100 years of the Southern Military District. Flypast

5 May in Rostov-on-Don, on the embankment of the Don River, public celebrations dedicated to the centenary of the Southern Military District were held. The anniversary of the founding of the military administrative unit was marked by the passage and demonstration of ships, after which the 4 Army airplanes and helicopters, which are part of the Southern Military District, appeared in the air.

Aviation the parade was opened by the three modern multi-purpose Mi-8 helicopters with flags on the external sling. The national flag of the Russian Federation, as well as the flags of the Ministry of Defense and the Southern Military District, were carried over the river. Then began the demonstration of modern aviation technology.

The first in the air appeared a pair of multipurpose helicopters Mi-8 of one of the modern modifications and two transport and combat Mi-35. Then the audience saw the top five drums of the Mi-28. It is noteworthy that the combat helicopters Mi-35 and Mi-28 - "returned home." This technique is being built at the Rostvertol plant in Rostov-on-Don. The show of combat vehicles was continued by four Ka-52 attack helicopters. Then a heavy Mi-26 transport helicopter appeared in the air, accompanied by a pair of Mi-28.

Behind them in front of the audience passed a multi-purpose aircraft L-410, which was accompanied by two combat helicopters Mi-24. The “airplane” part of the parade was continued by the An-26 transporter with a pair of Su-27 fighters. Behind them flew An-12 military transport aircraft, also with a fighter cover. After the audience was shown a passenger plane Tu-134AK, intended for the transport of command personnel.

Following the multi-purpose and transport aircraft, combat aircraft appeared in the sky. This part of the parade was opened by the four modernized Su-25CM3 attack aircraft. Four Su-24M bomber passed over the river. They were accompanied by a pair of multi-purpose fighters Su-30CM. Four Su-34 bomber with a pair of Su-30CM escorts followed the parade.

The air parade over the Rostov embankment was closed by the three Su-25 attack aircraft, painted in the colors of the national flag.

Having passed in the parade, the planes and helicopters headed for their bases. Meanwhile, a helicopter appeared in the sky with paratroopers on board. The holiday, dedicated to the centenary of the Southern Military District, continued.

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  1. +3
    15 May 2018 22: 56
    Well done boys!

    And interestingly, the L 410 was redone for what functionality ...

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