Who is our Stirlitz: Trump or Merkel?

On May 18 in Sochi, Merkel came to Putin on a working visit, almost straight from Washington after meeting Trump. Old McCain, even though he has cancer of the brain, is not at all wrong when he accuses Trump of "colluding with Putin." McCain knows that Trump is not an agent of his Democracy Foundation, like Hillary Clinton, but then whose agent is he? McCain thinks about it with pain, and here Merkel also runs between Trump and Putin - as a liaison.

A promising statement was made in this regard by the Minister of Economy of Germany, Peter Altmayer, a special trustee for Chancellor Angela Merkel: “If the United States defends its own economic interests, Europeans should do the same. Europe will fight for their interests. ” Is this what Merkel wants to compete with Trump for the role of “Putin’s agent”?

What is happening is more than a “deal” with McCain: Trump's policy and its economic advisers, “making America great again,” are just at hand in Moscow! They do it in such a way that “they make Putin great again, driving the Iranian wedge between Europe and the USA”, destroying the transatlantic unity, writes in unison the globalist press on both sides of the Atlantic.

Trumpovaya America is fighting for their own interests, and Russia is the winner. If Europe starts to fight for its own interests, Russia will be a double winner. This was noticed by Bild, although he was distinguished by a considerable hatred for Russia, highlighting Merkel’s visit to Sochi: “Putin showed who is the boss on the world political scene.”

CIA ex-head Mike Hayden, that is, a very knowledgeable person, said in an interview with the German edition of Spiegel: “Donald Trump managed to impose his will on Britain, France and Germany, but the short-term victory will cost the United States. We have angered our best friends, and the collapse of transatlantic relations, and the confrontation between Europe and the USA will happen. ” Spiegel agreed with Hayden and after Trump’s destruction of the Iranian deal came out with the headline: “There is no more West!”

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, as always, went the farthest in Europe: "We must replace the United States with ourselves." He is echoed by the chairman of the European Council, the European Donald of Polish origin Tusk: “The US has rid the EU of illusions, with such a friend there are no enemies. And what does all this mean?

Trump dumps the ballast in the form of her dear European "allies", as Russia once dropped her ballast as expensive "friends" from the Warsaw bloc and even the fraternal Union republics, which for some reason rebuilt better than the central regions of Russia.

The Iranian demarche of the United States, it seems, was the beginning of a change of epochs in transatlantic relations. It is completely incomprehensible how Trampov's US pressure on Iran will end, that’s why Obama agreed to a nuclear agreement with Iran, because military and economic pressure on him cannot give anything. What has changed since Obama? Nothing ... So Europeans are suspicious that the Iranian move of Trump and his economic advisors is just a pretext to throw Europe: to damage it, breaking off lucrative contracts with Iran, and otherwise imposing sanctions against Europe. And somehow solve the economic problems of America at the expense of Europe.

Trump's special approach to Germany, which he separately threatens with sanctions for the construction of the Nord Stream - 2 with Russia. Without cheap Russian pipe gas, the German industry is waiting for a catastrophe, a loss of competitiveness, so Peter Altmaier is set to fight for this very competitiveness of Europe, having Germany in mind, and Merkel is diving between Trump and Putin.

This is understood in America: the globalist The Washington Post rightly blames Trump for "neglecting Europe": "The one-sided withdrawal of the US from a nuclear treaty with Iran destroys the transatlantic alliance, Europe has ceased to be nice to the US." But the American globalists apparently lost the party to Trump, the terrible investigation by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller of Trump's “conspiracy with Putin” failed. This is evidenced, by the way, by Rex Tillerson’s resignation.

With the dismissal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as it turned out, an ardent globalist and demagogue, Trump seems to have celebrated his victory over globalists. Trump’s excuse was the “Skrypal’s case,” in which the Secretary of State got ahead of the president, but the reason for his dismissal “on Twitter” was “democracy with globalism”. Tillerson recently got his revenge on Trump in the Globalist Truth - The New York Times: "The crisis of ethics and integrity has put American democracy at risk." Integrity coupled with democracy - this is the ideology of globalism, which prevents Trump from "making America great again."

In the "60 minutes" occurred historical the dispute between Nikolai Platoshkin and Nikita Isaev: SP-2 will be built, the first one claims, SP-2 won't be built, the second one claims. We live in an amazing time: soon we all will find out the answer to this really fundamental question for relations between Europe (Germany) and the USA. Such times ...
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  1. +1
    25 May 2018 06: 19
    Nord Stream -2 will be built. This is what the leading EU player, namely Germany, wants, and Merkel clearly makes this clear. The joint venture project is not tied to sanctions either to Minsk-2, and any attempts to do the opposite have failed.
    1. +1
      25 May 2018 08: 55
      SP-2 will not be built. You will see. wink
      1. +1
        25 May 2018 12: 56
        Quote: Sergey 777
        SP-2 will be built

        Quote: Monster_Fat
        SP-2 will not be built

        SP-2 Schrödinger)
        1. 0
          25 May 2018 16: 44
          Ahhh ... About the "Schrödinger" ....
    2. +1
      25 May 2018 15: 27
      Quote: Sergey 777
      Nord Stream -2 will be built. This is what the leading EU player, namely Germany, wants, and Merkel clearly makes this clear. The joint venture project is not tied to sanctions either to Minsk-2, and any attempts to do the opposite have failed.

      There, from the leading EU countries, not only Germany is interested in the JV-2.
    3. 0
      27 May 2018 11: 40
      Judging by the photo, Putin studied the habits of German Frau well. It was as if he met a friend of his friend, and she was glad to meet. winked
  2. +1
    25 May 2018 10: 40
    We can say with confidence that our Stirlitz is not at all where American democrats and German Russophobes are trying to find him.
    1. +1
      25 May 2018 12: 21
      - You Stirlitz see?
      - No...
      - And I do not see, but he is ...
      1. 0
        26 May 2018 22: 32
        I still did not understand who Andropov worked for.
      2. 0
        27 May 2018 11: 47
        Stirlitz does not have to be a full-time agent. But they can do almost anyone doing useful things for the "partner" without even realizing it. When politicians do this, this is the highest class of excellence. But there is also a certain coincidence of a series of accidents, and this is also “shtirlits”, but situational. Both of us and others are suitable for us. lol
  3. 0
    25 May 2018 10: 56
    Either they will build an SP-2, or not. The overall probability is 100%. The probability of each is 50%. I recall a joke about a blonde and a dinosaur.
  4. 0
    25 May 2018 12: 19
    SP - 2 has already begun to build its ground stations, so the correct question is: when will they be completed? Here may be options.
    1. +1
      25 May 2018 13: 20
      Quote: Victor Kamenev
      SP - 2 has already begun to build, its ground stations, so the right question is: when will it be completed?

      This is not an indicator, the Turkish stream was also built for fanfare, and then they began to dispose of two branches.
  5. +3
    25 May 2018 15: 26
    And so everything is clear-Trump-Stirlitz, and Merkel-Kat.
  6. 0
    25 May 2018 15: 33
    Tell me, do they accept bets somewhere?
    I would bet that they will build.
  7. +2
    25 May 2018 22: 11
    Who is our Stirlitz: Trump or Merkel?
    This is not so fundamental. Much more important is who their "Stirlitz" is with us, and perhaps "their name is Legion!" wassat
  8. 0
    26 May 2018 12: 39
    Who is our Stirlitz: Trump or Merkel?

    "Babu Yaga needs to be raised in his team." Cheaper, politically savvy, and values ​​its historical roots. And on the panels what is just not there, just don't ask for quality.
  9. 0
    26 May 2018 14: 22
    (Peter Altmayer, especially confidant of Chancellor Angela Merkel: “If the United States defends its own economic interests, Europeans should do the same. Europe will fight for its interests. ” This is what: Merkel, as it were, wants to compete with Trump for the role of "agent Putin"?)

    But what, it is very possible if the "Europeans" listen to the proposals of the President of the Russian Federation on the introduction of trade calculations in regional currencies.
    1. 0
      29 May 2018 11: 12
      One way or another, but the turn of Europe to the East has already begun, and this is soooo disliked by the mattresses, there will be provocations at the European theater of events.
  10. 0
    29 May 2018 19: 00
    Once pianist Merck was not so close to failure.

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