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American aircraft are heading for Europe

Since the beginning of May, Western media have been enthusiastically telling that the transfer of the 1 Armored Brigade from Fort Hood, Texas (USA) to Poland, has begun. Publications are accompanied by photographic and video materials that create an atmosphere of openness and transparency. However, some Americans still hide.

News in American and European newspapers they say that the Atlantic Alliance program of the North Atlantic Alliance every 9 months (from the beginning of 2017 of the year) rotates American brigades. They arrive in Europe in order to “increase their deterrence capabilities, respond to potential crisis situations more effectively and protect all allies and partners in the European Community.”

However, this rotation applies not only to armored brigades. Since February 2017, Europe has been replacing each other and aviation brigades, as stated on the official website of NATO forces in Europe. The 10th Aviation Brigade became a pioneer, then it was replaced by the 1st Aviation Brigade and soon the 4th Aviation Brigade from the 4th Infantry Division, located in Fort Carson, Colorado (USA), will replace it. The headquarters is located in Illesheim (Germany), the rest of the units are located at the bases of Lielvarde (Latvia), Mikhail Kogelnichanu (Romania) and Powids (Poland).

The only mention of this can be found only on the US Army website.

"The 4 Air Aviation Brigade is ready for departure in Europe and close cooperation with our NATO allies and regional partners supporting the Atlantic Resolve program, - gives the resource the words of Colonel Scott Gallaway.

Why do Americans talk about one part of the program, but try to hide the other? There are several reasons for this. The main one is that the Founding Act of Russia - NATO was ratified in 1997, one of the paragraphs in which states: "NATO confirms that in the current and foreseeable security conditions, the alliance will carry out its collective defense and other tasks through ensuring the necessary compatibility, integration, and capacity to strengthen, rather than by additionally permanently deploying substantial combat forces."

If you ask a reasonable person to retell this situation in his own words, he will answer that NATO undertakes not to deploy its forces and resources where they did not exist before (for example, in Europe). And, it would seem, the permanent presence of US troops in Europe is taking place. But the NATO leadership responds to this, that this is not a permanent presence, but a rotation! Each specific soldier and each specific tank are present in a foreign country only for the duration of 9 months, and then exactly the same to the others arrive in their place. So no one breaks anything.

The rotation is also beneficial to Washington by the fact that it allows training various units to interact with the armed forces of other countries. In late April, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) published a study, one of the conclusions of which is: "Joint operations can reduce the participation and reduce the risks for the US military, as well as to share the financial costs. The riskiness of joint operations is the division of responsibility and the difference of interests and goals, which can lead to civilian casualties, damage to civilian infrastructure, violation of human rights or legislation of one country. ”

In order to avoid such “troubles”, exercises are held with the participation not only of the national armed forces of the countries of Europe, but also of the Americans. The question arises: in which case are the Americans planning to take part in hostilities in, say, the Baltic states (and these three countries are almost the key destination of rotations)? There is only one “aggressor” near Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and for the sake of it the entire system with the transfers has been invented.

At the beginning of the summer in European countries, the hot season of the US and NATO exercises traditionally begins. This year the season will open the large-scale Saber Strike 18 exercises in the Baltic Sea, and against their background, everyone will again start talking about the dedication with which America’s little friends are ready to defend themselves against Russia.

And forget about the fact that at that time some other US helicopters change. At least, Americans really want not to give it publicity. And rightly so, there is nothing to be proud of.
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  1. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 12 May 2018 10: 10
    I’m wondering, they (NATO) send their “funny” units to the “Funny” Countries for what purpose ??? Wars - want? Without the use of nuclear weapons, there will be many prisoners and trophies ... fellow using nuclear weapons - Cockroaches in a million years, will create a new civilization. belay
    Just support Russophobian sentiment ??? request Well then, yes, the Limitrophs and Hyenas of Europe will bark louder and polish to shine - certain parts of the bodies of the NATO contingent! laughing
    And one more question is haunting, how much faster - they (NATO) will run away from there while the protected Countries fight in ecstasy, under the slogan “abroad will help us” - IN THE CASE OF A REAL MIXTURE ??? request what
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 12 May 2018 11: 08
      Quote: Hunter 2
      I’m wondering, they (NATO) send their “funny” units to the “Funny” Countries for what purpose ???

      Why are they "funny" right away? They very competently occupy the region --- now an advanced detachment is being stationed in the Baltic States. In parallel with this, the entire infrastructure is being prepared to deploy and provide more significant forces. In parallel with the infrastructure, they systematically rotate troops (pursuing three goals:
      1.) So they observe the regime of staying at the forefront. After a certain period of time, business travelers “blur their eyes” and begin to want to go home or just hang out (violate the Charter). They return from the Baltic to the German base (for example) and there their service is not so intense .
      2.) Due to the constant change of staff, more (mainly officers) the soldier gets acquainted with the local theater. This is in every sense a useful measure if war suddenly occurs in this area.
      3.) In the pre-war period, more intensive and large-scale rotations usually begin, as separate units (or units of units), as well as headquarters can suddenly “bifurcate” by creating false headquarters.
      At the front lines, a lot of troops are not needed at all at the front lines. For example, Hitler attacked us with many divisions, but they were introduced into the battle gradually, according to a well-developed schedule. When the first echelons were already fighting, then there were still parts of the buildup On the road --- Warsaw drove through or just moved to Prussia .... What does this mean (and what is my post in general)? The fact that mixed battalions (which tend to grow into brigades) do not look so funny if see the whole picture: working out the transatlantic transfer, improving the quality of transfer from NATO internal countries to the Russian borders. Again, their exercises clearly demonstrate that they are not going to operate in the Kaliningrad-Leningrad area, but are working on all the issues on case level.
      Their bayonets on our border are not so bad. But let's think about why the USSR kept powerful ground groups in the Czech Republic and Germany? This allowed us to delay the deployment of NATO from the Soviet borders (+ in the pre-war period this would have made it difficult for the enemy to conduct reconnaissance to the full depth of our defense. To the entire depth, which ends at Moscow on Red Square, starting from our borders. Therefore, it was not without reason that we chose the missile defense area there. So, NATO deployment in the Baltic states is not only arrows and tankers in cozy barracks). a place from where it is more convenient to scout our specially protected inland areas + the ability to place closer strategic strike weapons (using the Baltic skies and the sea). Therefore, I do not make fun of their placement there. During the Soviet era, too, nuclear weapons were overwhelmed, but tensions in Europe were felt in terms of concentrations of ordinary forces. Since no one will immediately throw rockets if a quick and very intense kneading begins.
    2. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 12 May 2018 13: 30
      Quote: Hunter 2
      And one more question is haunting, how much faster - they (NATO) will run away from there while the protected Countries fight in ecstasy, under the slogan “abroad will help us” - IN THE CASE OF A REAL MIXTURE ???

      The fact is that some of the euro politicians, namely A. Merkel, have already begun to suspect that the United States, except for the role of a “provocateur” of the European war with Russia, is no longer suitable for anything, and therefore recently announced that - “The time has come to take the Security of Europe into our own hands”, which can be regarded as a hint that the American “defenders” are already very crowded. Europeans do not want to fight ...
  2. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 12 May 2018 10: 14
    In June (6-18), block exercises involving 1100 units are scheduled. American military equipment. And we have a mundiale ...
    It is believed that Parash-enko with his environmental protection team is also preparing to test the strength of the Donbass by this time ... If we answer (and we can’t keep silent!), Then there will be a collision with the World Cup. The Englishwoman will certainly spoil and the UN Security Council will surely stir up the next crap.
    This does not need to go to the grandmother, because even before that they proposed to boycott the World Cup in Russia. And here such an occasion will be provided!
    So, we will see how they used to say on Privoz. Yeah.
    1. Sergey-8848
      Sergey-8848 12 May 2018 15: 41
      Mundiale is with the whole world, and we only set the table. So if someone tries to cheat on him, then they must react quickly and accordingly (that is, the provocation is not against the Russian Federation, but against the entire international community, which for some reason has rallied around the ball).
  3. Normal ok
    Normal ok 12 May 2018 14: 09
    Why do Americans talk about one part of the program, but try to hide the other?

    Tired of writing about it already, but still. If they had "hidden", then there would have been no information on the "site of the ground forces." And to hide such an action, in the current conditions, is simply not possible. Magazines, damn it.
  4. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 14 May 2018 17: 19
    Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are already the NATO-RUSSIA front line
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 18 May 2018 15: 45
      Faster into the trenches! As fast as possible! Namely at the forefront! Better to Poland - there the products are not expensive!)))))))