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The builder of skyscrapers with whom you can get along

US President Donald Trump will remain so kind to the world and Russia that, unwillingly, tore the mask of democracy from the face of real power in the United States. How to call this secret American power: a deep state, a conglomerate of media financiers and special services, according to Oleg Deripaska, or the Washington swamp, is not important, although it is clear that the special services are in any case its most important part.

This has been talked about before, but now the world has vividly shown that American democracy is not at all white and fluffy, for what it claims to be with the help of world fake news. By the way, the term “fake news” has also introduced Trump to the world turnover, for which a special thanks to him.

During his election campaign, Trump did not use the word "democracy", which defiantly contrasted against the background of the glorifying democracy Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the "Washington swamp", which the observers paid attention to. What is “Western democracy”, and is it at all, or is this the western edition of communism according to A.A. Zinoviev and the “power of demagogues”, according to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, can be argued, but Donald Trump, with his disregard of “democracy”, put the question of modern democracy on the agenda.

The world fake news is now trying to blab or shut up the election scandals of “American democracy”, replacing them with fake scandals about “Russian interference” in elections and “Trump's conspiracy with the Russians”, as they began to silence exposing ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden about that the Western world is turning into an electronic camp under the hood of the American special services.

Trump's phenomenon and Snowden's revelations suggest that behind the lies about the “values ​​of democracy and freedom” in the West, there is still a demagogic inherent despotism about which Emanuel Kant warned. Apparently, it is not by chance that Western democracy gave birth to Adolf Hitler, and today she is bearing again in the depths of the “controlled chaos” of the next great demagogue?

It seems that the American neocon democracy-demagoguery stands on two pillars: the fake news and the neo-colonial democratic system, also called the partner countries of America. Having thrown herself on world domination, she lost her “native shores”, so much so that she began to devastate America itself, as in its time communism devastated central Russia. This gave rise to the phenomenon of Donald Trump: he did not accidentally win the presidential election with the slogan: “Let's make America great again!”

Therefore, Trump does not use a dictionary of fake democracy and denounces fake news, so the pillars of democracy and fake media are trying to remove Trump from power with the help of the “Russian scandal” and are trying to control America’s foreign policy from behind Congress.

However, behind the universal cry of the world's demagogues about the destruction of the "values ​​of democracy" is not only the coming of Trump, but also the destruction, and more correctly, the self-destruction of the unipolar American dollar world, the neocon democratic colonial system. And America has created its own Chinese economic undertaker with its own hands, transferring industrial production to China. So neocon democracy, long before the current "crisis of democracy", set foot on the path of its collapse.

New nuclear doctrine permitting limited US use of nuclear weaponsTrump and his national-minded like-minded people, in fact, are trying to return to the “nuclear cannoners policy”, in other words, to the direct colonial system by coercing each country’s “partnership”. They were going to start with North Korea, today they are switching to Iran, denouncing a nuclear treaty with it, tomorrow it could be any other country. But with such a strategy, Trump finishes the universal democratic colonial system of the neocons, with all its transatlantic and trans-Pacific communities.

After congratulations by President Trump to Vladimir Putin on his victory in the elections, the American press attacked him, moreover, so that Trump exploded: “The fake media went wild. Getting on with Russia is good, not bad. ” Despite the endless accusations "in collusion with Russia," Trump does not go on a personal confrontation with Putin's Russia. Why? Russia is the only country against which the “strategy of nuclear gunboats” is useless, so Trump needs at least the neutrality of Russia so that he can force other countries to “partner”. Another important reason: to try to weaken relations between Russia and China.

Neocon democrats, their fake news from such a Trump policy infuriate because it leads to a split in the core of “world democracy” - the collective West. European countries are afraid of separate partnerships with America, are afraid of the resumption of the "gunboat policy", and refuse to support the Iranian policy of Trump.

The madness of the neocons makes sense. “If you want war, you need to bring the country to hell”, - one American senator spoke somehow democratic wisdom, this covenant is now embodied in America by neocons, starting with Senator John McCain and ending with Special Prosecutor Robert Muller. This madness is the last word of American democracy-demagogy, and the path to the overt world dictatorship, which replaces democracy, which Emanuel Kant spoke about, and which philosopher A.A. Zinoviev predicted in his writings.

Donald Trump wants to make America “great again,” but how his “gunboat politics” will end is a big question. Trump is also known as a builder of skyscrapers, so he knows how difficult it is to build them and how easy it is to destroy. Today, President Trump is making the US power open again, taking it out of the Washington neocon corridors, and thus, there is a subject with which Russia and the world can speak on the merits. Compared with the times of the anonymous government of the demagogues of the “deep state” under Barack Obama and the possible presidency of Hillary Clinton, this gives some hope for a better future.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox 14 May 2018 06: 06
    “If you want war, you need to bring the country to hell”, Yes, what happens in this country .. I am very far from thinking about the imminent end of “phishington ...” But this is the beginning of the end ..
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 14 May 2018 06: 32
      according to Oleg Deripaska
      oh ... another "expert" from the "offended" drew ... a good link to the "source" Victor K, I appreciated! yes hi
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 May 2018 06: 40
    Apparently, it was no coincidence that Western democracy gave birth to Adolf Hitler
    Of course, not by chance. And today everything goes to the point that they would be happy to be born another such "democrat" and, once again, send him to Russia. It’s just that they don’t know history well and cannot, for the umpteenth time, understand that they cannot sit on the sidelines or across the ocean. "He" and knock on their door, or rather come in without knocking.
  3. antiexpert
    antiexpert 14 May 2018 07: 28
    Trump will remain so kind to the world and Russia that, not wanting to, he tore off his mask
    and who told you that "not wanting"? It was for this that they set it up!
  4. AlexS
    AlexS 14 May 2018 07: 42
    The truth about the USA and its "democracy" was always in sight, just then not everyone believed in the Soviet newspapers ...
  5. vlad007
    vlad007 14 May 2018 08: 12
    Trump has just begun his activities (a trade war with China, Iran, etc.), so it’s too early to judge "what is good and what is bad." In November of this year, Senate elections and the real culmination of Trump's activities will begin after these elections.
  6. Victor Kamenev
    14 May 2018 09: 37
    In any case, Trump brought a great deal of confusion to the western marsh, and then ... we need to work, and everything will work out.
  7. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 14 May 2018 15: 11
    No more funds. America has always bought the politics it needs, it has bought wars. And now there is no more money for it. Fantasy typing has become so dangerous that this process can blow up a fake world financial system at any time. Stop printing is also impossible, but massive political intervention in the past.
    Well, Trump, who was actually called a crisis manager, is trying to use the "accumulated". Can't you see the similarities? There is a large construction site. Suddenly it turns out that about 90% of the money has already been spent on it, and half are not ready. Crisis management enters the construction site and begins. Financiers take a report and say - for the money we have built 90% of the wall. In fact 50%. We will finance another 40%, we will reduce the paint ... the remaining builders together begin to scatter.
    The financiers who now pay honestly, in utter amazement. What's the matter? In terms of numbers, it all fits together! Trump says - be afraid, Russia, we will shoot at your ally with smart missiles! If the financiers are smart, they call the professional builder. He begins to explain - the wall is funded by 90%. And to build it, you need to invest another 250% of the original amount! Bookkeeping in a stupor. They always hang from such news. Every time again.
    How else? The wall was not built, it was shamanized to cover interest. That is, the wall into which the money is swelled must be demolished, and not for nothing. Then take out the garbage. Then gouging and dig out the unfit foundation. Then pour suitable. And only then...
    Here the United States is now in that position. Trillions and trillions have been spent. And as a result, nothing was built, but much was destroyed. Instead of building workable systems and helping the United States, the “Allies” simply consumed handouts and now need American money as an organism in their blood. Workable modes are destroyed by their own hands. There are no smart missiles, instead of them there is a monstrous cut.
    Trump is not to be envied ...