Beaten heap on the residential sector. In the DNI told about the shelling Zaitsevo

The operational command of the DPR reported the maximum number of violations per day by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​the city of Gorlovka, reports RIA News.

The greatest fire activity from the Ukrainian security forces is still concentrated on the Gorlovka direction. Four localities were subjected to shelling, according to which the security forces fired 123 mines with a caliber 120 and 82 millimeters,
A spokesman for the operational command, Edward Basurin, said.

It is reported that this morning, representatives of the DPR arrived at the JCCC and documented “properly” all the facts of the use of artillery by the Ukrainian side in residential areas to the site of shelling in the village of Zaitsevo (the outskirts of Gorlovka).

On the night of 19 on 20 in May and in the morning of 20 in May, more than 10 shells and mines of 152, 122 and 120 millimeters were erected over a section of 500 meters of radius from the Ukrainian security forces in the village of Zaitsevo. This is very heap. All ammunition was fired at the residential sector. As a result, one civilian was injured, two died in hospital,
The representative of the Donetsk Republic in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination in the Donbass (JCCC) told the agency.
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  1. +5
    20 May 2018 17: 20
    Apparently, the new ukronazistskiy ushapka Naeva is eager to go down in history by organizing another boiler for her ghouls.
    1. +7
      20 May 2018 17: 28
      Looks like the junta has a short memory for the Debaltsevsky cauldron ... so they will be reminded of this.
      1. +6
        20 May 2018 17: 30
        Inhumans and scumbags, they will answer for everything.
        1. +11
          20 May 2018 17: 33
          Sure-Nuremberg -2 to be!
    2. +1
      20 May 2018 21: 22
      For that, another boiler of his name will go down in history. Who would have known Paulus if he had not gotten his in Stalingrad and not been taken prisoner.
  2. +10
    20 May 2018 17: 20
    Only punish this Kiev junta!
  3. +4
    20 May 2018 17: 21
    ... The areas of four settlements were subjected to shelling, according to which the security forces fired 123 mines with a caliber of 120 and 82 mm ...

    I am sure that the counter-battery struggle in LDNR has been properly established.
    To release 123 ammunition is a matter of tens of minutes. Certainly received an answer.
    Is it because the ukrovermaht has recently been blocking all messages from the Donbass - so that their PeramoHi would not suddenly turn into a harass.
    1. +8
      20 May 2018 20: 36
      Of course it’s settled. We train constantly at training grounds day and night, and the fact that they don’t write about the answer is the way it should be, the Bandera people are reluctant to share their losses in the media, but we don’t need it, no one canceled Minsky with the ceasefire.
  4. +3
    20 May 2018 17: 23
    Isn't it time to answer? How much can you endure ... Banderlogs are being impudent ... They cannot stop without shortening ...
  5. +5
    20 May 2018 17: 24
    It is clear that it didn’t work out with the Skripals, it broke off in Syria, now the peaceful inhabitants of LDNR are recouping ... Country 404 is just a weapon in the hands of the USA ... Such provocations resemble those that were on the Georgian-South Ossetian border in 2008 ...
  6. +1
    20 May 2018 17: 46
    Not long to wait for the denouement ..
  7. +7
    20 May 2018 17: 48
    I am not interested. But a little curious. But these creatures that are directly at the howitzers and pull the trigger, what’s in their head? Is it normal then to sleep at night? Really think that they are military?

    Sure-Nuremberg -2 to be!

    Maybe. And you know how it will be at such a New Nuremberg.
    There will be two main answers from "them." Some, as in the past, will say that they had an “order” and they carried it out, we don’t know anything, we didn’t see anything - stupidly an “order”
    And the second half will say that they are only drivers and cooks, well, this is a chip of the purely Ukrainian army.
  8. +1
    20 May 2018 18: 08
    will the World Cup become that very feature ... only before or after ...
  9. +1
    20 May 2018 18: 46
    It is not clear where the counter-battery war went. I doubt that Ukraine will complain if they are suddenly laid in the weapons removal zone
    1. +4
      20 May 2018 20: 39
      Turkey hi
      Counter-battery shooting, not war.

      And who said that there was no answer?))
      Sumerians are not profitable to talk about losses.
  10. 0
    20 May 2018 20: 19
    Already not even concern, nor condemnation ... some kind of routine. No, there will be no answers, unfortunately.

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