Military Review

The results of the week. "You will eat cream of margot, batiste footcloths to wear ..."

Part I. Order of the Gorbachev and Churov

Price of victory

In anticipation of the celebration of the Great Victory Day, a remarkable poll was conducted in Russia. The main theme of this survey was: “Do you support the celebration of May 9?” It would seem that the question itself was somewhat provocative and was able to lead to such freedom of thought that historical the truth about the role of victory over fascism could once again be distorted. The results of the survey showed that 90% of respondents consider May 9 to be a universal holiday, while 10% said that the money spent on marches, parades and entertainment should be used to improve the living standards of Russian citizens. In Moscow, the percentage of those “in need” of money (instead of the Victory Parade) reached 13%.

Let's try to figure out the numbers. The Moscow authorities report that they will spend about 9 million rubles on the Victory parade and festive processions that will be held on 100 May. If we consider that the permanent population of the capital is about 11,6 of millions of inhabitants, then by dividing the funds allocated to all Muscovites, it turns out that 8 kopecks per brother is equal to 60 rubles. Well, okay, so be it, delete from the list of the President with the Prime Minister, ministers, deputies of the Moscow City Duma and fifty oligarchs. The amount of funds for "improving" the standard of living of an ordinary Muscovite "sharply" increases to 8 rubles as much as 75 kopecks!

In this regard, it is worth making a proposal to hold the action: those who do not see the need to celebrate 9 on May need only indicate their home address or bank card number, and we will send a money transfer in their name in the amount of 8 rubles. 75 cop Let them improve their lives - we don’t feel sorry ... Apparently this is the price of victory for the very 13% of respondents ...

And on these 8-75 you can buy either a roll of toilet paper or a white ribbon. Well, if everything is clear with a roll, then you will have to walk carefully with a white ribbon - suddenly the carrier of this attribute is the face of the “male” sex at the age from 18 to 27 years, and also evading military service, and the police at rallies no longer slumbering, but looking for draft dodgers ...

How Lithuanian deputies of Russia turned on the counter

The Lithuanian authorities decided to recall school arithmetic and count the debts, but not theirs, but those that, according to Lithuanian parliamentarians, should be repaid by Russia during the years of “inhuman occupation” of the Baltic republic. The deputies-nationalists of the Lithuanian Seimas Casimiras Walk and Gintaras Songaila got their calculators. After a series of calculations, the “two comrades” came to the conclusion that Russia owes Lithuania, not a lot, a little, 834 billion dollars. Everything is up to a billion ... In other words, Moscow, in the opinion of overly mathematically developed Lithuanian deputies, should be aware of its entire "occupying" essence and help independent Lithuanians in their further striving for great democratization. Only gentlemen Walk and Songhayl seem to forget or are completely unaware of the fact that during the time when the Lithuanian SSR was part of the Soviet Union, Moscow only did that it actively financed its “western shop window”. So maybe deputies' calculators are pretty much coaxing - maybe it is just right for Russia to demand the return of the huge funds that were allocated to Lithuania during the years of the “occupation” as an aid for its development.

The exposition of the park Grutas. This is a huge territory in the forest nepodal from the Lithuanian resort of Druskininkai, where the borders of Lithuania, Belarus and Poland meet. There are hundreds of sculptures of the Soviet period, as well as objects of Soviet life, samples of printed materials of those times, various badges, orders, military equipment and another thousand and one signs of our common past ...

It is noteworthy that the Lithuanians included the need for dismantling from Russia of the Ignalina nuclear power plant stopped in the 834 year by the indicated 2009 billion dollars. They say that the Russians built, the Russians should be dismantled. And Lithuania, they say, does not need a peaceful atom, all of a sudden the events in Chernobyl and Fukushima are repeated. Well, and Lithuanians can, as hundreds of years ago, live at the curse ...

Following the logic of Lithuanian lawmakers, maybe Russia should dismantle in Lithuania and other objects that were built with the common money of Soviet taxpayers. And this includes residential areas of the Union of Lithuanian Composers, the building of the Palace of Art Exhibitions of the Lithuanian capital, hundreds of residential buildings of ordinary Lithuanians in other cities of the republic, and even the building of the Government of Lithuania. Why? Since Ignalina NPP is proposed to be put under Russian bulldozers, then maybe all other “hated” Soviet buildings should be destroyed, so as not to waste time. Stupid? - stupid! But, is it not silly to charge Russia with a strange bill for the fact that we once lived in one big country and did not consider who, to whom, for what, and how much it should.

Reward boom

Not long ago, a remarkable state awards ceremony was held. Such individuals as Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Churov were among the winners. In the presentation, each of them, of course, does not need, but in the description of the awards - yes. So, CEC Chairman Churov was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky, and the President of the USSR, Gorbachev, the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called for outstanding state services. Awards have found their heroes ...

And about these awards, a real discussion flared up in society. However, we will not question the feasibility of the awards by the Russian leadership, but just a little dip into the history of the orders.

Let's start with the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called, which until the 1917 of the year was generally the highest state award ...

So, Mikhail Sergeyevich is far from being the only holder of this order, whose state merits, to put it mildly, can be discussed long and hard. Before the inventor of perestroika, such an award was awarded at various times, among others: Hetman Mazepa (through 8 years after the award of Peter I the hetman deprived the award) and Napoleon Bonaparte (1807). Maybe with such an award, the Russian authorities would like to emphasize Mikhail Sergeyevich’s peculiar continuity in the affairs of Mazepa and Napoleon connected with Russia ... If so, then a hint of a certain similarity between the positions of the President of the USSR and the historical figures mentioned above is very subtle ...

Now about the awarded Vladimir Churov. It would seem, for what the Chairman of the CEC can be awarded? It turns out that for some special services to the Fatherland, which on the part of the Fatherland itself passed at best unnoticed. It is surprising that a similar award was also found by the deputy Churov for the CEC - Stanislav Vavilov. Apparently, for two these people did something for Russia that could not be noted except for the two orders of Alexander Nevsky ... And if today Vladimir Churov goes for a walk along the street, pinning all his orders on his chest, then even veterans who took Berlin ... Here we have this order bearer of the CEC. Why are there the chairman ... We have the entire CEC - the most order-bearing CEC in the world!

However, the epic with high state awards did not end there. In turn, Vladimir Churov himself has already decided to make a kind of alaverdy and present the honorary badge “For merits in the organization of elections” to Vladislav Surkov during the week. What exactly is so monumental that Mr. Surkov did for organizing elections in Russia is not reported. Maybe he set a record time to view all records from polling stations in Russia without exception? .. Or maybe Vladislav Yuryevich himself stood at the printing press and stamped millions of ballots? ..

It remains to wait for news of who and what order Vladislav Surkov will hand over now, so that the series of awards will never stop. Or maybe, in this way, we decided to simply arrange “rewarding happiness”: he received the order himself - reward 10 others ...

Part II. Geopolitics finally merged with pornography, and in America everything was gone

Porn news

The geopolitical pornography is multiplying in the world with breakneck speed. Then twelve agents Yabeda-Koryabeda The US Secret Service will be noted in “inappropriate behavior” in Colombia, a scandal with a dancer in Brazil pops up, in which three American marines and one embassy employee participated, then it suddenly turns out that the secret agents got drunk and were indignant not only in Colombia, but also in El Salvador, then accusations against the unfortunate reveler of Strauss-Kahn, who probably no longer remembers who he is, will fall down again: either the former director of the IMF, or the pimp, or the rapist who trades in expensive hotels.

A new geopolitical porno story, however, of a slightly different kind, happened the other day in Germany. German federal officials found 141 a hidden file on a memory card taken from Maksud L., arrested a year ago on suspicion of complicity with terrorists. All files were password protected and hidden by special software, which made them almost invisible. However, officers of the Federal Criminal Police, after a long search, found them ... in a pornographic video. The porn folder was called “KickAss” - and in it, the encrypted files from Al-Qaida were stored in the “SexyTanja” subdirectory.

A whole year from federal officials went to search for files, probably because the Germans are not as greedy as the Americans and the French - and at first did not pay attention to pornoroliki. The German Federal Criminal Police is a serious institution. This is not the US Secret Service or any IMF.

"Secret materials"

In America - the next major loss of classified material. Writes The Washington TimesThe National Archives and Records Administration in Washington missed several dozen boxes of secret materials, including forty boxes of top-secret files from the Office of the Secretary of the Secretary of Defense and records from several offices of the US Navy.

The results of the week. "You will eat cream of margot, batiste footcloths to wear ..."

What a year that the Germans spent searching for files! .. The Inspector General of the National Archives Directorate counted the American boxes and then investigated the missing for three years. Finally, a copy of the report went to the press.

The inspector general is not the first to record the loss of top-secret documents from the archive. Previous checks carried out in 1998 and 2004 have also revealed leaks. However, officials from the National Archives Directorate claim that several dozen boxes are utter nonsense, because every year 250.000 introduces new boxes into the National Center. The whole thing is in the wrong data: one counted badly, the other wrote indistinctly. In short, America will not worry: in place of the old boxes will put new ones. In the States, such a solution to the problem is called “chronic ignoring”. Why have only been working hard for three years?

The American Aerospace Agency (NASA), represented by its inspector general, as well as the National Archives Directorate, represented by its inspector, is not particularly worried about forty-eight unencrypted computers. Just as many laptops in 2010-2011. they stole from the employees of the organization either Chinese hackers (who have long owned the launch codes of the ISS), or international terrorists. NASA also adheres to the principle of “chronic disregard.”

America in general - a country unreliable. Not only secret materials and laptops are lost there, but also gold bullion. At least, the Germans found their desperate gold in the basements of the Fed. Jack Gutt, spokesman for the Fed Vice President, told the reporter a couple of months ago "Bilda" To Ralph Schuler, that German gold is supposed to be “in some of these 122 steel barred compartments. I can say nothing more. ”

So, dozens of laptops disappear in NASA (with the ISS, I suppose, Chinese hackers have been running for a long time), it is not so easy to find gold in the US Federal Reserve System, and completely secret materials disappear from the National Archives.

"In the National Archives of the United States," reports ITAR-TASS- A total of about 10 billion pages of text documents, 12 million maps and drawings, 25 million photographs and graphics, 24 million aerial photographs, 300 thousand movie rolls, 400 thousand video and audio recordings, 133 terabytes collected electronic data. The American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which constitute the country's main national wealth, are also stored here. ”

This is according to the inventories. But the suspicion is growing that all that remains of the robbed Americans is indeed their “main national treasure”: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Everything else has long been overseas - in various places, where America, as if forgetting about its own house, is about democracy.

By the way, Barack Obama recently took a calculator and considered that a war in a foreign Afghanistan for ten years has cost the States more than a trillion dollars, not counting thousands of dead soldiers. And the American president came up with a sensible thought: from now on, it’s not to start a war, but to spend money to cover the home budget deficit, to repair roads, bridges, runways and much more useful. It is a pity that Obama armed himself with a calculator only now, before the elections, and not in the 2008 year. Having won elections, politicians just as easily forget about their promises and promises, like students - theorems after exams.

And now Obama's promises to repair roads and bridges look like only a weak antithesis to Mitt Romney’s vigorous election slogans ...

Breivik extended his hand to the ultra-right Russians because of the lattice, but they refused to shake it

The famous Anders Breivik, who invented the strategy of terrorist acts while playing World of Warcraft, has long been torn from the Norwegian terrorists to cosmopolitan ones.

As you know, this killer is the author of the manifesto "2083 - European Declaration of Independence", occupying as many as fifteen hundred pages. The manifesto was posted on the Web before the explosion in Oslo and then, after the attacks, hit the media.

However, to call Breivik the author is to artificially inflate the glory of a terrorist. The text, partly representing the diary of Breivik, is full of quotes from Mao Zedong and Niccolò Machiavelli. Themselves "program theses" relating to the "struggle", the Norwegian copied from Ted Kaczynski, he's Unabomber.

"Manifesto" to this day has not lost popularity in decaying Western Europe. In Denmark, one theater is planning to play on it. AND will put. In Denmark - freedom of speech and creativity.

The other day, Anders Breivik, who in his Manifesto called for a struggle against Marxism and Islamism, decided to establish contact with the ultra-right Russians from the prison cell. The lawyer of the defendant, Tord Jorde, says that Anders is already creating a network of Russian ultra-right supporters who support him, called the Russian Support Network. Now this “network” is allegedly working on translating the 1500 pages of the “Manifesto” into Russian.

Are the ultra-right Russians so ignorant that they translate Machiavelli from Norwegian? Not at all.

Recently Dmitriy Demushkin, the leader of the “Russians” association, said that no one supports his organization of contacts with Breivik and is not going to establish them either.

By the way, Russians are only a part of Breivik’s cosmopolitan venture. With his ideas he is going to cover the whole of Europe. The terrorist, as the radio station "Freedom", receives letters with bags - so much that they cannot read everything, and the staff of the Ipa prison do not have time to look at them and translate them.

Breivik even managed to become the face of the Finnish hockey team - albeit temporarily by mistake of local officials. A huge poster with portraits of hockey players was placed in front of the arena in the Finnish capital, and anyone who wished could send a picture via the Internet, which would then be applied to the face of one of the Finnish national team players. It would seem, who is not pleased to see himself, beloved? .. But then it turned out that some people enjoy looking at Breivik. In addition to the latter, by the way, the face of a Finn, Nikita Fugantin, the killer of smaller caliber, fell on a giant poster: this one took the lives of only three.

With such popularity, Breivik, declaring himself sane, may well earn mania grandiosa - and in June, you see, and the court finds him mentally ill and will relieve him of prison.

Do Russians want war? ..

In Estonia, there is a special Security Police - more precisely, the Department of Defense Police - Kaitsepolitseiamet in Estonian. This Department, or Kapo, protects the constitutional order in the country, fights against terrorism to the best of its abilities and, along the way, and with the ubiquitous corruption, and, of course, guards state secrets. Kapo is also known as counterintelligence organization. In short, the Security Police is not your FSB any.

If our native “bloody gebnya” is famous for assault, then the Estonian service uses fists that are not fed up (yes, it’s necessary to admit, the muzzling is outdated), but ... weights. It is a serious Estonian resource. "Capital" reports on how the Kapo officer from Ida-Virumaa, Oleg Andronov, in 1995, beat a detainee - whom he detained on “his own initiative”, that is, probably simply because he really wanted to, - with a weight.

“Specialists” from KaPo receive fame in another way. Another employee of Kaitsepolitseiamet, Toomas Sygel, who had previously served in the Criminal Police, began to burn from the office in a cool October evening of 1997 weapons a hundred meters from ... Mustamäe police station. Then the brave policeman fell asleep at the bus stop. It turned out that Sygel was fired from the Criminal Police because in the first service and drunkenness were incompatible. In the Security Police, morals are obviously not so strict.

All this, you say, was a long time ago. Right. Now the brave guys from KaPo do not use weights in their daily work and do not bullet pistols anywhere, but act solely by diplomatic means.

6 May Russian military expert, member of the public council of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, political scientist and journalist, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko flew to Tallinn - and not just as an ordinary uninvited guest of the Baltic republic, but at the invitation of an international media club "Imprint". In this 7 club in May - on the eve of Victory Day - a meeting with Estonian journalists and public representatives on the topic “Do Russians want war?” Was to take place

But at the airport Korotchenko turned back to Russia. He was not allowed into independent Estonia on the grounds that the Security Police took and annulled his visa, which he was lawfully issued at the Estonian embassy. The secret services explained Korotchenko that he supposedly posed a threat to the security of Estonia. Probably in KaPo, without waiting for the club conference, after taking a hefty dose of “Old Tallinn”, they already answered the question: “Do the Russians want war?”

Russian children for Europe: it would be funny if it would not be sad

The story of Natalia Stauber, a physician who moved to Germany from Russia for permanent residence at the end of 1990's, in short, is as follows. Her future husband worked with the same immigrants as Natalya - so they met. They had two girls. But after a few years, the relationship between husband and wife deteriorated. The fact is that the husband has transferred to another job: to the guardianship - to the place where the officials obey the strict rules and supervise the disadvantaged ... do you think children? - No, parents. At such a service, even one's temper will deteriorate. The first court in the divorce case left the eldest daughter with her father, and the youngest - with her mother. Unable to bear the separation from the elder child, Natalya tried to establish family relations - but the husband, who was in guardianship, unexpectedly sued, calling her ex-wife “the initiator of scandals”. At the second trial, the judges took away Natalia and the youngest daughter. How else? After all, the husband believes that if she doesn’t take it away, then Natalya can kill her daughter or, worse than death, take her to Russia.

Natalia Shtauber is a doctor of sciences, the owner of her own medical office, that is, a person who is financially secured at a fairly high level. In addition, she still pays for the insurance of both girls. But which side will be the court - the emigrant respondent, or the German guardian employee? Answer it yourself. (S. Smetanina) writes that, as Natalya said, “in court she was already advised to reduce her activity in order not to completely lose her parental rights. A psychologist said that her suffering because of separation from children is her personal problem. And she advised to give birth to new ones or find a hobby - to run in the morning, for example. ”

Figures are published in the media: hundreds of Russian children are forcibly separated by “guardianship” or similar services with their parents - in Germany, France, Norway, Finland. “All this,” writes Ivan Gladilin, - already looks like a whole campaign of mass withdrawal of Russian children in a foreign “civilized” world. ”

The campaign is not a campaign, but there is a trend. Objectively speaking, we should not even talk about particular cases, but about the entire western juvenile system, which other lovers of democracy - very similar to the vicious circle in which children control parents, and parents are managed by guardianship - are now trying to instill in Russia. The German court told Natalia Shtauber for good reason that her seven-year-old daughter is too young to decide with whom to live: with her father or mother. The little girl, whose mother was "unfavorable", will have to obey the rules.

Everything is simple: rules are rules, and court officials and wards are the people who follow the rules. But they do not arrange the furniture in rooms, by the way.

And if in Russia the main thing for a child is a father and a mother, then in the West people pray earnestly to the Rules. It is not surprising that Europe is aging: it’s not fashionable to have children there for a long time, and psychologists instead recommend playing sports or collecting stamps. That's just a pity Russian boys and girls who will be nurtured by the Rules - in full agreement, by the way, with the state ideas of Plato.
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  1. Tersky
    Tersky 8 May 2012 08: 45
    Well, how can you comment on the review, only excellent! The authors are very grateful for the work, everything is concise, sharp, and topical.
    1. YARY
      YARY 8 May 2012 09: 13
      "The price of victory" -betrayal
      "How the Lithuanian deputies of Russia turned on the counter" -schiz
      "Bonus boom" -mockery of the meaning of awards
      "Geopolitics has finally merged with pornography, but in America everything is gone" -funny
      "Breivik stretched out his hand from behind the bars to the Russian ultra-right, but they refused to shake it" -by itself
      "Do the Russians want wars? .." -so get what we want!
      "Russian children for Europe: it would be funny if it weren't sad" -better than their children to us!

      wassat angry recourse
      Article plus!
      1. Odious
        Odious 8 May 2012 10: 13
        Cool + and the point.
      2. Ascetic
        Ascetic 9 May 2012 11: 43
        Well, as always. Our "beloved" West for everything is a great teacher and liberalist in one bottle.
    2. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 8 May 2012 10: 33
      I understand that they have already "played some fun" but an article has been published in America, I think it will not be superfluous to quote some passages from it in order to jointly deal with the questions that I had in the process of reading it winked

      MADRID - A woman who introduced herself as a Colombian prostitute who ended up in the center of a scandal involving US intelligence agents, called the group of agents "dumb cattle" for whom partying is more important than their work to ensure the safety of President Barack Obama.

      «They looked completely brainless idiots”said Dania Londono Suarez in an interview that was broadcast on TODAY on Monday. - I do not know how Obama took them to his security service».

      She also accused the special agents of “neglecting their duties” and called them “stupid cattle.”

      The scandal erupted in April when, on the eve of Obama's arrival at the summit of leaders of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, agents allegedly brought prostitutes into their hotel rooms. As Suarez told NBC News, one of the agents refused to pay her for intimate services, and she contacted the police.

      In the meantime, as a result of this incident, eight agents lost their jobs.

      According to 24-year-old Suarez, those the three men who approached and began to pester her and her friends drank vodka like water. ( Obviously traced Russian roots who still drinks vodka so and even for three, Stirlitz burned laughing )

      “They liked to show off with their bodies, huge, with pumped up presses, ( obviously unconventional orientation, or considering that it is Shtirlitsy, you obviously overdid it in disguise, the inflated bodies are not just like that - you can drag so many boxes of secret documents into the Russian embassy, winked ) - Soares told about the men she met in a nightclub. “They liked to draw attention to themselves.”

      Suarez, the mother of a 9-year-old boy, made it very clear that evening to one of the men that a night with her would cost $ 800.

      “And he agreed. That was understandable, ”she said.

      According to Suarez, the next morning after sex the man gave her only $ 50 and drove her out of the room. (Obviously Russian - "Hussars don't take money" smile )

      «It's not my fault I'm beautiful, ( I am in complete confusion. SHE ALSO A RUSSIAN SPY - "I am not guilty, he came to me himself" : winked
      she said in a TODAY report. “But they are to blame for being distracted from their service.”

      Original publication: Prostitute at center of Secret Service scandal: Agents were 'stupid brutes'

      Posted: 07/05/2012
    3. Vadim-ragalevich
      Vadim-ragalevich 8 May 2012 12: 57
      I join the comment! But a big question for the moderator! Quote: "You must leave at least 10 comments to be able to vote on comments!"
      First: - I do not owe anything to anyone!
      Secondly: - why do you put some kind of restrictive framework for expressing my opinion, support or condemnation of comments?
      Somehow it’s not good !!!
      1. zh1
        zh1 8 May 2012 23: 08
        Yeah. I'm already starting to boil from this stupid demand for ten comments.
  2. Ridder
    Ridder 8 May 2012 09: 09
    The results of the weeks: as usual in the world complete П winked
    Thanks to the author for the review, plus a piggy bank.
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 8 May 2012 09: 15
    A week passed, there were no less problems. Credit to the author +
    DEMENTIY 8 May 2012 09: 25
    Some people calculate the debts of the USSR and hold parades of Natsiks, the second put up monuments to criminals and give them heroes of Ukraine, the third blow up monuments to Georgians who died in the war.
    So let them celebrate the day of defeat.
    In this regard, a photo of Wolkin is appropriate. Thank you Igor. And all the rest with Victory Day - for whom is Victory.
  5. ward
    ward 8 May 2012 09: 32
    Yes, it’s always nice when a cow died from a neighbor ... or I’m not quite right ... minus ... plus ... I won’t put anything ...
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 8 May 2012 12: 10
      Quote: ward
      Yes, it’s always nice when the neighbor’s cow died

      Oh, you, and I to you - with all my heart! And you!! crying
      laughing laughing A joke.
      Quote: Sniper 1968
      Good review

      yes drinks
  6. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 8 May 2012 09: 36
    Good review. Thanks to Alexey and Oleg. good Lithuania "turned on the meter"! Guard. 834bn. At the same time, we must also repent: they say, yes, we are occupiers, you Lithuanians, forgive us ... We will no longer ... lol The Estonians also amused themselves. Everywhere they see the ghost of the Bronze Soldier. Yesterday, at the Ivangorod-Narva border crossing, the border guards from the Estonian side studied my passport for a long time, asked various questions, such as: "Are you planning to visit Tallinn?", "How long are you in Estonia. ..? ", etc. Having heard that I was in Narva for one day, they calmed down. They do not like May 9, they are different ... No. I was unpleasantly surprised when Judushka Gorbachev was awarded the order "for outstanding state services ..." What kind of sabotage was it? For the brilliantly carried out sabotage of the collapse of the USSR? request what No.
  7. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 8 May 2012 09: 40
    Humpback awarded? It would be better if he were not awarded a medal, but would have been awarded a new spot!
  8. Rashid
    Rashid 8 May 2012 09: 46
    Funny emblem of the Estonian secret police. Some creature is incomprehensible and holds in his hands (paws) something that looks like a bag of gold.
  9. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 8 May 2012 10: 17
    Estonians will soon rename KaPo to ESTAPO (Estonian secret police). And what? It’s quite in their spirit, the Nazi tongue tongue henchmen. lol
    DERWISH 8 May 2012 10: 28
  11. vezunchik
    vezunchik 8 May 2012 10: 31
    Not so long ago, a remarkable ceremony of presenting state awards took place. The number of recipients included such personalities as Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Churov. Naturally, each of them does not need a presentation, but yes, in the description of the awards. So, the Chairman of the CEC Churov was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky, and the President of the USSR Gorbachev - the Order of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called for outstanding public services.

    Read more:

    And the further you talk? And so everything is clear - who is who and what to expect next am
  12. Kibl
    Kibl 8 May 2012 10: 55
    1. Vito
      Vito 8 May 2012 11: 56
      KiblGreetings. I OFFER to establish OUR award in OUR limitless community. ORDER OF PIZZA of the lowest degree and award them SUCH figures from the above article!
      1. sazhka0
        sazhka0 13 May 2012 19: 55
        Not a bad Idea. Even just awesome .. And hand over to the entire "leadership". Based on the opinion of the Internet community And the message about it in the press.
  13. Sleptsoff
    Sleptsoff 8 May 2012 11: 03
    What the hell to complain about the removal of children from our women, you might think they are forcibly issued for foreigners. How many cases of unlawful seizure have already happened, but it seems to teach them nothing. In short, no one is sorry.
    1. dengy12
      dengy12 13 May 2012 10: 30
      and pelots, for the most part, they are stupid beyond their nose, they can’t think they would have loot. and to hell with this not smart sheep to live in Germany?
  14. Nechai
    Nechai 8 May 2012 11: 12
    Quote: Aleksey67
    MADRID - Woman introduced herself Colombian prostitute

    In the West, there is a constant Open Day of all mental hospitals. And our media monkey with them. "Freedom end Democracy" - living in a crazy House!
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 8 May 2012 11: 22
      Quote: Nechai
      In the West, a permanent Open Doors Day at all Psychiatric Hospitals.

      Valery, and it reminded me of a joke from the 90s.

      At a party meeting on the collective farm:
      - And, how are you Masha so lowered? Was an advanced milkmaid, but became a currency prostitute?
      - Well, comrades, I’m just lucky !!! smile

      Girl, just PR, I think the flow of customers will increase, and the dough will be cut down for an interview, and there’s a novel, a script, fame smile
  15. perryiht
    perryiht 8 May 2012 11: 16
    There were times in the history of our Fatherland when orders and medals were not handed out to just anyone, but received only for serious merits ... Oh, how long ago it was ... Most of all, I regret the names of those greats in whose honor the awards are affirmed. When "for services to the Fatherland" is handed out is not so offensive.
  16. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 8 May 2012 11: 17
    A series of awards for "outstanding" figures - Makarov, Gorbachev, Churov and others like them ... Who is next? Is this a mockery or a challenge to the people? Fatherland with great pleasure would pull a crown of thorns on their heads. Now analyze - whom our rulers, old and new, appreciate ... No wonder they say, tell me who your friend is, and I will tell WHO YOU! So who are the rewards? Whom do they serve and who do they value? Your Lord's works ...
    1. Vito
      Vito 8 May 2012 11: 46
      AleksUkr I fully share your point of view! drinks
    2. vylvyn
      vylvyn 8 May 2012 14: 28
      Crown of thorns is an indicator of holiness. What saints are they? They are enemies of the people and traitors of the motherland. Here it is necessary to write like this - the Fatherland with great pleasure would have pulled their heads to the stakes.
  17. SectoR
    SectoR 8 May 2012 11: 33
    To bury on May 9, to bury our history ... to bury the Victory of our grandfathers, to bury the freedom given by our grandfathers.
    This is the main holiday that we remember and are proud of (and not symbolic holidays), do not forget the price that our people paid for this day, for this Victory.

    I don’t even want to discuss the rest.

    Alex, Oleg - Thanks for the work
  18. Ruslan
    Ruslan 8 May 2012 11: 50
    I recommend everyone to watch a video about falsification of archival documents in Russia, and once again I will see how beautifully people who are dangerous to the authorities are cleaned up, but for some reason they don’t solve the problem with Navalny, Chirikova, Nemtsov (they’ll fine them for 1000 rubles) WHY?
  19. Cadet787
    Cadet787 8 May 2012 12: 37
    You look at all these events taking place in the countries of "Western democracies" and you don't really want to live in such a "dermocracy" that they impose on the whole world, it just stinks. The old woman is rotten, the end is soon.
  20. vylvyn
    vylvyn 8 May 2012 12: 57
    Gorbachev was given the order, which was awarded to Mazepa and Napoleon. True, Peter 1 personally took the order from Mazepa when he learned that he was a traitor. Interestingly, Napoleon took our order or not? But with Gorbachev, not everything is clear. And so it is clear that he is a traitor. If Putin does not take the order from him, then he does not pull on Peter 1.
  21. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 8 May 2012 13: 56
    The Order of Gorbachev is a sign for the West. It’s no secret that Gorbi is for them a symbol of the democratizer and democratization of Russia. This is a symbol of victory over the USSR.
    This gesture means that the current Russian leadership highly values ​​Gorby's "merits" along with the West. A political step as an indicator of loyalty to the principles of "Western democracy".
    Well, with Churov, everything is much simpler ... I made the required figure in the elections, weeded out unwanted applicants along the way, I accomplished a "feat" - get a well-deserved reward.
  22. zevs379
    zevs379 8 May 2012 13: 58
    It’s not surprising that Europe is aging: it’s not fashionable to have children there for a long time, and psychologists instead recommend playing sports or collecting stamps

    And they want this juvenile justice to US?
    And here you angry
  23. bazilio
    bazilio 8 May 2012 17: 25
    Comrades, be vigilant, do not repeat the mistakes of German policemen, first of all, look at the folders with the porn))))
    Gorbachev needed to be awarded with a disability of the first or second degree
    Do the Russians want war? - what for. You can apply the "American democratic" method - Estonians hold parades of SS members, who at a certain time carried out genocides on a national basis. It is a fact. Nazism as an ideology is prohibited by the principles of international law and the UN Charter. there is a violation of human rights and the propaganda of inhuman views. Therefore, you can organize them "democracy"

    And for those who are bored (this is not a typo, the root of the word back ... well, you understand) about the funds for the May 9 parade, do not celebrate your birthdays, weddings, births of children, etc. do not crush on NG olivier basins, so you will save
  24. Pancho
    Pancho 8 May 2012 18: 38
    As for the Estonian policemen, we would be silent in a rag. Do not we in Kazan, the police raped a citizen with a bottle of champagne, who then gave his soul to God. Yes, and other examples from this area do not have numbers. We do not see the log in our eyes ...
  25. Owl
    Owl 8 May 2012 18: 56
    Before his "demobilization" Teddy Bear arranged an award bacchanalia: first, to increase his rating in the military environment, he awarded medals to "conscripts" and officers, then the awarding of "necessary people" began, NGSH Makarov, the magician of Miracles (Churov) and as a crown, awarding a traitor to the Motherland, a demolisher, a destroyer of the USSR Judging by these "awards", the "power" positioned itself and showed the People who it is: the current "power" is the power of the traitors to the Motherland, the occupation power.
  26. kostya
    kostya 8 May 2012 19: 09
    but I already thought there would be no results for this week, but better later than never smile , I especially liked the phrase:
    that if today Vladimir Churov goes for a walk along the street, clinging to his chest all his orders, even veterans who took Berlin could envy him. these are our order bearers
  27. Stasdubov
    Stasdubov 8 May 2012 20: 12
    Starting to read the article, I had no doubt that the author was Alexey Volodin! thank! great!
  28. sergo0000
    sergo0000 8 May 2012 20: 42
    Oleg began the article, and Alexey probably ended already! The article is definitely a plus! Honestly, I’m deeply rewarded by someone there or who is somersaulting with someone in Colombia, but the questions of this juvenile-liberal justice deeply touched me !!!
    Well done guys! Please continue to please us with your creativity!
    1. Mart
      9 May 2012 10: 36
      On the contrary. The first part - Alexei, the second - Oleg. smile
  29. zh1
    zh1 8 May 2012 23: 21
    Yeah ... The theater of the absurdity around us and the performance is in full swing. But does it never occur to anyone to present the score to the Latvians for the deeds of their shooters in 1917?
  30. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 9 May 2012 12: 07
    Not so long ago, a remarkable ceremony of presenting state awards took place. The number of awarded persons included such personalities as Mikhail Gorbachev and ........

    Read more:
    After the elections, the true face of the current Russian government began to appear, they lick the ass of the West ..
    I did not expect such rudeness from the tandem !!!!!!!!!
    Then there are no complaints against Ukraine, you are losing the last allies, so the time has come to really destroy this inadequate country !!!!!!!
  31. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 9 May 2012 20: 39
    Honestly, I took Medvedev seriously before this award. It seems that people do not understand the meaning of awarding such orders. That order, that icon is all one. Both are hung on the chest.
  32. Alex63
    Alex63 10 May 2012 02: 47
    Regarding the rewarding of Churov with the Order of Alexander Nevsky, I can say that our government has shown all its unscrupulousness and cynicism. To put the lackey on a par with the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the commanders of the Great Patriotic War ... This had to be thought of. The slave tried for his masters. They rewarded him. But before the slaves were awarded a silver ruble or a glass of vodka from the hands of the king. Now the values ​​have changed. And the Order of Alexander Nevsky for our government has the same value as a silver ruble or a glass of vodka. Nurgaliev was also not ignored, having awarded the order for the money spent on the so-called. reform and for tortured and raped Russian citizens in police stations. Imagine yet another boom in ministry pest rewards. All these Fursenki-Serdyukovs-Golikovs and others have probably already prepared places on their ceremonial costumes for orders and medals. Although a tag with the name and number of the detachment would be more suitable for them. Simply, looking at all these distributions of awards to "national heroes", you understand that our government is just oh .... la. She is deeply into all of us ... She does not care about the opinion of the majority of the country's population, which for her begins to be of interest only during the next election campaign. Only now, it is not necessary to hang all the dogs on Medvedev. Ministers are not awarded without the approval of their immediate superior, the prime minister.
  33. Stalinets
    Stalinets 10 May 2012 04: 25
    God, when this hunchbacked dog dies am ?!?!?
  34. Pessimist
    Pessimist 24 June 2012 02: 48
    We have the whole CEC - the most order-bearing CEC in the world!

    And they also laughed with Brezhnev, earcaps ...