We haven’t rested for so long - we have overslept our pension!


8 May 2018, the State Duma expectedly approved the post of Prime Minister D.A. Medvedev. Dmitry Anatolyevich looked like a victor.

One of the questions from deputies touched upon the problem of raising the retirement age. It turned out that this issue has been studied for a long time in the government. And this is despite the fact that during the “Straight Line” 16 on April 2015, V.V. Putin answered a similar question with a question: “Has it worked, did it go to a wooden Mac?” [1], thereby expressing its negative attitude towards raising the retirement age.

Almost all Duma factions, including United Russia, expressed their negative attitude towards raising the retirement age at a meeting with Finance Minister A. Siluanov on 21 on September 2015 of the year. Recall that the leader of this party is D.A. Medvedev. And he was approved by an overwhelming number of votes, despite such seemingly compelling reasons for rejecting the candidacy because of inconsistency and opposing the decision of such a sensitive issue to the opinion of the president.

Experts now say, they say, increased life expectancy compared with the period when retirement terms were taken in the 30-s of the XX century. It is indicated that people on average lived 40 for years. However, this is pure manipulation - low life expectancy in the 30-ies was caused primarily by hunger, high infant mortality, mass repression, when people died in camps at a young age, and others were shot at all.

And in comparison with 1992, the statistics also manipulate the year, keeping silent about mass executions in the process of redistributing property and gangster clashes among relatively young people and their relocation abroad. And now the average, I emphasize, the average life expectancy is growing not so much due to the longer life of people, but due to a significant reduction in infant mortality. A number of reasons also include the increase in the individual life expectancy of members of the wealthy "elite" who can afford treatment and rejuvenation in world centers. And not at the expense of collecting funds via SMS.

According to European experts who conducted a comparative analysis of the life expectancy of pensioners in different countries, the life expectancy of men after retirement in our country is about 6 years, and women - 11 years.

According to Rosstat, about 800 of thousands of men and 1,2 million of women - only about two million people retire annually. Using these figures, it is easy to calculate the average life expectancy for Russian pensioners (regardless of sex) using the formula of the so-called weighted average:

T survival = 6 x (800 000 / 2 000 000) + 11 x (1 200 000 / 2 000 000) = 9 years (!)

There are other estimates based solely on the figures of the Russian Rosstat, see the article “How many pensioners live”. It shows that the real terms of life expectancy after retirement are for men - 4-6 years, and for women - 17-18 years [2]. Truly, for men it turns out “worked, and in a wooden mac”, as in V.V. Putin's

In the article, the author does not aim at controversy with the government, where, as it turned out, everything has long been decided. The goal is different - to show the moral poverty and critical incompetence of the authors of the draft law on raising the retirement age.

Let's start with morality. It should be noted that here the question concerns the public interest. Let's ask ourselves a question: How does a family plan to have a baby? During my life, when I had to lead human teams, I had to deal with this issue many times. And one of the most important arguments was the help from the parents of the spouses. One Hope, which I greatly appreciated for their professionalism and commitment, even so told me: “Anatoly Viktorovich, do not worry. I will go straight from the maternity hospital to work, the mother takes over the child, she retires! ”She, of course, was joking, and no one prevented her from giving birth, but this example is indicative of families who are planning their lives and birth children And the birth of children is the problem of a demographic priority for Russia!

After all, many young families who could have children will now postpone their birth for later, which means that they can give birth to children less because of the old age of their grandmothers or their absence due to the exhaustion of the “survival period”. There will be a new demographic hole, like after the war. Experts say that the approach will be soft and gradual, they say, each year will add six months to the retirement age. But then the decline in fertility will repeat this “softness and accuracy”, and the essence of this will not change at all.

Another option is being discussed - an increase in the minimum length of service for the appointment of an insurance pension. But here and so everything is very crooked. Already thousands of people across Russia have failed to score the necessary points - after all, they did not know about the dirty tricks that the legislator, along with the Pension Fund, is preparing for them with these points. Therefore, many people either received an insurance pension in 6-12 thousand rubles, or did not receive it at all. Explain this to a woman from Feodosia who unauthorized snuck to D.A. Medvedev during his visit to the Crimea and complained about retirement in 8 thousand rubles. They say that after the complaint, she was retired ... to 500 rubles!

This is about the morality of the developers of the bill. None of them are interested in not only the demographic consequences, but the simple truth of life - the grandmothers of their grandchildren will be much less than now. And moms will rarely see, they need to earn retirement points, not raise children.

Now about the competence of the developers of the draft law on raising the retirement age. The main extortionist of this idea is a former government exile A. Kudrin. By the way, it was DA who drove him out. Medvedev. And now A. Kudrin will “take care of” his offender from the height of the Accounts Chamber. He is already rubbing his hands and even declared that “he plans to carry on his main work with the government of the Russian Federation” - a “transparent” spoon of tar in a barrel of honey to Dmitry Anatolyevich. Now they are in the same boat, and together they will be forced to carry out systematic work to reduce the burden on the budget because of the need to maintain retirees. It is possible that by reducing their number. It hurts a heavy burden.

Recently, O. Golodets “for some reason” voiced the probable amount of the pension - in 25 thousand rubles by 2025 year. Probably, it has already been calculated how much the army of pensioners will decrease. Right now, this amount would be in place, but with Kudrinsky "economic growth" would be very sad. 25 thousand is not enough for utility costs! Although Mr. Kudrin will have to temper his ambitions of the new reformer of the Russian economy - you will not be particularly unraveled in this position. But even if he succeeds in adjusting the suppression of non-earmarked budget expenditures, optimizing it, especially in public procurement, and stopping the banal embezzlement, there will be more sense from this than from the highly dubious economic strategy developed by the CSR.

Go to the main thing. Simultaneously with the project of raising the retirement age, the transition to a digital economy was announced. I must say that if earlier I believed that there are several people in the government who understand how digitalization differs from automation, now I strongly doubt it. Otherwise, it would not have occurred to anyone to raise the retirement age. Though at once, at least gradually, and this is why.

The fact is that in the coming years, literally within 5-15 years (the pension reform will not be in time), the economy will die out, according to various estimates and depending on the pace of the scientific and technological revolution, from 35 to 70 percent of existing occupations. And these will be, first of all, those professions that are perfectly mastered by the representatives of the older generation, to whom retirement will be distant. But the employer will in every way get rid of the elderly human ballast. The state, in order to reduce social tensions and motivate the electorate, will come up with all sorts of state programs to support the disastrously poor older generation, which will bring back the problems now facing the Pension Fund, but at a new level. And it is still not clear whether these problems will become more severe than the Pension Fund deficit.

It should be noted that the author has already placed on this resource articles devoted to the transition of the country to a new technological order, see [3, 4]. Consider what can happen in the field of employment in the economy of tomorrow? Here are some examples.

Take the most advanced industry, where automation is very close to digitalization. For example, large shopping centers, like Yullmart or Petrovich in St. Petersburg. Today we enter these centers, take an electronic queue ticket at the terminal and are conveniently located in an easy chair. If necessary, the manager will advise you on which button to click. But for a long time you will not stay up, you will be called to an automated workstation (AWP) of the operator, where you will issue an invoice and invoice. You go to the cashier, pay and again get in the electronic queue until you get your goods out of stock. Signed in the invoice and went / went to check out. Everything! Information about your order, payment is transmitted through the system automatically, notifying the staff of the maintenance tasks set by the system. Therefore, the barrier in front of you opens when you bring the invoice barcode to the reader.

What will change with the introduction of digitalization? The automated workplaces will disappear, and hence the workplaces of operators who draw up documents, and there are a lot of them in such centers, at least dozens. Cashiers will disappear, it will be enough to bring the bar code to the reader. A little later, as warehouse automation and total digitization of goods, storekeepers / operators of warehouse mechanisms, porters will disappear.

A little later you will not need to go to the mall, it will be enough to visit the showroom if you want to feel the goods with your hands and make sure that the expectations from the virtual showcase coincide with the original, and then direct the smartphone camera to the item code. After that, the goods will be delivered to your home. At first, couriers will continue to do this, a little later, unmanned automotive and aircraft equipment will deliver the goods. This is already being done at Amazon and similar e-commerce centers. And there are already refrigerators who order products without the owner's participation and take them from delivery quadcopters and even pay for them. And this is a booming Internet of Things.

Another example. At one time it was very fashionable, and there is, the legal profession. It is believed that this profession provides a stable and decent income. A few years later, lawyers in their current role amicably chase from the market. First, the blockchain will squeeze out most notaries. For some time, the most experienced of them will remain to solve specific problems, for example, with inheritance. Then the most advanced young lawyers will take up the training of artificial intelligence in legal skills. The powers of artificial intelligence will allow them to engage not in a narrow specialty, as is customary now, but in a whole palette of legal topics. A lawyer in his current understanding will become the developer of artificial intelligence services in the field of law.

And so gradually, but quickly, in various fields - specialists from different areas will be forced out by automatic systems, from industrial production to data processing. There will be new specialties - developers of digital systems. Almost everywhere.

And the competition between developers, read: teachers of machine intelligence, will serve as a motivating force for the development of industries. Lawyers, and not only in their current form, will gradually die out. And this will happen not in the distant future, but in the coming years.

Changes will also begin in the state system. First, there will be no need for the Rosreestr, the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Economic Development - there will be the ancestors of the State Planning Board based on artificial intelligence on quantum computers. Electronic document management procedures, which are now duplicating paper documents, will go into the scope of smart contracts. A rationale for making management decisions will fall on all the same artificial intelligence that can handle large arrays of unstructured data. For more information on what the power awaits in terms of digitalization, see my articles [5-7].

In one of them, it was hoped that a new team would be created to implement the project of transition of the country to a new technological order, free from the shortcomings of the current “elite”. But it did not work out ... And this can lead to the fact that we will have to use digital technologies and the means of our strategic competitors and even opponents, as it looks now, when operating systems, computer and communication equipment are completely foreign-made. So, we are addicted, our security is at risk.

In his “Public Lecture on Technological Trends and Accelerated Development Factors” [8] G. Gref gave an example from a study of foreign scientific centers, which states that if a modern person were transferred to 2030 a year, the psychological effect of such a jump would be comparable so as if the person from 1750 had moved to our time. It seems that if we are in this near future, we would not understand what people are doing at work, at home and on the street. And it will be so!

Where will the current workers of industry, commerce, a part of agriculture, etc. go to? Those that are younger, will learn to teach the machine, very young, who are now studying in elementary and middle classes, will master yet unknown professions. But with the older generation a snag comes out. They have no place in the new economy. If only some get settled in services, writing, archeology, yes stories, and then with a stretch. Although there is one sensible idea for state benefit, but this is a separate issue.

But what about the retirement age? It will be canceled, even if they accept it now. New people will come who will understand that in the conditions of the digital world it will be impossible to “cut” the budget, and the analysis of materials from endless economic forums (it seems that Russia is the world champion in the number of forums) testifies to precisely this intention of some participants of these forums.

A fraud that flourishes everywhere in the country, because it is “covered” by anyone, will not find a place for itself in the digital world. We'll have to take up the mind and really work.

All legislation in the sphere of economic relations, which is now aimed at observing the interests of officials, deputies, bankers and large corporations, but not ordinary people, should be radically revised. Therefore, the state will be forced to replace the incompetent public of the deputy corps, largely consisting of artists, athletes, lawyers and businessmen, with staff of competent developers who are able to understand and realize the potential of new technologies for effective management of all spheres of socio-economic relations and public administration.

Otherwise there will be no Russia. In addition, all foreign money, real estate and assets acquired by such “overworking” will disappear - they have already begun to be confiscated by purely democratic procedures, about which your humble servant wrote back in 2000 year.

Thus, the simultaneous implementation of two projects (raising the retirement age and digitalization of the economy) is possible only if the digitalization program is to be understood as the next use of budget funds.

Incidentally, The transition to a new technological order in developed countries is not financed by state structures outside the state administration.. For this, private money is used in the framework of both traditional futures investments and new procedures in the framework of ICO. And our government, which always lacks money for good deeds, should not spend hundreds of billions of rubles on incompetent projects. It is enough just to create conditions for the subjects of economic relations to transition to new development rails, and they will do everything themselves.

Summing up the interim result of the article, we conclude that raising the retirement age will not bring anything good to the economy or the budget. As if this age did not have to temporarily lower. Yes, create real incentives for motivating older people to engage in activities that benefit the state and society. After all, they have invaluable professional and life experience, many have merits to their homeland. Why should they be packaged immediately after use in a “wooden mac”? After all, one day, when a crisis situation may arise, and all digital technologies will be useless, only these people could organize the survival of the country.

If someone argues that the budget does not have that kind of money to ensure a decent old age (“period of survival”), then let them explain where Dmitry Anatolyevich “pulled out” 8 trillion. rubles (and he also declared that he found 10 trillion, but “optimized” the amount) for the implementation of the new May presidential decrees! Is he a magician? And where does the Central Bank take money to reorganize banks, also trillions? Remediation is the compensation of money freely withdrawn (through the correspondent account of the Central Bank) by bankers (who also left after the money across our state border) to London and other hospitable jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands.

Remark. Here they freely transfer and even transport cash (see the story of the senator caught in France with 750 million euros) money across the state border. And for ordinary citizens, there is an instruction from the Central Bank, according to which any bank can not only delay questionable, according to some bank clerk, transfer money from card to card, but also confiscate this transfer with impunity (the courts are almost always on the bankers side) and even block card. And it doesn’t matter that you live on money from this card, maybe salary or pension comes to it.

The same thing happened with the customs control when ordinary citizens crossed the state border - the order that once existed in the USSR returned. At last, the customs officers have seized upon real power over people: “How much is your suit? What kind of ring? Why do you need six dresses in a suitcase? Cognac who carry? How many liters? And dishwasher, why did you buy it abroad? Our bad? Or maybe you sell it carries? Have you bought it for a year? ”Etc., etc.

Thus, we were finally separated from the "elite", which is allowed everything, and we have to tiptoe, and any step associated with the movement of money and personal belongings can be fatal. There are a lot of messages on such forums on free forums.


In the recent socialist past, there was a column in the Literary Gazette "If I were the director." From there, officials and party leaders, at times, drew very sensible ideas. We use this technique. So…

"If I were the director"then it would create fundamentally new technological structures for managing the economy. They would include people who had never previously worked in the system of government, and therefore free from the retrograde thinking of its current leaders. These should be talented developers of new information technology systems based on artificial intelligence, blockchain, who understand well how to connect them with quantum computing. As soon as they are ready, they would evolutionally transfer all powers, first of all, the management of monetary resources, from the old departments to these renewed structures. And the old organs would be disbanded as unnecessary.

"If I were the director", then there would be no increase in the retirement age, it would remain what it is now. But I would introduce the following innovations:

• If a person continues to work after the retirement period, then in order to stimulate the employer would pay only ½ deductions to extra-budgetary funds, i.e. 15 percent of payroll.

• A working pensioner would receive half of the accrued pension, the other half would remain at the disposal of the Pension Fund, but this money would accrue interest in the amount of the Central Bank refinancing rate. Upon dismissal from work, the pensioner could receive the amount of these savings with interest, in a lump sum or in installments, within the desired time (the balances would also accrue interest, and in case of death these funds would be transferred to the heirs).

• No retirement points! The size of the pension should depend only on the average salary for three consecutive years, any, at the pensioner's choice, and be 70 percent, subject to the existence of the existing length of service, and for each year you would add 3 percent over the required length of service, but I would deduct 3 percent for each missing year (does not apply to mothers of many children).

• An unemployed person who has reached retirement age should receive a social pension, but not in the amount of an incomprehensible subsistence minimum, and 50 percent of the average salary in the region of residence.

And once again: if someone argues that there is no such money in the budget, then let him explain where Dmitry Anatolyevich “took out” 8 trillion from. rubles for the implementation of the new May presidential decrees? And where does the Central Bank take money to reorganize banks, also trillions?

"If I were the director", it would create a fundamentally new legislative system with the involvement of unspoiled human resources, which would not adapt to external pressure or the opinion of the leaders, but would exist for which people once created a state - ensuring order and justice in society and its safe Existence.

In my deep conviction, based on the ownership of management theory, this is the only way for the country to move to a new technological order. No system is capable of changing itself from within; any of the upgraded versions will have inherent defects in its predecessor - this is a law of nature. This means that, first of all, corruption will continue, what will be the main postulate of digital systems - their transparency - will be crossed out. And this is not theory, but practice.

Someone, having read the article, will say: “Yes, the storyteller wrote this, where have you seen this, so that the state really cares about people?” I answer: if you set false goals or follow half measures, the result will correspond to such a flawed goal, and most likely , even worse. Therefore, the goal should always be theoretically, that is, scientifically based, and not far-fetched to current conditions or personality, even if that person is historical.

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  1. 0
    17 May 2018 08: 44
    “If I were the director,” I would create fundamentally new technological structures for managing the economy. They would not include people ...
    “If I were the director,” there would be no increase in the retirement age, there would be a minimum unconditional income ...
    “If I were the director,” I would create a fundamentally new legislative system without attracting human resources ...
    1. +1
      17 May 2018 10: 41
      “If I were the director,” I would create a fundamentally new legislative system without involving human resources. ” About 50 years later, they will most likely come to this, instead of judges there will be an AI that you cannot bribe and reprogram. Tractor drivers, combine operators, bulldozers, crane operators - all these professions will disappear in the next 20 years, and there will be operators and maintenance. -
      1. +1
        17 May 2018 16: 01
        Yeah. The tractor driver will disappear. But the tractor operator will appear. Where is the reduction?
        1. 0
          18 May 2018 16: 27
          From one console it will be possible to control several tractors.
    2. +4
      17 May 2018 13: 16
      And I propose to adopt a law on punishment for verbiage.
      1. +9
        17 May 2018 14: 53
        Through the execution. Then 90% of the edra can be banged legally, and hundreds of millions can be spent on the purchase of medicines. Eh. how many lives could be saved ...
        1. AUL
          17 May 2018 20: 17
          Yes, the digital economy that the author painted so colorful here is an excellent thing! Neither queues for you, nor the red tape of bureaucrats-officials, nor, most importantly, the thefts of the powerful.
          But it’s only who of these powerful people will allow the implementation of such a thing! There will be wild sabotage of such innovations in order to preserve their feeding trough. And what will happen to the country - they care about the last thing. Their homeland is where their loot is!
    3. +2
      17 May 2018 21: 33
      Quote: sa-ag
      If I were the director ”, I would create a fundamentally new legislative system without attracting human resources ...
      Reply Quote

      Yes ... Our legislators (or no longer ours) broke away from the people.
      Having a salary with all payments of about (if I was not deceived) 600 a month, they will cast out on ordinary citizens from the height of their inaccessible posts and ranks. For a long time they are sorry, I’ve got stuck in their parliament and don’t know how pensioners survive on their penny pensions.
      I am for parliamentarians to be paid a salary at the level of ordinary citizens the size of the minimum wage. In order for our darlings to be in the shoes of an ordinary Russian.
      I think then quickly any shushera would drop out.
      The parliamentarian must be a decent person. With soul. Who can sympathize with the needy. Help the weak. Stop the temples. Punish the thief ...
      1. 0
        19 May 2018 00: 23
        That is a convinced ideological communist!
  2. +3
    17 May 2018 08: 48
    "If I were a queen, one damsel says ..."
  3. Fox
    17 May 2018 08: 58
    and I would close the borders and shoot 2 million loafers "from the power" of the current ...
    1. +4
      17 May 2018 09: 01
      On May 17, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will hold a meeting on raising the retirement age with members of the new government. This was reported by Kommersant, citing two independent sources in the White House.
      According to the publication, as a basis for reform, the Cabinet will consider the ideas of the Center for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin. The center proposed increasing the retirement age to 65 for men and up to 60 for women. It is reported by Rambler. Next: https://news.rambler.ru/politics/

      And the options really are no longer left.
      1. +19
        17 May 2018 09: 53
        For that fought for it and ran. I voted for Putin, goodbye pension, you will not survive. And if you survive, you will have to work anyway, because it is impossible to live on that money.
        1. +8
          17 May 2018 10: 09
          Russian revolt is senseless and merciless. Will we come?
        2. +3
          17 May 2018 13: 24
          Speaking of morality: it is estimated that more than 30 million do not pay taxes to the Pension Fund either. And they come for retirement, they demand! Is this moral ?! So what about the officials?
          1. +2
            17 May 2018 20: 30
            Indeed, in the 90s, everyone rushed to the markets, and now there is not enough experience, is Putin to blame?
          2. +2
            18 May 2018 02: 45
            Quote: Victor N
            Speaking of morality: it is estimated that more than 30 million do not pay taxes to the Pension Fund either. And they come for retirement, they demand! Is this moral ?! So what about the officials?

            these 30 mil. (including me) do not have any social benefits at the workplace, but most importantly heaps of goslushushki (they really exist, especially for family ones and normal ones). if I, about unofficially working. we also pay a bunch of other taxes and fees and do not go on vacation (current is not paid). You can pay the tax yourself, but what's the point? my pension is a dry odnushka for a loan (without any mortgages). I think I’ll finish the second. Regards and good luck
    2. 0
      17 May 2018 13: 20
      moderator does not modify
    3. +1
      17 May 2018 14: 13
      Quote: Fox
      and I would close the borders and shoot 2 million loafers "from the power" of the current ...

      When the slave owners off the coast of Africa loaded their ship with slaves and went to America, a riot broke out on the ship and the negroes threw all the pale-faced overboard. As a result, none of the blacks knew how to control the ship, and when, after many days, another ship accidentally stumbled upon it, only one survived.
      You propose to throw all the managers overboard, and who do you think will control the ship called Russia?
      Maybe the Negroes didn’t have to throw the ship’s crew overboard, but make her work for their own interests and return to everyone safe and sound?
      Putin will force the bourgeois to work for Russia's interests.
      1. +13
        17 May 2018 15: 32
        Do you hope to joke? When Europeans came to Africa for slaves, there (in Africa) was a primitive communal system. And you say that besides our current rulers there are no educated people in the country. Do you respect yourself?
        Putin leads the bourgeoisie behind him. Only out of his personal interests. And the fate of everyone else, as it turned out, was not at all interesting to him.
        1. 0
          17 May 2018 17: 35
          Quote: Vladivostok1969
          And you say that in addition to our current rulers, there are no educated people in the country

          Those with management knowledge are units. Thanks to the concealment of this knowledge, they manage to charge themselves exorbitantly high prices for their work. You probably have not heard this statement by Gref:

          And they did not read this statement of Lenin:

          Tell me, how many types of power do you know?
          1. luk
            17 May 2018 20: 17
            I will add that any officer who graduated from the academy and commanded at least a regiment can easily cope with the region in the rank of governor. Further more.
            Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, having “commanded” commandos in Hollywood, became, though worthless, but the governor of California. GDP itself is a lieutenant colonel of the FSB, and among other leaders it has no equal yet. Although there are many questions to him regarding domestic politics.
            1. 0
              19 May 2018 20: 16
              Even the Kholmanskiy Ural Federal District commands.
      2. +2
        17 May 2018 18: 09
        Quote: Boris55
        Putin will force the bourgeois to work for Russia's interests.

        The type will force employers to build and launch, before the introduction of new deadlines for putting into operation, the line (s) for processing meat-and-bone meal decreasing for a well-deserved rest with the purchase of the latter at tariffs approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in order to target inflation.
      3. +2
        17 May 2018 20: 32
        Already 18 years old, for a long time?
    4. +1
      17 May 2018 16: 50
      And who would appoint the state manager. processes? - Would you choose, alone?
      Yes, and how? - The institutes of electoral procedures would be shot by you.
      The sweeping executions of the managerial level, in the millions - is the immersion of the country in the Middle Ages, anarchy and oligarch-prince long-distance relations + serfdom. And then what is “the development of the governing apparatus” for you?
      1. AUL
        17 May 2018 20: 31
        Quote: Lycan
        The sweeping executions of the managerial level, in the millions - is the immersion of the country in the Middle Ages, anarchy and oligarch-prince long-distance relations + serfdom. And then what is “the development of the governing apparatus” for you?

        And what, isn’t it right now?
        1. +1
          17 May 2018 22: 34
          Quote from AUL
          And what, isn’t it right now?

          There were no sweeping executions of government officials by millions in the Russian Federation, I didn’t.
          Serfdom, thank God, is not there either. And it will appear - all in two.
          Oligarchs, as such, are always there. But nominally they do not have the functions of power. (Someone, of course, is eager for high ranks, but most are under the control of the FSB. I so want to believe.)
    5. 0
      18 May 2018 08: 42
      and I would close the borders and shoot 2 million loafers "from the power" of the current ...
      .......... and a control aspen stake in the heart (so God forbid, do not get tired).
      1. +1
        18 May 2018 09: 05
        This is not the first evidence of public bloodthirst. This is a social disease. You should be isolated.
  4. BAI
    17 May 2018 09: 23
    let him explain where Dmitry Anatolyevich “took out” 8 trillion. rubles

    Elementary - they planned that oil would be cheaper, but it turned out to be more expensive. And the ruble - on the contrary, turned out to be cheaper. So unplanned trillions arose.
    1. +24
      17 May 2018 11: 26
      But for some reason, these unplanned trillions are not going to improve life in the country, but in the zh.pu. "In March, Russia increased its investment in US government securities to $ 96,1 billion, the US Treasury reports."
      Comment from one forum: "... Tell me, am I completely stupid or is Russia what Orwell described?
      Do we have a cold war with them or not? They overlaid the Russian Federation from all sides or not? Then why do we finance their military budget?
      In general, if you put all the facts together, you get only one consistent version:
      The Russian government, together with the United States, is waging a long and successful war against Russia.
      If you have others, share it only if you can without it: the liberals are secret from the GDP ..... and he doesn’t even suspect ... "
      1. +1
        17 May 2018 13: 28
        If we put all the facts together, it turns out that the one hundred economy is much more complicated than we imagine.
        You get used to the mistakes of students, and adults are often embarrassed to listen.
        1. +10
          17 May 2018 14: 51
          Yes Yes. I agree. This is a complicated process. Give your money to enemies at 2% per annum, and for yourself they take at 5-7% per annum. Instead of raising pensions and a minimum wage, referring to "there is no money, but you hold on," send this money to enemies. This may not be all, but only the elect.
          The words of an outstanding politician from a neighboring state come to mind: "..." And today tomorrow, not everyone can watch. Or rather, not only everyone can watch, few can do it ... ... "
          1. 0
            17 May 2018 16: 32
            If there is not enough money three days before the salary, it’s stupid to close the deposit, it’s better to intercept a short loan.
            But it’s better to always have an operational stock - the “nest egg” from the wife ..
            The state will also not be able to survive without reserves, and they are stored only in gold and currency. It's that simple - think it over.
        2. +4
          17 May 2018 15: 14
          Dear Victor. Here is some more interesting information about the complexity of our economy and the foresight of our economists. “... On May 13, it became known that Russian companies under sanctions would be allowed not to return export foreign currency earnings to Russia. As Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev told Interfax,“ these proposals have been agreed and hopefully will be implemented in the near future. ” It seems absurd at first glance. Under the conditions of sanctions, it would seem more logical to return all foreign currency earnings to Russia, and re-register the companies themselves offshore. Why does the Ministry of Finance act differently? I think the Russian authorities believe that many funds abroad can no longer be returned. we are allowed to use the funds only in the West - to transfer them from one Western account to another, from one offshore to another. But just do not return them to Russia ... "- President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Tenants of Russia Andrei Bunich.
          1. 0
            17 May 2018 16: 48
            I can fully imagine a situation where it is beneficial for a business entity to make a payment not from Russia. The topic of currency control is aerobatics, piece intelligence works here, you won’t comprehend it on the fly and without explanation.
            Yes, money is being withdrawn from Russia, but it’s not mine and not your money. To prohibit withdrawing money to their owner is practically a robbery, no one will forgive. It is necessary to introduce rules and monitor their implementation, but it is incredibly difficult and EXPENSIVE. And you can never achieve an absolute result: there are ways around it.
            Today, an interview with S. Glazyev is published on the Empire. I recommend it.
      2. 0
        17 May 2018 18: 26
        Quote: AA17
        Then why do we finance their military budget?

        Equal chances. We have a lot of spirit, tear on the British flag. So that the British flag doesn’t work out, but simpler, like a dubbing-color shred from the Swedish one,
  5. +6
    17 May 2018 09: 26
    Well now I'm calm right from the locomotive to the box !!! But I believed the guarantor went and voted on his ....... !!!!
    1. +19
      17 May 2018 09: 50
      Just like small children, he believed and went to vote. You do not believe the promises, look at the real deal. I can put one fat plus to the president - this is for the Crimea. And a big fat minus for the Donbass. During Putin’s rule, the number of oligarchs and the number of poor have increased. Do not notice a direct connection ???
      1. +5
        17 May 2018 10: 35
        During Putin’s rule, the number of oligarchs and the number of poor have increased. Do not notice a direct connection ???
        Why are you so excited? Elections have long passed. Or did not have time to fully work in the election campaign? Squeeze out liberal tears about the people that you care about.
        1. AUL
          17 May 2018 20: 36
          And we are all closely tagged for the fact that Russia sold to the West for a deshovka ...
      2. +1
        18 May 2018 12: 23
        I noticed Glazyev regularly, I see Katasonov and Fursov, and we have a lot of people with brains and the Crimea was shorter, I don’t understand. I guarantee all his last actions remind Mikhail Raisovich, he ended the Union in just 6 years.
  6. +3
    17 May 2018 10: 13
    And I would have listened to Zhirinovsky, who proposed to abolish the pension fund in general with time, and open a personal account for each employee, to which contributions from the salary would be transferred and interest accrued. And you couldn’t take money from him for 20-30 years, except for treatment in case of a serious illness. And that’s it. And grandparents at work only take places where young people want to come. But if after 40 years trying to get settled is a problem.
  7. 0
    17 May 2018 10: 19
    and again, what to do with pre-term workers, and there are many of them.
  8. +4
    17 May 2018 11: 27
    Has anyone read this to the end? I couldn’t, and the topic is very relevant, but the author’s fantasies were so far taken aside that, in addition to 1/3 at the beginning and conclusions at the end, I could not master. Brevity is the soul of wit!
    1. +1
      17 May 2018 13: 35
      I read it back in the morning. I want to know: the author himself and his sympathizers - do they pay full contributions to the Pension Fund? The country has more than 30 million defaulters! Where is morality here ?!
      1. +2
        17 May 2018 14: 06
        Then I gathered my strength and mastered the article from beginning to end. I do not want to use swear words, so "NO COMMENTS". Sorry for the time spent on such an "analytics".
      2. +4
        17 May 2018 16: 58
        Excuse me, do you happen to work at Gazprom? And it’s moral to “fuck” this same FIU. How many times has it been reformed over the past 10 years. How many schemes have come up, how not to pay the people earned pensions. How many tax laws have you come up with? Try to open at least an IP and honestly work for six months, with the payment of all taxes? I know one IP worker at work, last year turned 55, went to apply for a pension. It pays almost 200 thousand taxes every month, and pensions counted 11 thousand, this is HOW?
      3. luk
        17 May 2018 17: 32
        I AM AUTHOR, ANSWER: I always had only a white salary and it was decent. But when he came to the pension fund to find out why they counted so little, he felt like a sloppy man in front of a thimble. I won’t tell, if you live, you’ll choke.
  9. +3
    17 May 2018 12: 07
    The ideas are good, but since state capitalism is in the yard, it will be as Medvedev and Putin decide. And who will be strongly opposed - in the evening a Chechen will come to him with a pipe or a gun
  10. 0
    17 May 2018 12: 46
    Straight sci-fi
  11. +3
    17 May 2018 12: 48
    "... so much so that tens of millions of people will die out, they did not fit into the market ..." like, it seems to me that the goal of our government is exactly as announced in Saints 90. Therefore, no one will contain anyone , it will be like in the tundra under the king, the old people will be strangled so that they do not consume resources. But in Russia, resources are not enough for China alone, so our government pities them, the conclusion is simple, it takes them out of Russia to the owners. All this demagogy about the increase in the life expectancy of a penniless is not worth it, the technology has gone so far that in 40 years of work it is quite possible to provide more than a dozen dependents (well, if they do not consume more than the worker himself). So Medvedev is lying.
  12. +4
    17 May 2018 12: 50
    Just a sci-fi story. Artificial intelligence, the death of professions, the inability to cut the budget. Yes it will not be. Sawers will not be allowed to do. And we have them at all levels of government. Retirement age will raise anyway. It's time to stop believing in empty promises. It’s time to think about your own old age now, so that you don’t live on a “living wage”.
    In general, they got what they chose ...
    1. luk
      17 May 2018 17: 34
      Then this forum will not be ...
      1. 0
        17 May 2018 20: 15
        A lot of things will not happen.
  13. +9
    17 May 2018 12: 54
    There was a joke: "what benefits does the government promise veterans on the next anniversary of the victory? They are allowed to cross the road to the red light and swim behind the breakwaters." Everything seems to be coming to this.
  14. +3
    17 May 2018 13: 07
    This is all Miracle of “domestic statistics”: we declare the average life expectancy and increase the retirement age. On the other hand, if the life expectancy of women is higher, then why is the retirement age for women lower?
    While such manipulations with "state" statistics are possible, the state cannot be considered controlled. More precisely, it is controlled, but only to a certain point, beyond which there is an abyss. And then a call is heard: "Forward!"
  15. +4
    17 May 2018 13: 45
    The trends described in the article, IMHO, are not so fantastic. Already in our time, some professions have disappeared without a trace. But, in my opinion, such revolutionary transformations, as the author of the article suggests, do not threaten us. And the point is not that someone there will not want, but that they simply cannot. - The degradation of power in Russia has reached unprecedented proportions. And even a radical change of government will not help, because "nothing will come of nothing." My friend worked in the regional government and told to the horror of funny stories about the decision-making mechanism there ...
    Power, like a scientific school, cannot exist without continuity and traditions. It is not for nothing that the United States around the world is trying to change its authorities more often - this just leads to degradation and inability to adequately correspond to so rapidly changing reality.
    1. luk
      17 May 2018 17: 35
      History knows other examples
  16. +8
    17 May 2018 14: 23
    It has long been proven with numbers that raising only the retirement age is completely pointless. In addition to increasing social tension, it will not lead to anything good. A positive effect can be achieved only if such an increase is paired with a progressive taxation scale. Among other things, it still makes the most zealous "innovators" think hard before pushing such bestiality towards their own people.
  17. +2
    17 May 2018 14: 49
    Something DAM in the picture of Hercules directly, and not rickets like in life. They flattered him with a photo montage.
  18. +3
    17 May 2018 14: 53
    What will change with the introduction of digitalization? ARMs will fall away, which means ...

    ... Hundreds of thousands of people, wealthy people, will seek in Vasyuki. Firstly, river transport cannot raise such a number of people. Consequently, the NKPS will build the Moscow-Vasyuki railway. This is a time. Two are hotels and skyscrapers for accommodating guests. Three means raising agriculture within a thousand kilometers: guests need to be provided with vegetables, fruits, caviar, chocolate sweets. The palace in which the tournament will take place is four. Five - the construction of garages for guest vehicles. To transmit the sensational results of the tournament to the world, it will be necessary to build an ultra-powerful radio station. This is sixth. Now, regarding the Moscow-Vasyuki railway. Undoubtedly, this will not have such a capacity to transport everyone to Vasyuki. From here flows the Bolshoi Vasyuki airport - the regular departure of mail planes and airships to all corners of the world, including Los Angeles and Melbourne ...

    ..... my project guarantees your city an unheard-of flowering of productive forces. Think about what will happen when the tournament ends and when all guests leave. Residents of Moscow, constrained by the housing crisis, will rush into your magnificent city. The capital automatically switches to Vasyuki. The government is moving here. The Vasyuki are renamed to New Moscow, and Moscow to the Old Vasyuki. Leningraders and Kharkovites grind their teeth, but they can not do anything. New Moscow is becoming the most elegant center of Europe, and soon the whole world.
    1. AUL
      17 May 2018 20: 41
      I also remembered this immediately when reading the article!
  19. +6
    17 May 2018 14: 57
    What else to expect from this government request good life, vryatli!
    And now I appeal to those who voted for Putin - you now at least understand what you have done sad
  20. +1
    17 May 2018 15: 40
    A painful topic that they decide is so far from the people. It seems to be very clear that until there are large enterprises with automation of production, high labor productivity will not be in demand for labor, and indeed the workers themselves. And those creatures that create and yell about them, like a poultice out of the blue.
    What to expect if the country's GDP is not growing? (what is shown is a joke for such a country).
    We all know that ruined Germany has risen so much that it now leads the EU. She has enough to give a welfare (I will not call alms) to our veterans and even the children of war. Here, even the Poles demanded of her))) Even our veterans can envy the lives of former SS sheep in Germany. Yes, there is no Marshal’s plan for Russia, but nobody wants to do it! For us, there was shock therapy with a loss of savings. And more than once!
    And Putin is a big plus for the Crimea, the army and navy, respect in the world, for the hatred of the United States.
    But he doesn’t have a Marshal’s plan, and I’m sure that he won’t be with Medvedev ((
  21. +1
    17 May 2018 16: 48
    Well, all the same now youth! The digital economy, plans only work up to 70 as they offer. Well, then already for 25 thousand do not deny yourself anything ....
  22. +4
    17 May 2018 16: 48
    Here on the forum, like with a friend from the Urals, they exchanged views on life expectancy. Gentlemen, go to the churchyard and look at the tombstones and everything will become clear. In our Orthodox country there is such a day as “parental”, where everyone who respects his parents and ancestors goes to the cemetery to pay his respects to them. While you go by will not by will you read the signs. Every year it gets worse. People die like flies and the farther, the younger. Oncology mows people with families. My father-in-law died at age 62, thromboembolism. What duration can we talk about ?!
  23. +2
    17 May 2018 17: 02
    To some, all these “drumming” discussions:
  24. +2
    17 May 2018 17: 30
    Wildly sorry, I didn’t even finish reading. After the phrase that child mortality reduces the average age !!! Sorry, but 2 children aged 1 year and 2 old people aged 80 years = average 40.5 years, 1 child 1 year + 2 old people 80 years = average age 53. 66 years.
    Conclusion . No one is trying to increase the population of the Russian Federation and is not planning, with falling child mortality, the average age will decrease. Sechas either give birth little, or lie about mortality, or the outflow of youth from abroad. RF 140 million inhabitants for the next 30 years as a result.
    The second automation in the means of production is more important than the Internet trade through quadrocopters in industrialized countries. I will explain at 60% of the work performed by a person and 40% by a machine, a person needs to be retrained for new types of products, and the machine can only be reprogrammed. 1 program written for all machines and a lot of people in the classes learning instructions. At 90% of the work performed by the machine, the amount of information studied by the employee is minimal. Production becomes flexible. It is profitable to produce batches starting from 50 pcs. sometimes less.
    What happens is incomprehensible. Maybe someone knows and explains? Not the first article already with such mistakes. But!!! Okay, the authors copy-paste and do not think that the discrepancy in the statistics of state structures is in sight. Do they really not know that after the war there were often 3-5 children, and now 2 about 50%. Not going to encourage motherhood? Accordingly, all hectares and population growth is a lie? what
    1. luk
      17 May 2018 20: 05
      Did you yourself understand what you wrote?
    2. +4
      17 May 2018 23: 41
      Respected Salomet (Dmitry)There is a science called statistics. And there are different sections in it, for example, in medicine or in technology there is a probabilistic one. So, demographic statistics are involved in life expectancy and complex formulas are used there, which take into account mortality rates by age groups with weight coefficients. And it is precisely for child mortality that the values ​​of these coefficients are very high. But your last question is purely rhetorical, because the State has always been an “apparatus of violence” according to Engels. And I would add that "deceiving your population."
  25. +2
    17 May 2018 18: 06
    In the 19th century, Marx dreamed that 15% of the world's population (Bankers, manufacturers, counts and nobles) ceased to exploit 75% of peasants, workers, in general those who produced something with their labor.
    AND THIS DONE !!! ...
    Now 75% of loafers (bankers, managers, sales managers, PoPsyat and PoPsyushka, in general, all those who produce nothing) live, 15% of the population manages to provide goods and feed this whole fraternity ...
    And Medvedev, all in worries .. how would he tear money off the PRODUCER even more and how to make it work more and earn less and live less after retirement ..
    If he adopted a law on collecting 90% of the income from PoPsyushek, bankers and managers and could realize it, I would be the first to run for him to vote.
    Make such a move, the money would be enough for retirement, and for free medicine, and school repairs would not go at the expense of parents !!!!!!
    1. +1
      17 May 2018 20: 35
      As in the west, up to 60%.
  26. 0
    17 May 2018 18: 32
    They would include people who had never previously worked in a system of power, and therefore free from the retrograde thinking of its current leaders. These should be talented developers of new information technology systems based on artificial intelligence, blockchain, well aware of how to relate them to quantum computing.

    And who would fully and literally set the task for them to develop these wonderful new laws and rules? Would you come up with your own knowledge and experience? Oh well wassat
    1. luk
      17 May 2018 20: 00
      One great man said this: "A lot of people who can manage the state drive a taxi." People with knowledge of management science in power are on average much less than in any medium and large enterprise.
  27. +1
    17 May 2018 18: 50
    As I understand it, the one who worked will take into account the previous salary, and whoever didn’t work, they will deduct 3% per year. And people who work with us sometimes for 8-10 thousand rubles. And those who spit at the ceiling all their lives will receive 50% of the salary in the region. And sometimes it costs 40 thousand. It turns out that parasitism is more profitable. I will not work much for 10 thousand! We pay to those who did not earn a pension, at the expense of those who worked. request what hi
  28. AB
    17 May 2018 20: 33
    The author has a very rich imagination
  29. +4
    17 May 2018 20: 52
    The main thing is that, at one time, money was withdrawn from the Pension Fund of Russia under the pretext that they should "work" and not be "dead weight", and then silence, where they "work". And now we are “sung songs” that there is no money in the Pension Fund. Perhaps it is better to ask Kudrin where they are, where have they gone?
  30. +2
    17 May 2018 21: 27
    Where are quantum computers? They are only trying to develop them and it is not yet clear how to end. Hopes for the blockchain are also very illusive. I give the cut-off head that by 2030 no blockchain of lawyers will supersede, but the Russian people will not sit with a smart refrigerator. , and in an electronic banking concentration camp, without cash, like Digridat, a step is a step-by-step step to the left-shooting. In general, it seems to me very, very likely that the backstage owners of money came up with a blockchain so that it was easier to manage suckers. I only agree with by the author, you cannot raise the retirement age, this is a program to destroy the population, and survivors in the blockchain camp.
    1. +2
      17 May 2018 22: 38
      My relatives . granddad . 4 uncles. aunt went to war. They recaptured such a huge territory of our country from the Germans for what? That we . descendants lived with her? Or so that a bunch of rich live? Yes, they are now turning over in coffins How famously we are fooled by the Official's pension - 70% of the salary. and all the rest - work experience. points. bonuses terms of survival and so on. If war happens. who will fight back? Not otherwise Deripas with Vekselbergs ...
  31. +2
    17 May 2018 23: 30
    Doubtful, very dubious little article. There are many words and beeches, but the author somehow forgot about our Russian conditions. Well we still live in a feudal-slave system. So what kind of digital economies are there? Well, except in Moscow, the one and only. There, yes, it will be. I believe! But its inhabitants, too, will be ripped off for the rest of the country. Although they already did it. So remember, people - the best coffins were made before from cypress. Probably, Crimea was also attached for that - there are a lot of it.
  32. +1
    18 May 2018 04: 44
    Lord, how far the Dear author with his mrii from everyday life. What the hell are quantum computers in government ??? These IT creators of the future named by the author, the 1C program, on which 90% of enterprises in the Russian Federation work, are doped to a state where this dull city ... (1C8) simply ceases to cope with its main tasks and becomes an IT brake for the development of enterprises. A no less beautiful EGAIS system ???? And the wonderful Mercury system that they want to introduce to account for all livestock and crop production in the country!
    And a wonderful new world under the control of these "IT-creators of the future in Russian", it will be such a "prison of peoples", you’ll jump.
  33. +4
    18 May 2018 04: 44
    "Be cost-effective, worked - die"
    (c) Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
  34. +1
    18 May 2018 20: 24
    “Back in March of this year, the“ kamikaze government ”agreed to all the preliminary conditions of the Fund put forward by it for lending to Ukraine. If someone has forgotten, I recall these conditions:
    "1. Raise the retirement age - by two years for men, by three - for women. "Eliminate the right to early retirement and the principle of counting a year in two at dangerous enterprises."
    This is from an article posted here on the site in November 2014. In it, the author paints ukrochinovnikov - cannibals, ready to kill their own pensioners for IMF loans.
    And it goes as it happens. And nobody seemed to jump.
  35. 0
    19 May 2018 01: 01
    If I were a director, I would give a GOOD Kick to Medvedev and Kudrin!
    For such "specialists" have nothing to do in those places where they can’t do anything normally!
    If it weren’t for Putin, then Medvedev would have long blamed for Mozhai for such a “job” ... and Kudrin with him ...
    And that would be right!
    If not for Putin ... request
  36. +1
    19 May 2018 09: 56
    Sharp, my friend, sharply. David Aaronovich Mendel will not understand you ...
  37. +1
    20 May 2018 21: 48
    All this is fortune-telling on coffee grounds. It was good on paper, but forgot about the ravines. Life is unpredictable.

    In Japan, there is already an economy of the 5th order, and at the box office they sell tickets for trains that run at a speed of 300 km / h, people carry snacks and water in cars, and the driver sits in the cab.

    In shipyards, welders cook sections of ships, crane operators lift loads, cleaners clean rooms, drivers transport parts and materials by cars. And so it is everywhere.

    Well, if we take into account that our economy in this rank of the digital economy takes 0.5 place, then God forbid, only the grandson of DAM will probably live in this happy time.

    So do not worry and live and work calmly.
  38. 0
    23 May 2018 21: 34
    What to say? 1. In order to start the transition to the digital economy, in the current geopolitical conditions, for a start, you should create your own Russian, normal, original operating system, and not all of these Stars and DEWs based, not even on the Linux kernel, but on the development of various, foreign, Linux -communities ... 2. To revive their own, Russian, development and production of modern element base, IT-partitions and network tools, and this implies the construction of modern factories for the production of electronic elements, the restoration and modernization of instrument-making plants as well as the enterprises necessary to provide them uninterrupted work .... (and this is machine-tool, tool, etc.) Everything, at the beginning, is calculated.
    To develop AI technologies and the infrastructure of the digital economy on other people's software and hardware is unsafe in all respects and harmful in a modern stop ..
    And only then ...
    As for the retirement age, I completely agree with the author: it’s completely immoral and harmful to the declared social country, we don’t want social upheaval and instability ...
    Thanks to the author and respect. I liked the article hi
    Only here our Western-oriented "servants of the people" and the oligarchs, most likely, will do everything exactly the opposite, and they will steal the loot. am
  39. 0
    17 July 2018 14: 08
    The whole point of reform is

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"