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Kedmi: the United States is ready to "rape" Europe

The signed decree of Donald Trump on the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal did not come as a surprise to anyone. Even at the dawn of his presidential term, Trump said that this agreement was unprofitable for his country. Nevertheless, even the closest allies of Washington expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the United States. Merkel, Macron and May called the step of the American president a huge mistake.

Undoubtedly, Washington’s withdrawal from the agreement with Iran will undermine the already negative image of the United States. The result is that one US administration can enter into a transaction, and the other easily and simply withdraw from it. Berlin has officially called on Europe not to rely on the US in matters of international politics. Trump, in turn, threatened that any companies that would try to circumvent American restrictions against Iran could be subject to sanctions.

According to Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi, the United States used the same scheme against Iran as against Russia, which is to exert serious economic pressure, in the hope of subsequent mass unrest in the country. However, Trump did not take into account the position of Europe on this issue, which is fundamentally different from the US line. Kedmi is sure that in such a situation the American president will have to literally “rape” Europe so that, contrary to their interests, they will agree to support the sanctions of Washington.

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  1. Terenin
    Terenin 11 May 2018 18: 41
    Kedmi: the United States is ready to "rape" Europe. If so, then tolerant Europe in such cases calls a policeman, but this policeman is still the United States crying And laughter and sin.
    1. Simon
      Simon 11 May 2018 20: 26
      Here Europe will understand that it didn’t get there, America set her up! crying yes
      1. Serge Gorely
        Serge Gorely 11 May 2018 21: 30
        A prostitute cannot be raped ...
      2. NF68
        NF68 11 May 2018 21: 54
        Quote: Simon
        Here Europe will understand that it didn’t get there, America set her up!

        In Europe, it has long been understood, but the American leash is too short. you don’t spoil it.
  2. polpot
    polpot 11 May 2018 20: 48
    They have long relaxed and enjoy
  3. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 11 May 2018 22: 01
    Kedmi: the United States is ready to "rape" Europe

    The US is ready to rape the whole world, including China, and Africa will be exaggerated?
    "Just Stalin did not approve them" (from a joke)
    1. Terenin
      Terenin 11 May 2018 22: 10
      Quote: Mavrikiy
      The United States is ready to rape the whole world,
      Hi hi
  4. afrikanez
    afrikanez 12 May 2018 01: 20
    So America Americans have been raped already since 1945. Where else? laughing
  5. Maximys
    Maximys 12 May 2018 06: 09
    It’s an intrigue whether Europe will be able to jump out of a train rushing into the abyss. The train march along ... (anyway), the passengers understand everything, but they can’t do anything on their own. Well, it’s not too late to press the STOP crane !!!
  6. Yak28
    Yak28 12 May 2018 15: 18
    I feel that thanks to US aggressive policy in 10-20 years anyone will get nuclear weapons, and a nuclear war will be inevitable
  7. aristok
    aristok 18 May 2018 00: 50
    I don’t understand - are there cunning anti-Semites in the editorial office of VO?
    They want to overfeed Kedmi and Satanovsky's senseless market tales so that readers have an aversion to all Jewish "analytes"?
  8. Arkady Gaidar
    Arkady Gaidar 21 May 2018 16: 10
    That's right, but why should Europe escalate the situation at hand? Are they few refugees? What good can European countries get from this?