NATO military equipment have moved into the Baltic, you can come to the conclusion that the Baltic territories will soon turn into a kind of parking for the Abrams and Bradley. - A parking lot in which the “drivers” will argue for a parking space and scratch the side of it with nails tankwhich took such a place forward. But there is still not enough space for everyone.

Comments from our readers:

The black
... right of the first night.
Fi ... found, than Dalku scare.

Former showcase of the USSR has become a dustbin of Europe

Well, suppose she didn’t, of course, become a cesspool, but she really lost her showcase gloss.
I cannot understand one thing - why did the leadership of the USSR make of the Baltic regions an island of abundance and well-being, whose population did not stand out in any particular way and did not show success in the country's economy. But now the US and the EU have brought down arrogance and arrogance with them and showed them the "significance" of the Baltic republics.

Snail N9
“Slavery,” say ...... well, well .... probably, the "brick factories" in the Caucasus (and not only) have already forgotten everything .... Periodically appear stories unfortunate who managed to escape from slavery, not only from the national republics, but also from the Russian "fair owners". Well, and millions of Gaster, injecting pennies on the national mafia, slaves, of course, are not


Speaking to the marines, the President of Ukraine announced the replacement of the Black Marine berets with the beret of the color of the sea wave of the NATO standard. But there was an incident, the servicemen of the First Theodosia Marine Battalion (1-FOBMP) opposed to changing the color of the beret.

Wrong berets they chose, we say to you: non-great-wils-e! Oh, at least they had to enter two-color - under the colors of the Ukrainian sovereign ensign. Yes, and with the very form, the bobble came out: where are the patriotic bloomers, where is the embroidery of the khaki color? Maybe even the oseleds will make you shave? ..

Comments from our readers:

Ukrainian marines are harsh and tough. They existed already when Ukraine did not exist yet.

Everyone to dismiss and recruit these lads from Western Ekrainy! Ote so! And he takes a seven color one to give out to everyone, like Europe, for tolerance, tolerance and complete sexual democracy!

Either consider your leadership a guide, even though you have difficulty, but your teeth are stuck together and follow orders. Then, after the implementation, you can discuss something, but "not taking out the dirty linen from the hut".
Either consider your leadership as criminals, ruining troops, ruining people, for the sake of stuffing your wallet, and act like with criminals.
And "we are the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but we’ll honor traditions and follow orders" - this is ... this is modern Ukraine. Armed forces can not be called. Gang.
About the purpose of the landing troops of Ukraine - naval landing, this is offensive troops, and nothing but the Crimea can be a target.

The parallel world in the new shumerii is flourishing with new colors. The same is necessary, "100 anniversary of the Marine Corps of Ukraine." I can not find the words.

Who will stop the mountain showdown?

The main military department of Azerbaijan said that its aggravation has been observed in the conflict area in the past few days. It is stated that this aggravation is connected with the appointments to the new cabinet of ministers of the Republic of Armenia, headed by Nikol Pashinyan. In particular, it was noted that a few days ago the heads of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia visited the position of the Armenian troops near the border with Azerbaijan.

Like a year, like ten, like twenty years ago - the rhetoric of Baku and Yerevan is the same: It’s not me, it’s them! .. The two neighboring countries, by all accounts, can’t understand one thing: this squabble undermines with blood both one and the other, creates extra space for rampant radicals. Russia knows perfectly well what it means to live alongside a state that is hostile to external forces.

Who of the Armenian and Azerbaijani politicians will have enough political will and, forgive my mind, to understand: this conflict is not needed by either one or the other, but only by those who have plans to set the Caucasus on fire - including as a territory geopolitical (even due to the banal geography) interests of Russia.

Comments from our readers:

This act so far is no different from tens or hundreds of other acts. I was told by the guys who served on the border with Armenia, that if you lit a cigarette at night, then they would open fire on you with great probability. This is a normal situation for both parties. Therefore, they took a medical tube, inserted a cigarette there and threw it away on the 3-4 meter.
So far, and then we will see. Hopefully, the hotter phase will not outgrow. Although, of course, I admit that the recent events in Armenia do not bode well for the situation around the NKR.

Andrey Smirnovsky
The eve of the World Cup -2018 is partly.
It seems to me that the ideas of Soros to turn the Caucasus into a second Ukraine, and again, next to Russia.
Opposition representatives in one country or another most often have at least one thing in common: an unhealthy love of populist slogans. A good example of this is Ukraine, destroyed by just such people. It is impossible to argue with the fact that the coup d'état in the neighboring country put her on the path of regress. Now, in the footsteps of the Square, apparently, Armenia is going to go, where today there are obvious signs of a "color revolution."
An ordinary provocateur, and not a savior of the country, came to power in Armenia. As before in Ukraine, the protest movement actually led the state to a coup, then to also give the reins to the hands of Western curators.
And that person will not work at all in the interests of the Armenian people.
Armenia stepped on the "Ukrainian rake" - this is my personal opinion.

penal battalion
Familiar handwriting "clumsy work" Western special services ....
Pashinyan arrived in Sochi - get a conflict in Nakhichevan ....
It is not excluded that the janissaries there “warm their hands” ...

After the fight they wave something

Tbilisi is trying to prove that 10 August 2008, at dawn, the Georgian side ceased firing; moreover, it left the zone of hostilities and 11 of August already defended the approaches of Tbilisi, which excludes the “unreasonable” statement of Russia that on August 12 Georgia was conducting military operations with Russia.

When “comrades” rule in your government offices that pushed Misha to take action on 2008 in August, there is no doubt - they will continue attempts to bring accusations against Russia. Any charges. So, you look in, the International Tribunal will file a lawsuit that Mishiko has poisoned his tie ... By the way, how is the NATO military base on the Black Sea coast? ..

Comments from our readers:

Everything, "proud Georgians", got by schami? Come on - get more. Sit on your ass straight and do not twitch!

Warrior with machine gun
Yes, what questions may be on 10.08 after 08.08, clowns.

Well, at such a pace the Germans will go to court - they are a little shaken about Moscow, and they, such fluffy ones, were barbarically kicked out to Berlin.

West remained silent. Chechnya is “Putin's”

Four militants tried to capture parishioners in the church of Archangel Michael in the center of Grozny. As a result of the special operation, the attackers were destroyed, the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, told reporters.

And immediately the colors of the flags of Russia and its region — the Chechen Republic — painted the Brandenburg Gate, the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Westminster and the building on Capitol Hill. All in unison express condolences to the families and friends of the deceased policemen who opposed the terrorists. All send telegrams of support to Orthodox believers ...

Yeah. Schazz ... Well this is not Paris, not Barcelona and not Boston, in order to highlight the colors of the flags of the building. It is unwashed and undemocratic Russia. This is the wrong Putin Chechnya. It was the Saudi and Turkish emissaries who tormented the water with the support of the American special services, and when the militants cut the throat of 18-year-old conscript soldiers - then the West was concerned ... no, not conscripts ... but with the situation of "Ichkeria rebels and freedom fighters" . And now - silence. It is not politically correct to express condolences, not in a European way ...

Comments from our readers:

Here is a swiftness! Without sentiment and snot. My respect for specials! May God rest the souls of the fallen Warriors.

Hariton laptev
A police squad was on duty near the temple, so they took the first blow. Hearing the shooting, the parishioners began to close the doors and at that moment obviously one civilian was injured.

The bright memory of the dead. May God bless their relatives with a great loss. The fight was accepted by those who were closer ... The rest is from the evil one.

On the "inflatable" "Vanguards" and paper "Daggers"

The interest of British journalists in the MiG-31 fighter-interceptor is quite understandable, they were interested in the new life of the aircraft, which returned to the runways again news publications already as a carrier of the new "superweapon" of Russia - the hypersonic missile "Dagger".

And here in the week of information about the occasion added an American specialist in the field of aerospace technology from Indiana University. According to him, Avangard is a real breakthrough in technological thought made in Russia. It remains only to rely on the fact that Mr. Giuliano and other Western experts, who declare that the latest Russian weapon no fake, do not lead through the corridor of the American-British "lustration". After all, the entire democratic world knows perfectly well that both the Dagger and the Avant-garde are inflatable ... And if not inflatable, then it’s definitely from papier-mâché.

Comments from our readers:

The most important advantage of this machine ... It does not catch up with any air defense missile of the West ...

Alas! COLLECT !!! Even as they catch up!
Here the problem is in ANOTHER !!! If the "Dagger" range approx. 2 000 km (and according to some rumors - 2.5 thousand km (!), Then the carrier, which MiG-31 itself is, NO ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to enter the enemy air defense zone !!
And the car was chosen as the “carrier” of the “Daggers”, solely due to its speed and altitude characteristics, which allows it to quickly raise the rocket to a greater height and ensure a high starting speed !!!
In fact, this machine is used as a REVERSIBLE booster stage for the "Dagger"!

There are three in the world aviation sounds that fascinate and do not allow themselves to be forgotten. This is the sound of the NK-12 Tu-95 (or An-22) engines in flight, the sound of the Il-76 reverse on the run after landing, and the sound of the afterburner of a pair of MiG-31 taking off. The sound of the latter is a special song. This is thunder with some kind of sharp flashes, pops, plus a low-frequency component, which is felt by the body, not the ears. When you stand behind the end of the runway behind two MiGs taking off, it is impossible to forget and want to hear more and more.
Although, probably, listening to such concerts regularly is harmful. The roar is such that, most likely, leaves a piece of its power in the human body.

Lay on the bridge

Ukrainian media are trying to outdo each other in who will pour out more dirt on the topic of Russian open traffic on the Crimean bridge or on the bridge itself. As previously reported, the most incredible scenarios are offered from the same Ukrainian “experts” who, a year or two ago, seriously declared that it was technically impossible to build a bridge. Now the “experts” say that the bridge “will not last long”.

Surprisingly, after May 15, it was suddenly discovered that the majority of Ukrainian politicians and representatives of all kinds of NPOs are “rummaging” in the construction business of cleaner migrant workers. It turned out that the deputies of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko can, through the TV screen, determine the brand of cement, on the basis of which the concrete used in the supports was made. The “Dill” party is capable of rustling the wheels of KamAZ, driven by Vladimir Putin, to find out how many centimeters of asphalt lies on the canvas of the Crimean bridge. In general, everyone agreed that the bridge is unambiguously unstable - with a lifetime like the core of a chemical element synthesized under artificial conditions. Waiting from minute to minute ...

Comments from our readers:

verbal masturbation - the most harmful perversion!

And in general, this bridge to the Crimea, not only will collapse soon, it’s also very uncomfortable ... it’s immediately obvious that its barbarians from the “horde” were building, not tseevropeetsi ... There’s not even a pedestrian strip and a passage animals. For example, someone will want to hold a herd of pigs - but no way ... Unsuccessful design, in general ...

Valid benchmark
What I did not understand, but why hysteria? Anyway, the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory of the puppies themselves will soon be taken away ...

Let them write to Sportloto.
They will definitely understand.

Surgical waste rushes into battle

The next round of escalation of active hostilities in the Donbass theater of operations is gaining momentum in recent days at a galloping pace.

Nobody doubted initially that this situation, which has so far developed in the Donbas, will only push the mentors of the ghouls from Kiev to the fighting. And so nothing remains - just push, get on the horns, push again and get again. That's just the civilian population continues to die. But does it really bother someone behind the pool ... Do not care, of course, and therefore they will force you to shove again and again. Territory for the burial of surgical waste in Ukraine abound.

Comments from our readers:

And without experts, those officers who do not understand pigs, and finished normal military schools, in one voice say - there is no military solution to the problem. Need to negotiate.

A strange army in Ukraine, where the rank and file soldiers for six months know about the attack ...

Pancake! When will it end? I already jarred on the fact that the Slavs Slavs wet. It is necessary to put the Americans on the one hand and the British on the other. And let them shoot each other.

The cycle of militants in nature

Seven years after the start of the war, the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic is completely liberated from terrorists. Today it became known that the Syrian army defeated the militants of the IG (prohibited in the Russian Federation) in the southern regions of Damascus (Yarmuk and Hajar al-Aswade). The ultimatum on the cessation of resistance was presented to the scattered remains of the IG in this area the day before. For about 24 hours, those of the ringleaders who survived in the south of Damascus “digested” the ultimatum and eventually decided to stop the resistance.

Other news diminishes optimism. According to some reports, the militants were able to leave the southern quarters of Damascus in the eastern part of Syria, the Badiya region. They even served buses! It is noteworthy that the area where the terrorists will be sent by bus is currently under partial control of the American military contingent. Earlier in Badia was one of the largest training bases of the so-called Syrian Free Army.

It is easy to make a simple conclusion: if all the militants reach intact and safe to the named area, after a while they will appear at the front again, and the Assad army will again have to face them. Some kind of cycle of militants in nature ...

Comments from our readers:

The black
For Damascus - maybe, but in Syria the war will last a very long time ... Of the scattered and severed gangs, which are brought to the territories controlled by the United States and their accomplices, the Americans will be able to form large gangs and launch them with a new wave.
Although another option is possible. This whole gang can be transferred by the Americans to another region (to Central Asia, for example) in order to establish "democracy" there.

If we recall the history of the USSR, the Basmachis were finished off for a very long time. In Syria, the bandits are fed up, and the central government will still need time to strengthen.

Somehow, the expression "completely freed from terrorists" and "after some time they will" re-emerge "logically one and the other does not fit. Some kind of" patchwork "world with" holes "turns out like a ragged, rotten blanket in patches. Drag it for the ends - it will burst again in an unexpected place.

C-300, C-400, C-500

After the Israeli Air Force commanded that 10 on May 2018, an Israeli F-35I Adir was involved in a raid on Iranian facilities in Syria, articles appeared in the United States extolling the American fighter. Joe Pappalardo, the author of the publication Popular Mechanics, said that the Israeli F-35I fighter Adir could easily complete the mission due to the fact that the Russian C-300 air defense missile system located in Syria simply “did not notice”.

Syria, constantly subjected to rocket attacks from Israel, needs to strengthen air defense, recalls in the meantime another edition, “Military Watch”. And against the background of Russia's silence over the supply of C-300, Syria has three more sources capable of providing Damascus with longer-range anti-aircraft missiles. These are China, North Korea and Iran. At the same time, the Chinese anti-aircraft missile system HQ-9B is considered one of the most combat-capable in the world. Surpasses C-300, but does not reach the level of C-400.

While experts are talking about C-300 complexes, the US government has taken on opposition to C-400 supplies. US officials made it clear to India that they did not intend to allow indulgence on the CAATSA sanctions package for India when it bought Russian weapons. In Washington, it was reported that sanctions measures would be extended to countries that are going to buy weapons from Russia, including India.

But India is going to buy five C-400 air defense systems from Russia!

In the meantime, leading experts are discussing the Russian C-500 complexes.

Russia has always been distinguished by the reliability of its air defense systems, says Military Watch, and mentions C-125, C-200 and C-300, as well as C-400 Triumph. The launch of the newest Russian anti-aircraft missile system C-500 into mass production will be a real breakthrough!

Comments from our readers:

“The portal emphasizes that the C-500 could be the first anti-aircraft system in the world capable of repelling hypersonic rocket attacks.”
Much more important is the question not of what “may become the first,” but when it will be seen by the troops. That's when we create, test and adopt, then we will talk about something.

Hindus! Buy elephants only in the USA!

I strongly doubt that the Chinese counterpart is better than the C-300. He would then be taken like hot cakes. But for some reason they don’t take ... If she, as it is written here, didn’t reach C-400, the Chinese wouldn’t take C-400 from us. And they would rivet en masse. Because it does not reach - it means almost the same, but a little worse.

The right panicking is a well-founded panicking!

“The disturbing news about the pace of development of the ship’s air defense and missile defense systems in the Middle Kingdom and the United States poured into the World Wide Web in May 2018,” writes analyst E. Damantsev. “And if you take a close look at the state of things not from a hurray-patriotic point of view, but from the point of view of a real-life picture based on the performance characteristics of new equipment described by numerous foreign media, then the desire to disappear about unwarranted panicking will quickly disappear.”

What happened? How could panicking be justified, if panic in itself is an emotional impulse that has nothing to do with logic and comes from the instinctive depths of consciousness?

It turns out that analysts "reasonably" panic over the launch of the second promising Chinese destroyer of Type 055 missile control. The lead ship was launched last year, 28 June.

These sisterships are built on the Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard shipyard. In addition, four more destroyers of the new class are being built at the Dalian Shipbuilding Industry in Dalian, Liaoning Province, along with four new destroyers of a smaller displacement Type 052D. A pair of EMs under construction, the 055 Type from this “Dalian Four”, is also almost ready to be launched. The production rate of Chinese surface ships with a displacement of more than 7000 tons is staggering!

But in Russia, apparently, everything is not good enough. And then it’s really bad. The shipyard of Yantar Baltic Shipyard JSC, of ​​course, boasts accelerated launching of frigates of the Admiral Series of project 11356, designed to update the Black Sea fleet Russian Navy. But, alas, this only applies to launching and adopting the so-called first three ships of this type, which are actively involved in the Syrian Express. The commissioning of the Black Sea Fleet of the second three of these watchdogs (Admiral Butakov, Admiral Istomin and Admiral) is delayed right up to the early 2020s ...

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
Not only was it written with a pitchfork on the water even in the case of the start of construction, the end of it - beyond the horizon ... By 7 years we build SKRs. Apparently, it is easier for each destroyer of a potential enemy to make his “Dagger” and upgrade the carriers of the MiG-31.

He said many times, we have a continental country, not a sea one. The Navy (in its surface part) is funded on a residual basis. The primary task of our state is to protect the land. The marine zone is secondary. Surface ships are therefore being built in a coastal variant, so that they go under an umbrella of coastal missile defense. Here the submarine fleet is a component of the nuclear triad, they do not save on it. The same applies to promising aircraft carriers: they will not be either in the short or in the medium term.

Written a lot, read the morning tension. The overall message is all gone. I just do not understand - we have an ocean fleet, controls all? And he in the current alignment of forces with all cope? And in Antarctica? They say that Moscow was not built right away. Systematically, Russia is a continental country, it does not carry its goods by the seas, like China, it does not climb into all conflicts, like the USA. So why the cheek puff and compete with all? One cruiser, maybe, will receive the missile defense. Priorities, apparently, already affixed. The land part of this air defense-missile defense seems to be one. And, it seems, the manual is not conducted on the carrot of new star wars. For me, that's right.

On the edge of sofa criticism

Apparently, the new Russian weapon (aeroballistic hypersonic maneuvering combat equipment of the Avangard ICBM 15YU71, hypersonic aeroballistic rocket "Dagger" and so on) still scared not only foreign military and politicians, but transatlantic population.

The American media immediately responded to the fear of the people and the horror of the politicians. They responded with “analytical” publications: they say that these Russian novelties are not so terrible, they are stuck together on the knee and are held on one plasticine. In a word, crafts from kindergarten!

And nothing, that all Russian developments are under a big secret? Nothing! For foreign experts, there are no secrets today: they will generate an idea themselves, they will work it out, they will criticize themselves. Every such expert is his own general and his own design engineer!

Comments from our readers:

Uncle lee
The usual tactic is to downplay the capabilities of the weapon of the likely enemy. For complacency.

There is a thought that let them downplay:
1) will be calmer, even by self-deception;
2) underestimation of the means of potency. the opponent plays its own, often imperceptible, but no less important role.

Discussion of the performance of this weapon is reminiscent of fortune telling on the coffee grounds. Really nobody knows anything. No one has yet canceled secrecy ...

Who are the judges?

Mr Pompeo met with Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili. Apparently, no other main topic for negotiations could be found except for the topic of the Russian Federation. Mike Pompeo made it clear that Russia's recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia prevented the United States from drawing Georgia into NATO. However, it did not prevent to start the creation of military bases on its territory.

According to Mr. Pompeo, Russia "violates international law by carrying out a violent invasion of the territory of an independent state." “The United States strongly condemns the Russian occupation of an integral part of Georgia,” the American guest said.

Let's condemn something too. Anything American. Fortunately, there is no need to go far for examples. Enough recent history to remember.

We condemn the American forcible rejection of Kosovo from Serbia.

We condemn the US intervention in Libya, which violated international law.

We will condemn the actions of the American coalition in Syria - after all, no one invited these military forces to Syria.

As for Russia's recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008, this was done after the bloody adventure of Tbilisi, supported by the same Washington.

Comments from our readers:

Georgia itself has been occupied by Americans long ago - so what?

Georgia is a new state of Georgia, so this is not an occupation, it is an annexation!

Alexander, it turns out, our troops are already in the States? By the way, there some particularly hard-nosed people at first were convinced of this ...

Economic Geography News. Bulgaria - the energy center of south-eastern Europe

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev gave an interview to the Russian edition of Kommersant. The interview is timed to the visit of Radev to Russia. It is noteworthy that the upcoming meeting will be the first for the presidents of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation for 10 years. Earlier, Bulgarian leaders preferred the “correspondence” version of communication.

Rumen Radev said that cooperation in the supply of gas from Russia directly would be an ideal option for the Bulgarian economy. According to the head of state, official Sofia is interested in turning the country into an energy center in the south-east of the EU.

For fun, such a statement does not seem at all. Mr. Radev even titled his “project”:

I believe that Bulgaria needs direct gas supplies from the Russian Federation through the Black Sea. Call it the "Bulgarian stream."

How was Mr. Radev going to pull the pipe? Maybe right through the recalcitrant Brussels?

Recall that at one time it was the Bulgarian authorities that agreed with the opinion of Brussels: they say that the South Stream gas pipeline is not needed in Bulgaria.

Soon, individual “streams” will be divorced in Europe so much that they will have to be laid crosswise, dragged under water, underground, and raised into the stratosphere. Even "star streams" are not excluded. We will expect from Sofia new innovative proposals.

Comments from our readers:

No "bratushek." Only a normal commercial contract with guarantees.

Again, the Bulgarians stern wagged ... The main thing - do not overdo it with a wagging, and then the stern will tear the hell out of dogs.

Well, as one of the colleagues from the Belarusians mentioned, Farther is called multi-vector in geopolitics.
So nothing new. And small countries have always needed to maneuver in the fairways of the policies of larger states, this is not going anywhere. And the wiser was the ruler, the richer his country became, receiving their preferences.

Freud pink analysis

In the act of President Vladimir Putin, who presented a bouquet of roses to Angela Merkel, there is a “hidden meaning” that is offensive to the federal chancellor, writes the German newspaper Bild.

According to the author, the visit to Sochi, declared as a worker, actually turned out to be a fighting duel, an “exchange of blows” in which began “right on the threshold of the Sochi residence of Bocharov Ruchei”. Therefore, a bouquet presented to the chancellor is not at all what it seems: "It looks like a manifestation of politeness, but in fact it is an insult." Further, the journalist explained that "the world's leading politicians should shake hands, and not give bouquets." He is convinced: the flowers were needed, "to remind Merkel that she is a woman." For some reason, the author found this offensive.

Not otherwise, note, the journalist has sharpened the issue of tolerance.

In no case let us understand to the woman that she is a woman. Do not recognize her beauty or her weakness. Give her men's shoes, a black umbrella, a model tank or boxing gloves.

Be European tolerant!

Comments from our readers:

With their feminism, they all moved out there!

... But it has long been known to us
Love friends and friendship ladies! ..
(Mikhail Lermontov).

Schnapps bottle. Like, my boyfriend came to visit.

They have already forgotten which side and how to treat a woman.

The black
What a cheeky bouquet gave ... Whether Trump's business, cleaned Macron's dandruff, moved it by the handle, this is education!

Swedes cannot invade Russia, Switzerland and New Zealand

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported that any attempt to invade Russia was doomed to failure. The material of the Swedish journalists states that the troops invading Russia will be confronted not only by natural features (presence of numerous mountain ranges, large rivers, impassable swamps, permafrost, taiga), but also the human factor. It is noted that the Russians repeatedly faced invasions of their territory and gained immense experience in the war against any adversary.

It is noteworthy that the Swedish edition does not advise potential interventionists also to be sent to Switzerland and New Zealand. It is especially difficult to fight with the New Zealanders: the war with them will be the "nightmare of logistics"!

Why did the Swedes suddenly raised the topic of the invasion of Russia and New Zealand? Was it in Stockholm that threatened the Third World War and carefully chose the right enemy? In this case, the Military Review recommends the Vikings to clash with the Americans: Mr. Trump has long been concerned about finding a potential enemy.

Fighting with the United States, it is possible to practice in logistics. After defeating the Americans, New Zealand will surrender without a fight.

Comments from our readers:

Hunter 2
In my opinion, the Swedes are abusing alcohol when watching the series "Vikings"!

Russia is already proud of or Swiss offended? Or go buy Swedish beer with kiwi and Swiss cheese? Under the potato with fat goes well, and you might think, why not attack Sweden ...

The joke was remembered.
Pentagon. Trump and the generals are discussing when it is better to attack Russia. They can not come to a consensus when it is better to do to win.
We decided to ask those who have already attacked.
They ask the French: "When is it better to attack?"
The French respond: "We do not know, but certainly not in the winter ..."
Then ask the Germans: "When to attack?"
The Germans say: "We do not know, but certainly not in the summer."
Dead end. What to do? Someone suggests: let's ask the Chinese, they are the most advanced and cunning, they always come up with something ...
They ask: "The Chinese, well, when should we attack Russia to win?"
The Chinese answer: “Right now, immediately. The Russians are now building the Power of Siberia and the Turkish Stream, they are building the Vostochny cosmodrome, they will soon build a bridge to the Crimea, they have decided to restore BAM, they are building new stadiums for the World Cup 2018, the Arctic master them

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 May 2018 06: 37
    As always, thanks to Alexei, Oleg and the artist for the selection and providing us with a weekly review. Some events in LDNR, Syria and here in Russia have a place to be, and did not go unnoticed by the authors of VO.
    1. dSK
      dSK 27 May 2018 13: 56
      Quote: aszzz888
      Thanks to Alexey, Oleg and the artist as always

      The material of the Swedish journalists says that ... the Russians repeatedly faced invasions of their territory and gained vast experience in the war with any enemy.
      The Russian Empire was created under the slogan "For faith, king and fatherland!" Everything is restored and the king (not formal) we already have.

      With Holy Trinity Orthodox participants of the "Military Review"!
      1. tlSver4-KL (tat)
        tlSver4-KL (tat) 28 May 2018 11: 18
        Thank you.
        Sergey, dsk
        Happy Trinity Day!
        "And any creation of God
        Saying Prayer Aloud /
        Glorify Eternal Unity -
        GOD is the FATHER, GOD is SON and GOD is SPIRIT! "
  2. izya top
    izya top 27 May 2018 06: 41
    Ukrainian media are trying to beat each other over who will pour more dirt on the topic of Russia's open movement on the Crimean bridge or on the bridge itself.

    In no case do not let a woman understand that she is a woman.

    1. Vard
      Vard 27 May 2018 06: 53
      Recently there was an opportunity to compare Czech beer with German ... Now it’s clear why Merkel has such a gloomy attitude towards reality ...
  3. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 27 May 2018 07: 00
    Serious and significant events of the week were successfully summed up by the authors, and I would like to focus on simple, everyday. Squat in front of the monitor and "about the affairs of our mournful" slander ...

    I will not focus on the past SPIEF-2018 and add tar to a large barrel of honey. Things are good!!! Gathered, talked, decided how much and how long the noodles should be hung up during this and next year to our "nearby" (not in terms of closeness and kinship, but in terms of the mind) people and satisfied went home.

    I have doubts that these gatherings, lodges and talkers will benefit ordinary citizens or pay back the costs of holding. If someone doubts, I can give my reasons. Do you know what the chairman of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, fostered by "Our Home - Russia" and fed up to today's size by "United Russia" Alexander Shokhin, was an inconspicuous gentleman (inconspicuous in terms of activities and fruits of work, visible to the eye and benefiting) wearing dark glasses ? What 338 industrialists and entrepreneurs working for the good of the Fatherland did he manage to organize, and what is their share in 000% of Russia's GDP growth? Yes, and "celery" would be with members of this clan, but the very word "industrialist", as it seemed to me, in the name of this union, as well as the colors of the Russian tricolor in the emblem, are indirectly related to them. An industrialist, a factory owner - an owner, an entrepreneur who manages and organizes a plant, a factory, as well as handicraft, craftwork or any another industrial enterprise. I very much doubt questions not so much about the legality and availability of funds of “Russian industrialists” as in the presence of their desire to organize (create) factories, factories, artisanal enterprises and industrial enterprises for these “own” means. Banks, trading sectors on a buy-sell basis - this is their credo. As for the use of the colors of the Russian flag in the emblem, their location makes one doubt that this flag is in an upright position. But the very phenomenon of this Christian people does not affect the increase in GDP growth. If it does, then only on the size of capital exported from Russia?

    See how the issues of economic recovery in the USSR were resolved, compare the situation and the results:

    Until 1928, the USSR pursued a relatively liberal New Economic Policy (NEP). While agriculture, retail, services, food and light industries were largely in private hands, the state retained control over heavy industry, transport, banks, wholesale and international trade. State enterprises competed with each other, the role of the USSR State Planning Committee was limited to forecasts that determined the direction and size of public investment.

    From a foreign policy point of view, the country was in a hostile environment. In the opinion of the leadership of the CPSU (b), there was a high probability of a new war with the capitalist states, which required a thorough rearmament. However, it was impossible to start such rearmament immediately due to the backwardness of heavy industry. At the same time, the existing rates of industrialization seemed insufficient, as the lag behind Western countries, which also had an economic recovery, increased. The rise in urban unemployment was a serious problem.

    In this situation, at the XVI All-Russian Conference of the CPSU (b), the first five-year plan for the development of the national economy of the USSR was developed and adopted. It was adopted in 1928 for a five-year period of 1928-1932, and completed in four years and three months. As a result of its implementation, the USSR from an agrarian country turned into an industrial country.

    How could the authorities in the person of the president respond to the need for a “breakthrough"? On May 7, regular May decrees were signed. For example:

    9. The Government of the Russian Federation, when implementing, together with state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, a national program in the field of increasing labor productivity and supporting employment, ensure in 2024:
    a) achievement of the following goals and targets:
    labor productivity growth at medium and large enterprises of basic non-resource sectors of the economy not less than 5 percent per year;
    attracting at least 10 constituent entities of the Russian Federation to participate in the implementation of this national program annually;
    involvement in the implementation of this national program of at least 10 thousand medium and large enterprises of basic non-resource sectors of the economy;

    In the ranking of labor productivity, Russia is in 34th place, which fell last year. Russian labor productivity is less than $ 5,6 / hour. In this ranking, skillfully using the instruction of Suvorov's “Science to Win” - “Not by Number, but by Skill”, Luxembourg came in first place with the indicator $ 67,8 / hour. Labor productivity depends on many factors, the main of which are: the number of employees in the enterprise, which creates the final product and the mechanization of the production process. The task set by Putin will make it possible to make labor productivity in the country in 2024:
    5 x 6x1,05x1,05x1,05x1,05x1,05 = 7,5 $ / hour !!! fellow And, if you see, in the first place the figure is 67 $ / hour.
    How not to tear the world economy to shreds and not enter the top five countries in terms of GDP.

    This week, in a case of a fire in the Winter Cherry, Arkady Mamontov, the former head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry for Emergencies in the Kemerovo Region, was taken into custody. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation works, which established the ownership of the Mamont cottage in Serebryany Bor, another country house and six apartments, which, according to the neighbors, were rented out. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of Mamontov’s suburban housing is estimated at about 35 rubles with an aggregate annual income of the family (his and his wife) of over 000 million small rubles. Mamontov spent 000 years as chief. "Silver Forest" was created on the site of a pine forest, which was a landmark of the city. The village is closed, fenced, designed for 2 houses (seats), there is security. So “modestly”, but with taste, lived and continue to live the “best” people of the city deserved by the trust of ex-governor Tuleyev.

    At the beginning of the week, a media flashed in the media (possibly in connection with the eightieth anniversary of the defendant), in which I was most excited about the fate of the Russian inventor, who, together with his discoveries, was not in demand in the USSR, when he created the best processor in Zelenograd in 1967 The world, which has no analogues, is not in demand even now, when all his thoughts are aimed at "surviving." I will give an excerpt from his letter to the president:
    “Dear Citizen President! Let me remind you that the production of any traditional products in Russia is unprofitable even with equal labor productivity due to geographical features. Only innovative production can be profitable if the prime cost is not more than half the market price. In 1990-1991, I made such inventions, and the welding machines were 3-5 times lighter. But a rare chance for Russia was missed. And from Southeast Asia went variable weight 12-14 kg, "tracing-paper" from my devices. In the Polytechnic Museum is my device 6,5 kg (if not stolen yet). Now I have invented “quasi-constants,” which again give a 1/3 chance of prime cost from constant. I get in touch with manufacturing plants, but over and over again they turn out to be “raiders,” whose goal is not to make money at all, but to destroy the enterprise. They are not independent, their owners are hiding behind them. Now I have an idea that it is possible to reduce the weight of “quasi-constants” by another half. This is not obvious, and therefore it will be an invention. If it will be. And if there is an inventor himself. How can this be done really, if I am a homeless person, Moscow officials have stolen an apartment, I can’t fight them. The homeless have no address and connection. How to implement the invention? "

    Let's look at ourselves from the side. How many people sitting on the forum can say that they are equally talented and have the same (greater) merit? Judging by the spelling and "hehe he-kanyu" - few. This is how time passes - week after week. And we are in a hurry, in a hurry to do something new, our own, such that no one has done before us ...fellow But in the end it turns out ...No. It turns out a small portion of warm air with an unpleasant odor or dash between two dates ...

    Hurray !!! Next week is summer ...
    1. ANCIENT
      ANCIENT 27 May 2018 07: 24
      ROSS 42 hi We have enough talented and smart people, and there are such and such people on the site, but .... most of us just really disappointed in the authorities buried our talents forever! Alas, such is our reality that a person can realize himself only outside country, or anywhere else! !! PS-summer is not only a date on the calendar, but also a state of mind! So with the beginning of summer, you and all of us! !!
      1. evil partisan
        evil partisan 27 May 2018 11: 34
        Quote: ANCIENT
        Alas, such is our reality that a person can only realize himself outside the country, or anywhere else!

        Stop the panic! stop It's time to stop living the stereotypes of the 90s. request I work in a very high-tech company. One of the factors that invites young people is the ability to realize their talents. Yes And electronic engineers, and designers, and programmers and just physicists lol .
        I myself was invited twice to work abroad: in 1988 in Australia (I did not agree, it’s hot ...) and in 1991 in South Africa (my wife did not go, blacks ... that which was not even discussed ...) . There was no relation to self-realization ...
        Normally, young people are now paid in a normal enterprise. Right away. so: put aside the panic !! am
        Hello, epic! drinks
        1. Murlyka cat
          Murlyka cat 27 May 2018 13: 47
          For the young, the appearance of payment was made (for some of their own), but for the elderly !? Their old deputies do not count !!! ???
          1. evil partisan
            evil partisan 27 May 2018 13: 49
            Quote: CatMurlyka
            For young people, they made a kind of prostate (for some of their own), but for the elderly !? His old Jewish tats do not count !!! ???

            I read this creation 3 times and didn’t understand X ... what
            Is it possible on points and for stupid? feel
        2. tlSver4-KL (tat)
          tlSver4-KL (tat) 28 May 2018 11: 39
          Evil partisan.
          It seems that you are working at the enterprise "NANO", with the red cat stolen with a constant grin, Russia has greenbacks.
    2. BAI
      BAI 27 May 2018 09: 41
      In this rating, skillfully using the instruction of Suvorov's “Science to Win” - “Not by Number, but by Skill”, Luxembourg came in first place with an indicator of $ 67,8 / hour.

      And let me curiosity that Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, which joined it (both have a per capita GDP of more than $ 100 - the first and second place in the world) produce with such productivity?
      It seems that Monaco has achieved the same success in production (per capita).
      1. faridg7
        faridg7 27 May 2018 11: 22
        Quote: BAI
        what does Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, which adjoins it (with both per capita GDPs above $ 100 - the first and second place in the world) produce such productivity?

        Like money. They, just according to Marx, reached the upper stages of the development of capitalism, and established a clean production of money from money, not bothering with the intermediate production of goods — that is, inflate the money bubble, and judging by statistics, they became the foremost in this
  4. evil partisan
    evil partisan 27 May 2018 07: 16
    Tbilisi is trying to prove that on August 10, 2008, at dawn, the Georgian side ceased fire; moreover, she left the combat zone and on August 11 already defended the approaches of Tbilisi,
    When you bark at Russia, you need to keep in mind that you can lose your front teeth. This is at least. And the plus is also the territories ... And the maximum. Russia has not yet shown anyone ...
    Yes. A column in Tbilisi was led by a graduate of our school S. Deryabin. He has long been a colonel Yes . Now, maybe the general ... what
    1. izya top
      izya top 27 May 2018 07: 25
      Happy holiday, Shmulik hi
      read the other day Perlin?
      It is promised that the infamous English fans who have united several clubs with this holy goal to pounce on our championship, but I don’t know, I don’t know, in my opinion attacking our fans, and even in our territory is a bad idea ... It’s much safer to riot police give a pendal, in this case, even the consequences are predictable, though sad ... But, while the fans are boasting about it going to the army, let's see what happens when the srati go ...
      1. evil partisan
        evil partisan 27 May 2018 07: 29
        Pgivet, Iznka! drinks
        Quote: izya top
        let's see what happens
        What will happen ... Here's what will happen:

  5. Altona
    Altona 27 May 2018 08: 49
    Quote: Vard
    Recently there was an opportunity to compare Czech beer with German ... Now it’s clear why Merkel has such a gloomy attitude towards reality ...

    Czech low alcohol and sour, German stronger and with a pleasant bitterness. And Merkel is likely to drink schnapps, so this.
  6. Grandfather Makar
    Grandfather Makar 27 May 2018 09: 47
    Alive Russia brother Slavs! All Orthodox on a holiday ..

    Orthodoxy and faith have always saved Mother Russia! And this time we will break through ..
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 27 May 2018 11: 18
      Quote: Ded-Makar
      And this time we will break through ..

      Meehan! hi
      I'm ready to break through Yes . Just tell me where! wassat Or, through whom ... feel
      1. Grandfather Makar
        Grandfather Makar 27 May 2018 11: 35
        Quote: wicked partisan
        Quote: Ded-Makar
        And this time we will break through ..

        Meehan! hi
        I'm ready to break through Yes . Just tell me where! wassat Or, through whom ... feel

        So far, we are just working for the good of the Motherland! And the order will come and then we will tear .. hehe

        They know all this .. When will the Russians be brought! soldier
        We know how to water everyone!
        1. neofit962
          neofit962 27 May 2018 12: 28
          Remind whom we alone soaked ??
          1. evil partisan
            evil partisan 27 May 2018 13: 46
            Quote: neofit962
            Remind us who we dunked alone?

            Napoleon, for example ... feel
            1. Boris55
              Boris55 27 May 2018 14: 39
              Quote: wicked partisan
              Napoleon, for example ...

              And they beat the zheks, but you never know who else.
              1. evil partisan
                evil partisan 27 May 2018 14: 54
                Quote: Boris55

                And they beat the zheks, but you never know who else.

                Yes it is clear. Just Napoleon is the most striking example. Yes
                hi drinks
          2. region58
            region58 27 May 2018 13: 55
            Quote: neofit962
            Remind whom we alone soaked ??

            Are you talking about it? wink
        2. tlSver4-KL (tat)
          tlSver4-KL (tat) 28 May 2018 11: 51
          Grandfather Makar, Happy Trinity Day!
          Happy Holy Spirit!
          - break through ... "as our brothers .. broke through .., in that
          hand-to-hand combat. "
          As reminds:
          "It was annoying, they were waiting for the fight,
          Grumbling old men ..
          ............ Do not dare, perhaps, the commanders
          strangers tear uniforms
          O Russian bayonets! "
          1. Grandfather Makar
            Grandfather Makar 28 May 2018 12: 15
            Quote: tlSver4-KL (tat)
            Grandfather Makar, Happy Trinity Day!
            Happy Holy Spirit!
            - break through ... "as our brothers .. broke through .., in that
            hand-to-hand combat. "
            As reminds:
            "It was annoying, they were waiting for the fight,
            Grumbling old men ..
            ............ Do not dare, perhaps, the commanders
            strangers tear uniforms
            O Russian bayonets! "

            Today is Tatyana Border Guard Day!
  7. AshiSolo
    AshiSolo 29 May 2018 00: 27
    Oeeh as Shapkozakitelno ... But users VO shavat. Like about mushrooms. Purely the military ...