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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Victory and Peremoga - things are different


Greetings to you, my dear readers! Let it be late, but with the holiday you! I watched on the sly through the Internet, but watched with pleasure. And I will share, as always, my original observations and conclusions. From the heart, so to speak.

Today, I somewhat "shift" your understanding of us. You know, like at the last Winter Olympics. From sealed sources it is known that a skier from Malawi brought medals to his team. Where he took them is still unknown. So I will bring you now ... I will begin, naturally, with a holiday.

Believe it or not, Victory Day was a discovery for me! Holiday as it was, and remains nationwide! Despite our assholes in power. And even despite the fact that they began to intimidate us long before the holiday, the people took to the streets. Not in balaclava, not with weapons, not in filthy field uniform. With flowers!

What is stronger, I do not know.

And personally, I saw the split of the country. Complete and, no matter how sad it is to write, accomplished. We are really different. About this below.

For four years, we have been told about good Germans, about Nazi heroes and collaborators who served Hitler and the Nazi Party, who did not destroy Ukraine, but liberated them from Russian oppression.

Even in his regular speech, the Hydrant Pig talked about hundreds and thousands of Ukrainians who fought in the American and other allied armies, and not about the people most of whom are Heroes of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic period. And two and a half million Ukrainians-soldiers who gave their lives in the fight against Hitler and his accomplices, "did not notice," eat his lice.

It is clear that they will not eat them, they definitely choke on this sort of pig.

I was on holiday. I saw people who are somehow trying to mark this day with a symbol. St. George ribbon we have banned. Yes, in general, much has been banned. We do not advocate Nazism and communism. Look at the frame through which I entered the holiday. There for the illiterate drawn all the characters that can not be used. You will understand everything yourself.

So, about the characters. Yes, there were people at the festival who used poppies. European symbol of grief. Little, but there were. And that is their right. The right to grief is just as important as the right to glee. Although, in my opinion, these people did not even think about it. A holiday must have a symbol!

But for the ribbon the mother of the deceased Elena Berezhnoy was beaten by the nationalists and the policemen were detained ... But Irina Berezhnoy’s deed made society trembled. In the men woke up something masculine. So far, only woke up. Just a little something. But there is.

We have something to celebrate! And politicians understand this. According to surveys conducted in Ukraine, more than 80% consider Victory Day to be an important holiday. And politicians react to it very quickly. "Turned to the people" before. Began to participate.

I saw a lot of enthusiasm of your journalists about the concert at Inter. I do not detract from the courage and even the heroism of the guys from Inter. They really took a chance - at least with their health. This is an act! But...

Do you know who is the owner of "Inter"? Lyovochkin. The very Lyovochkin, on the idea of ​​which organized the dispersal of the Maidan. To "revive" the protest! In other words, the owner of "Inter," as they say, is the very "Trotsky" of the Ukrainian revolution ...

I have two options for explaining the stock on Inter.

The first - "historical". Remember what happened to Trotsky. His further fate. It seems to me that Levochkin also knows this. And he is insured.

And the second is “psychiatric”. You'd be surprised, but we already have the full election campaign 2019! PR on the holiday. What is not a way to remind myself?

Now that was in reality in Ukraine on holidays. Just listing. The country was cleaned. Literally cleaned of dirt and debris. Conducted drawings competitions among children. Rulers dedicated to the world in schools.

And in Transcarpathia, the Victory Floating was carried out along the Yew. Young people from the “For Life” movement really walked along the 24 rifts a kilometer along the river and laid flowers at the Victory Memorial in the village of Vialiatino. Note youth!

In Dnepr, the real festival “Dyakumo for Life” was held for the residents of the city - a concert was organized, at which the Pesnyary sang talent show winners sang, they held a competition “Waltz of Life” and launched a huge balloon over the river.

In the same place and "March of the world" has passed. Analogue of your "Immortal Regiment". Not a single creature dared to approach the demonstrators. Although, it must be admitted, this time the police really did work somehow. She did not help the radicals, as usual, but did her job.

In Kiev, on the Victory Memorial went tens of thousands of people. Do not believe our media about the number of shares. Just watch and see. I did not take pictures in vain. It is better to see once, than a hundred times to believe what they write.

That will not hold. Heroes? Heroes Despite the fact that one is Crimean and the other is Lugansk. Just - Heroes.

And this character - and in general, and in particular.

I do not know how true it is to mix in one pile of all, but ...

But in Lviv there was no holiday! From the word at all. Specially asked the local Tarakanov to show the "festive" city. They showed "but in the cemetery everything is calm, far from the public." Vysotsky was right. We did not get "grief and reconciliation." Winners do not want to forget the meanness of the vanquished. And the losers do not want to take the triumph of the winners ...

Winners ... From local ...

But you are the most amazing news! I already showed this place in the winter. Then here was the Bandera Headquarters of all Bandera fans. And now - if you please observe: the bureau of excursions and travels.

And in the local courtyards, where on every wall it was possible to see the holy face of each Stepan ... Alas, oops ...

Whether the Poles completely let themselves go, or the budget gave a crack ...

Now a little about life. Alas, it consists not only of holidays.

I will start, perhaps, with the Ukrainian "world championship". By the way, I will also calm your "analysts" about the start of the active part of the operation in the Donbas. So, 26 May we will have the Champions League final! Big football! What war? The hydrant is a bastard, but not an idiot.

So, Kiev, as you saw in the photo from the holiday, is already full of police and national guardsmen to the ears. But we have plenty of plans. I will not paint all the events. A quote from the speech of Deputy Interior Minister Sergey Yarovoy: "It is planned to attract around 12 thousands of law enforcement officers. Of these, 6 thousands of policemen, 3 thousands of national guardsmen, one thousand border guards and other units."

In-oh-by ... There will be no one to fight. This is me just about "and others."

And summer has come. And now it will be problematic to get to the dacha. I don’t know whether gasoline prices have risen in Russia, but we have ... Prices for all types of fuel at gas stations have risen by 30-60 kopecks.

I refuel on Olas, because the prices from there: A-92 - 27,95 UAH / l, A-95 - 28,95 UAH / l, A-95 + - 29,95 UAH / l, DT - 26,80 UAH / l. It is said that suppliers increased the cost of tons per 530 hryvnia.

"The rise in prices was provoked by a jump in European fuel quotations, which on the eve of it rose by $ 26-27 / ton. Market participants point out that at the moment there are no problems with filling the market with diesel fuel."

I talked to one of the "fuel magnates." The owner of a couple of gas stations. An interesting conversation turned out. And he reminded me of an old story about final exams at the ensign school. I don’t know the truth or the joke, but I’ll tell you.

The examiner: “Look: this is the thumb, this is the index finger, this is the middle one, this is the ring finger, this is the little finger (it moves the fingers). We interfere, interfere, interfere ... Well, now where is which? ”

Considering that most of the warehouses in the Soviet army were in the management you know who ... Even today, nothing has changed. We interfere, interfere, interfere ... Do not believe? And you see our laws on sanctions against Russian enterprises. The mood will improve immediately.

Ukraine, for example, imposed sanctions on your PJSC "KAMAZ"! Everything! No business in your car giant. Let residual forgives nafig! But on the other hand, what about our KamAZ vehicles? In a sense, with cars that we have nemeryannom? You already at the time of the Soviet Union laid such a pod.

It's a pity to throw it away. But trucks break down periodically. Parts needed. Yes, and new cars are good. For our roads. Europeans make cars for real roads. We read the law ... "PJSC" KAMAZ ", the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Avtozavodsky lane 2".

Residents of these same Chelny have already fallen from the chair. For the rest of the Russians I explain: no matter how small the KamAZ plant is, cramming it into the lane will not work. His address is Avtozavodsky Avenue 2! We interfere, interfere, interfere ...

Ukrainian companies completely refused to cooperate with KamAZ located in Avtozavodsky Lane and switched to cooperation with another KamAZ. At Avtozavodsky Avenue. And this, from the alley, let him bend.

Hmmm ... Do you know that modern scientists have found that the creature closest to a human being is a pig? Do not be offended, scientific fact, so to speak. We warned you in due time - settle on monkeys! No, the kings of nature ... I also sometimes pretend to be normal. But it quickly bothers, and I again become myself.

But here are some data, for example, about coal mining, really even put me in a dead end. Monkeys wouldn’t allow this to happen. Yes, and pigs, too. Can your, human, scientists search for some more "closest in genotype"? Like an amoeba?

"In January-April, the coal-mining enterprises of Ukraine 2018 of the year reduced production of raw coal by 14% (by 1 million 832 thousand tons) compared to the same period of 2017 of the year - to 11 million 236 thousand tons. Thus, the production of coking coal decreased by 6,7% ( on 154,1 thousand tons) - up to 2,16 million tons, energy - on 15,6% (on 1 million 678 thousand tons), up to 9 million 77 thousand tons. The mines of Donetsk region for four months of this year provided 3 million 940 thousand tons of coal (- 12,1% by January-April 2017 of the year), Lugansk - 199,6 thousand tons (-86,1%), Dnepropetrovsk - 6 million 507 thousand tons (-1,6%), Lviv - 548 thousand tons (+ 11,1%), Volynsk - 40,3 thousand tons (+ 2,3%) ".

Have we decided to switch to our own gas production? What will drown? It is of course possible for gas. Only here there is a problem. To go to him, you need to get it! As the respected Stepanych said (Chernomyrdin, God rest his soul, he saw a couple of times): "... never was this and here again."

I have for you "economic exclusive". Gas transit through Ukraine in April decreased by 38%! Up to 24,5 thousand tons!

Do not rush to laugh, it is just tons, because gas is liquefied.

The transit of liquefied gas through the territory of Ukraine in April 2018 decreased in comparison with the same period of 2017 by 32% - to 83,6 thousand tons. Almost the entire volume of sea shipments - 22 thousand tons fell to the Ukrloydsystem terminal in Odessa.

Railway LPG transit also showed negative dynamics. During the reporting month, its volume amounted to 59 thousand tons. This is 30% less than the same period last year (84 thousand tons). The largest volume of LPG was transited by rail through the Izov junction - 23 thousand tons.

Leadership in transit through the territory of Ukraine in April 2018 of the year went to Russia with a volume of 46,6 thousand tons. Kazakhstan, the former leader on this indicator in January 2018 of the year, transit 32,8 thousand tons. Belarus had only 4000 tons of transit resources.

And did you think that the United States supplies this liquefied gas to us? And transports to the EU too? What I mean is that war is war, and dinner is according to schedule. We are turned against you. You, respectively, against us. But those that "eat well", sit at the same table. Laugh at us. Both Ukrainians and Russians ...

But my life experience suggests that constipation does not last forever. Severe constipation is often replaced by a no less severe form of diarrhea. Represent our perspectives? And Ukraine, and Russia? And the rest of the "environment". During a grand diarrhea ...

I remembered about diarrhea for a reason. I decided to please you with another exclusive, which you do not know exactly. Well, I love you. I will forget about the mood. The call to smile is good, but something must be done in this direction.

So, the whole world knows about Putin’s cunning! Any representative of the West understands that your president always responds unexpectedly! So Trump found out. On his own presidential ...

Stop, this is not what you thought. I do not offend anyone with suspicions and hints! Gays have absolutely nothing to do with it!

Sanctions against Russia imposed by the US Department of Justice in early April on the Renova group of companies by Viktor Vekselberg led to delays in the delivery of sewage pumps from the Swiss Sulzer to repair toilets in the US parks. Need to say who owns the Swiss company, or so realized?

In particular, it was noted that problems arose with the supply of sewage pumps for repairing the toilets of the National Mall in Washington and memorial parks. The pumps broke down in March 2018, after which the National Park Service ordered equipment rental from Chesapeake Environmental Equipment. Yes, the blue cabs are like that.

Well, who would have thought about this in the US Department of Justice? And now, "because of the broken toilets, parks' employees have had to use temporary portable toilets or latrines in neighboring buildings that have been temporarily installed in parks over the past few weeks." This is the cunning of the Russians ...

Sanctions have returned ... original. Queues to the toilet! But there is something positive about it. For us, the positive. Now these same Americans will not go anywhere. Give us a work visa free! They have no experts equal to us!

By the way, now all US government organizations, including the CIA and the FBI, are carefully studying Deripaska’s business. Suddenly he owns toilet paper companies? Imagine the answer Putin in this case? Horror...

That's all. Mood you raised. About life told. Thoughts own voiced. The only wish left. Do not forget the condition that we all had on May 9. Do not forget that we are genetic winners! Is always!

All good days. Calm and confidence in the future. Will live!
Photos used:
Pavel Kolesaty, Vitaliy Kolesaty
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  1. Ren
    Ren 14 May 2018 06: 00
    Okoloradsky Anatolia, look, look! laughing
    You haven’t been away for a long time, you already thought if something had happened.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 14 May 2018 06: 24
      it’s nice of course that there are normal people in Ukraine, but ... They’re firing their throats a lot ...
    2. Chertt
      Chertt 14 May 2018 10: 35
      The holiday, as it was, remains popular! Despite our morons in power.

      Maybe the "authorities" realized that if they continue to organize provocations against veterans, they may not even have time to run to the border. Go know how it will turn around
  2. svp67
    svp67 14 May 2018 06: 29
    Okoloradsky - hi
    We do not promote Nazism and communism. Look at the frame through which I entered the holiday. There, for the illiterate, all symbols that cannot be used are drawn. You will understand everything yourself.
    You have some kind of ban. Everything that is forbidden, I mean from the symbols, refers exclusively and exclusively to the USSR, but where is the poster with the symbols of Nazism?
    Prices for all types of fuel at gas stations rose by 30-60 cents.
    I refuel on Olas, because the prices from there: A-92 - 27,95 UAH / l, A-95 - 28,95 UAH / l, A-95 + - 29,95 UAH / l, DT - 26,80 UAH / l. It is said that suppliers increased the cost of tons per 530 hryvnia.

    Our prices are growing faster, but the same is somewhere around 30 cents, but WEEKLY. Already from the elections for 1rub 50 kopecks .... 1ruble 80 kopecks added. But there is still room for yours to grow ... and much
    "The price increase was triggered ....
    We no longer bother THAN THIS TIME this growth is "provoked". We understand more and more that the main reason is the GREED of a certain part, rather not numerous, within 1% of the population and NOT ABILITY to receive income from another, also very small part of the population ... which proudly calls itself "people's servants"
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 14 May 2018 06: 59
    "but the cemetery is calm, far from the public." Vysotsky was right.

    By the way, this is Nozhkin, not Semenych. But let's not quibble.
    That there will be no active actions in the east - this is already understandable; no command has been received. It is with us that some of the comrades are heating up the situation with their forecasts.
    But about the split in society - well, I don’t know, for four years many have become accustomed to a changed reality, and children will not know any other way, everything is aimed at. And they will only recall on May 9 that not only Hitler the Liberator freed the territory of the Ruins from the Stalinist hordes, but someone else did something here in order to free him from the liberator.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 14 May 2018 07: 52
    But my life experience suggests that constipation does not last forever. Severe form of constipation is often replaced by no less severe form of diarrhea. Can you imagine our prospects? Both Ukraine and Russia? And the rest of the "environment." During grandiose diarrhea.
    .... It will be like in the movie "The same Munchausen" This dry? Verified? Yes, it will explode so it will explode!
  5. gm9019
    gm9019 14 May 2018 13: 52
    Thank you, dear Cockroach! I always read with pleasure. And something for a long time you were not there - concern swept over. You take care of yourself! love
    And write more often - I like to read, I look at the photos with pleasure, good! :)))
  6. Berber
    Berber 14 May 2018 14: 43
    Thank. In spring, cockroaches have a better mood. Feels like.
  7. AB
    AB 14 May 2018 20: 14
    Quote: inkass_98
    By the way, this is Nozhkin, not Semenych. But let's not quibble.

    Yes, this is Nozhkin, but most of those born before 1970 in the USSR know her in the performance of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky.
  8. ustas - Crimea
    ustas - Crimea 14 May 2018 23: 17
    Cockroach! Happy Victory Day!
  9. Batonkt
    Batonkt 16 May 2018 16: 02
    Yes, Lviv failed. My grandfather freed him as part of 3 Guards TA, Rybalko. He spoke surrounded the city, and in order not to destroy, they invited the Germans to leave: their lives in exchange for preserving the city. So, it was necessary to raze it together with the Germans, we would have died less than ours, but the Lvov would definitely have remembered the day of victory then ...
    Cockroach, thanks for your work, always +.
  10. Sobol
    Sobol 16 May 2018 16: 30
    A-95 gasoline - 28,95 UAH / l! This is about (well, let it be) 15 rubles for our money! Yesterday I refueled at 43rub / l 95go. How hard it is for Ukrainians to live.
    1. Russian jacket
      Russian jacket 16 May 2018 17: 01
      you did not confuse with a course?
      1. Sobol
        Sobol 16 May 2018 17: 45
        Yes, not shared with the drunk.
  11. Maverick1812
    Maverick1812 17 May 2018 07: 35
    I read it with pleasure. Take care of yourself and Ukraine. We are one people, those that are in power and with us and with you is another !!!!