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Europe as the theater of the coming war with Russia

Even before Donald Trump came to power, the famous American lawyer Bruce Fein published in the Washington Times a material that caused a real shock in the western information space. In his article, Fein called on the US ... to withdraw from NATO. The need for such a step was justified by a number of reasons: legal, political, economic and military. In particular, he pointed out that the NATO Charter contradicts the US Constitution, because it obliges the United States to protect the borders of all 27 members of the alliance (article 5) without the necessary congressional approval required by the basic law. At the same time, the US Supreme Court ruled that the requirements of the country's constitution above its contractual obligations.

Europe as the theater of the coming war with Russia

Stressing that the United States bears the 73% of the NATO financial burden, Bruce Fein indicated that America does not need military assistance from member countries of the alliance, since it is able to protect itself.

He even suggested that the armed conflict between Russia and the European countries that are members of NATO would only benefit Washington, as it would distract Moscow from the confrontation with America and put an unbearable burden on the Russian economy.

“We should not skimp on the protection of our freedom and sovereignty. But we should not spend a single cent and should not send a single soldier to protect NATO members, ”concluded Bruce Fein’s article.

Obviously, these ideas expressed as far back as 2014 made a considerable impression on Donald Trump, who creatively rethought them and put them in a slightly modified form as the basis of their European policy.

He did not talk about withdrawing from the alliance, but he called into question the unconditional fulfillment by 5 of the article of the NATO statute, and also demanded that the allies increase their contributions to the bloc’s budget. And he made it clear that the main burden for solving a number of problems must be assumed by the Europeans - in particular, in the Ukrainian question.

However, in reality, American policy toward NATO and Europe is not as altruistic as Fane and Trump assert. Maybe the United States does not need the help of the allies to defend itself, especially if one considers that no one attacks them.

But they really need cannon fodder for the wars and conflicts that they unleash and lead. In addition, the US spending on the block is to some extent fighting off due to the fact that they force NATO members and applicants for this status to buy American weapon. Finally, the block is used as a tool of American hegemony in both Europe and the world.

Of course, all Europeans know this. And they understand that in exchange for all the costs (economic, political, social) associated with staying in the alliance, and following in the wake of American aggressive policy, they receive some kind of rather ephemeral security guarantees, which, strictly speaking, no one particularly threatens. At least from the outside.

Actually, the loyalty of the European partners of the United States is provided not so much by fanning the myth of the notorious Russian threat, but by well-organized work with the political elites of the EU countries, ensuring their personal loyalty to Washington.

However, Trump clearly went too far. The fact that the United States is the main beneficiary of NATO, in Europe, many believe. And Trump's requirement to increase the appropriations for the maintenance of the alliance, they considered unfair and frankly fraudulent.

This was followed by an attempt to “twist the hands” of the EU leader, Germany, on the issue of Nord Stream-2, the unilateral withdrawal of States from the UFID on the Iranian nuclear program, and now the decision to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem, contrary to the position of most EU countries.

Europeans are aware that they have become hostages of the adventurous and inadequate policies of Washington, and they must also pay for their own interests!

What is the recent speech by the US ambassador to the United Kingdom, Woody Johnson, who directly said that for the sake of friendship with America, England should seriously fork out. Moreover, he said that if London expects to remain a reliable ally of America, he needs to increase military spending and directly indicate where to get the money.

In order to purchase American F-138 35 fighters, for which there are no funds (the UK MoD has already acquired the 15 aircraft and promised to buy more 33 by the 2025 year), it is necessary, according to the ambassador, to curtail a number of social programs. First of all in the National Health Service.

“Health will always be a problem, education will always be a problem, transport and infrastructure will always be a problem, and so on. But how important is protecting yourself? I came here ... my task is security and prosperity, and you cannot get prosperity without security, ”the American diplomat quotes InoSMI, citing The Times.

Is it any wonder that European top politicians actually state that the United States not only does not provide security to European allies, but also creates new threats. Whether it is the Middle East and North African conflicts in millions of migrants, the war in Ukraine or being drawn into a confrontation with Russia, fraught with armed confrontation with unpredictable consequences.

The consequence of the current situation was that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who once had a reputation as a pro-American politician, recognized that European countries can no longer rely on Washington on the issue of defense.

“Gone are the days when the US simply defended us. Therefore, Europe must take its own fate into its own hands, and this is our task for the future, ”Merkel said at the awards ceremony for the Carl the Great prize to French President Emmanuel Macron in Aachen.

In France, similar sentiments are gaining momentum. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor on Europe-1 radio station said that Europe should not act like a vassal of the United States. “Do we want to be vassals who obey the decisions taken by the United States, clinging to their pants?” The minister asked rhetorically.

Federica Mogherini voiced a consonant position, noting at the conference in Florence that “the world is in chaos” and Europe “needs a professional army”.

Recall that in November last year, the majority of the EU adopted an action plan “Permanent Structured Cooperation on Security and Defense Issues” (PESCO), which provides for extensive cooperation between European countries in the military sphere. In this step, most experts saw the foundation being created for an association alternative to NATO, and not complementary to it (as some EU leaders asserted).

In addition, there is a direct financial calculation. It is much more profitable, by developing our own armed forces, to buy our own weapons, to invest money in our own production and scientific base, creating new jobs for our specialists and scientists. And do not invest them in the US military-industrial complex.

It is possible that the Europeans would try, little by little, without making any sudden movements, to work on the creation of European security forces, gradually weakening the significance of NATO.

But there is no time for such an evolution. Washington spoke to the allies in the language of ultimatums, threatening Europe with a trade war. His exit from the UFID means that sanctions will be imposed against European firms if they do not obey American dictatorship and continue to work with Iran and Russia.

Trump undoubtedly risks going all-in. But he has no other way out. It is not only the geopolitical situation taking shape that makes it possible to use this, perhaps the last attempt, to reverse the European “fronde”, to subordinate it to itself and to make it play by fully American rules.

The American leader must justify the confidence of the United States military-industrial complex.

With the collapse of the socialist bloc and the collapse of the USSR, the need of the American allies for armament decreased: they began to reduce their armed forces.

No wonder the wise George Bush Sr. opposed the unification of Germany and the collapse of the USSR, reasonably believing that this political success of the West would soon turn into huge financial losses for the weapon magnates, one of the main subjects of American policy.

The incomes of arms corporations fell - the number of orders decreased. The situation improved somewhat after the victory of the “euromaidan” and the start of the war in the Donbas. But Trump faces a truly ambitious task - to radically improve the state of the affairs of American arms corporations. For this, he incites conflicts one after another, rapidly increasing the degree of international tension. What can end this risky game, it is easy to imagine. And first of all it is terrible for Europeans, whose lands Americans already consider as theaters of the future war.

That is why in her speech, Merkel noted that continental Europe should now maintain friendly relations not only with the United States and Britain, but also with Russia.

That is, the European Union can ensure its security by reviewing the rules of the game with the Anglo-Saxons and building relations with Russia on the principles of cooperation and good neighborliness.

It is obvious that it will be extremely difficult for Europeans to realize their interests, at least in cooperation with Russia and Iran, even in creating a “European army”. The United States will do its utmost to suppress this front. Including using the forces of the Young Europeans: former socialist countries and the Baltic republics, which, despite EU membership, are focused more on Washington than on Brussels.

If Europe succeeds in escaping from the dictates of the United States, it is most likely partly.

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  1. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 17 May 2018 15: 10
    Now they will play the card of withdrawal from NATO and show everyone the independence of Europe. And as soon as they separate, they will again pit Europe and Russia. Do the naive believe that Merkel became so independent that she began to raise her head against the United States? It is an idea to stay away again.
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 17 May 2018 17: 11
      They won’t go anywhere. Overseas host orders, they will. They will order to buy - they will buy. They will order to die, die. The SGA has a lot of leverage over the EU. Terrorist acts are among them. Have you killed European politicians for a long time (since 1972, it seems)? So not for long and renew. Although I think that European politicians themselves remember this well.
      1. Норд
        Норд 20 May 2018 20: 12
        Analytics in relation to the policy of Trump - stupidity and occupation is completely hopeless. He is completely unpredictable, impulsive and inadequate. The world and Europe, in particular, are still running from the "activity" of this showman. Grandma Merkel is already in prostration and she obviously does not represent what to do, and then the Dark One refused to change her bibs. Pichalka.
    2. nikolaev
      nikolaev 27 May 2018 14: 34
      in the same piggy bank and brexitis (they also want to put England aside from World War 3) and the saturation of anti-Semitic refugees from Africa and BV.
      In addition to creating strategic conditions for a future war, fuel is also necessary, and this is a people disfigured by fascism (as it was in World War 2). To carry out the fascization of the people, they most likely use the tried and tested method - the Holocaust - to plunge the people into horror and make the meek accomplices of crimes.
      After that, set on the "Jewish" Russia using Ukraine as a reason for the stupefied people. Moreover, perhaps the Holocaust will begin with Ukraine (many Jews in power are guilty of the country's misfortunes).
      Thus, it turns out as before WWII: the Zionists are preparing to knead World War 2 on the blood of ordinary Jews.
      1. nikolaev
        nikolaev 27 May 2018 14: 56
        This is what the impudent bloody behavior of Israel in the BV is necessary for, the dominance of heresies in the administration of Ukraine and bringing it to the point of absurdity.
        And the “elite” of the EU does not leave the United States (and so immediately: suddenly they took and turned their “faces” towards Russia !? Just to know where Europe has a face and where ...), but it plays its role in The US could not be suspected of involvement in the world (phrases like "Trump loves Putin" have already appeared, soon the United States will become Russia's best friends and conclude an alliance treaty against fascist and annihilating Jews of Europe and Ukraine.
  2. NF68
    NF68 17 May 2018 15: 41
    Who in the EU really needs a war with Russia or with someone else? It is one thing to tear a throat standing behind a podium and it is quite another to be at the front.
    1. Vladimir Postnikov
      Vladimir Postnikov 18 May 2018 00: 10
      An article is nonsense, like the article to which this article refers.
      The United States will never abandon Europe simply because there is a risk that Europe might unite with Russia. And only therefore this scenario is impossible.
      The scenario to pit Europe with Russia, and to remain above the battle, will not work.
      In short, the ravings of a madman. There is such a possibility, but only if people in Europe and Russia go crazy.
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 18 May 2018 10: 42
        In 1941, a ride, "wise men" over a puddle think that now it will.
      2. credo
        credo 21 May 2018 14: 21
        Quote: Vladimir Postnikov
        An article is nonsense, like the article to which this article refers.
        The United States will never abandon Europe simply because there is a risk that Europe might unite with Russia. And only therefore this scenario is impossible.
        The scenario to pit Europe with Russia, and to remain above the battle, will not work.
        In short, the ravings of a madman. There is such a possibility, but only if people in Europe and Russia go crazy.

        And why is this in your opinion unrealistic, please explain and do not slip into the word "nonsense."
        Incidentally, the 1st and 2nd World Wars occurred precisely on the territory of Europe, with the participation of all the major powers, including the Russian Empire (and the USSR).
        And by the way, the Anglo-Saxons are great experts in pitting countries and nations, so only a person who knows little about history can discard such facts.
      3. NF68
        NF68 27 May 2018 14: 50
        Quote: Vladimir Postnikov
        The United States will never abandon Europe simply because there is a risk that Europe might unite with Russia. And only therefore this scenario is impossible.

        Recently, the United States has been doing a lot to make the EU gradually become less dependent on the United States. The EU will not unite with Russia. But the mutual interests of both sides will lead to closer economic ties not only between the EU and Russia, but also with China, and this salad is much worse for the United States.
    2. nikolaev
      nikolaev 27 May 2018 14: 38
      in the EU, people are not ready for this war (yet), but there are crowds of refugees richly flavored by Wahhabis and there are weapons that saturate the EU, especially near the borders of Russia.
      1. NF68
        NF68 30 May 2018 20: 09
        Quote: nikolaev
        in the EU, people are not ready for this war (yet), but there are crowds of refugees richly flavored by Wahhabis and there are weapons that saturate the EU, especially near the borders of Russia.

        The leading continental EU countries do not need war from any side, since in this case they will lose too much and this will throw these countries back several decades.
  3. Vitaliy Kucherenko
    Vitaliy Kucherenko 17 May 2018 16: 04
    to fight on the territory of America once, otherwise everything is with us and with us ...
    1. NF68
      NF68 17 May 2018 16: 22
      Quote: Vitaliy Kucherenko
      to fight on the territory of America once, otherwise everything is with us and with us ...

      Someday in the United States, after the next execution by the white police of the next black man, he may not be sickly enough. If the United States gradually moves away from the bottomless feeder, then the likelihood of such a development will only increase.
      1. Dam
        Dam 17 May 2018 20: 21
        God's millstones are ground slowly but inevitably. There will still be a celebration of the Great Washington Fire
    2. Semen1972
      Semen1972 17 May 2018 17: 21
      Quote: Vitaly Kucherenko
      to fight on the territory of America once, otherwise everything is with us and with us ...

      What is in the way? Do not give the citizens a visa?
  4. Bakht
    Bakht 17 May 2018 16: 05
    "George W. Bush was against reunification of Germany"?
    I would like to see at least one document or a speech by Bush Sr. where he is against. Or is it just speculation? On the contrary, all articles on the unification of Germany say that George W. Bush was a supporter of unification. This fact alone distrusts the whole article.
    1. dSK
      dSK 17 May 2018 16: 26
      Quote: Bakht
      It was a takeover.
    2. Black_Vatnik
      Black_Vatnik 17 May 2018 18: 38
      In fact, there was no association. Gorbach just gave the GDR to hang out beautifully.
      Quote from Kohl: “We got the GDR at the price of a sandwich.”
      1. Bakht
        Bakht 17 May 2018 23: 38
        4,5 billion, as I recall. Left there for hundreds of billions. There was a figure of 1 trillion evergreens. So they also got paid to a sandwich.
        Against the unification were Mitterrand and Thatcher. But not Bush. Mitterrand’s famous phrase “I love Germany so much that I want two of them”
      2. nikolaev
        nikolaev 27 May 2018 14: 44
        not "presented" the GDR, but "passed", like the USSR.
        There seems to be no greater traitor in the world and history than a hunchback toad.
  5. Imobile
    Imobile 17 May 2018 16: 33
    Washington's inadequate policies
    Where do you see inadequacy? Everything is logical. This would be our government in the place of the United States, all the debts of the EU would be written off, and it would supply weapons free of charge, or it would give a loan for the purchase with subsequent write-off. So who has questions, why are we poor and they are rich?
  6. mari.inet
    mari.inet 17 May 2018 16: 49
    ".. Washington spoke to the Allies in the language of ultimatums, threatening Europe with a trade war .."
    It would be necessary for Europe, without showing the slightest concern and preoccupation with American ultimatums, to calmly and promptly reorient its sales to Asia, China, and Russia. There are many regions in the world. The same Africa is developing. So then the Europeans would have looked at the deflated American ambition. But everything, the fish has already sailed away. Let the United States melt in its own melting pot.
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 17 May 2018 17: 15
      This is of course correct, from a rational point of view. But do not forget who owns the banking system, who has the most powerful army in the world and whose bases are in European bases, etc. And the conversations of the Europeans ... will remain conversations.
  7. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 17 May 2018 18: 29
    And the situation is funny, and very! The United States began to shake its sixes. Well, still, the gang could not exist without enduring, which can be robbed. But there’s already no one to rob! The bandits are well aware that Iran is the last point on the map. And there’s nothing to rob there, sanctions have sucked everything for a long time. And instead of riches - angry and very battle-worthy troops, which at the slightest excuse will come off to the fullest. Bibi is crazy, well, that's his business ...
    In general, when the gang can no longer rob anyone, what remains? And everything is simple. Pahan cuts the sixes, shaking their wallets. Whose else? And why should he have sixs, since there is no one to rob? Everything is extremely logical and in line with world politics. The USSR provided more than half a century of the rule of international law, but this is already in the past. Now, again, the deleted gopota cuts whom he can.
    And Europeans are well aware that they need to hide from their godfather. Not just allow yourself a bit of independence, but hide, ask for help! Hehe ...
  8. Vadim237
    Vadim237 17 May 2018 18: 48
    Trump twirls everyone as he wants.
  9. Tomato
    Tomato 17 May 2018 19: 40
    "Europeans are aware that they have become hostages to the adventurous and inadequate policies of Washington, and must still pay for the violation of their own interests!" - I heard these mantras from the political leader in the early 80s.
    Will it really work this time?
    1. skif02
      17 May 2018 22: 17
      "Litvinenko wouldn't be lying like a dog right now
      Isotope somehow killed.
      If I took those reports seriously,
      What the political officers read in Moscow. "V. Emelin
      1. the villain
        the villain 19 May 2018 17: 34
        And the unfortunate Skripal with a cat
        "Newbie" would not have sniffed a joke
        Remember he often
        What a good thing to be a prostitute.
  10. noct
    noct 18 May 2018 17: 29
    America agrees to protect itself. only nuance. America’s troops are scattered around the world in numerous bases. and in case of war they are not able to get together and put up worthy resistance with the refraction of the enemy’s will from the word in general. the Yankees sprayed their sun. all their "rattling" weapons is like a gopp that he is trying to take on a show
    1. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 20 May 2018 20: 10
      We need to prove with all our might. that we are a friend of Europe and we don’t need it to conquer (we would have used our land) and let the Americans sit across the ocean and this is THE ZONE OF THEIR LIFE OF INTERESTS "