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India: Testing of the K-15 Sagarika SLBM, and radio silence ...

The press service of the Ministry of Defense of India reports that the ground version of the Sagarika K-15 rocket (B05) is being created under the Made in India program. Today, the Indian Armed Forces are armed with a Sagarika K-15 ballistic missile submarine. This missile is capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to a distance of no more than 750 km. Sagarika K-15 is part of the nuclear triad of India, but its tests for nuclear submarines have not yet been fully completed. At least, the Indian media write about their "nuclear triad" ...

The main carrier of this type of missile in the Indian Navy is the nuclear submarine INS Arihant ("Fighter of enemies").
The lead submarine of this project was put into service in the 2016 year. On board it is capable of carrying an 12 SLBM Sagarika K-15.

Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sithamaran, as Indian media say, made it clear that tests of the Sagarik missile were completed, with an eye to continuing the development of the land variant. Ms. Sithamaran reported that all launches were carried out successfully.

On this basis, Indian military experts conclude that the ground version of the K-15 can be brought to mind in the near future.

From the material in the publication Indian Defense News:
From the statement of the Minister of Defense, it is clear that the Sagarika did indeed pass a series of secret tests before it was put into operation by the naval fleet, and during this crucial period, complete radio silence was maintained.

This adds that the rocket should be upgraded - with an increase in the radius of action. According to some data, the tests made it clear that the claimed range of target destruction in 750 km in reality is at least 90-100 km more than that which was detected during direct tests. It is noted that a relatively low radius of action carries a threat to the Indian Navy, who are ready to use a rocket.

India: Testing of the K-15 Sagarika SLBM, and radio silence ...

From the material:
India began work on the K-5 rocket, which has a range of 5000 km, and also K-6 with a range of up to 6000 km for the NPS.
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 17 May 2018 09: 13
    One word is gypsies. A lot of hypnotizing effects, and a lot of high-profile promises, tests of secret, and therefore successful wassat
    1. iouris
      iouris 17 May 2018 12: 45
      For example, the developed state of Poland does not plan such projects. If you suffer for a long time ... Let them work. Nobody will sell them ballistic missiles with underwater launch.
  2. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 17 May 2018 09: 39
    ... "Sagarika K-15 is part of the nuclear triad of India, but its full tests for nuclear submarines have not yet been completed."

    Does India have a nuclear triad ??
  3. net0103net
    net0103net 17 May 2018 09: 50
    And what is this theirs Arihant ("Enemy exterminator")?
    1. MPN
      MPN 17 May 2018 10: 38
      India announced the start of its own nuclear submarine project called ATV - Advanced Technology Vessel in 1985. The Indian submarine was based on Soviet submarines of project 670 Skat. Then this project was refocused on the construction of ballistic submarines. The commissioning of the lead ship took place in August 2016. All ships are being built at the Vishakapatnam Shipbuilding Center on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. Arikhant type boats have a displacement of about 6 thousand tons and are capable of developing speeds from 24 to 30 knots under water, according to various sources. As of March 2018, the lead ship, INS Arihant, has been accepted by the fleet. The second "Archidaman" is undergoing sea trials, the third and fourth ships are under construction. In total, it is planned to build six boats of this class.
      1. net0103net
        net0103net 17 May 2018 12: 04
        Thanks a lot ... informative.
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 17 May 2018 10: 10
    At this pace and with such characteristics, they will not be ready for a war with China in this century !!!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 May 2018 10: 19
    Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sithamaran
    Madam said, then the tests were successful. And so what is the real range from the declared missile overcomes is the secret of the lady.
    1. NordOst16
      NordOst16 18 May 2018 15: 40
      Just like with Putin, when he talked about rockets)))
  6. Chicha squad
    Chicha squad 17 May 2018 13: 36
    Do they build submarines themselves or who helps?
    1. An60
      An60 17 May 2018 13: 54
      Of course they help! Elephants.
      1. Chicha squad
        Chicha squad 17 May 2018 14: 16
        Trunks bend metal? They probably use elephant waste products in tanks as anti-shatter lining.
  7. Old26
    Old26 17 May 2018 19: 56
    Quote: The Siberian Barber
    Does India have a nuclear triad ??

    Yes. ground-based ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles of the K-15 type and aviation (our vehicles of the SU-30 type)
  8. Slipper 2
    Slipper 2 18 May 2018 16: 08
    stop this is the same half of the planet in terms of population, and the “crowd” can create not so
  9. Е2 - Е4
    Е2 - Е4 18 May 2018 17: 38
    Hindus and rockets are absurd. India, if it is capable of creating it, is rockets 30-40 years old from the USSR. To create something less competitive for today on their own, never.