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Victory Day healthy person


At the very beginning, we would just like to state one fact. Unpleasant. Victory Day, it seems to be our most spiritual holiday, is increasingly becoming something like that ... Not political, no. Although there is enough policy. Arguments: who will come to the Parade, who will not arrive, and so on.

Naturally, right there is a place for hidden intrigues and all sorts of movements. Getting to Red Square 9.05 is prestigious. It is modern. This hints at some elitism.

Victory Day healthy person

Only one question: what's this? Okay, who. And, most importantly, is it forgotten there? Well, yes, on the instagram and on the telegram: "I am where!". Point. Fat point like that. Put by the gallant guard himself. Otherwise, do you think everyone here thinks that it can get to where ... Is it not enough for us to have generals? Fought ... Know your place, clap ...

Or, as in this, E-burg, the administration has no money for the second year to bring veterans to the Parade and take them. What for? Who needs to get himself. Or good people will bring. People, are you good? Here also carry. And we, sorry, the budget. Lacks.

Okay, say impatient, what are you screaming?

Yes, actually, nothing. A parade show on the subject of “why we still frighten the world” is amazing, the procession too. This is Moscow. The farther from her, darling, so all the sadder. But this is generally a separate topic.

But we were just lucky. And we witnessed a two-day action, which we called the Victory Day of a Healthy Man. Regard as you want, dear readers, as advertising and boasting (in half, to be honest).

We spent two days in a museum, so to speak. “So to speak” is actually completely wrong. Difficult museum, with great oddities.

We have already made more than a dozen materials based on the exhibits of this museum, and will continue to do so. So, who follows - he will understand who is "not in the subject", we explain that we were visiting the Museum of the national military storiesthat in the village of Padikovo Istrinsky district of the Moscow region.

What was 8 May - we still keep the intrigue. In fact, there was a gift for Victory Day from the administration of the museum, with which we will acquaint readers throughout the month, or even two.

And on Victory Day ... Well, it was no less interesting, moreover, precisely because everything that happened was very different from what we had seen during the last five (or even more) years, we decided to talk about what struck us " rural museum "(they call themselves that) 9 May 2018.

Let's go!

Morning 9 May.

It is going to column technology, not rare, but still. In the neighboring town of Pavlovskaya Sloboda, on the central square. Take part in the celebration.

We plunged into the BTR-152, finding it best suited for shooting (as it turned out), and the column with quite a normal speed rushed along the road.

Gained on an absolutely empty square. Literally, the 5-6 man walked here and there.

Then came the coming of the people. At first we were surprised, and surprised very unpleasantly. It was not clear where we were in a suburb of Samarkand or Tashkent. Well, you understand why. Then, it is true, ours got their heads up.

In general, of course, it was weird. When on our one it is necessary 3-4 "theirs" - this is for a resident of the province, where everything is somewhat different, difficult. But, we must pay tribute to the citizens of the Asian republics, they were cheerful, joyful, cheerful and sociable.

A part of those who arrived with the column organized the laying of flowers at the monument, which was located opposite the square where the equipment was located. Very nice memorial, compact and beautiful at the same time. And with the Eternal Flame.

The area, meanwhile, has acquired quite such a view for the holiday and the exhibition.

We also tried to communicate with representatives of the youngest generation. Such a very serious young man, Ivan, and a little more eloquent Anastasia. If all growing would be so ... At least in terms of understanding goals and objectives.

After the allotted time, the column moved back. And on return, preparations for the most important action have already begun.

Great stuff this 152, we think so. Verified

Then, after a short meeting, the main work began. Excursions to exhibitions of small weaponsartillery tanks.

On the street worked the original shooting range. It was possible to shoot from all this magnificence:

Unmarried, of course, and not free of charge. But how would the cost from 30 to 50 rubles per cartridge ... Well, even by our provincial standards, it is very tolerant. And can give an understanding of how this weapon works. Probably, except for MG-38. There you have to charge more.

An interesting moment. Since it is a museum of national history, it is as though entry to foreigners is allowed only to those who officially fought on our side. Trophies do not count. Presence at the exhibition "38" and the 98 carbine of the year was a kind of cunning. Both products from the "Zastava", that is released in Yugoslavia under license. It seems like "their own", because in reality the Germans were more often shot.

The second exhibition, MMG, took place in a tank case. In the body, where the tanks are, and not in the body of the tank.

Here the kids had fun with might and main, the benefit to some tanks could be climbed, and on those where the hatches were opened, everything was still inside. With the observance and supervision of specially detached for this people.

About the tank tells a specialist in tank technology, Yuri Pasholok.

Process managers

At street shows, too, was lively. These are not just monuments, that is, densely painted over and everywhere welded corpses of equipment. Here everything that should spin, press, rotate ...

Orchestra ... Wind ... Actually, why not? Required attribute.

Naturally, there were a minute of silence and the laying on of flowers. There are no monuments on the museum territory yet, but the right word is that for now. The improvised monument was. Last year we talked about this unique 45-mm anti-tank gun, which was made in besieged Leningrad, putting a barrel from a tank gun on an almost homemade gun carriage at one of the factories.

A unique one (another such gun in the museum among the Finns) actually carried the gun from the hall where it stands and hoisted onto a pedestal.

And its Immortal is not a regiment, but the company is exactly typed. Relatives of the museum staff.

By the way, and so people came too.

After a minute of silence, all those who wished laid flowers ...

Here are two points. The first - the flowers were taken care of in advance. It's nice. But no less pleased that, in addition to the tulips provided by the museum’s management, there were flowers that people brought with them. This is seen in the photo.

And then, in fact, began the nail of the program. Showing new technology, the first demonstration. After restoration, restoration and so on.

T-26, T-60, T-34, Su-76 and Su-85.

Each car, out of order, accompanied by a story about what was the background. We will also talk in detail, but in the next articles in the series "stories about weapons".

I don’t know how about Lenin on the armored car, but Yeltsin on the tank is definitely resting. From a historical point of view.

Opening remarks - Vasily Zabolotny, deputy general director of the museum.

Next, the tank drove to the end of the site, turned around and got up for public viewing.

About the history of T-60 and Su-76 told Yuri Pasholok.

About T-34 told Vasily Solovyov.

On the turn, the thirty-four diesel engine really “gave gari”.

The history of the Su-85 was told by the museum's general director Dmitry Persheev.

The history of each museum exhibit is worthy of a separate material. What we naturally do in the near future. War machines are worth it, the stories are just fantastic, often similar either to a detective or to a novel. But - with a good ending.

And the whole thing ended with a concert of wartime songs.

Why did we decide in detail about how “we spent May 9 day”?

It's simple.

This is not a simple museum. And very specific people work in it. And precisely because the museum of national military history in Padikovo deserves special attention.

Well, we have such a tendency, do not take away: remember Victory the week before and the week after (at best) May 9. Then films on TV channels go to no, they slowly forget about the story, and everything is calm. Until next year.

And next year everything is no better. A wave of adoration and worship to the surviving (still) veterans, a parade, a procession of the Immortal regiment, folk festivals ... Everything?

Oh yes, the still popular "I remember, I get drunk." Observed, by the way, in the city, having arrived to it around one o'clock in the morning. In his best. Remember, get drunk.

What can I say? Only one thing - to the state and the authorities, by and large, deeply spit on all this patriotism and understanding. And the farther from Moscow, the more it manifests itself. And frank rudeness and pofigizm officials, and a complete decline in the minds of the people.

Really thanks to the military reenactors who are somehow trying to revive a quiet and peaceful swamp.

And then what?

Well, St. George ribbon ... Well, the procession ... Well, the parade ... Everything?

Plus, yes, you can visit the museum. For example, in Monino. Look at the rotting and falling apart remains of unique aircraft. Not from afar, but not point-blank. And you can only approach units in which life still glimmers a little.

It is possible (not to go far) to visit the memorial cemetery of technology, called the Central Museum of the Armed Forces. But this is only the soul to tear (who knows what we are, he will understand).

What is the situation in the regions? Well, as in the Black Earth, we can say. Sadly For Siberia and the Urals, of course, do not speak, because we do not know. But something suggests that not much better.

Here we just advise, nothing more. A unique museum where almost everything can be touched, touched, seen in action. See and realize that the T-60 was small, quiet and very nimble. And the Su-85 is smooth and soft on the go. And the exhaust from the T-34 ... Well, we'll tell it separately.

Learn yourself, not a computer game. Or on Wikipedia.

And the artillery? How easy was it to hover ML-20? Or an anti-aircraft gun?

And note that no one will pay a penny for you.

Why, and said at the beginning that the museum is weird. But everything will be later. As the second series of publications. On the exhibits, about the people. About everything.

So far, we can only state the fact that there is a place where a day like May 9 can be spent without beer or vodka, barbecue in nature, and so on. And among the stories. Our military history. In the circle of people who, except as the guardians of history can not be called.

“To keep is a matter of honor too ...” (V. S. Vysotsky).
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  1. Vend
    Vend 11 May 2018 15: 31
    I do not understand the sarcasm of the author. Would you like a budget in a distant village to celebrate Victory, like in Moscow? The important thing is that the holiday was.
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 11 May 2018 15: 54
      The article is good and it has a lot of political meaning for understanding the historical situation in the Russian cities of our day!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 12 May 2018 11: 46
      Quote: Wend
      I do not understand the sarcasm of the author.

      you're lucky, I don’t understand what the article is about
  2. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 11 May 2018 15: 31
    Well done! And museum workers are real patriots! Thank God! What are the real patriots!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 11 May 2018 15: 49
      Quote: sib.ataman
      Well done! And museum workers are real patriots! Thank God! What are the real patriots!

      Exactly! Just Saints Your words! I support your assessment of Russian patriotic ascetics with two hands!
  3. AleBors
    AleBors 11 May 2018 17: 36
    Thank you for the article. It’s good that there are still caring people.
  4. free
    free 11 May 2018 17: 55
    What can I say? Only one thing - to the state and the authorities, by and large, deeply spit on all this patriotism and understanding. And the farther from Moscow, the more it manifests itself. And frank rudeness and pofigizm officials, and a complete decline in the minds of the people.
    Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. Thank you for the article.
  5. peta locksmith
    peta locksmith 11 May 2018 18: 37
    a request to Mr. Skomorokh-ov and Monsieur Krivo-vu about our city of Yekaterinburg in a similar derogatory tone of the quote “Or, as in this, E-burg ...” no longer write (emphasis on “a”)

    We have a great city, powerful and beautiful

    Unfortunately, at the head of Yekaterinburg there is really “this” protege of the Uralmashevsky organized crime group and the extortionist Prokhorov Roizman, the founder of the foundation “There is no city without drugs in the Urals”

    this pass ... oud or his family could well regret the money for veterans

    PS if they say that there is no such organized crime group, don’t believe it, it’s only legalized in housing and communal services, construction, and power
    daddies themselves from the 90s may be out of work
    but their sons, with surnames as from criminal chronicles of the 90s, do their best in and in housing and communal services and in construction and exhibitions like the expo 2025 organize
    1. Olezhek
      Olezhek 12 May 2018 09: 17
      request to Mr. Skomorokh-ov and Musia Krivo-vu about our city of Yekaterinburg in a similar derogatory tone quoted. "Or as in this, Yo-burg ...

      And do not care, to be honest
      I am from the ECB, the city is big and not poor and I don’t have any "offended and offended"
      1. peta locksmith
        peta locksmith 12 May 2018 20: 59
        with which I congratulate you!
  6. already a Muscovite
    already a Muscovite 11 May 2018 20: 50
    The article is garbage, the author of the devil ... sarcasm and neglect are not understood. Photo offset.
  7. Standard
    Standard 11 May 2018 22: 00
    Well done!
    Thank you for the "address" of this Museum!
  8. Kuroneko
    Kuroneko 11 May 2018 22: 03
    Quite an unusual T-34, I must say. This is the T-34-76, but with a tower-nut и by a combaten. Which means, this is one of the latest releases, 1943 (after that the T-34-85 began to rivet).
    BISMARCK94 12 May 2018 01: 37
    I live in the ECB. The parade itself has not been there for a long time and there is no desire. I heard that this year the fence was moved even further, in particular to Weiner. So for a long time there everything is not for people.
    However, I went to the parade in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. And I was very pleased, because with a soul the Museum of Military and Labor Glory of the Urals approached the organization of the parade. The parade lasted only half an hour, and about 10 minutes were spent on the heated speeches of Kuyvashev and Lapin. There is no space for the parade in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, so it started right away with the movement of units and equipment (but you do not have to wait until the commander will go round all the boxes and congratulate).
    There was nothing modern in technology (except for the UAZ UAZ closing the column) were T70, T34, T28, T35 (a remake, but to what a high-quality), Is2, Isu152, Sherman, Su100, even the Stalinets tractor towed ZiS3. Armored cars, one and a half in various variations. Emotions over the edge! All this roars, rides, the crews are waving friendly to everyone. There is no stampede through this framework, at least approach the road itself. And then, if you go over a little to a parallel street, you can once again enjoy watching the column where there are no fences and crowds, at least jump (exaggerate). Now I’m going to go there only, and I’ll look on Ekb on TV if there is a desire. I advise everyone to visit this museum and parade. Made by humans and for humans!
    1. Olezhek
      Olezhek 12 May 2018 09: 22
      . So for a long time everything is not for people.

      And what have the people?
      The war is won bosses, and the people are so ... aside
      or for apartments vodka kvass ...
  10. BISMARCK94
    BISMARCK94 12 May 2018 01: 44
    Quote: Petya Locksmith

    Unfortunately, at the head of Yekaterinburg there is really “this” protege of the Uralmashevsky organized crime group and the extortionist Prokhorov Roizman, the founder of the foundation “There is no city without drugs in the Urals”

    this pass ... oud or his family could well regret the money for veterans

    Yes, how much he decides. The title as the British Queen and the influence on politics are the same
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 12 May 2018 07: 45
      Quote: BISMARCK94
      Yes, how much he decides.

      He does not decide, he steals! am
      1. Olezhek
        Olezhek 12 May 2018 09: 27
        Yes, everything is normal in the ECB compared to very many million-plus cities.
        Often I can compare ezhzhu.
        And Chelyabinsk, and Perm, and Samara, Novosibirsk ... and Kazan, and Ufa.
  11. 1536
    1536 14 May 2018 14: 24
    And what is wrong? Thank God NOT German equipment was shown to children. And our "Victory Arms". And the fact that someone “celebrated the holiday” is one of those who, looking at the tear-off calendar, celebrates Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday or the Paris Commune with abundant graffiti, confusing it with the capture of the Bastille, and then all the holidays in a row would be a reason and health. On these, or even, to pull them out of the swamp into which they drove themselves? Even the Bolsheviks did not succeed. This is a general big tragedy, and there is no time for holidays and fussing.
    The work of local history museums and museums in small towns and villages of Russia is a serious, necessary and important matter. At their expositions, the young generation learns to love their homeland. It is no coincidence that before the 2014 coup of the year in Ukraine, almost all the local history museums were functioning for many years, there were representatives or “trustees” from the USA and NATO countries. By chance? Is there nowhere for a museum employee to work in the USA? Of course not. But there is definitely nowhere else for a personnel zapater-provocateur.
  12. raw174
    raw174 15 May 2018 07: 09
    So far, we can only state the fact that there is a place where a day like May 9 can be spent without beer or vodka, barbecue in nature and so on. And among the story.

    On May 9, I went as a family to a rally, passed a convoy through the village, a gala concert of local amateur performances in the park. At about 15.00 I was digging beds in the garden ... Unfortunately, we do not have a solid museum, there is a local history museum, a small one, we go periodically.