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A gift to the "bearded boys." USA introduced off-road rocket launcher

At the international exhibition of weapons for special operations (SOFEX), held in Jordan, American manufacturers Arnold Defense demonstrated a new rocket system, which can be mounted, including on off-road vehicles. This is an 2,75-inch (69,9 mm) Fletcher rocket launcher with a laser-guided system.

A gift to the "bearded boys." USA introduced off-road rocket launcher

Presented a new rocket launcher on the universal version of the car company Oshkosh (S-ATV). The system has a launch system from the company BAE Systems (Britain).

Representatives of the cooperation of manufacturers note that the technologies implemented in the rocket launcher will reduce the consumption of ammunition for effective destruction of the target. The laser guidance system is said to guarantee an accurate hit on various objects that will be determined as targets. And this is armored vehicles, enemy fortifications, low-flying means aviation - primarily helicopters.

From the statement of the manufacturer:
A truck (pickup) can transport cargo under a tarp. If necessary, the tarpaulin is simply removed, the rocket launcher is brought into a combat position - and now you already have an effective rocket system.

One of the problems that the American and British experts solved was the problem of high accuracy hitting the target while continuing to move the vehicle. Also, the missile launches themselves should not affect the movement of an SUV or truck. The presented system, according to the manufacturer, is deprived of all previously manifested problems in this regard.

It is stated that in order to overcome some of the problems, tests were conducted in the highlands of Afghanistan.

It is noted that the systems are effective in the absence of air support.

Will there be such systems among militants in the Middle East who have long been using off-road vehicles equipped with various means of destruction, including large-caliber machine guns?
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Arnold defense
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  1. Eduard petrov
    Eduard petrov 10 May 2018 18: 00
    These will not be, you can sleep peacefully.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 10 May 2018 18: 04
      the old story with the “stingers” comes to life in Syria.
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 10 May 2018 18: 16
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        the old story with the “stingers” comes to life in Syria.

        Is it too late for Syria? I think this is relevant for Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq ... after all, after cleansing Syria, ISIS will not go anywhere.
        1. The comment was deleted.
      2. BZTM
        BZTM 10 May 2018 18: 18
        Given our losses in the "accident", yes. Very strange, damn it ...
        1. Dr. Sorge
          Dr. Sorge 10 May 2018 18: 23
          I also think that these were not technical problems. Too many coincidences ...
          1. BZTM
            BZTM 10 May 2018 18: 35
            Namana FSE !!! laughing laughing laughing We are always told in such cases-
            We turn off the brain and adhere to the official point of view ...
            1. Dr. Sorge
              Dr. Sorge 11 May 2018 11: 55
              Did you mean to turn off? :)))
    2. 210ox
      210ox 10 May 2018 18: 27
      Are you so sure ?! Everything will be there to harm Russia.
      Quote: Eduard Petrov
      These will not be, you can sleep peacefully.
      1. Serving the Fatherland
        Serving the Fatherland 10 May 2018 19: 02
        I support! It turns out the question is when?
  2. taiga2018
    taiga2018 10 May 2018 18: 17
    why only bearded, such a gift will be welcome and beardless in embroidered shirts ...
  3. Kerensky
    Kerensky 10 May 2018 18: 17
    So there was an article here about this installation.
  4. Egorovich
    Egorovich 10 May 2018 18: 22
    The most loyal and loyal friends of the barmaley have brought to light a new toy for "games" in the Middle East.
  5. Vadim851
    Vadim851 10 May 2018 18: 26
    It uses the APKWS rocket, created on the basis of NAR "Hydra". The result was an easy and relatively inexpensive system, both regular troops and irregular formations can safely be used.
    In the USA it is used only by helicopters, the ground is unlikely, and it is not particularly needed, so for export. For shooting, let’s say at 1000 m, they have programmable shots for the MK-19, but what’s next - aviation, basically, other means.
  6. Cympak
    Cympak 10 May 2018 18: 42
    Bullshit of a cheer patriot: too complicated and high-tech for a martyr mobile.
    This development is for MTR. And such an installation, for example, on the Chobors-6 buggy would not hurt our MTRs.
    But no ..... our military-industrial complex was not mastered .... I hope that we have not yet mastered
    1. san4es
      san4es 10 May 2018 19: 42
      Quote: Cympak
      .... I hope that not yet mastered

      ... Do we need it? ... $$ to invest in bullshit ..
      ... from the company BAE Systems (Britain) ....

      laughing ...-- these designers are still those ... and hucksters am ... Faster, to vparit someone hi
      1. Cympak
        Cympak 11 May 2018 08: 35
        Do you know what is in the photo and what is it for? Everything here is very utilitarian and imprisoned against a specific threat.
        1. san4es
          san4es 11 May 2018 13: 06
          hi... It looks like the "anti-drone" is the next ... Electromagnetic "cannon", small-sized rockets + 23 mm (sort of) ... Some other pribluda-gadgets hung on the "Bradley" ... Everything about Hollywood smile
    APASUS 10 May 2018 19: 01
    By the way, we will soon understand where it will be, this new product for barmaley. Since to start such an aggregate you need to know at least a little math and go through elementary training, the other day we can see who the Americans will teach, to whom the Pentagon will allocate funds.
  8. Stas Snezhin
    Stas Snezhin 10 May 2018 19: 18
    Gift to the "Bearded Boys"

    And so, these "bearded boys" handed over tanks ..
  9. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 10 May 2018 19: 28
    Won't the militants in the Middle East have such systems,
    Of course not. This is the latest system (I think that with a decent price tag), but the militants haven’t noticed the latest weapons. As we supply Assad with well-known, usually outdated models, militants are also armed.
    It is interesting that she means she can shoot on the move.
  10. smart ass
    smart ass 10 May 2018 19: 33
    The base of the Russian Federation in Syria is fired at the very thing
  11. unignm
    unignm 10 May 2018 20: 44
    Israel showed something similar last year.
  12. beeper
    beeper 10 May 2018 21: 20
    I think that in the very near future pro-American militants in the Middle East will “inadvertently” become “happy owners” of dozens of such missile vehicles?
    The manufacturer of a universal chassis for jihadmobiles expressly declares that these units are more economical in terms of ammunition consumption, equipped with more accurate FCAs, which allow them to bombard low-flying planes and helicopters without stopping movement, and are “deprived of previously manifested problems” of past deliveries of such equipment, and, in addition to Moreover, in the face of the increased military influence of the Syrian aviation and the Russian air forces, are they better adapted to disguise themselves as peaceful vehicles for the purpose of unexpected use?
    All this suggests that the company constantly monitors the combat use of its products by gangs of terrorists and promptly takes into account precisely their requirements ...?
  13. demo
    demo 10 May 2018 22: 11
    I think that this shahid-mobile cannot really change the balance of power.
    Probably the reason is that the rules of the game began to change.
    “The hysterical West is convulsing, but it can’t do anything with Russia. Time after time criticism has come down on our country from all sides. The Anglo-Saxons brazenly accuse the Russian Federation of all mortal sins: it all started with the poisoning of the Skripals, then they immediately blame us in involvement in a chemical attack in Syria.
    An incredible noise is rising all over the world: "The guard, Russia is getting out of control, American democracy is in danger!"

    But all this was invented with one purpose in order to divert public attention from the real goals of the West with respect to Syria, to hide all its dirty crimes on this earth. Now it’s not enough, probably, who remembers in the West that the coalition led by the USA began to fight ISIS * militants in Syria back in 2010, that they fired more than one thousand rockets at the militants and smashed everyone to smithereens. But in reality, everything is completely different and it began to be exposed immediately as soon as Russia intervened in the resolution of the conflict and showed how to effectively deal with militants around the world. It was our country that was officially invited by the legitimate government of Syria to help in the fight against ISIS, and not the United States and its satellites.
    In a little over a year, the Russian air forces have made a rustle in the ranks of terrorists and here the American side begins to realize that their next lie will soon come to the surface completely, so you need to act very quickly, which is why the “Skripals poisoning” was planned and put into effect and invented chemical attack.
    But the most interesting thing is that the West intentionally hides and holds back many facts of the interaction of its special services with the leaders of ISIS.
    And let's recall what preceded a massive missile strike on Syria from Britain, the United States and France. And this was preceded by the detention of a number of special services officers of the same Britain, France and the USA, as well as Israel.
    If earlier Western countries managed to come to an agreement with Syria and they let their agents go, now this approach to solving problems has ceased to work. The Syrians did not want to release the captured officers anymore, and then the West began to rage about powerlessness.
    Five years ago, 23 French commandos were found and detained in Aleppo, who supported the militants' advance and corrected all their actions.
    Even before that, about 40 Turks and 20 Frenchmen, again walking in the same ranks with the terrorists, had come to Homs. But the most memorable moment was when Assad’s troops were able to cover personnel officers from three Western countries at once: France, Britain and the United States, while not ordinary mercenaries were captured but, again, personnel officers, big bumps.
    Up to this point, our military units did not take direct part in the battles against the Western special services. But the decisive moment was when our general Valery Asapov, who controlled the operation to clean up Deir ez-Zor, was killed at one of the command posts. Our specialists quickly realized who could give the militants information about the general’s presence at this point in the command post, because no one knew about her. Therefore, only one people, the American Chekists, who gave the exact coordinates to the militants, and those without any problems delivered accurate artillery attacks, could know.
    The response from Russia was not long in coming. The Russian VKS, consisting of the SU-34 unit and several Su-35 fighters carrying out cover, delivered a powerful missile strike at the positions of the militants. And at that time the US special services were in these positions, who were negotiating with the leaders of the ISIS gang. A massive blow killed 32 people, including 14 US special forces who guarded the meeting place.
    For this, Western "minds" are inventing more and more provocations that will distract the attention of the whole world from the terrifying actions of the United States in Syria, and not only in Syria. Everyone has long forgotten about the downed Boeing in Ukraine.
    All this will continue and further, the American scriptwriters will come up with a lot of interesting episodes that can be played live and again set up Russia.
    Now we can say that in Syria such performances will no longer be played. Moscow gave a clear hint to the West that it would no longer tolerate such antics.
    We are Russians, Russia is with us, the army is with us! God bless us! "
    ource = mi
    1. Glock
      Glock 11 May 2018 05: 04
      Grass, you see, was picky
  14. Scipio African
    Scipio African 10 May 2018 23: 02
    Do not give savages bows with arrows, they can turn them against you
    but apparently the Yankees are not teaching anything, rake cuttings will not remain idle crying
  15. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 11 May 2018 00: 01
    In Russia, light MLRS under the C-8 have also been demonstrated more than once ... but every time there is criticism of the "address" of such systems .... therefore, there are prototypes .... not in service. Maybe corrected C -8 (or those created on the basis of C-8 ...) reanimate the idea? Is there a "laser" C-8corner "Threat" ... ,, category RCIC "! You can figure out C-8corder using ACAG technology .... (Ukrainians, in my opinion, did just that a while ago ...)
  16. Viktor Petrov
    Viktor Petrov 11 May 2018 01: 06
    And in front of the car, a marine with a backlight laser wakes up :)
  17. Lynx33
    Lynx33 11 May 2018 07: 39
    But hasn't Toyota yet organized such a service? Something lagging behind the trend. Soon they will be selling their SUVs complete with a pre-installed heavy machine gun.
  18. sagitch
    sagitch 11 May 2018 14: 04
    What the hell! Very good "cart"!

    Oh, the tachanka, the boring,
    All four wheels!

    Soon, the Jihad Mobili will sing.