What happens at a military facility in Udmurtia? Details

The incident in the Republic of Udmurtia at one of the landfills led to a temporary overlap of the federal highway M7 in the area from the village of Malaya Purga to Izhevsk. Information confirms the press service of the Republican administration:
In connection with the detonation of ammunition in the territory of the former arsenal in the settlement of Pugachevo of the Malopurginsky district, traffic was blocked on the federal highway M7 “Volga” in the area from p. Small Purga to Izhevsk.

Earlier it was reported that the ammunition at the landfill in the village of Pugachevo began to explode due to a natural fire - the ignition of last year's dry grass.

Портал Izhlife cites eyewitness accounts. One of the local residents:
There was such a strong cotton one. We laughed at the fact that they are blowing up strongly today (shells are periodically destroyed there, therefore, rarely, rarely is one cotton a day). But then they saw black-black smoke, they realized that not everything went smoothly. Not more than half an hour from now. Everyone started to leave. Everything is in smoke, there is nothing to breathe - it smells of gunpowder. People run away, explosions are increasing.

The administration of the Malopurginsky district reports that they began to detonate ammunition that had not been collected for liquidation since the 2011 year, when explosions occurred in the arsenal. The incident happened in June 2011 of the year. Then one person died, 76 people applied for medical care. Explosions damaged more than 3 thousand households.

It turns out that for seven years, unexploded ordnance at the range has not been found? Now this leads to new negative consequences.

Video from YouTube channel LPH Red flag:

The Regional Emergency Management Department reports the evacuation of the population from the military town of Pugachevo in the village of Bagrash-Bigra, p. Ur, with. Bobya-Ucha, p. Ilinskoe. Many people are forced to be in the basements of their homes.
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations of Udmurtia
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  1. +27
    16 May 2018 17: 27
    And also laughed from dill))))) Well, to whom lyuley this time ????? am
    1. +31
      16 May 2018 17: 31
      Ammunition rolls around and explodes, the grass burns and a fire starts from it ... If the head of this training ground corresponds to his position, then I am the Pope.
      1. MPN
        16 May 2018 17: 41
        Quote: Hire
        Ammunition rolls around and explodes, the grass burns and a fire starts from it ... If the head of this training ground corresponds to his position, then I am the Pope.

        So it’s like that, let’s sort it out, along the way there is only the staff list, otherwise I haven’t seen such a mess from the word at all ..., I have seen a lot, but so ...
      2. +10
        16 May 2018 17: 47
        Quote: Hire
        Ammunition rolls around and explodes, the grass burns and a fire starts from it ... If the head of this training ground corresponds to his position, then I am the Pope.

        Anything can happen. We have the remnants of a town that used to be a training ground, an arsenal and much more than that. Then the landfill was cut off by willful decision (without clearance), transferred to civilians, but they did not begin to master it. And there - a bunch of B / P not found at the time.
        1. 0
          16 May 2018 18: 27
          This must be written to the prosecutor general.
      3. +4
        16 May 2018 18: 05
        Quote: Hire
        Ammunition rolls around and explodes, the grass burns and a fire starts from it ... If the head of this training ground corresponds to his position, then I am the Pope.

        There is not a training ground but an arsenal. And next to it is a territory for storing unexploded power supply units, which are still being collected after the disaster in 2011. It seems that the explosions are just on it.
        As of June 2, 2011, stockpiles of ammunition stored in the arsenal of the 1st category amounted to 172,5 thousand tons, or 4,9 thousand cars (64 tons).
        As a result of the fire with subsequent explosions (June 2, 2011), 163,6 thousand tons of ammunition were destroyed, or 94,8% of the total reserves. At the same time, more than 49 thousand tons of ammunition were scattered over the technical territory, adjacent forest tracts, land plots and nearby settlements in the form of explosive objects (shells, fuses and shells with charges).
        © bmpd
      4. +1
        16 May 2018 18: 13
        Most likely, ammunition trucks again exploded during unloading.
    2. +6
      16 May 2018 17: 57
      It’s called foolishness. It’s called a more precise word (censorship will not be missed)
      1. -1
        17 May 2018 23: 33
        I recall that under Serdyukov there were several exceptional fires with detonation of ammunition. Under the orders of the Minister and incredible terms and volumes of the schedule for the destruction of ammunition, some were probably intentional. Do not forget about the fifth column. then the ammunition of modern weapons burns and explodes. Here we need a sensible investigative team and a "complete debriefing" ...
    3. +4
      16 May 2018 18: 01
      Quote: d1975
      And also laughed from dill))))) Well, to whom lyuley this time ????? am

      This is actually not a warehouse. Read the news carefully.
    4. 0
      17 May 2018 18: 30
      Quote: d1975
      Well, to whom Lyuley this time

      From the county and above! Switchman and so enough!
  2. +7
    16 May 2018 17: 33
    An original way of disposing of ammunition .... Set fire to grass ... Probably grilled kebab and that's as always ...
    1. 0
      17 May 2018 18: 32
      Quote: Vard
      Probably grilled kebab

      Recipe: with a "twinkle"!
  3. +5
    16 May 2018 17: 42
    And who will mine and collect shells? Or are all the sappers in Syria mine cleared?
    1. 0
      16 May 2018 22: 17
      And who will mine and collect shells? Or are all the sappers in Syria mine cleared?
      Recently, there was a series of articles on contract soldiers of various branches of the armed forces at VO, so there the sapper contractor said that they mostly “drive the bulldozer” in the form of painting curbs and almost no specialty classes.
      Back to the current duty station. As you know, every weekday classes should be held with military personnel: from morning to evening. Are they being held?
      - In reality, this is nothing. Classes were held with us once a few years ago. They lasted one month. After that, we were given certificates that we had passed so many hours of training. And that's all. Often I am on business trips to hot spots, and between them we just go to outfits and clean the territory. Sometimes we do the drill.
      And before the surrender of the Fizo, for example, they begin to say: “Here you owe it, you owe it!” So ​​allow time for it!
      “Those were the only classes that were serious?”
      - More theory. Practically there was no. As a practice, there was one lesson when we were put in prison and given a chance to listen to the sound of a metal-containing object detected by a metal detector.
      - Once?!
      - Once.
      - You are the sappers, the work is dangerous ...
      - As our unit commander says: “Learn everything there!”
      - Before traveling, too, no classes?
      - Not. For the last time, for example, they just suddenly said: "We are leaving tomorrow!" We spent a drill, checked things out. The car, the plane and flew.
      - What are you doing in the part when there is no travel?
      - Basically, cleaning the area. Dig, place, go to outfit. Everything. As much as we did not ask, we didn’t demand that we, at least after dinner, allocate time for the Fizo, at least an hour or two - into any. No, only cleaning, only workers. Classes only on paper.
      - At least write notes?
      - They wrote. Now we do not write. All notes that we wrote, they took from us, classified them and do not give us.
      - Even so?!
      - Type is the secret information on explosives, explosives. It seems to me that in the end they are simply shown to the commissions: “But we have the notes!”
      We have beautiful, formalized notes, everything is clearly painted and painted there. How many one detonator subversive machine will lift at the same time ... How many explosives need to be laid to raise the FAB-500 aerial bomb ... They bought colored pencils to mark everything with different colors. We printed out these notes: they even paid for it. Five hundred or three hundred rubles, I do not remember already.
      - Strange. On business trips, these notes would obviously be useful.
      - asked such questions. And what's the point ?! Everything remained closed in safes.
      - Do you think that you have mastered your specialty?
      - If it were not for business trips to hot spots, but only a seat in the unit, then this would be a complete zero. And so ... Probably, satisfactorily with a plus, I know something.
      - Did you try for yourself to learn some useful knowledge that could be useful in your specialty?
      - He pumped up many books on GPs, on engineering ammunition. Throughout. There were also printouts, but usually, when you go somewhere, you leave them there.
      - Is there any incentive to improve in the service, to acquire new knowledge on their own, or is it not useful for further service?
      - There is not always time to do this in part. From morning to evening you are at work, then until you get to the house ... That's already eight in the evening, half past eight. No matter what, and no strength left. But still, you read something.
      Co-workers, however, basically do not learn anything. There are several people who are interested, can search for something on the topic https://topwar.ru/135571-sluzhba-po-kontraktu
      These “warriors” should not be held in part so that the parade ground of revenge, but let their land be cleared.
  4. +3
    16 May 2018 17: 43
    Again, someone from the military sold something to someone from the arsenal.
  5. +2
    16 May 2018 17: 59
    This has never happened before - and here again! (C)
  6. +2
    16 May 2018 18: 29
    What is happening at a military facility in Udmurtia?

    Warrant officers are naughty.
  7. +5
    16 May 2018 18: 45
    I am ashamed of my native land, and profiling on the military / defense. Either fire, or by chance in boxes (containers) thrown into the landfill, Kalash and horns to them are discovered, then they will break something. But nakosyachit twice in the same place (Pugacheva) is the PPC!
  8. 0
    16 May 2018 19: 37
    Putin completely spoiled his friends!
    This is the appointment of an iPhone!
    1. +4
      16 May 2018 20: 02
      Quote: shirkoled
      Putin completely spoiled his friends!

      Cat threw kittens
      This is Putin's fault!
      You, damn it, like an ancient ukro-Sumer. lol It’s only Putin’s above the sun, they simply can’t live without him. You, too, obviously, waking up, say Putin and falling asleep again Putin. As it is in the Scripture: "Do not make yourself an idol" laughing And then they wonder where 77% comes from. Yes from you, sick, from you. Well, besides the surname Putin, you didn’t see anything else in the bulletins and emphasized it with malice, and now you are surprised .... Next should be quoted by Minister Lavrov.
  9. +2
    16 May 2018 20: 45
    Who is the head of the training ground and why is he still not under investigation ???
  10. +1
    16 May 2018 22: 54
    What is strange if the Ukrainian warehouse would have been a lot of comments.
    Although Russian ammunition is also tearing well. Sorry for the peaceful people.
    Unfortunately, such cases happen to everyone.
  11. +2
    17 May 2018 00: 25
    Not at all surprised. When we built houses on the site of the burning naval arsenal in the Snow Valley,
    newcomers for a long time found ammunition in the surrounding forests.
    1. 0
      17 May 2018 18: 37
      Quote: Zomanus
      in the Snow Pad

      Yes, in Vladik, you can find something else!
  12. 0
    17 May 2018 11: 12
    Officials again dachas at a noise shake off and stole ... Write off for mine clearance.
    1. +3
      17 May 2018 12: 01
      Officials again dachas at a noise shake off and stole ... Write off for mine clearance.

      What kind of officials? Tell the scheme or not balabolte ....
      By the way, in the 80s at the pasta landfill hi (hi to the gunners)

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