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100 years of the Southern Military District. Parachute show

Several festive events were held to commemorate the centenary of the Southern Military District. In Rostov-on-Don, at the location of the district headquarters, several celebrations took place. The platform for the largest holiday was the water area of ​​the Don River and the airspace above it. After the passage of the ships of the Black Sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla, as well as the air parade, parachutist demonstrations took place.

Shortly after the completion of the air attack in the sky over Rostov appeared a helicopter with paratroopers on board. Five athletes demonstrated their skills. Showing maneuvering at altitude, they unfolded the flags of the air force, navy, the Southern Military District and other structures.

Descending smoothly from a height, the parachutists demonstrated a variety of maneuvering. Not without minor problems. Due to the rising wind several parachutists were blown from the coast to the river. Fortunately, the rescue team on duty quickly arrived at the landing site and provided necessary assistance.

Meanwhile, the second group of eight parachutists left the helicopter. They began their performance with a group free flight, accompanied by pyrotechnic smoke. Having flown in the "dense formation", the athletes went their separate ways and opened their parachutes. After a rather long performance with a demonstration of various maneuvers, they performed a landing on the left bank of the river.

The demonstration performances were completed by the third group of parachutists. The helicopter dropped it from the minimum height. Parachutes were opened immediately after the athletes left the helicopter, and the athletes lined up in a straight line in the sky. They had to sit on the water. But here, the rescuers worked in the best way, demonstrating the provision of assistance on the reservoirs.

At this event on the embankment of the river Don ended, but the holiday continued. An exhibition of modern models of military equipment was held at another site, and a few hours later a gala concert was to begin on the main square of the city.

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