Rocks of the black river. Nuclear dump

Sakhalin Island off the east coast of Asia is a distant corner of Russia. It is the largest island of Russia, washed by the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Japan. The name “Sakhalin” comes from the Manchurian name of the Amur River - “Sakhalyan-Ulla”, which means “Rocks of the Black River”.

The public sounded the alarm when the growth of oncological diseases became noticeable among the population of the Sakhalin region. According to the Ministry of Health of the Sakhalin region, mortality from neoplasms (including malignant tumors) on 100 000 population in 2016 was 241 people, which is higher than the previous year by 5,6% and higher than the average for the Russian Federation by 19,7%.

The Sea of ​​Okhotsk around Sakhalin Island has long been turned into a huge nuclear dump. According to official data only, in the period from 1969 to 1991. In the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Japan, at least 1,2 of liquid radioactive radioactive waste (radioactive waste) was discharged, as well as solid radioactive waste (these are 6868 containers, 38 vessels and more than 100 of individual large-sized objects, total 6,9 kCi activity).

If 1 Ki (Curie) strontium enters the human body (for example, with infected fish), it can lead to very serious consequences: cancer of the stomach, blood, and bone marrow.

Sakhalin public man, former director of Sakhalin-Geoinform, Vyacheslav Fedorchenko, referring to the official documents of the Main Directorate of Navigation and Oceanography of the Russian Defense Ministry, told deputies of the Sakhalin Regional Duma that by the 1996 year in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk Navy 39 of the RTGs were flooded (near lighthouses and in the base area Navy hydrographic detachments). Until 1998, there was no regulatory document that would oblige them to hand over radioisotope generators for disposal. “Being in an aggressive marine environment, products like RTGs are self-destructed. Thus, a sharp increase in cancer in the DFO may be a result of the authorized disposal of RTGs by flooding,” he believes.

Rocks of the black river. Nuclear dump

RTG (radioisotope thermoelectric generator) - a radioisotope source of electricity using thermal energy of radioactive decay. It was intended to power unattended, automatically operating means of navigation equipment - light beacons, radio beacons, illuminated navigational signs, radar beacons-responders located in remote areas of the coast. Where the use of other power sources is difficult or almost impossible.

Compared to nuclear reactors using a chain reaction, RTGs are much smaller and structurally simpler. The output power of the RTG is small (up to several hundred watts) with a small efficiency. But in them there are no moving parts, and they do not require maintenance throughout the entire service life, which can be calculated for decades.

By the way, by no means should an 500 get closer to it when a RTG is detected! It was in the Murmansk region a few years ago. The thieves who had access to the storage place of the RTGs dismantled several generators. All parts, including depleted uranium protection, were stolen. Criminals have not been found. Scientists have suggested that they are guaranteed not to be alive, since they received a lethal dose of radiation.

According to V. Fedorchenko, a satellite equipped with a nuclear power plant (unsuccessful launch in 1993 from Baikonur) and a Tu-95 strategic bomber with two nuclear bombs crashed in 1976 in the Terpenenia Bay also flooded near Sakhalin.

"Even now, virtually every fish caught has radioisotope contamination with strontium-90 and cesium-133, which tend to accumulate in the human body. There is a law on environmental protection that prohibits the dumping of radioactive waste into the sea, where flooded RTGs are classified as Class I danger. Therefore, RTGs must be found and properly buried. That’s the law. Everything else is demagogy, "said V. Fedorchenko. He added that otherwise flooded installations would be a danger for another 600-800 years.

Today, according to Vyacheslav Fedorchenko, many departments have space images of the flooded Tu-95 strategic bomber with atomic bombs on board. This documentary evidence appeared thanks to such a method as remote sensing of the Earth. With this method, you can detect all submerged radioactive ships, submarines and aircraft. There are exact coordinates of a spacecraft with a nuclear power plant in Aniva Bay. The location of 5 from 38 of submerged nuclear-waste ships in the Patience Bay is known. The Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision, by its letter No.N-48 / 23, confirmed the flooding of nuclear facilities in certain areas of the Pacific Ocean.

The head of the hydrographic service of the Pacific Fleet, Gennady Nepomiluyev, told the deputies of the Sakhalin Oblast Duma that the Pacific Fleet (Pacific Fleet) in 2018 would continue the search for a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) submerged in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

He said that in the 1970-1990-ies, the Pacific Fleet balance contained 148 RTGs. Of these, 147 is currently decommissioned and transferred for temporary storage to the Far Eastern Center for Radioactive Waste Management. For all installations, the Pacific Fleet has documents, where they are today and when they were disposed of.

One RTG in 1987, when delivered by helicopter to the lighthouse, the Pacific Fleet was accidentally dumped into the sea near Cape Low due to adverse weather conditions and the risk of a helicopter falling. Coordinates of flooding - unknown. The search for the generator has been going on all these years, but there were no results. From 2012, the Pacific Fleet annually conducts monitoring in the area of ​​Cape Low - a diving survey, echolocation, measurement of radiation levels, sampling of soil and water. G. Nepomiluev emphasizes that this area is closed for fishing and other production activities until an RTG is found.

The Sakhalin Regional Duma sent appeals to Rosatom and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this information of public figures but these agencies did not confirm the flooding of 39 RTGs, bomber and space satellite. Nevertheless, the population of the region is concerned about the growth of cancer, and the reason for this trend is still unknown.

In 2013, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda conducted its own investigation of the version of the sunken Tu-95 bomber with atomic bombs on board off the coast of Sakhalin. Agree or disagree with the results of the investigation, you decide. Link to the investigation "KP".

It seems that the situation in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk is hushed up by those who are not interested in disclosing this information. During the collapse of the army and fleet after the 90s, shaped anarchy was going on in the country, so it is not surprising that underwater radioactive burials appeared. To hide the ends in water is just the right expression. But this problem must be solved!

Deputies of the Sakhalin Regional Duma at a meeting of the regional parliament 3 in May 2018, adopted the text of the appeal to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu. Both appeals concern one topic - to consider the issue of ensuring the radioecological safety of the Far Eastern seas and the need to lift potentially dangerous objects from the seabed. It remains to wait for decision-making at the highest level.

For reference.

In October 2017, a meeting of the working group "Ensuring environmental safety and rational use of natural resources" was held in Moscow as part of the state commission on the development of the Arctic chaired by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation S.Е. Donskoy. It was dedicated to the state of facilities with radioactive waste (RW), spent nuclear fuel (SNF) flooded in the Arctic seas, and possible options for financing their recovery. At the meeting it was announced that 17 000 containers and 19 vessels with radioactive waste, 14 nuclear reactors, five of which contain SNF, 735 units of radioactive structures are flooded in the Arctic seas. 2 nuclear submarines, one of which with unloaded SNF, are also flooded there..
  • Kantemirov Victor
  • Atomic bombs, lost off the coast of Sakhalin, threaten Russia with a second Chernobyl
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  1. +11
    13 May 2018 05: 07
    charming ... the Baltic, by the way, is not inferior to this in anything, there are enough chemicals at the bottom for everyone ...
    1. +5
      13 May 2018 05: 35
      In the Baltic-herring for sprats, in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, pollock and flounder .... cod and herring ..... sea kale and squid with saury ..... Our people eat .......
      1. +10
        13 May 2018 06: 21
        So, the article about what? About our carelessness? By the way, the growth of oncology is also growing in the Krasnodar Territory .. And what? And is there something that flooded RITEGI in the resort area? Or the military (and is it time for them to nail, and a filthy broom, why summarizes the article) kosyachat?
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        charming ... the Baltic, by the way, is not inferior to this in anything, there are enough chemicals at the bottom for everyone ...
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. +14
          13 May 2018 08: 34
          Quote: 210ox
          So, an article about what? About our carelessness?By the way, the growth of oncology is also growing in the Krasnodar Territory .. And what? And is it that they flooded RITEGI in the resort area? Or did the military (and is it time for them to nail, and a filthy broom, which the article leads to) mowed?
          Quote: Andrey Yurievich
          charming ... the Baltic, by the way, is not inferior to this in anything, there are enough chemicals at the bottom for everyone ...

          Why about ours? Why did the author not remember March 11, 2011 (accident at Fukushima)? How much then did the Curie pour into the sea? Could this cause the indicated growth of oncology?

          And they don’t remember because it’s enough to officially acknowledge this and claims will be poured on Japan demanding compensation. By the way, the General Electric will get the one that designed this station.
          1. +10
            13 May 2018 08: 49
            ov-v-yaponii-uzhe-vy /
            "That is, the approximate amount of radiation emitted from all units of the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant as of March 17 is about 5 million curies or 185 terabecquerel (000 * 18,5 Bq). "

            This is three orders of magnitude more than 1,2 kCi given by the author.
        3. +4
          14 May 2018 03: 39
          Article zakazuha, like all this resource. The author forgot about Fukushima, but he does not know about it, gee-yy)))
    2. +5
      13 May 2018 07: 54
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      The Baltic, by the way, is no inferior in this, there are enough chemicals at the bottom for everyone ...

      The Baltic is far away, like Sakhalin, and you have Yuryevich at your side, your own “black stones”. I’m silent about the “Kyshtym trace”. But Whose "dark head" came up with the idea of ​​disposing of spent fuel elements in the swamps of the northern Urals ??????? And do it by dumping from helicopters ??????????
      1. +4
        13 May 2018 09: 15
        Could you tell us more about the location of the marshes of the northern Urals?
        1. dSK
          13 May 2018 15: 32
          Quote: Anton Yu
          And you can read more about

          Kantemirov Victor: Today, according to Vyacheslav Fedorchenko, space images of the flooded strategic bomber Tu-95 with atomic bombs on board have many departments. This documentary evidence came from a method such as remote sensing of the Earth. Using this method, you can detect all flooded radioactive ships, submarines and aircraft
          Something does not stick with something. RTGs do not have much power, and nuclear bombs are already serious. In the last century, the B-52 "lost" two nuclear bombs off the coast of Spain, they were searched for for several years and found.
          1. +1
            13 May 2018 17: 30
            You wrote the wrong comment. I am interested in fuel elements in the swamps of the northern Urals, and not the Far East.
    3. +8
      13 May 2018 08: 39
      Yurievich hi we have it all over our Russia! sad Only here is the real even the desire of the authorities to correct something and is not nearly visible!
      1. +8
        13 May 2018 10: 46
        Yes, we leave the inherited legacy to the descendants ... we’ll have to rake / clean for a long time!
        I wanted to say that damned capitalism, but in Soviet times, crap on a large scale.
        Now they continue to identity.
        Everything will be very "sour" and we can and with backlight, that's how it goes!
    4. 0
      13 May 2018 11: 25
      Haha! Where is Cupid, and where is Sakhalin? Maybe the Tatar Strait, which separates the island from the mainland, also came from Manzhursky? lol Or Ainu, who lived from Kamchatka to Japan, also ancient Manchuria?
      1. 0
        13 May 2018 17: 28
        From wikipedia Sakhalin:
        "The name" Sakhalin "comes from the Manchurian name of the Amur River -" Sakhalyan-Ulla ", which means" Rocks of the Black River "- this name printed on the map was erroneously referred to Sakhalin, and in subsequent editions of maps it was printed as the name islands. " You can also see the works of the literate. But the Ainu and Manjur are different nations.
        1. 0
          13 May 2018 17: 36
          We didn’t study the cat from Wikipedia, but from other sources. From the mixing of religions with the Chinese, they ceased to be the southern Tungus. But the Ainu on Sakhalin lived even before the Tungus, as the Amur, and not Sakha tench, carries its still waters, even before the creation of the world in the temple of the Lord.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. 0
      13 May 2018 11: 12
      The landfill can be closed and gas generating capacities built on it from this landfill.
  3. +8
    13 May 2018 06: 17
    Oh ... You still live in the Samara region ... We had to build a cancer center ... The largest in Europe ... I don’t know statistics ... But so many of my friends did not pass this scourge ... Yes, and myself I will die from this ..
    1. +16
      13 May 2018 07: 34
      Sometimes I visit St. Petersburg and travel through Strelna to Pushkin, before a huge dump dumped along the way. Then they began to dig this landfill hard. For several years I watched a large hill grow on the site of the landfill, then this hill, for some time (a couple of years) was empty, gradually covered with grass and small bushes .... And so, last year, driving along the same route, with I was surprised to see on the top of this hill ...... cottages ..... There is also such a Juno electronics market in St. Petersburg, which is located right at the top of a huge dumped dump. In calm weather, the ammonia stench from the decaying plastic below can be clearly heard there, and yet there thousands of people push around every day, and sellers hang around there all day. Literally 300 meters from this market, a new residential neighborhood was built ..... And you are burning oncology because of radiation .... if only from it .....
      1. 0
        15 May 2018 08: 13
        Quote: Monster_Fat
        There is also such a Juno electronics market in St. Petersburg, which is located right at the top of a huge dumped dump. In calm weather, ammonia stench from decaying plastic below can be heard clearly

        When did the juno appear and when did the landfill be closed? What are you hanging up noodles? At that time, in general, plastic in landfills was less than 1%. What is the ammonia from the decomposition of plastic? Public toilets were not taken care of during ...
        In general, the article is based on the leak of secret information of one "ecologist" and "correspondent" at the rank of cap time. Because the traitor was really a correspondent, though Red Star, he was released. And the map is outdated a long time ago, because it was in the 90s.
        Since that time, the coast and the bottom of the seas of the Far East have been thoroughly cleaned up.
        Of great concern is the western coast of the SGA, it’s not in vain that our submariners rummage along the bottom (if anyone thinks that they are training to cut cables, then he’s deeply mistaken) this is where there are just a bunch of interesting devices with radioactive fillings ...
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. 0
            19 May 2018 11: 15
            I write about what I saw with my own eyes. More than once I had to (and have to) visit the Juno, they constantly dig out something for communications or something else ... and so, in the excavated pits, it is full of plastic bags, bags, bottles of other plastic garbage ... ..all this is in a nasty state, mixed with half-rotten organics, clothes and other rubbish .... and from there the stink goes such that it "pinches the eyes." The fact that everything is poured out behind garage boxes is the problem of all Russian markets, where for some reason they never think that people need somewhere to cope with their natural needs ....
  4. +11
    13 May 2018 08: 35
    The author raised an important topic, for which he thanks! It was necessary to actively solve this problem when a huge amount of petrodollars flowed into the country! The authorities have a chance of rehabilitation for the then inaction - now, today we’ll start the search, recovery, and disposal of all flooded carriers of nuclear weapons and fuel, all generators and infected metal structures! You need to invest money in the future of the country, in its health, and correct your mistakes of the past years.
    1. +6
      13 May 2018 09: 11
      The authorities have many chances, but they use only those that allow us to do nothing to the benefit of our country and our people.
    2. 0
      13 May 2018 11: 14
      Now it’s just these rises of radioactive materials and disposal that are being intensively dealt with.
      1. 0
        15 May 2018 10: 40
        Enlighten the ignorant what methods of destruction of radioactive materials can be used. Personally, I understand the method that I. Filimonenko suggested There is a method that we are talking about. What disposal methods, besides burial, can they talk about?
  5. +5
    13 May 2018 08: 52
    In the town of Chirchik, near Tashkent, a chemical plant was demolished to its foundations, a microdistrict has already been erected in its place! When commissioning the Chkalovskaya metro station near TAPOiCH, there was a leak from the groundwater of any chemistry, the galvanic shops nearby through the fence had to be lowered by deep pumps, and dump then again to the nearest aryk! And the gardens water this water.
  6. +10
    13 May 2018 08: 55
    I had to be in Paratunka, where our submariners rested after long trips. It was the 80s. Already then there was a program for the elimination of this waste. But thanks to the labeled and the drunk, everything stopped. Now we will wait for disasters from Ukraine, there the situation at the nuclear power plant is very alarming.
    1. +2
      13 May 2018 15: 02
      Quote: midshipman
      . Now we will wait for disasters from Ukraine, there the situation at the nuclear power plant is very alarming.

      The article says that there is already a disaster. People are dying of cancer. Why wait for something else "from Ukraine".
    2. 0
      13 May 2018 21: 19
      Quote: midshipman
      Now we will wait for disasters from Ukraine, there the situation at the nuclear power plant is very alarming

      and what's in there?
      On May 9, 2018, at 15:46, power unit No. 2 of the Zaporizhzhya NPP was connected to the grid after the completion of the average scheduled repair. A set of power is being conducted.
      On May 10, nuclear power plants generated 197,16 million kWh of electricity
      May 11 at nuclear power plants of Ukraine in operation 10 out of 15 power units.
      The radiation, fire and environmental conditions at the NPP industrial sites are within the normal range.
  7. +13
    13 May 2018 09: 09
    It seems to me that nothing will be decided with our modern government. These "rulers" have money for everything except:
    - own people
    - own country
    - development of Russian industry
  8. +5
    13 May 2018 15: 17
    After Fokusima, it is scary to look at the map of radiation pollution of the Pacific Ocean, where isotopes were dragged away by currents all the way to California, where fishermen already catch mutants and bleeding fish. So the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, being inland, looks relatively normal amid the general radioactive contamination of the Pacific Ocean ...
    1. +3
      13 May 2018 17: 45
      We are not the only ones who shit where we live! All of humanity has yet to save its planet.
      Unfortunately, they will take it when they die everything, regardless of the place of residence and welfare!
  9. 0
    13 May 2018 20: 16
    Quote: Retreat2012
    In the Baltic-herring for sprats, in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, pollock and flounder .... cod and herring ..... sea kale and squid with saury ..... Our people eat .......
    -Yes and everyone else !!! wink wink yeah, all the other geyropeytsy eat special fish !!! - NU-NU !!!! lol
  10. 0
    13 May 2018 22: 05
    About the Tu-1976 with the atomic bombs that fell in the 95 - liberal nonsense. With bombs, they have not flown since the middle of the 60's. And there was no reason to carry such combat duty during the first discharge of tension with America. It was necessary for the falsifiers to write that the Tu-95 fell during the Caribbean crisis of 1962, it would be believable. Purely American stuffing about the plane - because in January in January of the 1966 of their year, the B-52 crashed with 4 atomic bombs, one was never found.
  11. +4
    14 May 2018 00: 04
    Gospodya fool what little things are you writing about - NEAR almost "add" you can find Japan in which there is a fokushima nuclear power plant that until now pours hundreds and thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean if I am not mistaken in a DAY !!! negative Where are you boiling wild, where is the unfinished "greenpeace", where is the "world public"? Maybe we can recall the above-mentioned lost by the Americans, like the second dozen nuclear BOMBs !! And there is plutonium to the fool, which is not only a source of radiation, but a terrible Poison !! by the way, near all of the same Japan, they “dropped” bombs from the “Avik” overboard with the bomb (“stupid people b ...” (c)) Maybe we recall how the Merikas “dropped” the ceiling to the underground nuclear storage material or waste is generally not the point.
    In general, when I mention the words "human rights activist" or "environmentalist", my hand reaches for "Kalashnikov" am because there is already no one who would be engaged in what is meant by this term negative . There EVERYTHING is divided into two categories - spies and pests acting on the Western orders and engaged in either espionage or the maximum pretense of building new enterprises in Russia, even if only one of them blundered something against BP or Exxon !! am Also, I don’t remember what the "environmentalists" would go to the feces against Deribaska aluminum plants operating according to the "toling" scheme, that is, ALL shit and pollution remained in Russia and the profits were taken to the West negative and ALL "environmentalists" were silent as tongues into the anus thrust. And here "oh oh somewhere there they buried something."
    I would like to ask "are you a nice person, is it a cardboard fool", you HOW did you find out and FOR WHOM you wrote it for? For us, readers here - well, we don’t solve these issues there, for the leadership of Russia — and so they all know it better and more “snotty”, and maybe for the West - maybe the execution article relies on this?
    1. +2
      14 May 2018 03: 44
      You don’t see that the article, like all this resource, is anti-Russian?
  12. +3
    14 May 2018 08: 03
    Remind us all to shit where we live, this is not just bad, this is a future disaster !!! et probably anti-Russian activity ???
    In your house, you need to figure out the order, then you can point out the neighbors, teach!
    By the way, and they don’t keep silent on this topic, just many people don’t look on the topic of foreign information.
    Can somewhere eco-defenders of identity also record in their fifth column? For the most part, people are also aware that it is better for descendants to leave LIVING land, rather than a dump of everything and everything!
  13. Elk
    14 May 2018 22: 05
    This problem is huge and not limited to Sakhalin. Since 1945, when heavy work on nuclear weapons began, the amount of nuclear waste accumulated was enormous. This applies not only to high-level waste, they are mainly disposed of qualitatively, although nothing lasts forever, including and buried concrete barrels. There is a huge amount of depleted uranium production waste. Subcaliber shells were also made from it, which detained strong radiation from the shell and containers, etc. in huge quantities. Since it is not considered as dangerous as highly enriched, waste can be found almost everywhere on the territory of defense enterprises that specialized in it in Moscow and Sverdlovsk and other areas. In Serbia, the Americans cheated on them, but we did our best.
  14. 0
    20 May 2018 13: 20
    Zaboristo.))) About the bomber with vigorous - I especially amused the loaves.
    The warriors drowned three batteries, two got out. One was lost. The rest is nonsense.

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