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100 years of the Southern Military District. The parade of ships of the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla

On May 5, Rostov-on-Don hosted festive events dedicated to the centenary of the Southern Military District. One of the main events of this day was a parade with the participation of Black Sea ships fleet and the Caspian flotilla. Several military units and support vessels of various types marched past the embankment of the Don River. Then, some participants in the parade demonstrated their capabilities in solving various problems.

Several ships from the Caspian Flotilla and the Black Sea Fleet arrived in Rostov-on-Don to participate in the festivities. The Black Sea sailors went to the Don through the Sea of ​​Azov, while the ships of the Caspian flotilla had to go a longer way through the Volga and the Volga-Don Canal. It is curious that the ships arrived at the parade site in advance, and their crews, without losing time, conducted several exercises. Unfortunately, the riverbed imposes certain restrictions, and the large landing ship "Caesar Kunikov" had to stay in the city of Azov. However, there he was able to become a platform for celebrations.

The parade line, which passed in front of the Rostov Embankment, was headed by a high-speed patrol boat of the 03160 Raptor project from the Black Sea Fleet. Behind him, along the fairway, the 233 RT-10750 raid minesweeper of the 248 “Sapphire” project, serving in the Caspian Flotilla, passed. The next was the oldest participant in the parade - the AK-1204 artillery boat of the XNUMX “Bumblebee” project. In the past he served on the Black Sea, and now is listed in the combat structure of the Caspian Flotilla.

The parade continued the landing boat D-199 of the 11770 "Serna" project from the Black Sea Fleet. Demonstrating their capabilities, the boat was carrying an armored personnel carrier. Next, viewers saw a raid diving boat RVK-933 of the 23040 project of the Caspian Flotilla. The parade closed the road tugboat RB-410 of the 705B project, also serving in the Caspian Sea. The crews of the ships welcomed the spectators.

After the passage of the ship group began demonstrations with a demonstration of the capabilities of boats and ships. This view was not limited to maneuvers alone: ​​guns, machine guns and mines made a lot of noise.

Immediately after the completion of the main part of the Don parade, the castor "Castor" appeared. He was captured by a conditional opponent. To indicate their presence, "training" terrorists hung a pirate flag. However, they did not have long to own a boat and frighten the audience with a black flag. The patrol Raptor was already approaching the boat. His crew attacked the target with a large-caliber machine gun on a remote-controlled combat module. "Raptor" worked with the support of a pair of light boats. All combat units of the Russian fleet were attended by marines.

The chase did not last too long, after which the conditional terrorists were disarmed, and the Russian flag was raised on the “Castor”. The liberated boat was taken to the port.

Then the road miner RT-233 showed its capabilities. He hauled the trawls used to detect and destroy sea mines. Judging by a series of fairly powerful explosions, conditional terrorists managed to set several mines in the water area.

The AK-248 artillery boat continued the show. The crew clearly and not without noise demonstrated the work of the bow tower with the X-NUMX-mm gun D-76TS. Moving along the embankment of the river Don, the boat saluted almost with the maximum rate of fire.

After that, the audience was shown one of the options for using the D-199 landing craft. The boat came with a parted nose ramp, on which a pair of marines settled down. They used the tilting device as a firing position for firing from a prone position. In addition, an armored personnel carrier standing on the deck of a boat participated in such a demonstration. He moved the gun, showing his ability to fire before leaving the ship on shore.

The demonstration performances were completed by the RVK-933 raid diving boat designed for search and rescue operations. Using standard fire equipment, the crew saluted the spectators with a pair of fountains. In addition, at the stern of the vessel one could see some diving and rescue equipment.

Following the other ships RVK-933 left the water area, putting an end to the demonstration performances on the water. Now the views of the audience were turned to the sky. An air parade was to start from minute to minute, continuing to celebrate the centenary of the Southern Military District.

Speedboat project 03160 "Raptor"

Raid minesweeper RT-233 project 10750 "Sapphire"

Artillery boat AK-248 project 1204 "Bumblebee"

Landing boat D-199 project 11770 "Serna"

RVK-933 Diving Boat of the 23040 Project

Raid tug RB-410 project 705B

Show performances. Fighting pirates:

Minesweeper RT-233 at work:

Boat AK-248 demonstrated the bow gun:

D-199 in action:

Diving boat RVK-933 welcomes guests of the holiday:

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