Developments Syrian defense industry would be useful in the Donbass

Created in the DNR multiple rocket launcher systems, many military experts deservedly consider it a great success. However, it should be noted that the "defenders" of Donetsk, in fact, only now were able to repeat what has been created and used in Syria for many years. Moreover, some samples of such MLRS are even more advanced, writes Messenger of Mordovia.

Developments Syrian defense industry would be useful in the Donbass

“The same applies to armored vehicles. Engineers and technicians of the government army presented a number of modernized models tanks with increased protection. Some units in the people's republics independently carried out measures to improve the resistance to rocket-propelled grenades and ATGMs. However, unfortunately, the “over-security” has not received much distribution, ”says Dmitry Lemeshko in the article.

Touching upon the topic of thermal imagers, the author notes that “according to some information, in the formations of people's republics no tank is equipped with such sights that allow the night to operate as successfully as during the day”. In Syria, however, they were able to develop and put on-line thermal imagers Viper ("Viper"), "capable of detecting the enemy at a distance of 4 km and identifying at a distance of 1,5-2 km." The devices work successfully and demonstrate significant efficiency in comparison with the outdated ones, which “see” only a few hundred meters.

Another undoubted success of the Syrians is the creation of Sarab (Mirage) optoelectronic countermeasure complexes. They successfully neutralize the most common anti-tank complexes 2-th generation.

Military experts believe that the creation of such systems is quite capable of the engineers of the republics of Donbass.
  • SANA
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  1. 0
    16 May 2018 15: 00
    In Syria there were no Javelins that could appear in the Donbass. And from them you need to strengthen the upper (least protected) projection
    1. Dam
      16 May 2018 15: 40
      Yeah, only the tower will not turn then. For Javelins EW good need
    2. 0
      16 May 2018 16: 11
      Yes, no Javelins will appear on the front line there. And the Syrian experience, not only in the Donabass, but also the Russian military, is time to start studying. I saw a video of how Syrian fighters cleaned the building. Although the Barmalei did not particularly resist them, the Syrians acted very competently, I will say that the upper class ..
      1. +1
        16 May 2018 16: 38
        Quote: AwaZ
        And the Syrian experience, not only in the Donabass, but also the Russian military, is time to start studying.

        Behind reality. It has long been studied and even included in the curriculum of universities.
    3. Maz
      16 May 2018 17: 18
      You’re very much not hoping for the maznivtsi, they’d just have to raise the riffraff louder ....
    4. 0
      16 May 2018 17: 39
      Stupidity. You’ll stick anything there, it won’t help. And javelin is not a panacea. Knowing that they are there is much more effective, just use all its weaknesses. Starting from the fact that their number is, to put it mildly, not designed for work on a large number of goals, ending with its effective range, which is quite small. I am 300 percent sure that as soon as he shoots at least once, the hunt will just begin.
  2. 0
    16 May 2018 18: 54
    The main battles in Syria are guerrilla warfare and urban battles. Here the Javelins are not effective.
    1. +1
      17 May 2018 12: 44
      How not effective? At every step, tanks are used, close range, just for the Javlins. Just a matter of price.
      1. +1
        23 July 2018 20: 34
        Javelin at close range does not work. Starting speed too low. Javelin does not work in the city. Too many thermal contrasts, the head will not take the target. Well, the fact that Javelin stands as "two kidneys", the partisans do not work for them and they do not work for the partisans.
        1. 0
          24 July 2018 00: 50
          You certainly know better, but from what I saw - a bunch of suburban buildings of low floors. There are tons of opportunities for the Javelins.
          1. 0
            26 July 2018 21: 01
            Excuse me, what and where did you see?
            1. 0
              27 July 2018 00: 47
              Yes, any shots of battles are almost entirely low-rise buildings with large spaces between buildings and a strong degree of destruction. It is almost a field, only covered with stone and heavily pitted.
              1. 0
                2 August 2018 20: 52
                Do you mean Syria? Then there are no fights on half-open spaces with low-rise buildings. Aviation burns out at these areas of the Barmalei, but the city is a difficult tactical area and Javelin does not work there, by the way, the forest and undergrowth are also insurmountable for this missile. Contrast is guaranteed to be lost. However, second-generation ATGMs work well in bushes and undergrowth, the main thing is not to get into the tree trunk.
  3. Elk
    16 May 2018 19: 00
    Developments Syrian defense industry would be useful in the Donbass

    much more there would be useful new Russian defense industry

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