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New skin for the old man "Thompson"

The Thompson submachine gun is not only a “bestseller” and the leader of the arms market in the past, but also one of the long-livers. No joke, the first batch of this weapons was released in 1919 year, and their official military career in the US Army ended in Vietnam.

New skin for the old man "Thompson"

Acting in the jungle, the “green berets” tried to equip at least one of the fighters of the head patrol with “Tommi-Gan” with a disk shop. Since this, hopelessly by then, obsolete weapons, allowed to unleash a squall of fire on the enemy suddenly appearing at an ultrashort distance.

We also note that Thompson was the main machine gun of the western part of the anti-Hitler coalition. And at first, while the UK did not begin production of the "Stan", and the only one.

Used "Thompsons" and the Soviet fighters. The first "Tommy-Ghana" appeared in the USSR long before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. In 1924, through Mexico, the Soviet Union purchased the party М1921, which came into service with the troops of the OGPU and the border troops. "Thompsons" were actively used on the southern borders of the USSR during the battles with the Basmachis. The service documentation was referred to as "Thompson's light machine gun."

Then, already in 40-x, a significant number of submachine guns arrived in our country under the Lend-Lease, including in military equipment packs. On the Stalingrad front there were entire units armed with the Thompsons.

However, "Tommi-Ghana" did not enjoy special popularity in the Red Army, primarily because of the large mass. And at the first opportunity, the Red Army men changed them to the usual PCA.

Actually, the combat use of this weapon, sung by Ernst Hemingway and cinema, is not yet complete: in some low-intensity conflicts it is used by fighters of various irregular formations. But, since the militants, who do not have access to serious arsenals, use any weapon that fell into their hands, this circumstance does not always indicate its high combat characteristics.

It is quite another thing - the saleability of old weapons in the civilian market, when the buyer makes a choice in favor of a particular sample, despite the presence of more "young" and, it would seem, more technically advanced "competitors".

So, for example, the three-ruler, SCS, “fenced-off” (that is, deprived of the automatic fire functions) PPSh and PPS have been invariably successful for many years in the US market. And not only among collectors, collectors of weapons of the past era, but also among practitioners. This is evidenced by the abundance of tuning kits for these samples and workshops that carry out their modernization. Weapons updated with their help lose historical authenticity, but it acquires improved consumer characteristics. Which, undoubtedly, testifies to the demand for this design in our days.

So there is every reason to say that "Tommy-gan" remains popular today. 10 May began selling an updated model of the submachine gun - Tactical Tommy Gun. Like almost 100 years, it produces the company Auto-Ordnance.

In the new version of "Thompson" used approaches traditional for modern American small arms. The submachine gun acquired a tubular perforated forearm with the possibility of mounting Picatinny slats from the side and bottom for mounting the LCC, tactical handle and flashlights. Another Picatinny rail is located on top of the tubular forearm and receiver, on which various aiming devices can be mounted - collimator, optical or mechanical (there is no standard sight, as on the old Thompson).

The weapon is completed with a box magazine for 20 cartridges, and a drum for 50. It is possible to use on it and the stores on 100 cartridges that have been preserved from the first half of the last century (their curb weight was about 4 kg).

In addition, the submachine gun received a four-position telescopic butt, like the M-4 carbine, and a fire pistol grip, traditional for the AR-15 family. For the civilian market, it is planned to produce a submachine gun in a semi-automatic version.

The caliber of Tactical Tommy Gun, as before, is 45ACP. However, Auto-Ordnance indicates that in the future we plan to release a version chambered for 9 × 19 mm Luger.

The presentation of the new "Tommi-gana" took place almost six months ago, at the SHOT Show 2018 exhibition, held in Las Vegas. It is noteworthy that at that time the estimated retail price for these weapons was announced - in 1000 US dollars. However, "at the exit" it amounted to 2229 dollars! But the high price of the Thompson is also a tradition. In 20 of the last century, it was 225 $, while the price of a car was about 400 $.

The incoming messages indicate the success of a new product - sales in the first days even slightly exceed the planned ones.

Of course, Tommy Gann is hard to compete with modern machine pistols, with its weight of almost five kilograms and linear dimensions comparable to assault rifles (852 mm).

However, its advantages - high accuracy, low recoil, a cartridge with a powerful stopping power, excellent workmanship, allow it to “sound” today. In addition, its parts, machined from the best steel, willy-nilly, inspire respect in comparison with the new-fashioned receivers made of aluminum alloy.

Note that almost a contemporary of Tommi-gana, the M-1 carbine, is still selling well in the US market and has gone through several upgrades. However, it is not like cheaper.
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  1. raw174
    raw174 14 May 2018 08: 14
    In small arms individual revolutions do not occur. After the cartridge loading, slicing in the barrel and firing bursts were invented, nothing fundamentally new appeared. You can bring the available samples to perfection as much as you like, weigh the weapons with equipment, increasing its effectiveness by 3, 5, 10%, these are trifles, reflections on the topic. Until a fundamentally new individual weapon is invented, there will be no breakthrough. Therefore, the old people will go into battle more than once ... At the moment, small arms are at the peak of development, about 100 years old.
    1. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 15 May 2018 08: 14
      "Slices" in the store are on the shelves. And in the barrel THREADS.
      1. raw174
        raw174 15 May 2018 09: 31
        Quote: Narak-zempo
        "Slices" in the store are on the shelves. And in the barrel THREADS.

        I repent, I made a mistake in writing. Thank you for your comment hi
  2. Kibb
    Kibb 14 May 2018 08: 26
    Cool, but I wouldn’t do it. Tomi is interesting for his charisma the way it is, and not hung with plastic, just as he would not have hung a CBT or a mosinka, but the taste and color, as you know, felt-tip pens are different
  3. the47th
    the47th 14 May 2018 09: 21
    What for?! Vintage weapons are captivating precisely with their vintage, this is part of the story. It makes sense to weigh SKS or Mosinka - these are some of the most inexpensive rifled rifles, and they are bought to shoot well and inexpensively. But buying a disfigured Thompson at the cost of a good AR-ku is a perversion beyond my comprehension.
  4. san4es
    san4es 14 May 2018 09: 57
    ... the first batch of these weapons was released in 1919, and their official military career in the US Army ended in Vietnam.
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        1. MPN
          MPN 14 May 2018 16: 09
          Everything is possible ... you need to turn to the fairy ...
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  6. vindigo
    vindigo 14 May 2018 11: 57
    In the film Aliens, this PP lit up in an interesting body kit.
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn 14 May 2018 13: 18
    This message appeared in the news just a couple of days ago. Maybe not worth repeating?
    1. tracer
      tracer 15 May 2018 02: 08
      "Eh - we - we were told by the guys ..." This is about the prospects of this device in a new kit for more than 2 thousand American rubles .. Collectors do not go broke, any "police academies" also do not need it for nothing, fans shoot at all past the box office .. Patron .45 ACP expensive, "nine" is much cheaper. SO HERE ALSO BEYOND THE BUYER. IN AUTOMATIC MODE WILL BE SOLD IN A PAIR OF STATES FROM FORCE. Even to "bad people," he is also uninteresting there for modern stovolov for every taste and color, and ridicule for hunters .. Conclusion .. The prospect of this trunk is nothing and is simply doomed to complete failure. In the original, the barrel is heavy and is of no interest to the shooter. The steam locomotive is also iron, black and shiny, but at least nobody like you will go anywhere like it ...
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 15 May 2018 04: 26
        Quote: tracer
        This is me about the prospects

        Dear, what prospects can you speak from the Russian Federation? Surely you haven’t even seen tomigan live. And if you lived in America, you would know that the .45 ACP cartridge is not so much more expensive than 9 Pairs so that you don’t buy it as you write:
        Quote: tracer
        Cartridge .45 ACP expensive, "nine" is much cheaper.

        Everything is very even in proportions. Especially when you consider the price of for example PM cartridges.

        And 280 bucks for 1000 rounds of .45 ACP for America is all about nothing.

        So the next "pro" opinion from "Canada" ....
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. tracer
            tracer 15 May 2018 14: 24
            And this ... I’ll whisper in my ear ... PSSS ... .40 caliber is completely different ... Not 45 and not 9 ...
            And he does not fit into your submission of evidence in any way.
            1. Timeout
              Timeout 15 May 2018 15: 49
              Quote: tracer
              Not 45 and not 9 ..

              In ward number 6, a new patient? Seen trauma does not allow you to see just a comparison? Then be treated, my friend, only be treated!
          2. Timeout
            Timeout 15 May 2018 16: 21
            Quote: tracer
            your comment only tells me

            My comments point constantly to your schools. Will we list them?
            Quote: tracer
            I LIVE WHERE I LIVE.

            Yes, live as long as you like, and turn off anonymous data sending on your Samsung. She shoots the whole office, cave. Canadian pancake ...
            Quote: tracer
            Most people came from monkeys.

            It didn’t threaten you, and it does, no one will go over the family of hoopoes in your face.
            Quote: tracer
            Go to and you will be happy.

            Well, yes, the cheapest store ... Huckster from Nebraska.
      2. gross kaput
        gross kaput 18 May 2018 21: 49
        Quote: tracer
        .Patron .45 ACP expensive, "nine" is much cheaper.

        Have you heard about the Surplass? Not? .45 has been in service with the United States for more than 100 years now, unlike us, there the stocks of army cartridges are not disposed of but sold. Army .45 is sold in thousands and they are not expensive even by our standards - an average of $ 10 per box of 50 pcs. or $ 200 for 1000pcs, i.e. backyard bottling from Tommy is far from an expensive pleasure.