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"Sea Shield-2018". The Americans did not climb into the Black Sea trap

The NATO naval exercises Sea Shield 18 (Sea Shield-2018) in the Black Sea area, which lasted from 4 to 11 in May, were completed.

"Sea Shield-2018". The Americans did not climb into the Black Sea trap

Recall that the ships of the NATO Permanent Naval Group 2 (SNMG-2) as part of the British missile destroyer Duncan and frigates Victoria (Naval Forces of Spain), Bayern (German Navy), " Gemlik "(Turkish Navy), as well as several ships of lower rank.

In total, 21 warship, 10 aircraft, submarine and 2300 military from Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Spain, USA and Great Britain were involved in military maneuvers.

Officially, the goal of the exercises was “fighting asymmetric threats in the air, under water and at sea”.

The special enthusiasm for this event, as expected, caused in Kiev.

We note that the Ukrainian Navy is currently rather a symbol of certain claims of Kiev than a real force, and their participation in the exercises actually has propagandist and symbolic significance for the country's leadership.

First of all, the presence on the Naval Shield-2018 of the Naval Forces, even if in their current ephemeral state, can be quite imagined as ongoing integration into the North Atlantic structures, and at the same time hint at the intention of Western friends to defend the interests of Ukraine.

All these days, the pro-government Ukrainian media are strenuously making it clear that almost the main task of “Sea Shield-2018” is to prepare for “liberation of the Crimea” by NATO forces.

Enhanced savoring of this topic even initiated the revival of the recently faded recent discussion about the "arrangement of the Crimea" after his "return".

As the deputy commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine for combat training, Rear Admiral Alexei Neizhpapa, stated, “joint exercises help to establish interaction between the participating countries” in the Black Sea basin, which became “an unstable region after the annexation of Crimea”.

The admiral stressed that by carrying out the assigned tasks at sea, in the air and on land, the naval forces are taking another step towards peace and stability in the Black Sea, the Ukrainian edition of Segodnya reported.

However, the other participants did not support this interpretation of the exercise legends, at least officially.

Although, of course, the fact that these exercises are directed against Russia is obvious. As well as the fact that the reinforcement of the military group of the RF Armed Forces on the Crimean peninsula, including the latest air defense systems and the Bastion anti-ship missile systems, which reliably protect the entire Black Sea area, seriously limited the capabilities of the alliance in the region. Which, according to Brussels and Washington, “violates stability”. Although from our point of view, only strengthens it.

However that may be, but the fact that the exercise site was the western part of the Black Sea area (the event started in Constanta) suggests that its organizers wisely chose to stay away from the Russian shores, avoiding any “ambiguous” situations.

According to official reports, the main purpose of the exercise was to work out measures for the planning, implementation and evaluation of anti-submarine operations, with the support of conducting anti-hacking, anti-aircraft and anti-mine defenses, without any other specificity. However, the format of the event itself, as it were, did not suggest, from any side, “recapturing the Crimea”, no matter how Kiev would like it to be.

Another important point of the “Sea Shield-2018” is the absence of the US Navy among its members. This is not to say that it was a big surprise. After all, the current American leader, Donald Trump, has repeatedly said that in matters of ensuring European security, the main role should be played by the European members of NATO. He also stressed that the main burden in the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis should lie on the shoulders of Europeans.

And the American president realizes these intentions, giving his allies the opportunity to play the role of “skirmishers” in the event of armed confrontation with our country. In addition, this approach makes it possible to put the Europeans, whose hypothetical rapprochement with Russia is causing the Americans concern, as our main enemies.

Moreover, as we already reported, the entire Black Sea basin is reliably blocked by Russian defense systems, and in the event of an armed conflict, the NATO naval group will last no more than ten minutes. So Americans reasonably prefer not to go into a potential death trap.

However, other participants of the Sea Shield, with the exception of the British, sent far from the most modern and, accordingly, expensive equipment to participate in the exercises. For example, the Spanish frigate "Victoria" has been in operation for more than thirty years, the Turkish "Gemlik", even longer. The frigate "Bayern" slightly newer (commissioned in 1996 year).

In general, according to experts, the actual military-technical significance of the past exercises is small. Their political aspect is much more noticeable.

Recall that the Sea Shield-2018 exercises were held simultaneously with the YUZH-2018 military exercises, which launched 2 in May in Estonia with the participation of members of the Alliance and partners of the North Atlantic Alliance, and they must demonstrate coverage of Russia from both north-west and and from the southwestern flanks.

According to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Belik, NATO maneuvers in the Black Sea area are an attempt to “test the nerves of Russia” and force it to abandon alliance aircraft interceptions near the coast of Crimea.

However, it is difficult to imagine that this pressure will allow the West to achieve its goals. The maneuvers of quite elderly ships in the sights of the Russian "Bastions", admit, do not create a sense of the strength of the "Sea Shield".
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  1. Chertt
    Chertt 15 May 2018 06: 18
    They collected the ships that God had sent (but didn’t send anything to anyone), sailed in a corner of the Black Sea. They shouted the Glory of NATO and scattered home. "Sea Shield" pancake wink
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 15 May 2018 06: 58
      The correct name is Sea Shit and it’s "swam"
      1. dSK
        dSK 15 May 2018 07: 49
        Quote: g1washntwn

        Navy, ... as ongoing integration into North Atlantic structures.
        Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the main role in ensuring European security should be played European members of NATO. He also emphasized that the main burden in resolving the Ukrainian crisis wasMust lie on the shoulders of Europeans.
        The role of "conductor" after the Vietnam War, the States are more comfortable.
    2. Dam
      Dam 15 May 2018 08: 35
      Ours had the opportunity to work out the detection and maintenance of this shit squadron
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 15 May 2018 08: 40
        Quote: Damm
        Ours had the opportunity to work out the detection and maintenance of this shit squadron

        So, it is not yet clear to whom these teachings have brought more benefit. NedoNAToVets or the Russian military in the Crimea
    3. Lynx33
      Lynx33 15 May 2018 10: 27
      Russia cannot send such, just nothing.
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 15 May 2018 10: 31
        Quote: Lynx33
        Russia cannot send such, just nothing

        If you can, type in the search engine "Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation" and "Mediterranean Squadron of the Russian Navy." Good luck, not my smart friend (God forbid of course)
        1. Lynx33
          Lynx33 15 May 2018 18: 04
          Who prevents you from using your advice, my stupid foe laughing the entire remaining fleet - a dozen rusting troughs that go to overhaul after each trip, a few new ships from many years of endless trials do not come out.
          1. morved
            morved 18 May 2018 12: 13
            After-navigation navigation repair is generally a worldwide practice for warships.
            Project 11356 and Project 20380 are quite combat ready. And so on. 1155 and so on. 11551 quite hearty.
            The ships of the international squadron, as it were, are also at sea not 365 days a year, and are also undergoing post-war navigation repairs. Temporarily, all the more so planned, the Russian Navy may well deploy in the same Mediterranean and twice as large forces.
      2. jncnfdybr
        jncnfdybr 15 May 2018 10: 50
        Russia has a fleet. Do not confuse Russia with Ukraine.)
    4. Gato
      Gato 19 May 2018 11: 58
      Quote: Chertt
      what god sent

      Rather, which do not mind
  2. Altona
    Altona 15 May 2018 07: 03
    Something about the mighty Sumerian fleet did not hear the news. Apparently they decided to specialize in piracy and privateering.
    1. novel66
      novel66 15 May 2018 09: 33
      right now, fresh Finnish air will be delivered in cylinders. proud cruisers pump up and go on a hike!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 May 2018 07: 10
    in preparation for the "liberation of Crimea" by NATO forces.
    Dreaming. On occasion, the Americans (the chiefs of NATO) are not very eager to fight for Europe, and here is some kind of colony and even claims to great global significance. They rattled with ship weapons in the Black Sea, made it clear that the situation is under control until the next exercises.
    1. Solomon Kane
      Solomon Kane 15 May 2018 14: 29
      In my opinion, in 2014 they were given to understand who is the boss in the Black Sea, using the example of Donald Cook .....
      Another demarche of the "freedom-loving" ......
    2. Sasha_Sar
      Sasha_Sar 15 May 2018 16: 10
      Rather rattled anchor chains ...
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 15 May 2018 07: 30
    Another reminder of how much the Crimea is IMPORTANT! In a nightmare not to dream of the NATO base in Sevastopol! The city is a hero with a Russian through and through population. Well done, GDP. Americans in Crimea - this would be the beginning of the end of Russia. IMHO.
  5. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 15 May 2018 11: 01
    A flock of wild and stupid sabakas gathered, everyone scorched and ran away
  6. maikl50jrij
    maikl50jrij 15 May 2018 14: 04
    Of course, Americans are not fools. Europeans confrontation with us, no matter how! Scarecrows from Europeans for the Russian Federation are unlikely to succeed. Moreover, Doni’s policy of opposing settlement agreements puts him an outcast. So it turned out that at these "exercises" they stood aside, smoked and spread out over their swamps ...
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. A_L_F
      A_L_F 15 May 2018 22: 01
      Donkey IA, you are ZERO in this thread, it’s better to defend the amers who land on the moon from Hollywood’s scenery in Hollywood scenery
  8. klm-57
    klm-57 15 May 2018 16: 50
    Ukrainians hope that there is someone how short-sighted, so stupid, ready for them to haul chestnuts out of the fire.
  9. Simon
    Simon 15 May 2018 17: 48
    The entire Black Sea basin is reliably blocked by Russian defense systems, and in the event of an armed conflict, the NATO naval group will last no more than ten minutes. So Americans reasonably prefer not to get into a potential death trap. --- "Here you have a grandmother and whisk at the door!" The Americans are substituting NATO for a blow, but they themselves are on the sidelines. The entire Black Sea is shot through by our defensive systems. In short, all these NATO ships are suicide bombers!
  10. Essex62
    Essex62 15 May 2018 17: 48
    In all this minor fuss, the behavior of the Sultan is surprising. He even sent his trough to this rabble (it must be the same, even the Gypsies lurked). After all, he declared the Black Sea the inland sea of ​​Turkey and the Russian Federation.
    1. Grigory b
      Grigory b 15 May 2018 18: 14
      Sent Cossack or your own among strangers.
  11. Leonid Dymov
    Leonid Dymov 15 May 2018 21: 45
    It seems that our Armed Forces have ignored these NATO exercises. If there were US ships, then they would have been waiting for the same thing that happened with Donald Cook. A wretched sin to offend.
  12. Efrem mutny
    Efrem mutny 15 May 2018 23: 42
    --- All these days, pro-government Ukrainian media have been strenuously making it clear that almost the main task of the Sea Shield 2018 is to prepare the “liberation of Crimea” by NATO forces .---

    These imbitsilki still hope that someone will go to fight for them ... This gang of beggars and thieves on the trough? To fool.
    They, unlike horses, are well aware that the Crimea and the Black Sea are completely closed for them. And the petunia must firmly know that he has not sucked 300 years of everything from NATO and doesn’t put him to intervention. After all, they have the same life alone and nobody will give it for the welfare of the half-drunk.
  13. Season
    Season 16 May 2018 15: 35
    The purpose of the joint maneuvers of the NATO fleet “Sea Shit 18” was to develop an emergency discharge of fictitious waters near the border of RUSSIA.
  14. Sergey Freeman
    Sergey Freeman 16 May 2018 22: 17
    Sometimes one gets the feeling that the Americans are playing with us according to a scenario that was previously directed and agreed with the Kremlin. It was necessary to press the Russian oligarchs, they helped Putin to press. It was necessary to "lower" the EU, so lowered "below the plinth." It was necessary to develop a nationalistic Ukraine, which had gone the wrong way for 20 years, to ruin it, so the United States ruined it "in the trash." No questions, keep up the good work. In 15-25 years, Russia will be a leading power.
    1. tun5t
      tun5t 21 May 2018 12: 46
      China will be the first in the economy, Russia only spiritually. Are we about our capabilities with the reign of Moscow. Like Kiev, from Moscow do not expect good things, no actions are not laws, they behave in Russia in the same way as America in the world. Not for nothing that Peter 1 as he read something from Ivan the Terrible’s library, he transferred the capital to the good of Russia. As the sages said earlier: this is the law and the prophets. yes
  15. Tolik_74
    Tolik_74 17 May 2018 16: 04
    in case of armed conflict, the NATO maritime group will last no more than ten minutes
    Maybe now in Tanya they’ll turn on the last gyrus on the severed brain. Although unlikely
  16. Gato
    Gato 19 May 2018 11: 57
    Ukrainian Navy is currently more likely a symbol

    The symbol of what is understandable laughing But how many admirals and capras wassat
  17. Gato
    Gato 19 May 2018 12: 08
    It is a pity, but the times of Admiral Gorshkov (with all the distortions and feils) are long gone. True, there was an opportunity to mock the Ukrainian "fleet" (you can read here: http: //
    lotu). Though it pleases recourse